June 21, 2013

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A cardboard box full of stored clothing.

Removing Mildew Stains on Clothing?This is a page about removing mildew stains on clothing. Mold and mildew can leave unsightly stains on clothing.


Butterscotch Brownie

Butterscotch Brownie RecipesThese brownies have the chewy goodness of chocolate brownies but with the luscious flavor of butterscotch. This page contains butterscotch brownie recipes.


woven palm fronds

Weaving Coconut Palm FrondsCoconut palm fronds can be woven into mats, hats, baskets, and other useful items. This is a page about weaving coconut palm fronds.


A woman plantain a Hyacinth bulb.

Tips for Buying Flower BulbsThis is a page about tips for buying flower bulbs. The quality of the bulbs you buy will be reflected the the resulting blooms.


Elephant Ear Plant

Wintering an Elephant Ear Plant?This is a page about wintering an elephant ear plant. There are a couple of easy ways to overwinter your elephant ear plant.


Woman with puffy eyes using eye drops.

Remedies for Puffy EyesThis is a page about remedies for puffy eyes. There are a number of reasons for puffy eyes, such as allergies or tiredness.


Child's Apron

Making a Child's ApronThis is a page about making a child's apron. Making your little cook or helper their own apron is a fun craft project.


Plant Seeds

Making Beads from Plant Seeds?This is a page about making beads from plant seeds. Plant and fruit seeds can be used in the creation of beautiful jewelry and other bead crafts.


strawberry spritzer

Fruit Juice Spritzer RecipesAdd the fruit juice of your choice to sparkling water and any additional ingredients you desire for a cool, refreshing fruit juice spritzer. This page contains fruit juice spritzer recipes.


Cherry Crisp

Cherry Crisp RecipesSweet or tart cherries, covered with a delicious oatmeal crunch topping, with or without nuts, that is cherry crisp. This page contains cherry crisp recipes.



Buying Daffodil Bulbs?This is a page about buying daffodil bulbs. Daffodils are available in a variety of colors, some are even scented. Your selection and costs will be defined by where you buy your bulbs.


Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (PBGV) Breed...This is a page about the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV) breed information and photos. These small, rough coated, scent dogs originated in France and were bred to hunt rabbits and hare. These lively little dogs make great pets for the owner who is willing to ensure adequate exercise and a well fenced yard.


A dog and a cat sitting on a floor together.

Repairing Floors Damaged by Pet Urine?This is a page about repairing floors damaged by pet urine. Pet urine can damage many types of flooring including wood, tile, and stone.


Dark Circles Under Eyes

Remedies for Dark Circles Under EyesThis is a page about remedies for dark circles under eyes. Dark circles can make you look even older than wrinkles or grey hair. They can be the result of such things as fatigue, allergies, or aging.


Roasted Bell Pepper

Roasted Bell Pepper RecipesRoasted bell peppers make a great addition to a pizza, sandwich, or as a side to barbecue. This page contains roasted bell pepper recipes.


Knitted Myrrh Bag

Knitted Myrrh Bag Patterns?This is a page about knitted myrrh bag patterns. Historically myrrh has been used for treating many health conditions such as canker sores, gingivitis, and arthritis pain. This tree resin was carried in small bags or pouches by those who used it. Making a knitted myrrh bag would be a unique, fun project.


A woman breaking a cigarette in half.

Coping With the Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal?This is a page about coping with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine is a very addictive drug for many people. Its usage triggers the release of dopamine, the feel good body chemical. Quitting smoking will result in some level of withdrawal symptoms, such as weight gain, irritability, headaches, and more.


An older man working with a trainer at home.

At Home Exercise IdeasThis is a page about at home exercise ideas. Weather and other circumstances may restrict your exercise options to activities you can do at home.


Black Forest Cake

Slow Cooker Black Forest Cake RecipesThis page contains slow cooker Black Forest cake recipes. Make a chocolatey Black Forest cake using your slow cooker, a perfect alternative to your oven on hot summer days.


Jetted Bathtub

Jetted Bathtub Reviews?This is a page about jetted bathtub reviews. A jetted bathtub is an expensive investment in your home and relaxation. Before buying you may want to do some research to find the best one for you.



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Banana Yogurt Cream PieThis is a banana pie made with yogurt and vanilla pudding.


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Traditional Remedy for BoilsMash soap and sugar together to form a paste and transfer the mixture onto a piece of lint big enough to cover the boil. Use a bandage to secure the piece of lint onto the boil.


Urbanite Raised Garden Beds

Urbanite Raised Garden BedsI thought I came up with it all by myself and that it was terribly original, but after patting myself on the back for months, my permaculture book has informed me that this wonderful, free-to-the-point-they-may-pay-you-to-haul-it-off building material is called "urbanite".


