August 8, 2016

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Chicken in tomato plants

Animals Eating My Tomato PlantsThis is a page about animals eating my tomato plants. To stop the garden feasting, you will first want to identify the culprit.


Suede work boot on white background

Cleaning Gas Odors on Suede BootsThis is a page about cleaning gas odors on suede boots. The smell of gasoline can be tricky to remove from suede boots, but it is doable.


Can full of compostables labelled "For Composting"

Composting Cat LitterThis is a page about composting cat litter. Despite controversy some cat owners choose to compost their pets' used litter.


Camel colored suede jacket with fringe

Cleaning a Suede JacketThis is a page about cleaning a suede jacket. Because of its nap, suede jackets should be cleaned following the best process for this type of leather.


Monkey Grass (Liriope) plant

Getting Rid of Monkey GrassThis is a page about getting rid of monkey grass. Monkey grass is a common name for liriope a grass like plant native to parts of Asia. The spreading type of this plant can become invasive and is difficult to get rid of.


Tall women's black suede boot

Cleaning Dust from Suede Shoes?This is a page about cleaning dust from suede shoes. The nap on suede shoes can make them a bit harder to clean then smooth leather.


Group of girls in sleeping bags in a circle with heads together

Sleepover IdeasThis is a page about sleepover ideas. Planning a fun successful sleepover party just needs a bit of creativity and an understanding of the activities the guests enjoy.


Pair of men's suede boots in hall

Cleaning Grease Stains on SuedeThis is a page about cleaning grease stains on suede. To remove grease stains on suede you will first want to use a product to absorb the oil from the suede.


Patchy Bermuda grass

Getting Rid of Bermuda GrassThis is a page about getting rid of bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is a popular choice for lawns in hot areas. Because it is very a very durable grass type it is very difficult to get rid of.


Single black women's suede boot

Cleaning Rain Stains on Suede Shoes?This is a page about cleaning rain stains on suede shoes. Because suede is very absorbent shoes made of suede can become spotted if you get caught in the rain. By following a few simple steps you can remove the water spots from your shoes.


Bird Cage Night Light

Craft Uses for a Bird CageThis is a page about craft uses for a bird cage. Bird cages can often be found at thrift stores and yard sales. If you are lucky enough to make such a find, get ready to craft.


Pair of blue suede shoes on white background

Cleaning Suede ShoesThis is a page about cleaning suede shoes. Just like smooth leather shoes you will need to routinely clean your suede shoes.


Purple suede purse

Cleaning a Suede PurseThis is a page about cleaning a suede purse. Suede is a very attractive leather product, but it can be difficult to clean, in part because of it is highly absorbent.


Fancy brown suede purse with rosette design

Cleaning Lipstick on a Suede Purse?This is a page about cleaning lipstick on a suede purse. Lipstick has a waxy oily base so you will want to clean it from suede using methods designed to remove stains of this type.


Stack of three cheese metal cheese graters with different hole sizes

Other Uses for a Cheese GraterMany kitchen tools can be put to multiple uses. This is a page about other uses for a cheese grater.


Little girl with finger puppets in puppet theater

Making a Puppet TheatreThis is a page about making a puppet theatre. There are many ways to make a puppet theatre for your children's enjoyment. You may already have what you need at home.


Purple Clematis growing on a lattice fence

Growing Clematis From CuttingsThis is a page about growing clematis from cuttings. It is easy to start new clematis vines from cuttings by following a few simple steps.


Three old used tubes of lipstick

Uses for Old or Unwanted Lipstick?This is a page about uses for old or unwanted lipstick. Many of us have a collection of lipstick tubes rolling around in a drawer. Perhaps they are nearly empty or the color is unflattering.


Cadbury eggs in painted egg crate.

Cadbury Egg Carton GiftA clever way to gift Cadbury eggs is in a decorated egg crate. This is a page about Cadbury egg carton gift.



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Better Than Cat LitterCat litter is messy and can be is expensive. After trying a few different alternatives, I have found one that works great and is much less expensive!


Nail Polish Dipped Jar

Nail Polish Dipped JarThis is a little craft I decided to do when I saw these tiny little jars at the Dollar Store. They are dipped in nail polish floating in a container of water. Make sure the water is as tall as the glass jar is or the design will not go on the whole jar. I decided to do mine halfway up the jar.


framed book page with watercolor artwork

Book Page ArtYou don't have to be a brilliant artist to produce pleasing artwork to display around your home. This is just one quick simple idea that anyone can do.


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Removing Fleas on a Young KittenThis works 100%. Fill a small tin with luke warm water. Place the kitten in and keep the head above water! Get the kitten completely wet and hold it in the water for about 20-30 seconds. The fleas drown. Then just comb them off. Bathe them every other day. It will also get them used to being bathed.



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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?My son will be 18 next month and is getting my deceased husband's Social Security benefits. I was getting them as well and my son moved out. Once he turns 18 will I start getting them again?


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Repairing Floor in Pop-up Camper?I am not sure what happened, but the floor raised up some while using my camper. Now the bed won't slide in, it's about a inch higher than the slide on inside.


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Name Ideas for School?We are planing to start a school focusing on cultured values with a spiritual method to live a practical life. So we need a peppy, cute, but spiritual name which people will love when hearing it. We would also like our work emphasis to be shown by the name.


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Using Mod Podge on Glass?I am trying to attach a stained glass decal to my glass window. It will not stick because the window has a texture to it. Can I use mod podge on the window first to get it to stick?


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Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread?My mini sewing machine V201 is working, but not stitching clothes because the bobbin thread is not working with the reel thread. So I want to know why the bobbin thread is not working and how to fix?


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Water Freezing in Ice Maker?The ice maker in my side-by-side does make ice. The problem is I am getting water in my bin, it is then freezing in my bin making a clump and then it won't dispense the ice. I have ice in the bottom of refrigerator. We've replaced the water valve in the back of the refrigerator; so what now?


white dog with brown markings

What Breed Is My Dog?I am from India. I have a dog and his name is Willy. He is 5 months old now, but I don't know his breed. Can anyone help?


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Selling Trees for Wood or Lumber?Who buys trees in Muskegon Michigan for wood or lumber?


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Re-dyeing Dyed and Bleached Hair?I recently dyed and bleached my hair, 6 months ago, to an ombre colour (brown and blonde). If I want to get rid of the blonde at home, should I dye all of my hair brown or should I only dye the previously dyed areas?


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Breaker Won't Reset?I turned off the breaker to fix a lighting fixture. After the repair, we went to turn the breaker back on. It's a double one, and when we flipped it, the bottom one goes all the way on, but the top one gets stuck in the middle and sparks.


black dye on white polyester

Black Dye Transferred on White Polyester...I have a white polyester blazer with black lapels, and the black has transferred onto the white in patches that look purple all over the blazer. Is it possible to remove the purple patches without disturbing the black lapels on the blazer? I haven't even been able to wear the blazer yet.


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Ideas for Girl's 12th Birthday Party?I have a daughter who is a tom-boy and a girly girl! She loves the idea of laser tagging and she also loves the idea of having a spa in our backyard since we have a hot tub. I was thinking maybe we could combine some of her ideas into one. But I don't want to spend tons of money.


black and white puppy

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?Is my new puppy a full blooded Pit? He's 6 weeks old.


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Cloth Stuck on Bottom of a Pan?How do I remove cooked cloth from the bottom of a pan?


long brown bug

Identifying a Bug?What is this?


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Cleaning Paint Splatter Off Patio Door Tracks?I had my house painted by a sloppy painter. Now my patio doors have paint splatter on the tracks and on the outside trim.


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