June 10, 2013

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Broccoli With Almonds

Broccoli Almond RecipesA delicious side dish can be made with this nutritious vegetable and nuts. This page contains broccoli almond recipes.


Fleece Dog Toy

Making Fleece Dog ToysThis page is about making fleece dog toys. A simple, inexpensive pet toy can be made with this fabric.


Cat Bed

Making a Cat BedThis page is about making a cat bed. There are a number of ways to make a bed for your cat, but they must be comfortable and secure enough to use it.


Lava Lamp

Uses for an Old Lava Lamp?These colored liquid and wax lamps may be reused for other things. This page is about uses for an old lava lamp.


Squirrel Feeder

Making a Squirrel FeederThis is a page about making a squirrel feeder. The squirrels in your garden or yard may not seem to need their own feeder if they are raiding the bird feeders. However, a homemade squirrel feeder is a fun project and may help keep them out of the bird feeders.


Fawn (Baby Deer) standing in the grass.

Fawn (Baby Deer) Information and PhotosThis is a page about fawn (baby deer) information and photos. Beautiful baby deer known as fawns are an amazing site to behold. Their distinctive spots help to camouflage these young deer until they are more able to fend for themselves.


Papillon sitting in the grass.

Papillon Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains papillon breed information and photos. A popular house pet and traveling companion, these small dogs have an elegant, dignified appearance, and are very fastidious and affectionate.


Sweet Potato Cake Recipes

Sweet Potato Cake RecipesMake a sweet, spiced sweet potato cake; one more way to enjoy these tasty tubers. This page contains sweet potato cake recipes.


Guernsey Lily

Growing Guernsey LilyThis is a page about growing guernsey lily. These pretty lilies grow well in rock gardens and containers.


gravel driveway

Inexpensive Alternatives to Paving a Driveway?This page is about inexpensive alternatives to paving a driveway. Paving a driveway can cost more than you can afford.


Fabric Kitchen Angel

Making a Kitchen AngelThis page is about making a kitchen angel. There are a variety of ways to fashion an angel using dish towels and kitchen utensils.


Soft Feet

Tips for Softer FeetThis page contains tips for softer feet. Cracked, dry feet can be very uncomfortable and unsightly.


Butter Cake

Butter Cake RecipesThis page contains butter cake recipes. A rich, delicious dessert can be made with butter.


wood trash bin

Homemade Trash Bin CraftsThis is a page about homemade trash bin crafts. You may not have considered making a garbage can or trash bin as a potential craft project, but there are lots of creative ideas for making your own trash bin.


A turtle swimming in a tank.

Solutions for a Cloudy Turtle TankThis is a page about solutions for a cloudy turtle tank. Turtles defecate in the water of their tank, making keeping it clear a challenge.


Reel Mower Blades

Sharpening a Reel Mower?This is a page about sharpening a reel mower. Your reel mower will periodically need sharpening, every few years or so is usually enough. There are sharpening kits available made especially for these mowers.



Ragamuffin Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Ragamuffin breed information and photos. These medium to long haired cats are amazing pets. They are easily groomed and have a loving, calm, sweet temperament that is perfect for individuals or families with children.



Fireplace Smokes Up the House?This page is about fireplace smokes up the house. If smoke is not going up the chimney properly, there must be a blockage.



Uses for LemonsThis page is about uses for lemons. This citrus fruit has a variety ways it can be used besides as food.


White Rain Lily

Growing Rain Lily (Fairy Lily)This is a page about growing rain lily (fairy lily). These pretty pink or white lilies are easy to grow. Expect to see them bloom in late summer or early fall a few days after a rain shower, hence the name.



Chex party mix in a red cup.

Homemade Chex MixThis video shows you how to make delicious Chex mix. It's a great recipe for you next party.


Pie Dough by Hand

Pie Dough by HandThis is a delicious pie dough recipe, great for pies that are sweet.



