February 7, 2014

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Man with Beard Stubble

Softening Beard Stubble?This is a page about softening beard stubble. The stubble that grows back in after you shave is often quite stiff and scratchy.


Dog in Elizabethan Pet Collar

Alternative To Elizabethan Pet CollarThis is a page about alternative to Elizabethan pet collar. Surgeries, allergies, and other conditions may call for having your pet wear an Elizabethan collar or a suitable substitute to prevent them from worrying the afflicted area.


Kids in After School Childcare

After School Childcare Activities?A popular in home business is after school childcare. Keeping the children interested and occupied is an ongoing endeavor. This is a page about after school childcare activities.


Candy Shake

Candy Shake RecipesThis page contains candy shake recipes. You don't need to go to your local ice cream restaurant to enjoy a delicious shake made with your favorite candy.


Woman Shopping for Furniture

Furniture Buying TipsThis is a page about furniture buying tips. Buying furniture is an important decision and can be a significant expense.


Couple Trying to Find Utility Bill Assistance

Where to Find Utility Bill AssistanceThis is a page about where to find utility bill assistance. Financial circumstances can result in your inability to keep up with your utility bills.


Man Writing a Business Proposal

Writing a Business Proposal?This is a page about writing a business proposal. Writing a persuasive and thorough business proposal is the best method of providing prospective customers with the information they need to choose your business for the job.


Zion National Park

Zion National Park Photos and InformationThis page contains Zion National Park photos and information. Despite its small size, this oldest of Utah's national parks offers the visitor beautiful natural wonders, camping, and hiking.


Chicken Taquito Appetizers

Mexican Appetizer RecipesThis page contains Mexican appetizer recipes. There are many tasty Mexican style appetizers for you to choose from for your next dinner or party.


Stressed Dog

Dog Has Stress Incontinence?This is a page about dog has stress incontinence. Dogs may suffer with urinary incontinence resulting from several causes, such as age or stress.


Long John Silver Fish and Chips

Long John Silver's Recipes?This is a page about Long John Silver's recipes. One way to save money is to reduce eating out. This does not mean you can't try to prepare some of your fast food favorites at home.


Chickens on a Chicken Perch

Building a Chicken PerchA perch gives your chickens a nice comfortable place to bed down at night. This is a page about building a chicken perch.


Shirts on Sale

Tips for Price MatchingThis is a page about tips for price matching. By shopping with merchants that have a price matching policy you can save time and money.


Chicken Nesting Box

Getting Chickens to Lay in Nesting BoxThis is a page about getting chickens to lay in nesting box. Getting your hens to lay eggs in their nesting box helps to ensure that you get the maximum number of fresh clean eggs.



Getting Rid of Shrews in the House?This is a page about getting rid of shrews in the house. Shrews are small omnivorous mammals that may find their way into your home.



Identifying and Controlling LeafhoppersThis is a page about identifying and controlling leafhoppers. Leafhoppers belong to one of the largest families of plant eating insects. Identification is the first step in controlling them in your garden.


Man on Bath Mats

Using Bath MatsThis is a page about using bath mats. Bathmats are common in most households as a stepout mat for the bath or shower, although they can be put to other uses as well.


Opening Frozen Car Door

Opening a Door That is Frozen ShutThis is a page about opening a door that is frozen shut. Cold, wet weather can cause you many difficulties, including having to defrost a door that has frozen shut.


A person using a keyboard and a mouse on a computer.

Desktop Computer Tips and TricksThis is a page about desktop computer tips and tricks. You can improve your computing experience, saving time and effort, by learning a few new tips and tricks, such as short cuts.


Sock Monkey Face

Making a Sock MonkeyThis is a page about making a sock monkey. Making a sock monkey is a great project to undertake to make a fun, stuffed friend for your child or to give as a gift.



Business Name Ideas for a Bakery or Ice Cream ShopThis is a page about business name ideas for a bakery or ice cream shop. Whether your are opening a bakery, ice cream shop, or a combination of the two, finding the right name for your business is one of your important business decisions.


Chinch Bug

Identifying and Controlling Chinch BugsThis is a page about identifying and controlling chinch bugs. These small insects can wreak havoc on your lawn as they dine on their favorite food, grass.


Bourbon Balls

Bourbon Ball RecipesThis page contains bourbon ball recipes. This easy, delicious no bake confection is popular around the holidays, but can be made for any occasion.


Castle Cake

Making a Castle CakeThis is a page about making a castle cake. Fulfill your child's princess or knight fantasies with a delightful castle cake for their next birthday or other special occasion.


Seashell Roses

How to Make a Seashell RoseSea shells are used in many craft projects including the creating of lovely shell flowers. This is a page about how to make a seashell rose.


Bichon Frise/Poodle Mix Puppy

Bichon Frise - Poodle Mix Information and PhotosThis cross between two small dog breeds both with a curly coat is a popular designer breed today. This is a page about Bichon Frise - Poodle mix information and photos.


Japanese Restaurant Style Shrimp with  Sauce

Japanese Restaurant Style Shrimp Sauce Recipe?This is a page about Japanese restaurant style shrimp sauce recipe. Many times when we dine out at a restaurant we wish we could recreate the dish or condiment at home.


Faux Suede Boots

Dry Cleaning Faux Suede?This is a page about dry cleaning faux suede. Faux suede clothing is either marked with cleaning instructions that sometimes allow machine washing or frequently recommend dry cleaning.


