August 10, 2016

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Sad dog laying on vet bed having cast put on broken leg

Finding Financial Assistance for Pet...This is a page about finding financial assistance for pet medical costs. The cost of keeping your pets healthy can be expensive, especially when they need extensive medical or surgical care.


Ladder leaning against a gutter

Leaning a Ladder Against a Roof...This is a page about leaning a ladder against a roof without crushing gutters. When you need to make repairs or clean gutters, your ladder needs to lean on the house often against the gutters.


Hands using a weeding tool to remove crab grass from lawn

Organic Solutions for CrabgrassThis is a page about organic solutions for crabgrass. Crabgrass can invade your lawn and quickly take over.


Paint Roller being used to paint walls red

Painting Walls RedThis is a page about painting walls red. Red walls can be stunning. Unfortunately it can also be very difficult to achieve a satisfactory result.


Wooden compost bin

Composting Dog WasteThis is a page about composting dog waste. If composted properly, dog waste can be added to your garden.


Using the Last of the Clorox 2

Using Every Bit of Laundry DetergentThis is a page about using every bit of laundry detergent. Many cleaning products that are packaged in plastic bottles or jugs still have product left inside even when they seem to be empty.


finished sun catcher

Making a CD Sun CatcherThis is a page about making a CD sun catcher. By decorating a CD you no longer want you can make a unique suncatcher.


Tomato plant with late blight and dying leaves

Troubleshooting Tomato ProblemsThis is a page about troubleshooting tomato problems. If your tomato harvest is disappointing due to disease, pests, or growing conditions there some easy solutions to your gardening issues.


two carrots and an egg sun catcher

Making Easter SuncatchersEaster themed suncatchers are as fun to make as they are to display for the holiday. This is a page about making Easter suncatchers.


Woman with disgusted face by refrigerator

Removing Odors from a RefrigeratorThis is a page about removing odors from a refrigerator. Determining the source is the first step in removing odors from your refrigerator.


Moldy Cheese

Is It OK To Use Moldy Cheese?This is a page about, "Is it ok to use moldy cheese?". Depending on the type of cheese, it may be okay to eat it once the mold has been removed.



How to Grow Chillies

How to Grow ChilliesChillies, chiles or hot peppers, these spicy fruits are important in cooking across the globe. Learn how to grow them in this short video.


Leather Belt Bracelets

Leather Belt BraceletsRecycle old leather belts into these fashionable bracelets. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Connecting Loops Crocheted Scarf

Connecting Loops Crocheted ScarfHere is a colorful crocheted scarf made of interconnecting loops. Learn how to make it in this short video.



green beans

Pick Beans Often for a Great HarvestEven if you only have a few beans, make sure you pick them daily. The more you pick the beans, the more the plant will produce. The converse is also true; if you stop picking beans, your plant will stop producing.


cats sleeping together

How to Help Pets Cope with LossMy husband and I had a beautiful cat named Muffin for 16 years. We were devastated when we had to put her down. He refused to get another pet for years. Then he had a stroke. My daughter got two kittens while he was in the hospital and after he returned from rehab he had an instant companion.


montage of garden flowers and melon

Photograph Your GardenI have gardened all my life. It has brought me much pleasure. Another dimension of pleasure was added when I began to photograph my gardens and plants. The camera picks up detail often missed by the naked eye. The pictures are becoming keepsakes, and ultimately, a means of sharing with others around the world.


pink and white hibiscus bloom

HibiscusA slice of Hawaii in New York! This beauty took my breath away when I saw it this morning.


spaghetti squash in crockpot

Crockpot for Simple Spaghetti SquashYou may leave your whole spaghetti squash in your crock pot with a 1/2 cup of water for 3 hours on low and when you want to, simply cut it open and scoop out the seeds then shred the squash meat into spaghetti noodles!


frozen basil

Freeze Basil in Cigar ShapeTo freeze fresh basil, create a cigar shape by overlapping leaves in an 8 inch line on plastic wrap. Continue laying leaves over the original line moving the next line slightly higher so that your line is getting wider. When 4 inches wide or so, use the plastic wrap to help gather the contents from bottom to top.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Name Ideas for Special Needs Caregiver Service?I'm a care giver for children with special needs and have just been appoved to extend support to overnight care at our house. For this we have to go self employed, but ideally need a catchy name to register! I'm Becky, surname Whiting. I provide care out and about as well at our house overnight.


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Removing Candle Wax from Fabric?I had my martial arts belt (silk like material) left in the trunk of my car with several candles. The candles melted and my white belt is now purple, can I get it out even if it's been in there for several months.


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Living Room Accent Wall Paint Color Advice?I just received a sofa and love seat in sage. I have a small home, cabin style. I plan to paint over the fake panneling with a creamy beige. I have hardwood floors. I have navy blue, turquoise, and lime green accent pieces. What color would be best for a short accent wall?


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Locating the Source of Smell In House?I was out of town from Friday to Sunday and my roommate said a smell started on Saturday. The smell is like b.o. and cat litter. I have sniffed every inch of the downstairs where the smell is and cannot find the source. I rearranged my living room and found nothing, and the smell gets worse each day.


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Planting a Mimosa Tree?Can I plant a new tiny mimosa near a 15yr old mimosa that is getting sparse, but is still beautiful? I thought they would look nice near each other.


brindle grayish and white puppy

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?I just got my puppy last weekend and I don't know if he's a full breed or mix Pit Bull.


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Name for Residential Real Estate Business?My husband and I are starting a real estate business to buy, sell, flip, and owner finance residential properties. We are looking for a catchy name. Our business is based in Texas.


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Symptoms of Parvo?My 4 months old puppy has had the runs for the past 3 days. His stool seems almost like water at times and other times it seems a little mucus might be in it. He still drinks lots of water, plays, gums are a nice pink color, he is still eating although slower then normal.



Identifying a Houseplant (Bromeliad)?I need to know the name of this plant please.


dark stains on cupboard door

Removing Dark Stains After Cleaning...I used a home remedy of vegetable oil and baking soda on my oak cupboards to remove funk and on a few of the drawer faces and doors it left a very unsightly dark stain.


blotchy snake under a bush

What Kind of Snake Is This?I live in Minnesota. I have 0% knowledge of identifying a snake. My questions for tonight are, what kind of snake is this and should I worry about it? I've lived in the area for at least 10 years. I never encountered anything that slithers in my area but worms.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Voltage Drop?The meter is on the pole near the driveway. The line from the meter split bolts to the house and 2 shops. The house and shop 1 both have no problems, shop 2 has proper voltage on both phases until a load is applied. Once a load is applied there is a large voltage drop on 1 of the phases.


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Removing Permanent Marker from Microfiber?I found a permanent marker stain on my microfiber sofa. Any suggestions?


doll wearing fancy off white dress with matching hat

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I have this doll, but can not make out the name on her neck. Any help? Any info on this doll would be greatly appreciated. Any idea what they are worth?


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