January 14, 2014

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Dessert Recipes Using Phyllo DoughPhyllo dough is a traditional ingredient in many middle eastern and Balkan desserts. The paper thin dough makes wonderful flaky pastries and can be used in a number of different dessert recipes.


A woman cutting vegetables.

Reducing Fats When CookingLooking to lower your cholesterol or maybe just reduce the amount of fat you consume? Cooking with less fat can be a healthy way towards a better diet. This is guide about reducing fats when cooking.


Ketchup Spilled on Carpet

Removing Ketchup Stains on Carpet?This is a page about removing ketchup stains on carpet. Ketchup has a reputation for being a tough stain to remove, and removing it from your carpet, even more so.


A wet red rose in the rain.

Red Rose PhotosThis page contains red rose photos. These wonderful flowers can be captured in beautiful pictures to appreciate the year round.


Downy Fabric Softener Ball

Uses For Downy Fabric Softener BallsThis page contains uses for Downy fabric softener balls. An automatic fabric softener dispenser that can be refilled and reused, as well as recycled in a variety of interesting ways.


Rodent Trap

Rodent Odor in Walls and Vents?Once mice have been in residence in a house they can die in the walls and heating system, making them difficult to find. This page is about rodent odor in walls and vents.


Redbone Hound Sleeping

Redbone Hound Information and PhotosThis page contains redbone hound information and photos. Known for their beautiful reddish coat, these large dogs are versatile hunters with a natural treeing instinct.


Two people watching a St Patrick's Day parade.

St Patrick's Day Parade Float Ideas?Coming up with a unique St. Patrick's day parade float idea can be a lot of fun. This is a page about St. Patrick's day parade float ideas.


Construction Business

Construction Business Name Ideas?This page contains construction business name ideas. When starting a new or remodeling construction business, you want the name to be easily remembered and reflect your professional plan.



Chihuahua Mix PhotosThis page contains Chihuahua mix photos. This popular Mexican breed can sometimes be mixed with other small dogs to create some very cute companions.



Recipes Using SoySoy can be a delicious and healthy addition to any meal. There are many recipes that use soy and even more that can be adapted with soy as an ingredient. This page contains recipes using soy.


Woman Matching Paint Colors

Matching Paint ColorsThis is a page about matching paint colors. Having run out of the paint you originally used, or trying to match up the color on something you never painted yourself can be a daunting task.


A cup of tea at a Chinese restaurant.

Buying Chinese Restaurant Teas?This page is about buying Chinese restaurant teas. Enjoying the tea at a favorite restaurant can make you want to buy the tea and have the same experience at home.


Atkins Diet Chicken Breast Meal

Using the Atkins Diet Plan?This page contains tips for using the Akins diet plan. A low carb and high protein diet that has helped many people successfully lose weight.


Photo of a microwave oven.

Repairing a Microwave That Won't HeatThis is a page about repairing a microwave that won't heat. Microwaves are a part of many of our daily lives, and when they don't work properly, it can be frustrating.


framed antique document

Determining the Value of Old Documents?This is a page about determining the value of old documents. Some old documents can hold monetary value, while others may only hold sentimental value, and still others should just be recycled.


Cleaning a Leather Couch

Vomit on a Leather Couch?This page is about vomit on a leather couch. Leather couches have their own challenges for cleaning, but vomit, with it's high acid content and lingering smell poses it's own unique problem.


A tablespoon of wheat bran.

Recipes Using BranThis page contains recipes using bran. A part of grains whether wheat, oats or rice that is a nutritious, fibrous addition to your diet.


Kabobs for a Large Group

Calculating Ingredients When Feeding Large...This page is about calculating ingredients when feeding large group. Preparing a meal for lots of people at the same time, takes a lot of planning. It is a challenge to determine the amount of food you will need.



In Memory of Cleo (Dog) and Patra (Cat)

In Memory of Cleo (Dog) and Patra (Cat)Both of my babies have passed away now. Cleo was 15 and Patra was 3. They were the most interactive cat and dog I have ever owned or seen. They played all kinds of games together.


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Check your Electric Company for SavingsCheck with your electric company for savings you may be overlooking. This is especially true if you are on a co-op system, and often also true if you are on a town electrical system.


