July 6, 2013

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Oryx at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Frugal Travel GuideThis page has tips, photos, and guides for traveling to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a research, learning, and conservation center located on 1500 acres in north central Texas.


Particle Board Desk

Repairing Particle Board FurnitureThis is a page about repairing particle board furniture. The sawdust and glue construction of particleboard furniture makes it comparatively inexpensive to buy but also easier to damage.


new leather chair

Smell from New Leather Furniture?This is a page about smell from new leather furniture. Natural leather furniture does come with a "leather" smell. However, the processing of leather for furniture includes not only the tanning process, but may also involve applying other chemicals to provide stain resistance, for example.


A teen girl putting on makeup.

When Should Girls Start Wearing Makeup?This is a page about "when should girls start wearing makeup?". This is a longstanding discussion between mothers and their daughters.


Boyfriend hitting his girlfriend.

Leaving an Abusive Boyfriend?This is a page about leaving an abusive boyfriend. Leaving an abusive relationship is actually very difficult to do.


Praying Mantis

Caring for a Praying MantisThis is a page about caring for a praying mantis. Keeping a praying mantis as a pet is fun and relatively easy to do.


white lily on a pond

Building a Pond Vacuum?This is a page about building a pond vacuum. A pond vac is a useful tool for keeping your pond clean and beautiful. You can buy one or save money by making your own.


Backyard Pond

Controlling Grass in a Backyard Pond?This is a page about controlling grass in a backyard pond. In addition to algae, pond grass can detract from the beauty and health of you pond.


Esperanza (Tecoma Stans) Plant

Bumps on Esperanza (Tecoma stans) Plant...This is a page about bumps on esperanza (Tecoma stans) plant leaves. Bumps on the leaves of your experanza plant can be caused by a couple of different things.


Itchy Puppy

Puppy With Itchy Yellow Bumps?This is a page about puppy with itchy yellow bumps. Itchy yellow bumps on your dog can be the result of an infection or other skin aliment.


yellow dog toy

Keep Pet Toys from Getting Lost Under...This is a page about how to keep pet toys from getting lost under furniture. Many pet owners spend a bit of time retrieving dog and cat toys from under the furniture.


Removing Lug Nuts

Removing Stubborn Lug NutsThis is a page about removing stubborn lug nuts. Having a flat tire is bad enough, but then if the lug nuts won't loosen the situation can escalate into down right frustrating.


Refinishing Wood Furniture

Refinishing Wood FurnitureThis is a page about refinishing wood furniture. Refinishing wood furniture is a great way to recycle an older piece or repair damage to the surface finish of furniture.



Freezing Radishes?This is a page about freezing radishes. Many gardeners will have excess radishes during their growing season. Freezing is an option although the texture does change somewhat.


New green sofa.

Removing Odors From New Furniture?This is a page about removing odors from new furniture. New furniture often is delivered to your home complete with its own array of odors, coming from the chemicals used in the manufacture of the furniture and upholstery materials.


murky pond water

Keeping Pond Water ClearIf your pond it beginning to look like a vat of split pea soup it is time to clean it and begin using some maintenance techniques to keep it that way. This is a page about keeping pond water clear.


Items for sale at a yard sale.

Using Virtual Yard SalesThis is a page about using virtual yard sales. You can take advantage of this Facebook function and sell individual items to a group online.


Wild Bunny

Wild Bunny Information and PhotosThis is a page about wild bunny information and photos. Wild rabbits are fun to watch as they hop around either in your yard or in their natural environment.


Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis Information and PhotosThis is a page about praying mantis information and photos. The praying mantis is a voracious predator on other insects.


A girl with a mohawk.

Mohawks on GirlsThis is a page about mohawks on girls. Mohawks are not just for guys. Many girls also sport this distinctive haircut made popular in the '80s by punk rock bands.


backyard pond

Keeping Mosquitoes Out of a PondThis is a page about keeping mosquitoes out of a pond. Mosquitoes unfortunately will lay their eggs in backyard ponds.


Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Tips and PhotosThis is a page about ice fishing tips and photos. Ice fishing is a popular winter sport in northern climes.



Princess and Tigger napping with their boy.

Princess and Tigger (Cats)These are two of my cats, Princess and Tigger, napping with my son.


