September 29, 2015

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ice cream with chocolate shell topping

Homemade "Magic Shell"This page contains homemade "Magic Shell" recipes. Make your own magic ice cream shell coating at home.


donate sign

Donating Household Items to CharityThis is a page about donating household items to charity. Donating household items that you no longer need is a wonderful way to help others.


blue and white budgie

Budgie Keeps Laying Eggs?This is a page about what to do when a budgie keeps laying eggs. Bird owners are sometimes concerned when their pet is constantly laying eggs.


box of organic red potatoes

Recipes Using Red PotatoesThe firm texture of this potato variety makes it a favorite for many cooks. This page contains recipes using red potatoes.


A picture of a pair of shoes being wrapped, since the shoes have not arrived yet.

Wrapping a Gift That Hasn't ArrivedThis is a page about wrapping a gift that hasn't arrived. Even if your gift hasn't arrived on time you can still let the recipient know what is on the way.


cube steak with mac and cheese and a side salad

Recipes Using Cube SteakThere are so many ways to cook this inexpensive steak. This page contains recipes using cube steak.


rump steak with yellow plum sauce

Cooking Steak Tips and TricksThere is almost an art to cooking a perfect steak. This is a page about cooking steak tips and tricks.



A child's white handprint on black paper.

Mini Handprint CanvasI made this mini handprint canvas for my son's "auntie" for Christmas last year. I painted the entire canvas with various shades of purple paint. Once the paint was dry I painted my son's hand with white paint and made the handprint. After his handprint had dried, I added some glitter paint to the handprint.


heart design

Notan (Japanese Paper Cutting)Notan is a Japanese design concept involving positive and negative space. I kept coming across this type of project while looking for projects to do at my daughter's school. I can see why it's so popular. It's suitable for most ages. Plus, it's simple. The possibilities are endless with this project.


Photo of two Pomeranians in a frame saying "This house would not be complete without the pitter patter of Pomeranian feet."

Shu Shu and Lucy (Pomeranians)Shu Shu was gifted to me by my sister and Lucy was gifted to me by a complete stranger on Facebook.


veggies from garden and fall wreath

Our Garden's Bounty 2015We tried lots of new veggies in the garden this year including spaghetti squash. Yum! Great year for apples too. Wishing you all a wonderful autumn!


finished letters

Decorative Decoupaged LettersThis project was done for the wonderful librarian at my daughter's school. It is pretty easy and inexpensive. The kids thought it was cool! You could use this technique to spell out anything, using any type of paper, book pages, comic books, etc. It's a versatile project.


Pom Pom Plant Candy Dish

Pom Pom Plant Candy DishThis adorable faux plant is perfect for hiding your secret stash of candy!


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Keep Your Pumpkin from SpoilingIt is Jack-o-Lantern time! I always wait until the last minute to carve my pumpkin because it seems like it starts to rot the next day. I saw a special on TV where they immerse the cut pumpkin in a solution of water and bleach.


gray and white cat

Little Orphan Annie (Domestic Short Hair)I found her on my doorstep, pregnant and scared. She likes to stay as close to me as possible! I love her!


puppy lying down

Sasha (German Shepherd)I bred and kept her. She's beautiful and also the only survivor of a litter of 8 who all passed from a deadly virus. She's our miracle pup.


A birthday banner with balloons and streamers.

Birthday Balloon and Streamer CurtainI decided to surprise my son on his birthday by hanging this curtain of balloons and streamers from his doorframe. I just used to tape to hang the balloons from curling ribbon and strips of paper streamers. When he opened his door in the morning he got a face full of "birthday cheer"!


A pair of yellow boots on the ground.

Product Review: Sloggers BootsI recently purchased these awesome boots. They are super flexible, unlike many other rubber boots that are stiff and hard to work in. They have a fabric-covered edge at the top, which makes them comfortable to wear with shorts and they are wide enough to easily stuff your pant legs into when necessary.


closeup of card

Seed Friendship CardI thought this would be a unique way to make someone feel special. With a paper bag and seeds from the dollar store, you can make one too.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Privacy Screen from Clothes RailIf you need to section off part of a room but can't find a suitable screen, buy a clothes rail and add curtains. You can even use tab top ones to minimise labour.


long hair miniature Dachshund

Princess Sophie (Miniature Dachshund)My best friend's family gave her to me as a birthday gift 8-11-15. I moved out to Illinois to live with them all by myself with no family and they thought she would help me with my depression, and she does. She's my world.


light orange tabby sleeping

Baby Garfield (Tabby)I got him a week ago online. Likes to play with its toys and cuddle.