Peace Like A River (Cape Fear River, Fort Fisher, NC)

Peace Like A River (Cape Fear River, Fort Fisher, NC)I love watching a beautiful sunset. This is a view of the Cape Fear River at Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Fort Fisher has a museum, aquarium, State Park on the ocean, ferry that crosses the Cape Fear River over to South Port and some good fishing.



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ASPCA Vaccination Truck Schedule for Queens?I just got a half Pit and half Husky. I want to know when the truck is gonna be in Queens around Junction Blvd. Please tell me, as I need to give my dog her shots. She's only 2 mouths old. I need this information as soon as possible.


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Treating Damaged Hair?Okay in the beginning of last school year I colored my hair and it came out really good. I got a perm and everything was fine. My mom recolored my hair a few months after and about a month later, I got a perm and my hair fell out.


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Plastic Canvas Letter Pattern?I'm looking for the letter "A" in English style in plastic canvas? Any suggestions?


Homemade Rose Water?Can you tell me how to make rose water at home?


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Sweet Sixteen Theme Ideas?I am having a sweet 16 in December and I want it to be big, but I can't think of a theme. I live in Texas so it's not really cold around this time, we rarely have super cold weather. But I need help so I can let the people when I book the venue know what all will be put up. Help me please.


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Coffee Bar Recipe?I am looking for a recipe for wonderful coffee bars. Mom used to make one with spices, raisins, molasses, etc. and they were delicious. I can't seem to find anything that seems to be close to those ingredients. Any recipes out there?


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Name Ideas for a Cleaning Company?I am having a hard time finding a business name for my cleaning company. I like Urban Clean, Green Clean, and Maid It Clean and they're all taken. Please help :)


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Sewing Machine Pressure Foot Stuck?The pressure foot on my Brother sewing machine is stuck in the up position. How can I repair this?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 in July and I have no ideas what to do apart from have a BBQ. Any other ideas which are better or is that OK?


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Removing Paint from a Concrete Driveway?What is the best way to remove old paint from a driveway and what is best to replace it with? Stain? It's a very hot, Florida location that's in the sun most of the day. Thanks.


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Remedy for an Itchy Bird?I'm not sure if my Peanut is suffering from dry skin, nerves, or mites (she has the bird protectors). She is very tame and loves to go on car trips. I have never clipped her wings, so she can get out and exercise. My question is, can you bathe a bird or do I need something else?


Volumes on a bookshelf.

Value of 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica?How much is a 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica set (24 volume) worth?


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Nail polish on Silk Dress?I got nail polish on my silk dress and it dried out. I can't get it off. What do I do? It's really expensive and brand new.


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Planting a Burning Bush?Is it too late to plant a burning bush?


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Purse Made from Soda Can Tabs?I saw a purse made with the tabs pulled to open soda cans, and some other cans. I've been looking for directions to make the purse, or something else, but have not found any.


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Alternative Plant Ideas for a Hen and Chicks Pot?I have a hens a chicks pot and was wanting to plant something other than hens and chicks. I tried strawberries and couldn't keep them wet enough so I transplanted them in the ground. Any ideas for options of what I could try?


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 15 in December and I really don't know what to do. I like being adventurous and doing dangerous things. Anyone got any ideas, but not involving heights. :)


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Installing a New Ice Maker?After you install a new water valve and new ice maker how long does it take to start making ice?


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Toro Wheel Horse Will Not Idle?I have a Toro Wheel Horse riding mower and it will not idle. I have changed the oil, put a new fuel filter on, new fuel line, and new fuel pump and it will not idle.


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Name Ideas for Village Fabric Shop?I want start my business in village fabric.


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Asking Mom to Shave?So last year when I was 12, I realized how hairy my legs were. So I asked my mom to shave, but she said "no, I didn't start shaving till I was 27". That's an obvious sign that she doesn't want me to shave, but I really need to and I was gonna ask today, but what if she says no?


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Small Room Lots of Stuff?I'm 18 and my sister and I share a bedroom (still!). The problem is between the two of us we have way too much stuff to fit in a room the size of ours.


Plants growing out of mortar on chimney.

Getting Rid of Plants Growing On My Chimney?I"ve got some plants/weeds starting to come out of the mortar on my brick chimney. It was retacked about 12 years ago when I bought the house. I didn't use the fireplace this year or last and wonder if that has exacerbated the problem.


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Diminishing the Appearance of a Scar?I am 20 years old. I have had a scar on my leg for about 9 years now. Because of the scar I do not wear short dresses and am tired of wearing long things to cover this scar. Sometimes I do feel pains too. What should I do now?


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Laminate Floor Peeling?What can I do to get the peeling off my laminate flooring? It was caused by paint remover.


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Inexpensive Diet Drink?I want to find the recipe to get slim which I can made at home. It should be inexpensive.


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Rhubarb Died Over the Winter?Why did most of my rhubarb plants die this winter?


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Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a quality vacuum that is good with pet hair? I have two inside cats (1xshort hair 1xlong hair) and a inside dog (short hair).


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