July 31, 2016

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Plugged in air freshener

Can You Refill Plug-in Air Fresheners?This is a page about can you refill plug-in air fresheners?. You may be able to refill plug-in fresheners with your favorite scents.


Safety pin bracelet being worn on wrist.

Making a Safety Pin BraceletThis is a page about safety pin bracelet. Starting with just safety pins and a variety of beads, you can create a unique bracelet.


Silver bangle bracelet against white background

Cleaning a Silver BraceletThis is a page about cleaning a silver bracelet. Polish your silver jewelry to keep it beautiful and free of tarnish.


Cat climbing post next to wood

Cat Scratching WoodworkThis is a page about cat scratching woodwork. When cats scratch where you don't want them to, you need to encourage them to use something more appropriate.


Uplit bat flying in the night

Bat RepellentsThis is a page about bat repellents. Although these mammals eat lots of insect pests, they can be a nuisance in your outdoor living space.


Fall Leaves on lawn being raked into a pile

Fall Lawn CareThis is a page about fall lawn care. For a healthy lawn next spring there are some things you can do in the fall to get a head start.


Farmer wearing dirty overalls

Washing Bib OverallsThis is a page about washing bib overalls without straps tangling. These work clothes have buckles that can get tangled in the laundry.



Fresh Fruit Infused Water

Fresh Fruit Infused WaterEveryone needs to stay hydrated. There is no better way than good old water. Well if you are like me, you don't like plain old water. I made my own fresh fruit infused water that I like better.


finished deterrent

Keep Critters Out of BirdfeederThe circular hardware shown is actually made to support tall plants growing upright. I got it free at a garage sale and my husband used small chains with eyelet hooks to hang in it two places below on our birdfeeder.


rosemary branches

Natural Rosemary Breath FreshenersAfter stripping rosemary leaves off their branches (which is actually part of the mint family) cut small branch pieces to use as free and easy breath fresheners!


wrapping a rubber band around hanger

Prevent Clothes Slipping off HangersIt's a nuisance when your clothes slip off your hangers and you find them crumpled on the floor of your wardrobe.


Dad's Lilies

Dad's LiliesI planted these lilies next to my porch in memory of my dad, who passed away at 90+ years old.


portrait mode

Sedona Menona (Chihuahua)Sedona was prescribed for me by my doctor for emotional support. She found me at a local rescue and has been the reason the sun shines for me ever since.


beautiful closeup of a dragonfly

Resting DragonflyThis interesting dragonfly was flying around my flowerbeds before landing and inviting me closer. The insect stayed still long enough for me to take many photos. I love the contrast between the green eyes and clear wings.


Colored Pipecleaner Sun Catcher Craft

Pipe Cleaner Craft for KidsI found a stash of sparkly multi-colored pipecleaners, which the kids had tired of using for crafts. I made a pretty hanging sun catcher with them, and liked them so much that I made another one for my room. I did them in Christmas colors of red, green silver and gold.


three plaited bracelets

Plaited BraceletSometimes the simplest ideas are the best and these plaited bracelets are no exception. Not only are they quick and easy to make, but the design possibilities are infinite.


Bear with mouth open and full toothy grin

Bear (Pomeranian Mix)Bear was given to me by a friend who had a litter of puppies and was taking them to a pound. Exactly 10 months ago I fell in love my little guy.


Natural Air Freshener - close up of jar

Natural Air FreshenerIf like me you are a bit dubious about what is contained in manufactured air fresheners and whether or not it is good for you to be breathing that stuff into your lungs, then you might be wanting to have more natural scents around your home.



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Getting Rid of Invisible Biting Bugs?My mom has been experiencing a sensation of bugs crawling and jumping on her skin. She thinks it's fleas. We tried bombing and got the house fumigated 3 times. We moved, but the pest still linger. She can't see them, but there are tiny black specs everywhere when she vacuums.


