February 12, 2015

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Decorations at an Outdoor Wedding

Decorating for an Outdoor WeddingThis is a page about decorating for an outdoor wedding. When planning an outdoor wedding, the flora and fauna can add a lot to your decor. Finding the best additional, weatherproof decorations can be challenging.


porcelain pedestal sink

Repairing a Porcelain SinkThis is a page about repairing a porcelain sink. As rugged as they are, new or vintage porcelain fixtures have a delicate surface that can be scratched or damaged by a falling kitchen or bathroom objects.


pink satin sleep mask

Homemade Sleeping MaskThis is a page about homemade sleeping mask. When you need to sleep during the daytime, wearing a comfortable mask can help block the light.


Beading on Elastic Cord

Beading Tips and TricksThis is a page about beading tips and tricks. Whether using large or small beads, there are ways to make it easier to complete your projects.


Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

Marshmallow Frosting RecipesThis page contains marshmallow frosting recipes. The thick, sticky texture of marshmallow can help make a firm, stable frosting.


Plug Outlet

Getting Plugs to Stay in Outlets?This is a page about getting plugs to stay in outlets. It can be very frustrating when an electrical outlet no longer keeps your power cord plugged in.


Planting A Row For The Hungry

Plant A Row For The HungryThis is a page about plant a row for the hungry. When planning your garden, there are ways to grow extra food for others who are less fortunate.


Woman with lots of painting options

Wall Painting IdeasThis is a page about wall painting ideas. There are ways to embellish your interior painting that can be a unique expression of you.


Sewing Machine

Adjusting the Timing on Sewing MachineThis is a page about adjusting the timing on sewing machine. Problems with what seems like timing on your sewing machine, can be caused by a variety of things.


Cat Getting in Washer

Unsafe Household Locations for PetsThis is a page about unsafe household locations for pets. Making sure your pets do not have access to appliances and other places there is potential for them to be hurt, is important to keep them healthy.



14 Bean Stew

14 Bean StewThis is a hearty from-scratch stew. The perfect way to warm up on a cold fall or winter day. Many stores carry a 14 bean blend in their bulk foods section but you can also create your own using whatever dry beans you have on hand.


Twice-Baked Squash

Twice-Baked SquashA great use for any kind of winter squash.



A longhaired chihuahua outside with leaves on the ground.

Carlos (Longhaired Chihuahua)I got him when he was 6 months old.


fleece hand warmer

Fleece Hand WarmersThese fleece hand warmers are sure to warm your loved one's heart and their hands!


Finished pink crochted flower.

Romantic Crocheted FlowerThis is a very quick flower to make! It is feminine and wavy, and would look great on a headband or attached to any project; hats, purses, etc.


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Shop First at Dollar StoresBefore you set out to do your shopping, stop at your local Dollar Store. I have had to become very frugal, due to sudden changes in my life.



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Curtain Color Advice?We just moved into our new home and it is a rental so we can not change the color. All of the walls in the living room, kitchen, bed rooms, and bath rooms are a goldish yellow. I hate that they are all the same! I was needing some help with curtain/decorating color ideas.


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Removing Gasoline from Diving Gear?I had a petrol spill on a diving buoyancy compensation device. How do I get rid of the petrol contamination on my diving equipment?


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Dog Tearing Holes in Comforter?How do I break my 6 year dog, that I just adopted 5 months ago, from tearing holes in comforters. I have tried time out, making her wear the blanket around her neck because the hole fit over her head for 20 minutes, and not allowing her on the bed.


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Setting Rates for a Commercial Cleaning Business?How can I get a list of prices that other janitorial businesses charge in Fort Worth Texas, so I can place a fair bid?


black and brown puppy on painted cement floor

What Breed Is My Dog?He is five months old. I was told by the shelter that he was a Rottweiler mix, but he was a stray. His tail is really short so I'm guessing whoever had him first docked it.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?I got the benefits from my late husband transferred from me to my son. He is now 17 years old and still is in the 10th grade at high school. He will not finish high school until he is 19. Does he get the benefits until he is finished high school?


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Weaning 5 Week Old Puppies?Our litter of 5 week old Labradors is on ground puppy food and puppy milk at the moment which they enjoy. Every time we try to soak the food in water as the puppy food comes they reject it, are we too early? They only have 3 weeks to go before they leave for there new owners.


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Finding Someone to Finish Your Quilt Top?I have cross stitched quilt squares, but need someone to quilt them for me.