A batch of Banana Spice Cookies

Banana Spice CookiesWe had several over-ripe bananas that needed to get used ASAP, so I tried this recipe out. The cookies are very soft and light, and they taste like banana bread :)


upclose bagel pizza

Pizza BagelsEveryone in our house has a different pizza favorite! Bagel pizzas are a great way to accommodate each person.



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Lemon Juice for Stretch MarksActually, lemon juice is great for skin, especially wrinkles. So yes, it's possible it could work a little, probably not a ton by itself. However mixing it with other things could help, and improve the look of stretch marks.


Buddy (Pomeranian)

Buddy (Pomeranian)Buddy is a miracle, he came to me as an answered prayer. He got stolen on May 19, 2013.


Homemade Garbage Can

Homemade Garbage CanThis is a kitchen garbage can that my hubby made for my niece. He built it and I painted, decorated, and decoupaged it. This is the top cover for it.


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Keeping Cool in the SummerSince I don't have air conditioning in either my home or car, I keep spray bottles of water around for a quick cool off. When it starts getting hot, I just give myself a quick fine spray. It isn't enough to get really wet.


old photo of a woman on the front of a birthday card

Vintage Photo Birthday CardUse an old black and white photo to make a special birthday card for a female family member that will stir some memories of days gone by.


Baby Fawn at Rest

Baby Fawn at Rest (Coleman, TX)While out walking, we spotted this baby fawn laying in the grass.


Creative Container Gardening - wicker basket, burlap bag, and wash tub planters

Creative Container GardeningAlmost anything can be used for growing veggies when you have limited space, or in my case, need the beds raised up a bit off the ground.


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Don't Grow Peppers And Tomatoes Close TogetherIf you put pepper plants too close to the tomatoes, the peppers will not get enough sun and they will waste all their energy growing really tall to try and reach the sunlight instead of growing peppers.


Corral for Grandkids Art Class

Corral for Grandkids Art ClassTo keep really artistic moments with your grandkids contained, use a plastic swimming pool in your front room. The kids can create without worrying about making a mess on my carpet or furniture.


Rocky and Barry (Chickens)

Rocky and Barry (Chickens)We have two little chickens which someone on here suggested the names of Rocky and Barry. So they are named that along with their nicknames of Lizzy and Izzy.


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Use Burp Cloths as Hand TowelsMy children have grown past the baby stage and I had a ton of cloth diapers and burp cloths. Some of them were very nice and had embroidery on them. I needed some more hand towels in the kitchen to dry hands and dry dishes so I thought, "Why don't I use them?"


Stretching My Meager Dollars

Stretching My Meager DollarsI am a single mother of two kids. The income I have comes from what little I make from my full time job, my job working in my church's nursery on Sundays, and Child Support for my oldest. I am constantly learning new ways to stretch my meager dollars.



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Name for an Interior Shop?Can I add gallery at the end of my business name, ie., Uzi gallery? We are into house painting both regular and decorative paints, home and office makeover, interior decoration, installation of stainless rails, and selling of furniture.


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John Deere Won't Start?I replaced my battery and it started right up today. Had it going for a good hour or two, then I shut it off. After about 20 minutes, I went to go turn it back on. All I got was a clicking noise, so I tried jump starting it (which worked with the old battery), but nothing happened.


Closeup of white terrier.

Dog Poops and Pees on Certain Floors of House?Why does my dog poop and pee only on certain floors of the house? I have a almost 2 year old terrier mix (Maltese/Pom or something like that). Anyhow, he was a shelter dog. I got him at 4 mos old. He was hard to house break. He was crate trained initially.


Knitted bed socks.

Making Doonside Bedsokkies?Can anyone please help me with a pattern for the attached bed socks? I appreciate you help.


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Removing Sharpie from Athletic Shoes?So last year I let a bunch of friends write on my pair of Vans with a Sharpie and stuff on them and around on the rubbery part. I wanna know what is the best way to take it off, or at least make it less noticeable?


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Remedy for Brittle Hair?I was in the foster care system and my foster mom put a perm in my hair when I was two. Growing up it's been really tough, my hair is so brittle and hard. Now what do I do?


