May 5, 2014

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Kitchen Cabinets

Glazing Kitchen Cabinets?This is a page about glazing kitchen cabinets. You may want to add glaze to your cabinets to give them an antique look.


newsletter graphic

Finding Printable Newsletter Templates?This is a page about finding printable newsletter templates. Locating the proper format for a newsletter can make it much easier to put together.


heart patches on jeans

Decorating ClothingThis is a page about decorating clothing. There are many fun ways to embellish clothes with beads, paint, glitter and fabric.


Hair Accessories

Making Your Own Hair AccessoriesThis is a page about making your own hair accessories. Homemade hair accessories such as bows, combs, and barrettes are fun to make and can be easily coordinated with your wardrobe.


Dog with Long Nails Getting them Trimmed

Helping a Dog with Long Nails?This is a page about helping a dog with long nails. Overly long nails on your pet can actually result in health issues, such as infection and an irregular gait.


Knifty Knitters

Stitching Together Panels Made on Knifty Knitter?This is a page about stitching together panels made on knifty knitter. Maintaining the proper tension is one thing to keep in mind when sewing knitted panels together.


Infant Cereal

Infant Cereal TipsThis is a page about infant cereal tips. One of baby's first solid foods is cereal.


High School Senior's Lounge

Decorating a High School Senior's Lounge?This is a page about decorating a high school senior's lounge. Some high schools provide their seniors with a lounge for studying and just hanging out.


Leather Sofa

Removing a Heat Mark from Leather Sofa?This is a page about removing a heat mark from leather sofa. A hot coffee cup or warm plate can leave unsightly marks on your leather furniture.


Woman making a recipe.

Copycat Joe's Crab Shack Crab Dip RecipesRecreating the exact recipe that you have enjoyed at a restaurant can be a challenge. Here are some versions of Joe's Crab Shack's delicious crab dip.


Faux Tin Kitchen Backsplash

Making a Faux Tin Kitchen BacksplashThis is a page about making a faux tin kitchen backsplash. If you like the look of metal for a backsplash, there are ways to make it appear similar to tin.


Woman with Baby in Stroller

Keeping a Baby Stroller CleanThis is a page about keeping a baby stroller clean. The very nature of its occupant and its frequent usage makes keeping a baby stroller clean a perpetual job.


White tank top with black trim.

Whitening Multi-Colored Clothing?This is a page about whitening multi-colored clothing. When clothing is more than one color it can be challenging to brighten the white.


Perfume as Air Freshener

Using Perfume as Air FreshenerThis is a page about using perfume as air freshener. In addition to using it to freshen ourselves, perfume can provide a delightful scent when used as an air freshener.


A truck towing a vintage popup camper.

Repairing a Popup CamperThis is a page about repairing a popup camper. In order to be able to use a compact camper trailer, it must be able to lift up easily, and keep the rain out.


Square Foot Gardening

The Basics of Square Foot GardeningThis is a page about the basics of square foot gardening. A method of gardening that is less time consuming, less physically demanding, and uses less space and water.


Plastic Tablecloth

Caring for Plastic TableclothsThis is a page about caring for plastic tablecloths. Some plastic tablecloths are intended for multiple uses, rather than being disposable. Proper care can keep them in good shape and extend their usefulness.


Red Bone Coon Hound

Red Bone Coon Hound Breed Information and...This is a page about Red Bone Coon Hound breed information and photos. The Red Bone Coon Hound is a hunting dog bred in the southern United States from dogs brought here from Scotland and Ireland.


Infant and Toddler Clothing

Selling Your Infant and Toddler ClothingThis is a page about selling your infant and toddler clothing. When your child has outgrown their clothes, you make want to sell them at a consignment shop or in a yard sale.



Scrambled Eggs in an Onion Ring

Scrambled Eggs in an Onion RingI saw a photo on Pinterest of sunnyside up eggs prepared in bell pepper slices. They looked delicious. I decided to try making a similar dish using red onion slices with scrambled eggs inside.


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Homemade MustardHomemade mustard is tangier than mustard that you buy in the store.



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Drywall Sandpaper for Cleaning Pool TilesGot heavy calcium build up on your pool tiles? Don't use dangerous chemicals to clean them with, instead, use a sheet of drywall sandpaper.