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Cleaning Microfiber Furniture?How do I remove white spots from microfiber chairs?


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Child Support and Income Changes?If the father had a large change in income from 76,000 to 101,000 and did not tell the mother, however his income has dropped back to 85,000 per year now, how does that work? Shouldn't he have been obligated to report such a significant change?


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Removing Painted Designs from Glass Light Shade?I have glass globes for my ceiling fan that have ducks painted on them. I like the globes, just not the ducks. I tried razor blades and polish remover and don't want to scratch the glass. What should I try?


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Value of Emmaline Doll?I have a doll in the box, #187/2500. She has short blonde hair and a mint green dress with a big bonnet. She is in the box and her hands are still wrapped. What is it worth?


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Dye Transferred in the Wash?A few of my husband's tall white socks and white under tees were accidentally mixed in with a load of denim. This load contained at least 4 pairs of new dark-wash jeans. He is embarrassed at work for people to see them. They are brand new, so I cannot just trash them.


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Treating an Open Sore on a Cat?One of my senior cats had pulled a patch of his hair out, between his shoulder blades, and now it's taken forever to heal. I had put a mix of an ant-itch cream and antibiotic cream on it, but he is able to reach it by licking it off. Any help or suggestions?


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Gluing Glass to Terracotta?I want to glue large pieces such as terracotta vases to glass plates that will withstand being outdoors. What is the best glue for this purpose?


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Other Uses for Laundry Detergent?I have some old packages of Oxydol. I don't need them to go to hazard waste, but just to garbage; before that, I thought maybe there still might be some way to salvage them without polluting the environment.Any use in gardens? Bug deterrent when diluted in water? Etc.?


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Birthday Gift for My Boyfriend?I really need your help. I'm studying in China and my boyfrnd is in India. We have been in love for the last year and 2 months. His birthday is on February 20th. I have no idea what I should give him. Last year I gifted a shirt for him with the help of one of his best friends.


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Curtain Colour Advice?What colour curtains would look good on a yellow/beige wall with a slate gray couch?


sleeping white puppy with red collar

What Breed Is My Dog?Can you please tell me about my dog's breed?


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Replacing Dentures with Implants?I had a complete upper and lower set of dentures made about two years ago and I hate them. I have yet to eat a meal with them in my mouth and I struggle constantly with upper denture reflux; I gag all the time. They feel extremely unnatural and I cannot wear them for more than an hour or so at a time.


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Breeding Finches?My male finch died and I am getting another for my female so she will not be lonely. They had a nest already built. Will the new male use it or do I need to replace it? I'm hoping to breed them too.


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POA Rights and Responsibilities?My friend's daughter has the POA for her. However, the daughter just recently went to the bank where the account was and moved the money out of my friend's account and started a new account in her name. Is that legal?


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 17 soon and don't really know what to have at the party. Most of my friends get bored easily.


white dog with tan ears

What Breed Is My Dog?This little guy is great! He looks and acts like either a Jack Russell Terrier or a Smooth Fox Terrier, but he's 25 pounds. I would like to have input regarding what else might be in there?


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Sewing Machine Only Runs Fast?My Singer 237 runs "fast" only. What is the least costly, but effective, way to solve this problem? It works fine other than the non variable speed. The power cord looks to be plugged in to the machine, but cannot be pulled out.


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Using Yogurt to Grow Moss on Terra Cotta Pots?I loved all of your suggestions on how to age my terra cotta pots for my new herb garden! I did the one using lime and had great results, then tried the yogurt/moss technique and followed the instructions exactly. It's been four days now, and instead of moss, all that seems to be growing is black fuzzy mold.


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Bedroom Paint Color Advice?My carpet is green, my curtains are blue and cream seashells and the bedspread is cream. What color should my walls be?


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Raymond Waites Border #BC1582985?I am looking for Raymond Waites border #BC1582985. I need 7 or 8 rolls.


drawing of room

Furnishing a Room With Lots of Windows?We just bought a house and there is a big family room (26x19). The room opens up with French doors, on your left hand side there is a door for a small closet, behind that closet there is a bathroom. On the right hand side, at the corner, there are two floor to ceiling shelves.


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Name Ideas for Interior Design Business?Please suggest names for a home design company.


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Repairing a Hole in a Shower?What do I need to fix a chair leg size hole in my shower? It also has cracks. What type material do I need to fix the problem?


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