Valentine's Party Candy

Frugal Ideas for a Valentine's Party?Planning a fun party for Valentine's Day does not have to be expensive. This is a page about frugal ideas for a Valentine's party.


Man Hammering Nails

Protecting Fingers When Hammering NailsThis is a page about protecting fingers when hammering nails. As many do-it-yourselfers know it is not uncommon to miss the nail and mash a finger. There are some tips and techniques you can use to reduce the possibility of this injury.


Raspberry Preserves

Getting the Scorched Taste Out of Preserves?This is a page about getting the scorched taste out of preserves. Don't throw out your preserves because they are a bit overcooked and have a scorched taste. There are some things you can try that may save them.


Tablet with Water Damage

Repairing Water Damage in ElectronicsThis is a page about repairing water damage in electronics. Cellphones and other electronics occasionally are exposed to water that can damage or destroy them. Sometimes quick action can save your device.


Bread Machine

Recipes Using All Purpose Flour in Bread Machine?You can successfully substitute all purpose flour for bread flour in you bread machine. This is a page about recipes using all purpose flour in bread machine.


Repairing A Water Line

Repairing A Water LineThis is a page about repairing a water line. A broken water line is frustrating and can be expensive both in utility and repair costs. However, you may be able to make the repairs yourself and save money.



Finished wreath hanging.

Buggy WreathI have to admit I was going buggy! So to kick the winter time blues, I got an idea for a colorful wreath with some supplies I have bought over the winter.


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Adapting Undies When Wearing a Leg CastWhen I wore a full leg cast once, I couldn't get my undies over the cast. I didn't care to wear men's boxers or resort to adult diapers, so I exercised my noodle and adapted my own undies.


porcelain eggs

Using Porcelain Eggs in Nesting BoxesOur chickens kept laying their eggs on the bottom of their hen house. It isn't good for the eggs to be laid outside of the nesting box for multiple reasons. They are at risk of getting broken, which can lead to the chickens eating the eggs and they are more likely to get pooped on.



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Organizing Your Pantry?I am dying to know how all of you with those beautiful pantries that have a container for every item keep your back up items? What do you do when you purchase more of an additional item?


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Frugal Ways to Humidify My House?I need frugal ways to get humidity in my house for sinus problems. Thank you all!


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Dog Peeing on Rugs?How can you stop your dog from peeing on rugs in your home?


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Removing Cat Spray Odor from Clothing?How do I remove cat spray from clothing?


Controls on dash.

Truck Heater/Conditioner Making a Clicking Noise?My 2006 Dodge Dakota heater/conditioner makes a fast clicking sound when I change from floor to defrost, etc.


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Finding Free Furniture?My wife and I need a bed. We are sleeping on the floor.


Lady and her dog.

Remedy for Dog's Sore Red Ears?Keyara gets sore and red ears a lot. I do use Vettrust cleansing ear wash 2 time a week, but she still get red and sore ears. What can I do from here? I don't have the money to go to a vet.


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Decorating a Bathroom on a Budget?How do I decorate a small bathroom on a budge?


dog on couch

Is my Dog Purebred German Shepherd?Does my dog look like a purebred German Shepherd even with the floppy ears? We got him from the shelter. They said he was a German Shepherd, but someone shaved him. I'm just wondering if he could be mixed with anything.


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Starting a Willow From a Branch?If a willow branch started leafing after a week of planting, would it still root?


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Logo for Homemade Foods?Can I make a logo and put it on the boxes in which I sell homemade macaroons? I love making macaroons for myself, and I thought I could sell them.


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Castro Sofa Bed Won't Close?My Castro sofa bed, seems to be in excellent shape, but after folding it, and attempting to slide the mattress/frame into the base, it seems the right side is now longer then the left side, and it will not close.


Closeup of Abby's head.

What Breed is My Dog?This is Abby. I got her when she was 4 weeks old from my boyfriend's cousin. She had no idea what kind of dog she was. She is brindle colored and all legs.


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House Trained Dog Pooping in House?I have fully trained Shiba Inu that is pooping in the hallway of my new house. My dog goes to the bathroom right after she has been out. This has been a two day problem and has happened before, but only when we moved into the new home.


View of inside volume.

Value of 1961 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have set of 24, 1961 Encyclopedia Britannica UK print, with black binding and gold tooling. Does anyone know what the value of these books could be?


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Sweet 16 Ideas?I'm turning 16 in March and have no idea what to do. I have considered a bon fire or maybe going to a indoor pool, but I'm so lost. I will have about 10 other friends there at the most. I would like it to be somewhat cheap for my parent's budget.


White and tan puppy.

Training Puppy Not to Bite?Jewels (10 wk old Pit) has a bad habit of biting us and our smaller dogs. We want to break her of it before our child arrives so our son/daughter does not get bitten.


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Heater Not Working on '95 Tahoe?My heater control panel went out on my 95 Tahoe. How can I get heat?


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Slogan for Home Childcare?What would be a great slogan for my home childcare business, Sugar and Spice Childcare?


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Entertainment for April Seniors' Luncheon?We have an Easter theme, mainly the decor. We would like to have guests speak or play a game, or have some entertainment. We cannot think what to do.


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Truck AC/Heater Blower Working Intermittently?I have an 04 Chevy Silverado 5.3 and I'm having heater problems. I'm not getting any air hot or cold blowing out, but when I get on the highway a very small amount will blow out.


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