Reasons I Love You for Mother's Day

"Reasons I Love You" for Mother's DayI created this for my Mom for Mother's Day but I have also done for anniversaries and I even a friend or child's birthday! It is a personalized book dedicated to someone with REASONS you love them. For example, if it's Mom's 50th birthday, write down 50 reasons why you love her!


Duck Playpen

Duck PlaypenThis is Willie and Daffy's outdoor playpen. They can spend some time out here under supervision and get some nice sunshine.


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Cleaning Melted Plastic from a Glass CooktopWhen left with just the residue of plastic on the cooktop: turn burner to maximum for 10 minutes (exhaust on for fumes), until residue turns from black to charcoal grey. After cooktop cools, wipe with a dry cloth. The residue will be nothing, but ash.


Challenge Yourself to Save

Challenge Yourself to SaveLast Christmas, as part of my Christmas gift, my mom gave me the Money Challenge. The challenge is: Week 1 save $1 and put it away, Week 2 save $2 and put it away, etc through Week 52, save $52.


Blueberry Plant

Blueberry PlantI just relocated my blueberry plant to the backyard.


Four cushions or throw pillows. Three have VW microbus motif and one is blue plaid.

Camper Van CushionsHere are some cushion covers I made from 3 tea towels - ideal for our camper van.


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Evicting Carpenter Bees from your HomeThese bees had come back every year from about April to September. I had tried several things that didn't work. This is what has worked for me and has kept them away.


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Easily Opening Plastic BagsI lick my clean thumb and finger and twist it at the top of the bag to start it. I open the top of the bag then I put it back together holding the whole top together then slide my hand down pushing that little air bubble which has formed, this way it will open the bag all the way to the bottom.


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Converting a Baby Buggy Into a Pet BuggyOne possible idea is to remove all the fabric from an old twin baby buggy, except for the canopy. Leave that in place for rain protection. I'm considering attaching a 'hammock' of very strong material such as canvas, from the handle of the chassis to the metal bar at the footrest.


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Handprint Wall BorderMy DIL took some wide border paper, painted it white and put it just about the height of a chair rail around the room. She had the kids put the palms of their hand on shallow plates of paint in bright primary colors and put their hand prints on the border paper.



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Green Bell Pepper Turning Black at Tip?I have one very nice bell pepper about 5 inches long, and the very end or tip is turning black. Any idea why?


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Is the Hoya Plant Poisonous?Is the hoya plant and/or flowers poisonous?


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Other Uses for Ramen Seasoning Packets?What are some creative ways to use extra ramen seasoning packets?


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Removing Tree Sap from Exterior Wall?We have accidentally got banana tree sap on one of the outdoor walls can you please tell us how to remove it?


Black and white dog

What Breed is my Dog?My brother in law, gave us this pup named Shadow. I don't know what breed he is, and I just want all of your thoughts. Was told he is Great Dane and 6 months. Sadly, he is not 6 months. He was 2-3 months old, and the vet said he's not Great Dane.


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Cleaning Nicotine Off Walls?Is nicotine a grease?


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Home Decor Business Name Ideas?I am needing a catchy name for my home decorating business. I primary do handmade wreaths, garlands, swags and centerpieces, and arrgangments for door, doorways or for any area in the home.


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Dog Has Inconsistent Eating Habits?I have a three year old Boxer who has had health problems since she was born, such as allergies. She doesn't metabolize nutrients like she should, and she has had urinary incontinence since she was 4 months. Recently she stopped eating her food and only would get into the trash....


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Gnats in a Terrarium?I recently set up a terrarium and now have tiny gnats inside of it. I didn't dry out the bagged potting soil before using it, which I realize would have likely prevented this. What can I do now that the terrarium is all set up? I don't want to take it apart.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?I was adopted out when I was 2 years old. My biological mother was always a part of my life. I stayed with her in the hospital until she died.


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Ford F150 Heater/AC Only Blows Hot Air?Why does my 2003 F150 only blow hot air even when the a/c is on?


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 17th Birthday?I'm struggling with a big problem and I need help! That is, what to get for my boyfriend for his seventeenth birthday. He got me nail polish for my birthday and I use it always, but now it is his birthday coming up and I still don't know what to get him.


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Using Rustoleum Restore on Wood Decking?I am thinking about using Rustoleum's new product that says it is long lasting, slip resistant, sandy looking, but smooth to the feet. How good is this new product?


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