June 24, 2016

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Young thoughtful girl resting with chin in hand amongst moving boxes

Helping Kids Make Friends After a Move?This is a page about helping kids make friends after a move. Moving can be difficult for adults and kids alike. Once you are settled, helping your kids meet new kids and make friends is an important activity.


Grandmother and Granddaughter holding pink wrapped present

Gift Ideas for GrandchildrenThis is a page about gift ideas for grandchildren. Deciding on gifts for your grandchildren can provide you with a unique opportunity to break away from the typical gifts already given by their parents.


Four adults in santa hats laughing and exchanging brightly colored gifts

What is a White Elephant Gift Exchange?This is a page about "What is a white elephant gift exchange?". This fun, popular gift exchange is somewhat of a party game.


Young woman with older man

My Teen Daughter is Dating an Older GuyThis is a page about my teen daughter is dating an older guy. Parents tend to become worried when their teenaged daughters start dating an older boy or young man.


Yellow Knifty Knitter Loom with partial weaving made with grey yarn

Making a Scarf with a Knifty KnitterThis is a page about making a scarf with a Knifty Knitter. Choosing the best loom and having clear instructions is important for making a scarf on your loom, especially if you are a novice loom knitter.


Crocheted hippo baby hat next two three colors of yarn and a crochet hook

Understanding Crochet Patterns and...Knowing how to read a crochet pattern and the meanings of the abbreviations will help make your project move along faster and easier. This is a page about understanding crochet patterns and abbreviations.


Liquid foundation bottle laying on side, with foundation spilled on white surface

Cleaning Makeup Stains from ClothingThis is a page about cleaning makeup stains from clothing. Makeup stains on clothing can be stubborn ones to remove.


Two female friends looking at cell phones together.

Friend Matching Websites?This is a page about friend matching websites. There are social websites where you can expand your friendship network by meeting people with similar interests.


Green Knifty Knitter Circle Loom

Removing a Scarf From a Knifty KnitterThis is a page about removing a scarf from a Knifty Knitter. Once you have completed knitting your scarf, knowing the best way to remove it from your loom is important.


Child Looking out Window in a room with vinyl flooring

Cleaning a No Wax Floor?This is a page about cleaning no wax floors. Cleaning no wax floors is typically an easy task. You just need to identify the best method and products to use.


closeup of course

Horse PhotosThis is a page about horse photos. Horses are such beautiful animals they are a frequent subject of photos.


Orange tabby scratching at fleas inside of house

My Home is Infested With FleasThis is a page about my home is infested with fleas. Even if you do not personally have pets, your home can still become infested with fleas that you need to get rid of.


Extended family having Christmas dinner

Asking Family to Not Exchange Gifts?This is a page about asking family to not exchange gifts. Gift giving for Christmas and other occasions can become quite expensive, especially in large families. There are other options.


Woman hands folding paper surrounded by various craft supplies

Gift Ideas for Crafty FriendsThis is a page about gift ideas for crafty friends. If you have friends that craft, a gift that reflects their interests will likely be most appreciated.


Unorganized stack of manuals

Storing Manuals and ReceiptsThis is a page about storing manuals and receipts. Storing large and small appliance and electronics manuals as well as receipts for other valuable purchases is a good idea.


Lawyer and client in court

Finding a Pro Bono Attorney?This is a page about finding a pro bono attorney. Some law firms allocate some time to taking on cases pro bono. Finding an attorney that will handle your case free of charge is worth the search.


Gallon paint cans with several different colors and had holding paint color sample strips

Kitchen Paint Color Advice for Dark Green...This is a page about kitchen paint color advice for dark green counter tops. Choosing a paint color to complement dark green kitchen counter tops can be difficult.


gray and white Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie PhotosThis is a page about Bearded Collie photos. This intelligent, loving family pet began its relationship with people predominately as a herding dog for Scottish shepherds.


Basket of crab apples next to three jars of crab apple jelly and loose crab apples.

Crab Apple Jelly RecipeThis is a page about crab apple jelly recipe. Those cute little crabapples are not just ornamental. You can make a delicious jelly from them.


A pair of diamond stud earrings isolated against a white background

Cleaning Diamond Earrings?This is a page about cleaning diamond earrings. Keeping your diamond earrings brilliant and sparkly can be done at home.


Close up of hand wiping the floor with bottle cleaner in the background

Cleaning the Floor by HandThis is a page about cleaning the floor by hand. Sometimes it is more practical and effective to clean your floor by hand.


Gift Basket in cellophane against a blue background

Making Filler for Gift BasketsThis is a page about making filler for gift baskets. Rather than buying filler for your homemade gift baskets you can use materials that you already have.


Garden Center with plants clearly labelled

Buy Named Plant VarietiesThere are some good reasons to purchase plants where the variety is clearly defined. This is a page about buying named plant varieties. Knowing the variety lets you research growing habits and care requirements, among other things.


Three blank VHS tapes stacked against a white surface

Caring for VHS TapesThis is a page about caring for VHS tapes. Although this is an older form of media storage, some of us still have and use VHS tapes. Proper care can extend their usefulness.


Various face powders and foundations with brushes displayed on grey surface

What Happened to Corn Silk Makeup?This is a page about "What happened to Corn Silk makeup?". Popular several years ago, Corn Silk makeup had a following that tried to keep up with the status of its availability as ownership changed.


Close up image of crochet

Crocheting With One Hand?This is a page about crocheting with one hand. Crocheting with only one hand can be a real challenge, but it is potentially possible.


Blue painted bird bath in grass

Painting a Bird Bath?This is a page about painting a bird bath. You may be able to give a lift to an old birdbath by painting it. Paint choice and application are your major considerations.


Green Knifty Knitter Circle Loom

Trouble Using Knifty KnitterThis is a page about trouble using a Knifty Knitter. Like any new craft, learning to use a knitting loom can take time and trial and error until you have mastered it.



beautiful orange daylily

Orange DaylilyI got a pack of "mystery seeds" a few years back. Imagine my delight when I saw these magnificent flowers bloom. These flowers come back every year. I hope you think they are as beautiful as I do.


adding marbles to bottle of wine

Preserving Wine with MarblesA bottle of wine goes very slowly in my house as I generally only use it for cooking. In order to keep the wine fresh, I gently fill the opened bottle with sterilized marbles to keep the wine level as close to the cork as possible. The marbles take the space of the air that would be in the bottle, ensuring freshness.



green and white leaves

What Is This Houseplant?I just got this little plant. I do not know the name or how to care for it. Could someone please help me to identity and grow this beauty?


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Imperial Wallpaper Border VC3001B?Could anyone help me with finding this border, it is a Victorian style with cupids and roses, I need one roll.


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Sewer Repair Help for Low Income Homeowner?How can a disabled low income senior get help putting in a new sewer line? I live in Ruidoso, New Mexico.


white puppy with dark spots

Pit Bull Puppy Markings?My baby Pit Bull that I got yesterday is white with little black spots. I fell in love with her even over her blue fawn sis. My question is what does it mean? Is it poor skin pigment or is she just a weirdo?


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?Can my son claim anything if his dad has died? He's 16 and in full time education, but didn't live with him?


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is coming up in a month or so (August 8th) and I can't decide if I want to have a party or not, and if so what kind. I like video games and youtube and stuff, kind of nerdy. I don't want anything really girly, and I know I don't want it to be huge, maybe just a few of my close friends.


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