March 11, 2014

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Family Under Patio Umbrella

Recovering Patio UmbrellasThis is a page about recovering patio umbrellas. You can save money and conserve resources by repairing your patio umbrellas or ones you find at a yard sale.


Strawberry Basket

Buying Strawberry Baskets in Bulk?This is a page about buying strawberry baskets in bulk. If you need the plastic basket containers to market your bountiful strawberry crop, you want to find where to buy them wholesale.


Barbecue Beef

Barbecue Beef RecipesBeef is an all time favorite choice for preparing as barbecue, whether in the traditional manner on the grill, slow roasted in the oven, or even in your crockpot. This page contains barbecue beef recipes.


Busy Woman Cooking

Cooking Once a WeekThis is a page about cooking once a week. You can save time and money by cooking several meals at once on your weekly cooking day.


Pet Crayfish

Pet Crayfish PhotosThis is a page about pet crayfish photos. Crayfish make an unusual pet, but are a unique addition to your aquarium.


Homemade Vitamin Water

Homemade Vitamin Water RecipesThis page contains homemade vitamin water recipes. Vitamin water can make it easier to drink enough water each day. These are great if you are on a diet, as they contain all natural sugars and hardly any of that! If you are very dehydrated from working in the yard add a 1/4 tsp. sea salt, to help boost your electrolytes.


Chicken Coop

Using Curtains in Your Chicken CoopThis is a page about using curtains in your chicken coop. Adding curtains to your chicken coop is more than just prettying up the place for the girls. There are some very practical reasons for taking the time to make this addition.



Uses for Loofah (Luffa)This is a page about uses for loofah (luffa). The loofah is a dried plant "sponge" and can be used in many ways from personal hygiene and cleaning to craft projects.


Pumpkin Custard

Pumpkin Custard RecipesTry pumpkin in a different way than the traditional pie. Pumpkin custard is a delicious option for using fresh or canned pumpkin. This page contains pumpkin custard recipes.


Cat's Ringworm

Treating Your Pet's Ringworms?This is a page about treating a dog with ringworms. As most pet owners know ringworms are not actually a worm but rather a highly contagious fungal infection


Creative Lasagna

Creative Lasagna RecipesThere is really not just one way to make a lasagna. Try your hand at creating your own unique variations on this popular dish. This page contains creative lasagna recipes.


Oven Barbecue Pork Chop

Oven Barbecue RecipesYou don't need to go outside and use your grill to make delicious barbecue recipes. This page contains oven barbecue recipes.


Business Woman Using Cell Phone

Cell Phone Service Reviews?This is a page about cell phone service reviews. With many different plans to choose from, you want to pick the best service and price for you.


Barbecue Bean

Barbecue Bean RecipesThis page contains barbecue bean recipes. Barbecue beans are a favorite side dish and there are so many recipes to choose from.


Barbecue Sandwich

Barbecue Sandwich RecipesWhen shredded meat has been simmered in a sweet but spicy barbecue sauce, it will make a tasty hot sandwich. This page contains barbecue sandwich recipes.


Window Box Garden

Window Box GardeningThis is a page about window box gardening. Protecting your home's exterior from soil and moisture is important, when gardening in containers attached outside your windows.


Lawn Mower Carburetor

Repairing a Lawn Mower CarburetorThis is a page about repairing a lawn mower carburetor. A common cause of a lawn mower not starting lies with the carburetor.


Puppy Chewing on Boot

Preventing Puppies From ChewingThis is a page about preventing puppies from chewing. All puppies chew, but you can train them not to chew on certain items and provide a safe alternative as part of the training.


Dianthus Flowers

Growing DianthusThis is a page about growing dianthus. Members of the carnation family, these flowers include annuals, biennials and perennials. There are several varieties of dianthus that are quite fragrant.


Woman Using Toaster

Toaster Product Reviews?Choosing the right toaster for your needs that is also reliable can be mind boggling, unless your choice is totally price driven. This is a page about toaster product reviews.


Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield Washer Fluid is FrozenThis is a page about windshield washer fluid is frozen. It is important to fill your windshield washer reserve with a cleaner that will not freeze, to avoid this problem.


Bobbin with Green Thread

Bobbin Getting TangledThis is a page about bobbin getting tangled. It is extremely frustrating to sit down to your sewing machine to start a project only to have it malfunction.


Pants Zipper

Keeping Your Pants ZippedThis is a page about keeping your pants zipped. Still one of your favorite pair of pants, but the zipper will no longer lock. There are a few ways to keep it secure.