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Hoover Carpet Shampooer Dumping Water?When I turn on my Hoover Max Extract 60 shampooer, it starts dumping water out of the bottom of the vacuum, it dumps the whole clean water in about a minute.


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Singer Futura CE 250 Foot Control Not Working?I have a Singer Futura CE 250. My foot control isn't working. I've bought a new foot control and it still doesn't move the needle or even throw up an error code. What could be wrong and how do I fix it?


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ASPCA Vaccination Truck Schedule?When will the truck come to Ridgewood, Queens Petland for vaccines only?


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Puppy Afraid to Go Outside?I have a 5 month old German Shepherd who all of a sudden is afraid to go outside during the day, but will go out in the dark. I have tried everything and now she hides when people come over as well.


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Identifying Tiny Black Bugs?I am trying to identify a bug. It is pure black, a little bigger than a straight pin head, non biting, and loves window light facing north. They are always crawling, but if disturbed fly and try to hide in the curtains. They disappear when the sun goes down.


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Dried Clothes Smell?This sounds a little weird, but every time I do my laundry, afterwards they end up smelling bad. The weird part is that I know what I smell like after I've been sweating. When I take them out of the washer, they seem to smell clean and fine. It's when I take them out of the dryer that I notice the smell.


side view

Value of an Antique Yard Roller?My husband and I found this antique motorized push yard roller when we bought our house. Still works, but we have no use for it. Would like to make some money off it if possible, but not sure what amount to ask.


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Murray Lawn Tractor Won't Start?I just replaced the starter and solenoid. I also put a new stack pulley assembly on, put all the belts on and started it a couple of times. Now all I here is nothing when I turn the key. I replaced the key switch and the battery. Any suggestions?


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Making Homemade Vegetable Soup?Can you use mixed canned vegetables in pressure canning homemade vegetable soup?


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Remedy for Worms in Pets?Does anyone know a home remedy for worms in cats/dogs?


black and white dog in wading pool

Is My Pit Bull Flood Blooded?What type of Pit Bull is he or is he a full Pit Bull?


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Washer Not Working After Using Water and Fabric Softener Together?I have front load washer. My daughter and niece tried to help with laundry which I couldn't be mad about, however we have to use water softener here. They accidentally mixed water softener with fabric softener and it created a nasty mixture of goo. Now the washer won't do anything.


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Transplanting a Small Mimosa Tree?I have tiny mamosa tree up against my house. I want to transplant it to another location. How do I go about doing that?


tan dog lying down

What Is My Min Pin Mixed With?Archer is about 4 years old now. We got him as a puppy from the humane society. He looks like a typical Min Pin, but weighs about 23lbs.


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Daycare Name Ideas?I'm in the process of opening my family daycare and need a daycare name that will attract potential parents. I was leaning towards the name that my grandchildren call me. (NiNi)


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Who Makes Winn Dixie Store Brand Bread?What bakery makes the bread for Winn Dixie?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is November 1 and I'm turning 14. I'm not sure if my party is going to be in October or November yet, but I have no idea what to do for a theme or have any ideas of what to do in general for my party. It's going to be a boy/girl party.


Removing Plaster from Cast Tape from Clothing

Removing Plaster from Cast Tape from Clothing?How do I remove plaster from plaster cast tape from clothing? My Mum broke her elbow and while having the plaster cast put on she got the plaster on her clothing.


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Tomato Plants Stopped Blooming?I have tomatoes on my 6 plants. I have picked about 12 and they taste great. I have lots of tomatoes on the plants, but I noticed there are no flowers on the plants now.


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Plumbing Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?I am a 64 year old senior on disability who needs help. I have a water leak in kitchen that has caused mold under my sink. This has caused the floor to rot. I am on a fixed income. Are there any government programs available for me? This mold is making me sick!


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Slow Cooker Recipes with Barley?I love barley in stews, etc. and I have just bought a slow cooker. Does anyone have any recipes, with barley as a main ingredient, for use in a slow cooker?


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