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Banana Pepper Jack SaladI've been trying to figure out a way to eat salad, without really noticing I'm eating salad. I'm trying to trim down, so I didn't want to use a full-fat dressings. I came up with this salad and it is full of flavor, greens, and protein; and not a lot of fat and calories!


Who's Watching Who (Snowy Owl)

Who's Watching Who (Snowy Owl)Early January winter morning in South Western Ontario, I traveled along a country road and spotted this beautiful Snowy Owl in a farmer's field, only about 100 feet from the road.


Samantha (Great Dane)

Samantha (Great Dane)Samantha was a rescue dog, surrendered to the pound when her family lost their house and could no longer care for her. My sister decided, after fostering her for a few weeks, she could not let Sam go up for adoption.


Recycle Old Sweaters into New Clothing - pile of sweaters

Recycle Old Sweaters into New ClothingDon't throw away old sweaters. Recycle them! I have even bought them at thrift stores to recycle. Most projects can be done in under an hour.


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Save and Compost Fireplace AshesDuring these winter months when fireplaces are in high use, you will generate quite a bit of ash. We clean out our fireplace into a paper grocery bag. The bag is then rolled shut tight down to the level of the ash and placed into a storage tub with a secure lid.



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Keeping Coyotes Out of Your Yard?How do I stop them from entering my yard?


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Sharing Expenses with a Live-in Boyfriend?I am 47, divorced, with two teenagers and still reside in the house that my ex and I own. We are co owners, as the judge ordered me to stay in the house. My ex pays me alimony and child support.


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Selling Pop Can Tabs?Where in Albuquerque New Mexico can I sell my soda/beer tabs?


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Dryer Leaves Wash Cloths Stiff?I have two wash cloths that always come out of the dryer feeling like bricks. The towels (same brand, color) are always nice and fluffy. These are in the same load.


Legal Advice for Mouldy Rented Cottage

Legal Advice for Mouldy Rented Cottage?I rent a cottage which is wet, cold, and damp. It has black and green mould growing everywhere, but mainly in the bedrooms where my children sleep. The landlord isn't really that bothered. Can someone advise me on the legal side please?


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Slogan Ideas for ABC Academy Childcare Center?I am looking for a catchy slogan for the center. I am using a tree for a logo.


Wingback chair.

Colour Advice for Curtains and Scatter Cushions?I bought a black and pearl white Cresta lounge suite. (It is black around the side of the lounge suite and the rest is pearl white.) I also have 2 single wing back chairs which are in full pearl white.


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Thickening Canned Fruit Juice?I have looked high and low, and can't find (or discover through trial and error) a method of cooking and thickening, the canned fruit juice to then use in a cobbler. If you do nothing, it's just too runny.


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Value of Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll. The whole body is porcelain. The arms and legs attached by rope. There is an angel stamp on the upper back.


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Rust Colored Stains on Refrigerator?I have a 15 year old Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator which I moved to the garage a couple of years ago when we got a new fridge for the kitchen.


Broken Minnie Mouse ornament.

Repairing a Broken Ceramic Ornament?I have broken ceramic Minnie Mouse; the leg is blown out. I am missing .25 inch. There is only wire holding her foot on. I need know what to use to replace the missing ceramic.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?So my friend is throwing her party in 6 days, and she is inviting 3 people. So altogether there will be 4 girls. What should we do? We want to go somewhere. She is turning 14 and wants to do some awesome. Any suggestions please?


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Value of 1951 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have full set of 1951 Britannica encyclopedias. I am just wondering their value, if there is any value at all?


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Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My son is in DFACS and I have not received his benefits in over a year. When he returns home will he receive all his money?


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Can't Get Dentures Back In My Mouth?My dentures went in easily when the teeth were pulled. The dentist took them out and now I can't get them back in. What can I do?


Yorkie, closeup.

House Trained Dog Started Peeing on Owner's Pillow?My baby, Maycen, is my best friend, we very rarely have to get on to him. He is 1.5 years old. I've recently become lost on what to do because he's done great telling us he needs to go out.


1940s Gas Cook Stove

Ideas for 1940's Kitchen Curtains and Rug?I have finally gotten my dream stove that is a 1941 Roper with 6 burners, 2 oven, and 2 broilers. I love the 1940's look and am slowly incorporating my kitchen to resemble a 1940's farm kitchen.


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