Make Ramen in a Bowl

Make Ramen in a BowlThis is a quick tip on how to make ramen in a bowl. Ramen is already a quick and easy meal but by making it in a bowl, you don't even have to dirty a pot.


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Dublin CoddleI found this healthier version of Dublin coddle in my local newspaper a few years ago and have made it every St. Patrick's Day since.



put keychain over the button

Ball Chain Keychain to Keep Zipper UpDo you have a pair of pants where the zipper seems to always fall down? Here is a quick solution that works really well. Use one of those small ball chain keychains to tether the zipper to your pants button. Simply string the chain through the hole in the zipper tab and attach the ends.


No-Sew Pot O' Gold Wind Catcher

No-Sew Pot O' Gold Wind CatcherThis easy to make decoration is great for both indoors and outdoors.



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Puppy Might Have Parvo?I believe my dog might have parvo. He's about 6 months old, doesn't eat, nor drink water as of Sunday. Today he is drinking water, but is weak. I can't afford a vet, but is there something I can give him besides Pedialyte? They say to rub his gums with pancake syrup? Please help,


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Growing Lilies?My lilies are flowering good, but have a brown sap in the lily's flower.


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Getting Rid of Slugs?How do I permanently get rid of slugs? My front and back yard are overrun with slugs. I have used Sluggo, but you have to use it again every couple of weeks. I can't afford that! The slugs have totally destroyed my yard. There are holes and little mounds of dirt everywhere.


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New Poodle is Afraid to Come When Called?I just bought a Toy Poodle that is 3 months old. It is afraid to come to me or my boyfriend or anyone. Once you get it, it will let you hold it and it will love it, but other than that it will run from you!


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Opening a Bent and Dent Grocery Store in Nebraska?I have researched Nebraska for a bent and dent salvage store, in the entire state, there are none anywhere. I would love to start one, but it makes me wonder if Nebraska has laws and regulations that prevent these type of stores to exist? Please advise me if you know.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?My mom died in 1972 when my brothers were 15 and 13 and I was 10. We never received any survivors benefits. Was that correct, that we received nothing?


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Whirlpool Refrigerator Not Cooling After Defrost?I have a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator. The fridge and freezer will cool down properly. Once it hits the set temperature it will stop cooling like normal and I guess go into defrost mode. After the defrost mode is complete, my compressor (this being refrigerator and freezer) will not kick back on.


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Removing a Nail from Wood?I drove a nail into a 2x4 on my picnic table top, but because the 2x4 was crooked it won't go in all the way. Even when I tried to sink it deeper, it didn't work. So I have to pull it out to drive a deck screw.


Three baby dolls.

Value of Voortrekker Porcelain Dolls?My mother has some Voortrekker porcelain dolls from 1992 and is not sure how much they are worth, so she doesn't just wanna sell them. Please can anybody assist in helping me find the worth of these dolls urgently?


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Maytag Washer Displaying Error Code LS?My Maytag washing machine has the error code LS and then it shows remaining time left to wash, but it quits washing.


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Assembling a Canopy Swing?I forgot how I took the frame off my canopy swing, so I am asking how or where do I connect the pole?


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New Foot Pedal for New Home Sewing?I have a sewing machine, the make is New Home. I have lost the pedal and I really need and want to use it. Please help. Thanks.


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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Advice?I have light yellow walls, black appliances, blue and gray marbled counter tops, and Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. What color should I paint my cabinets?


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Bad Odor Coming from Bathroom Plumbing?I had a problem with the sink and bath, where when you turn the taps on water comes through the bath and there is a smell. I had someone out and they changed my pipes under the bath, but when the working man came and changed the pipes he said the pipes are backwards.


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Making a Blouse Bigger?I ordered 4 blouses online, and it turned out to be the wrong size. It's 6x which is the largest size they had. I'm 16 years old and would like to know how could I make the blouse bigger for me? The fabric is cotton and polyester. Please someone help.


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Bobbin Won't Wind on Janome 7500?I have a Memory Craft 7500 by Janome. It is very dependable, no any problems in the past, until last night. I plugged the machine up and placed it in a sewing cabinet. I was winding the bobbin on top. It made about 5 turns, and only wound about 3 ft of thread.


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Babysitting Activity Ideas?I'm babysitting tomorrow and I need some ideas for some activities i can do. There are 4 kids, 3 boys and a girl, (youngest to oldest boys ages- 3,6,8, girl- 11).If you have any suggestions, that would be great!


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