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Removing Hardened Silly Putty in Our Dog's FurI used warm water on a wet rag. I put some Dawn dish soap on it and poured rubbing alcohol on the rag too. I rubbed the Silly Putty (which was hardened) out in a few minutes. It worked great! The dog didn't complain a bit either.



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Lawn Mower Won't Start?I have a 14.5 horsepower Briggs it cranks, but won't start unless I prime the carb. I replaced the air filter and fuel filter. I took off the carb and cleaned with carb cleaner and blew out all ports and put carb back on with no change.


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Using Dawn Dishsoap for Fleas on Dogs?I've found, on the internet that Dawn dishsoap is a good remedy for fleas. However, I am wondering how often should I bathe my puppy Mahina, with it per week.


Living room curtains.

Living Room Curtain Color Ideas?Recently moved into apartment where the walls are white and the carpet is sort of a light gray/blue color. I got furniture as hand me downs so there is a dark brown leather sofa, and a light greenish/gray recliner, brown side tables and a lighter brown TV stand.


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Toro Riding Lawn Mower Won't Start?I have a Toro riding mower with 16 HP B & S engine that sounded like it wanted to start but wouldn't. I thought maybe it was the battery, but the lights turned on. I tried to start again and it backfired. Now it won't even turn over. Any ideas?


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Jobs for Kids?I'm a girl that is not old enough to find proper work, but need a job to help my family. Do you know anything that I can do that wouldn't cost much? (Also I can't pet sit since we live in an apartment.)


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Removing Wallpaper with Added Glue?I scored the wall paper as usual. Sprayed two sheets with vinegar and warm water. Starting from the top I quickly realized that about an inch from the ceiling there had been a heavy type glue brushed thinly on the wall.


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Black Stains Under Ceran Top Stove Surface?I have a Kenmore electric stove, with a ceran schott glasstop. Under the glass there are black stains on 2 burners and I want to know what causes same. I replaced the top once already and a few months later there are black stains.


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Water Falling from a Balata Tree?Near my house a balata tree is there from which water has been falling 4 days. Why is the water is falling from that tree? Many trees are in that place or nearer to that tree, but no water was falling from those trees only from that particular balata that particular tree.


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Emotionally and Verbally Abusive Husband?I came from an abusive home. He knows this, after 26 yrs. He cuts me down in front of my girls, saying my mind is tainted, making stuff up. I had a stroke in 2009 and he was working in California. He did not come home to take care of my 2 girls, one was 10 and the other 5 at the time.


Tulip shaped flowers on thick stalks.

What is This Rare Plant?I have a plant which has just flowered after 5 years. I have looked after it since the death of my friend, who paid 100 pounds for the plant. Can anyone tell me what it is called?


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Real Estate Business Name Ideas?I am looking for a new name for a real estate business.


Birthday wish in purple.

Daughter's 13th Birthday Party?My daughter is turning 13 in October and she has already figured out what guest she wants, but I have no idea where to have the party. Help!


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Mold and Mildew Removal Advice?How can you get mold and mildew off the floor joist in a basement?


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Training a Dog Not to Bite?We have a Yorkie-Pooh. She's about 4-5 yrs old. She loves people, but she barks something awful. If she's sitting on someones lap or near them and someone approaches where she's at she starts growling really low and if you keep going she will bite you.


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Getting Rid of Fleas and Preventing Their Return?How do we rid our dog of fleas? And how can we keep her from getting them in the first place?


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Can Blood Cancer be Transmitted?Could you please tell me where someone is getting the blood cancer? And it is like a virus that can transferred blood to blood or any kind of liquid from the body of someone who has blood cancer?


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Transplanting Older Sunflowers?I would like to relocate some older (about 1/2 grown) sunflowers. How can I do it without killing the flower? Thanks for any help or advice.


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Value of De Marco Collection Doll?I have a modern 2003 porcelain doll. It is from the De Marco Collection, number 00280 and made in the UK. Could anyone tell me anything about it.


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Moving Finch Babies and Eggs to Bigger Nest?I have 2 finches and she has laid a clutch of 7. I was not expecting this and this clutch was laid in a very small hut. I (have) want to put the babies and eggs (whole nest) in a bigger hut (house). Should I not touch the nest?


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Sweet 16?My sweet 16th birthday party is coming up in November and I have yet to figure out what to do. I live in a small town and there is not really a lot to do and is pretty far from cities and places to have fun. I also have to make it very inexpensive. What to do?


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