June 27, 2014

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Cactus in a pot.

Repotting a CactusThis is a page about repotting a cactus. Like any other houseplant cacti need the proper soil and pot to thrive. This means that you may need to repot them from time to time.


New Sod is Turning Brown

New Sod is Turning BrownThis is a page about new sod is turning brown. Sod is a popular and quick way to install a new lawn. However, proper care and conditions are needed for it to become established and thrive.


Fuse Box

Using Fuse BoxesThis is a page about using fuse boxes. Older homes that have not had the electrical system updated may still be using fuseboxes rather than circuit breakers.


Electrical Outlet

Adding More Electrical Outlets to an Old Fuse BoxThis is a page about adding more electrical outlets to an old fuse box. Older homes often do not have the number of electrical outlets we are currently accustomed to.


Nacho Cheese

Serving Nacho CheeseNachos and cheese are a favorite snack for home and local events. However, serving the soft cheese can be very messy. This is a page about serving nacho cheese.


Serving cold salads.

Keeping Food Cold OutdoorsThis is a page about keeping food cold outdoors. Barbecues and picnics require special attention to safely keep certain foods cold and others at the preferred serving temperature.


Copper Pitcher

Cleaning and Polishing CopperThis is a page about cleaning and polishing copper. Copper cookware and decorative items add beauty and functionality to your home and kitchen. Don't let the potential of tarnish discourage you.


A woman looking in her refrigerator at night.

Eating Before BedtimeThis is a page about eating before bedtime. There are many differing opinions on what to eat before bedtime or whether to eat at all.


gardening boots

Gardening Resolutions for the New YearThis is a page about gardening resolutions for the new year. The beginning of winter is a good time to start making plans for projects in your spring garden.


Limp Celery

Reviving Limp CeleryThis is a page about reviving limp celery. That once nice crunchy stalk of celery is now limp and unappealing. Luckily there are ways to revive it.


woman watering in her garden

Using Greywater in the GardenThis is a page about using greywater in the garden. Greywater is the domestic wastewater resulting from household water use. Some sources such as water from showers, sinks, or bathtubs is generally safe to use for garden irrigation.


Nice Countertops

Protecting Your CountertopsThis is a page about protecting countertops. Countertops, whether in the kitchen, bath, laundry room or elsewhere can be damaged by routine use.



Making Snow MuffinsThis is a page about making snow muffins. Snow blankets the ground outside, it's time to round up the kids and make a batch of snow muffins.


A dog sitting on a couch.

Reducing Pet Hair in Your HomeThis is a page about reducing pet hair in your home. While we all love our furry friends, their hair wafting throughout the house and on all of the furniture is a different story.


Copper Pots

Cleaning Copper Pots and PansThis is a page about cleaning copper pots and pans. Keeping those beautiful copper pots bright and shiny doesn't need to be hard.


Old Chest

Starting a Hope ChestThis is a page about starting a hope chest. Traditionally young girls began collecting items in their hope chest for their future wedding and married life. You can continue this practice and even update it to match contemporary practices.


Patio Umbrella

Refurbishing a Faded Patio UmbrellaSun and weather can fade the colors on your patio umbrella. You don't necessarily need to buy a new one, you may be able to refurbish the one you have. This is a page about refurbishing a faded patio umbrella.



Finding Patterns for Knitted Wash ClothsThis is a page about free patterns for knitted wash cloths. A simple project for a beginning knitter and easy to find directions.


Dog Crate

Using a Dog Crate as FurnitureThis is a page about using a dog crate as furniture. Dog crates can be bulky and take up much need space in small homes and apartments. Try using them as furniture in addition to a safe place for your pet.


Walnut Oil

Substitution for Walnut Oil in CookingThis is a page about replacement for walnut oil in cooking. Many of us don't keep walnut oil in the pantry. Finding a substitute for a recipe may be an option.


Recipe Cards

Using Recipe CardsThis is a page about using recipe cards. Many cooks still use recipe cards when preparing their favorite meals.


using a laptop

Using Translation WebsitesThis is a page about using translation websites. For certain situations using a translation website will help bridge the language gap between you and neighbors or coworkers. They can also meet your business requirements to expand your customer base and provide better service.



Boston Market Meatloaf RecipesThis page contains Boston Market meatloaf recipes. Preparing your favorite restaurant dish at home is easy once you find the best copycat recipe.


A toddler stirring food in a pot.

Keeping a Toddler Out of the PantryThis is a page about keeping a toddler out of the pantry. Once they begin to walk, toddlers set off on an adventure of exploration, getting into everything. Keeping them out of off limits areas can be a challenge.


A woman washing her hair.

Hair Washing Tips and TricksThis is a page about hair washing tips and tricks. Keeping your hair healthy and manageable begins with shampooing.


Slow Cooker

Converting Recipes for a Slow CookerThis is a page about converting recipes for a slow cooker. Traditional recipes can be easily converted to preparation in your slow cooker. This is a page about converting recipes for a slow cooker.


tomatoes growing

Growing Drought Tolerant VegetablesThis is a page about growing drought tolerant vegetables. When you live where your soil tends to be dry, you want to find vegetables that will produce the best.


korma paneer

Paneer (Indian Cheese) RecipesThis page contains paneer (Indian cheese) recipes. Paneer is a soft homemade cheese that is found in many Indian cuisine recipes.



homemade boogie wipes

Homemade Boogie WipesThe little packages of boogie wipes are nice, but expensive for what you get, they are also too large in my opinion. I decided to make my own out of diaper wipes.



bundled up kitten

What Does Distemper in a Kitten Look Like?We found a kitten out in our yard; its eyes are goopy and stuck together. Also it sounds like it has wetness in its chest. Could it be distemper?


reddish leaves on catnip plant

Tips of Catnip Plant Turning RedI have a catnip plant and the tips of the branches have turned red. I know plants turn red sometimes because of a lack of nutrients or sunburning. But could it just be because of too much fertilizer or compost?


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Value of Encyclopedia BritannicaI have a whole set made in 1906.


mower lying down

Value and Information on a Turfmaster Reel MowerI am trying to figure out the age and value of my Turfmaster reel mower.


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Raymond Waites Wallpaper BorderI am looking for Raymond Waites wallpaper border GF071133D. I need 1 or 2 rolls.


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Age of Emancipation for MinorsWhat is the legal age of boys that parents aren't responsible for them?


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Childcare Business Name IdeasI am in the process of opening up a family child daycare in my home with my 14yr old daughter. We have been brain storming for a name. Do you guys have any suggestions?


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