March 23, 2014

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Fax by Email

Receiving Faxes by Email?This is a page about receiving faxes by email. There are now options to receiving a fax that don't depend on owning your own fax machine.


Dog Loosing Hair

Remedies for Hair Loss in DogsThis is a page about remedies for hair loss in dogs. Visit your veterinarian to determine the cause of your dog's hair loss.


Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant WomenThis is a page about Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women. If you are expecting around Halloween there are some really cute costume ideas you can make incorporating your pregnancy into the design.


Poppy Felt Pin

Felt Pin IdeasThis is a page about felt pin ideas. Felt is a popular crafting material, because it is easy to use in numerous no-sew projects. You can create beautiful label pins and accessories with felt.


Note Hanger

Homemade Note HangersThis is a page about homemade note hangers. In addition to posting notes on the fridge with decorative magnets you can make fancy or inexpensive note holders that add to your decor.


Dog Eating Food From Bowl

Determining Pet's Food Allergy by Elimination DietThis is a page about determining pet's food allergy by elimination diet. One method for discovering your pet's food allergy culprit is by process of elimination.


Fettucine Alfredo

Substitutes for Tomatoes in RecipesWhatever the reason you don't wish to include tomatoes in a recipe, there are ingredients that often be substituted and still result in a delicious dish. This is a page about substitutes for tomatoes in recipes.


Child's Crown

Making a Child's CrownThis is a page about making a child's crown. Kids love to dress up and princesses and kings are a favorite theme. Additionally, many parties have a theme that calls for a crown for the honoree or as favors.


Range Hood Filter

Cleaning a Range Hood Filter?This is a page about cleaning a range hood filter. The filter on your range hood can quickly become covered in grease.


Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum (Roomba) ReviewsThis is a page about robot vacuum (Romba) reviews. A vacuum that moves under its own power as it cleans floors, and returns to its charging station when low on power.


Baking With Sour Cream

Baking Recipes Using Sour CreamThis page contains baking recipes using sour cream. A cultured cream that can add good flavor and texture to baked desserts and biscuits.


Banana Pudding

Low Fat Banana Pudding RecipesThis is a page about low fat banana pudding recipes. When watching your calorie intake, it is nice to be able to enjoy some yummy desserts.


June Bug

Getting Rid of June Bugs?This is a page about getting rid of June bugs. These harmless bugs can cause damage to a lawn or garden.


75th Birthday Party

75th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 75th birthday party ideas. Someone's 75th birthday is an important occasion in and of itself, but you can make it even more fun and memorable.


Apple Dumpling

Apple Dumpling RecipesFruit dumplings are a delicious dessert that is easy to make and a great way to use fresh fruit. This page contains apple dumpling recipes.


Food on Electric Grill

Cooking Tips for Electric Grill?This is a page about cooking tips for electric grill.You don't have to brave the elements and wildlife to cook up some delicious grilled meals.


Frozen Bouillon

Homemade Frozen Bouillon CubesYou can easily make your own bouillon cubes and freeze them for later use. This is a page about homemade frozen bouillon cubes.


Family Looking at London Snow Globe

Preserving MemorabiliaThis is a page about preserving memorabilia. Scrap booking, decoupage, and laminating are some ways to preserve paper memories of favorite places.



Powderpuff on the bed.

Powderpuff (Calico)20 yrs ago my husband found her in our backyard hiding up the tree, scared to death of the other cats, with a pick bow around her neck. He finally got her down, she was white and gray, mostly white and fluffy as she still is. She is old now and set in her ways, a queen, and stays in the bedroom.


With her toy.

Lola (Yorkie Pom)Lola is a Yorkie Pomeranian mix, we adopted when my friend's daughter couldn't keep her.


hanging wreath on hook

Clear Hook for Hanging a WreathI prefer to hang my holiday wreaths on the inside of our front door. The door has a large window in the middle. I don't like the look of the over the door hangers so I decided to attach a clear Command Hook (holds 3 lbs.) to the glass. Now I can hang my wreaths and the hook is practically invisible.


Sitting next to man painting a mural.

Rasco (Bulldog)We got him when he was a pup.


Closeup of Hope.

Hope (Poodle Terrier)Humane League- Hope was a stray on the city streets. She had mangled hair and needed a bath and to put some weight on.


Rainbow Jello Cups

Rainbow Jello CupsThis recipe is fun to make and it is perfect for St. Patrick's day or a rainbow themed party!



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Bedroom Paint Color Advice?I have a gold comforter and brown curtains. What color paint would you go with on the walls?


Tricolored pup with dark muzzle.

What Breed is My Puppy?I got my puppy, Bear, about a week ago. He has big paws, he's playful, and he's big for his age. He's about 8 weeks old. We're not entirely sure what his breed is.


Brown longish haired dog.

What Breed is My Dog?We have a shelter rescue dog, wondering what mix she could be? When standing her tail curls in, towards her back.


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?I turn 16 in July. I have most people coming in a hall, but I don't know what to do and I don't want it to be all dressy like MTV. I need ideas so my guests don't get bored.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?Okay you might think I am completely crazy for asking this so early. I turn 14 on November 16. I know that's about eight months away, but I need to know what I am going to do so I can make a budget and start saving my money (yes my mom will be paying for most of it, but I want to help out).


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Brand Name Ideas for Building and Interior Products?I am in plywood and related interior products business, Mangalam Timbers. I want to add "Mangalam ........" as the brand name. Please suggest to me what I can use in the blank area. Thanx.


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Name Ideas for Cleaning Business?I want to start my own house cleaning company need a name. My name is Lydia.


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Choosing a School Wardrobe?I'm going into eighth grade and for that year I want to actually look dressed fashionably and I want people to compliment what I'm wearing. What is a list of things I should have in my wardrobe?


Grayish dog lying down.

What Breed is My Dog?I have a dog that was out side in the -20s so I brought it in. Now he is better. He had long black curly hair but just got hair cut today. He is very light. I think he is a little smaller than a Chihuahua.


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SSI Benefits for a Child?My son's father died when I was pregnant and I have applied for SSI benefits twice and was denied. I am now waiting for a hearing. I am not able to obtain paternity because his family refuses to do a DNA test. What can I do to get my son approved to receive his father's benefits?


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Protein Foods for Chemotherapy Patient?I am looking for list of food combinations that provide 70 grams of protein daily. I'm undergoing chemotherapy and the clinic stresses getting enough protein every day during this period. I'd like to see an 'easy-reading' list of these foods.


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Keeping Garlic and Onion Salts and Powders from Caking?Anyone have a real solution for keeping garlic and onion salts and powders from caking beyond use right after opening? I am careful to tighten tops, and only buy the small bottles.


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Finding Free Tires?I need 500 tires, standard sizes. I will pick them up.


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English Muffin Bread Recipe?I'm looking for the English Muffin loaf bread recipe.


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Perfect Fit Model 149100-Q1 Warming Blanket Dual Controls?I have lost the controls (wires and all) for my Perfect Fit Model 149100-Q1 warming blanket. the tag on the blanket says "Use control model D-1 only." I have already tried eBay...nada. Any other suggestions?


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Starting and Naming a Nigerian Business?I want to start a popcorn, ice cream, milkshake, cakepops, candy floss, sobo drink, and hotdogs business here in Nigeria, and market it to schools. I also want to rent bouncy castles and mascots. I don't know what name to give it.


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Making Male Spool Dolls?Are there any patterns for making male spool dolls?


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Treating a Dog's Runny Eye?I need something for my dog's eyes. There is runny stuff like she has a cold or something. What can I do? I am disabled and can't afford a vet.


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