Remembering Granny Rollins

Remembering Granny RollinsWhere does frugality end and parsimoniousness or down right stinginess, begin? That may depend on who's giving the answer and what hardships and meager times they've endured in their own lives.


finished dish

Chicken Vegetable Fried RiceThis is a quick and easy way to make chicken fried rice with vegetables right at home. This dish can be made with shrimp, pork or beef also.


Indoor Snowball Fight Kit

Indoor Snowball Fight KitDo you live in a place that rarely gets snow or just want to bring the fun of a snowball fight inside? These pom pom snowballs are easy to make and so much fun to play with!


Hardy wearing a coat

Hardy (Staffordshire/Basset...Hardy was on the last day at a high killer shelter in Alabama. With help from great people who helped us with tranport, we were able to bring him into our rescue. We are sure he had been used as a bait dog for fighters. He had the most amazing ways of saying thank you and his gift is that he holds no grudges.


hanging tote

No Sew T-shirt ToteIf you would like to make a tote bag with materials you already have and virtually no crafting skills, then look no further! This project is easy, fun, quick, and useful. On top of all that, when you use these stylish bags at the store instead of paper or plastic you are going green.


Recycled Tire Desert Garden

Recycled Tire Desert GardenMy dog Bashful and I took a little El Paso hike and found/adopted a tire for my cactus. It was a fun recycle art/craft project/activity. Using one less tire dumped in nature we turned it into something cute for the garden. At least we think so!


upside down cat

Bunny Baby (Bob Tail Tabby)I got her when she was seven weeks old, along with her sister. She is like a little goat and boings around the house. She also parkours off of furniture. It's so cute.


bags of frozen cat kibbles

Freeze Extra Dry Cat FoodI have two kitties on prescription food. It is rather expensive, but there is a noticeable break if you buy the larger bag, 17 lbs. However, my discriminating cats don't eat stale food as reliably as when it is fresh. I bag up the excess and freeze it for future use.



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Dealing With a Verbally Abusive Husband?Literally minute to minute my future ex texts me: drop dead b****, two minutes later: I miss you so much, I love you.... What is up with this?


brown and white Pit puppy

Training a Pit Bull Puppy Not to Bite?I have this baby Pit Bull. He is about 8 months old now. He is snapping and biting, but only at kids. He use to never do that to the kids as a baby. We have been putting him outside on the chain or in the room when he does and/or spanking him.


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Mower Turning Over But Not Starting?I changed the oil filter, added new oil, new carburator, new spark plug, new fuel filter, new battery, new air filter, and new gas, but it still will not start. The flywheel is turning over, the muffler puffs occasionally when I choke, but nothing happens. I am stumped.


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Understanding Pet Bird Kissing Like Behavior?My birds sit facing each other and put their beaks together and make lots of noises. Are they being affectionate or are they being overly aggressive? I don't know if I should enjoy this behavior or be concerned about them being in the same cage together.


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Websites Offering Backstage Passes?How do I get backstage passes to meet and greet Taylor Swift? A lot of people have recommended, Is this site the only way to get backstage as I've heard?


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Female Cats Not Peeing in Litter Box Since New Kitten?We have two female cats ages, 3.5 years and 15 years. We introduced a male kitten in the last 6 weeks. He has been 95% great about potty training. We have now noticed that our two female cats are pointedly going pee outside when they have supervised time in our back yard. Is this a sign of stress?


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Spaghetti and Meat Sauce for 120 People?I'm preparing to make spaghetti for 120 people. I need to know how many pounds of hamburger meat to use. I'm not making meatballs; I want it as a meat in my sauce.


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Replacement Rubber Gasket for a Glass Jar?I am trying to figure out the proper size replacement rubber seal for a 1/4L jar? I just bought a used jar and the rubber seal is basically dried out.


puppy on quilt

What Breed Is My Puppy?I just adopted this puppy from a rescue a couple weeks ago. Within the past week she's changed a lot and aggression has been showing a lot. Knowing what kind of breed she is might help us on how to train her.


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Determining a Cleaning Fee?What should I charge to clean a 4 bedroom move out?


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Service Dog Assistance for Low Income Person?Where in the San Fernando Valley, California can I get free vet, grooming, and food for a dog? I will be going to get a rescue dog to be my service dog. I am very low income and handicapped and need this dog for my health, but have no money for vets, food, etc. that my dog will need.


Value of Vintage Reference Books

Value of Vintage Reference Books?I will say it's an encyclopedia, but it's from 1915, leather bound, and practically in pristine condition. It's a full 10 book set plus loose leaf extension book. It's the Home And School Reference Work, A Library of Practical, Authoritative Information drawn from every dept. of human knowledge.


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