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Using Imagine Weed Killer?One I use Imagine for killing lawn weeds then how soon can I sod or seed my lawn?


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Green's History of The English People (449-1815)?I have Green's History of The English People (449-1815). It is a ten volume set. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what this set might be worth. I have all ten volumes in tact.


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Selling Tree Timber?I live in Bethesda, Maryland and have a large fat tree in my yard that needs to go. Who can I sell the timber to and how?


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Home Remedies for Sinus Pressure?I suffered from acid reflux which partially damaged my esophagus since then I have suffered from post nasal drip and sinus pressure and headaches. I am limited to taking different sinus medicines because of high blood pressure.


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Name Ideas for Interior Glass Products?I am starting a new showroom of glass and walls and all products used for interior. Please suggest to me attractive names associated with both glass and interior.


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Discolored Dooney and Bourke Purse?I have the Dooney and Bourke white leather purse with pics of purses and flip flops on it. It is turning a yellowish color. The bag is in great condition, but looks "dirty". What should I do to restore it to its original color?


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Animal Chewing Trash Can Lid?I live in a wooded area and am aware there is wildlife around. There has been an animal chewing at my trash can lid and took a large portion off of it. I'm wondering what animal would do this. And how I could prevent this from happening again?


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Winterizing a Intex Pure Spa?Can you have a Intex Pure Spa outside in freezing weather?


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Removing Hair Dye from Hands?I have tried the baking soda, salt, ashes, peroxide, and toothpaste, and nothing has worked. What should I do? I even tried bleach; I've tried literally everything.


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Dairy and Chocolate Free Dessert Recipes?I'm looking for non dairy and non chocolate dessert recipes.


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Waverly "Pleasant Valley" Wallpaper?I am searching for some Waverly wallpaper. The main print "Pleasant Valley" has a coordinate which is a smaller print. Can anyone help me to find this? I am looking for 5 plus double rolls.


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Frigidaire Gallery Front Loader Won't Spin?The machine won't drain or spin. The front panel reads pau/door.


Planting around pool.

Something is Eating My Dusty Miller at the Roots?I planted several Dusty Miller plants approximately 3 weeks ago. They were looking very healthy and growing nicely until a few days ago I noticed that 1 of them was severely wilted. I knew it wasn't from lack of or too much water because the others (12 more) looked great.


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Preventing Development of Sweet Gum Balls?I have been told there is an injection that can be used on the tree to prevent the production of the balls. Do you have any info on this?


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Persistent Cloudiness in Turtle Tank?I persistently have a problem with the water in my turtle tank being cloudy. It's about 150 gallons and I have four 2inch wide red ear sliders. I put zoo med Reptisafe in the water daily as well as exo biotine. I have two filters as well. I clean up any uneaten food and my water is still foggy! What should I do?


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Removing Permanent Marker from XBox 360 Controller?My 2 year old got a hold of a permanent marker this morning and wrote all over my boyfriend's Xbox 360 controllers. Any ideas how to get the marker off?


Red volume.

Value of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Fourteenth...I have a full set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 14th Edition, with copyright 1929, 1930, 1932, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939 printed inside. Red covers (faux leather?), gold stamped on the front.


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Removing a Fat Stain on an Unwaxed Oak Table?How can I remove a fat/butter mark from an unwaxed oak table?


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16th Birthday Ideas?Okay, I'm turning 16 in November. But, having a party requires inviting the people I call friends who in the end will not show up and put my parents out a butt load of money. I want to do something with 5 or 6 people that is Halloweenish (apparently that's not a word).


Onion slicer with attachments.

Onion Slicer?Please advise if you have used this item before I buy it. I am looking for something to cut up onions with because I always seem to have problems with the onion sliding around on the cutting board when I try to dice them myself. I would like to know your opinions before I buy. Thank you.


Puppy on zebra skin blanket

Training a Puppy Not to Bite?I've had my Shar pei/Pitbull puppy since he was 8 weeks old and from then on I stressed how important it was to not let him bite. My fiancee and I went out and got him ropes and treats because he was starting to bite.


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