June 6, 2017

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Easy Chocolate Ganache in bowl

Easy Chocolate GanacheI needed a chocolate ganache to frost a cake and didn't have time to go to the store to get heavy cream, so I made this alternative using chocolate chips, butter and milk. You can use it as a dessert topping, too!


Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup in bowl

Stuffed Bitter Melon SoupBitter melon has amazing health benefits. This is one way I like to eat it without it being too bitter, because it is balanced with stuffed turkey and shrimp. Very healthy soup and goes great with rice!



A metal table with plants on it.

Use Plants to Hide Unattractive Outdoor ItemsI have this welding table outdoors because there is no room for it indoors. It was my dad's so I like to keep it. I decided to put all my sprouting plant cuttings on this welding table, and there is still tons of room for more plants ;)


Teddy (Mixed Breed Cat)

Teddy (Mixed Breed Cat)We went to a friend's house where they were taming a female kitten for us and while leaving my husband felt something on his leg, it was Teddy he had wrapped his paws around my husband's ankle. He wanted to go with his sister Sarah and us, so up into my arms he went and all four of us headed home!


Bridal Shower Centerpiece or Gift - finished towel cake gift

Bridal Shower Centerpiece or GiftI saw the cutest idea at a craft show and decided to duplicate it here for an upcoming shower. Make a wedding cake from towels, wine, ribbon, and flowers. You can color coordinate it to the wedding colors in you'd like too!


Nicky (Mixed Breed Cat) - black and white cat lying down

Nicky (Mixed Breed Cat)This cat is my part-time cat. He showed up sickly at the convent where I volunteer. They nursed him and he has a home with Benny an all black cat.


A grey security mailbox with a key.

Upgrade to a Security MailboxBy having a secured mailbox with a key lock, it can prevent people from attempting to steal your mail and provides you a sense of relief if you are expecting urgent or important mail.


Cat Litter Room Freshener - small bowl filled with scented litter and topped with strawberry shaped clips

Cat Litter Room FreshenerI have a handsome tabby cat called Mr. Smith and he's a mostly indoor cat therefore he has a litter tray in the bathroom. There's only one small problem and that is Tom cats tend to have a stronger smelling urine.


A lemon juicer that has just been used.

Easy Lemon JuicerI try to incorporate lemons in my everyday cooking, beverages or daily use. I am not a fan of pulp and seeds, so this inexpensive lemon juicer is very useful for that reason. This juicer is self explanatory to use, catches the seeds/pulp perfectly and, most of all, it is easy to wash.


Patriotic Decorative Jar

Patriotic Decorative JarHere is an easy and thrifty way to decorate outdoors for the patriotic holidays with simple items you may all ready have or just let the kids have fun making some.


Get Well Soon Gift Jar - filled jar with examples of contents

Get Well Soon Gift JarThis cute and thoughtful "Get Better" jar that will also be practical for the recipient afterwards. The jar can be reused.


A SD card for storing data.

Secure Your SD Card DataI take a lot of pictures. My camera records the pictures to an SD card. I then transfer the pictures I want to keep to a computer. I have several SD cards and I used the one most handy.


Mini Flower Crop Top from Leggings - woman wearing the crop top

Mini Flower Crop Top from LeggingsHere is a way to turn an old pair of leggings into a cute little long-sleeved crop top with a mini flower corsage. All you need is a handful of items and 20 minutes of your time. :)


Annie and Max (Dachshund) - Annie

Annie and Max (Dachshund)Max was an 8 week old rescue. Annie was a yard sale give away; my poor baby! Max enjoys sneaking out to the real world, a canine escape artist!


Folded Paper Leaf - three finished leaves

Folded Paper LeafDetail is important in art. Giving details to your work adds interest to viewers. This craft might be a simple one, but by giving extra effort on folding, it should look better than any paper figures.


A coin bank with some coins around the base.

Teaching Kids to SaveI have this coconut bear coinbank which I got four years ago. This was a freebie from opening a kiddie bank account for my child. The bank gave this to encourage parents to teach children to keep at least a single penny a day.


Scissors cutting through sandpaper to sharpen them.

Sharpen Scissors with SandpaperSharpening scissors is one of my problems. Since I have a kindergartener and a grade 3 kiddo, projects are always under way in school. Of course, I have to assist them on their school projects. And because scissors are often needed, using them for a long time makes them dull.


Sponge Car Air Freshener - hang on rear view mirror

Sponge Car Air FreshenerDid you know that you can make a car air freshener using a dish sponge? It is very simple, easy, and thrifty on your pocket. You can make it together with the kids too! You can create any design you want.


Newly Hatched Chicks - black and yellow baby chicks

Newly Hatched ChicksMy daughter hatched these chicks out for her 1st and 2nd grade classroom this month. It was an amazing opportunity for us all to see!


Grow Potatoes from an Old Potato - sprouting potato

Grow Potatoes from an Old PotatoDon't throw away your old potatoes. When the eyes start growing out, you can chop them in half or thirds and put them into a sack of soil to regrow. Here we used a large 20 pound cloth rice bag (bag only) filled with soil.


Moth Hero - large tan moth

Moth HeroI was walking down the street this evening and I saw this helpless beautiful moth walking on the ground. So I leaned down and to my surprise it walked right onto my hand. At my apartment I checked it out. It's poor wings were soaked and it couldn't fly. So I let it stay inside till it could fly and let it back out.



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Treating Phlox Plant for Mold?My perennial phlox has white moldy leaves all over. Should I cut them down to the bottom? I sprayed fungicide on them, but it didn't help.


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?I just got a used Craftsman 14 hp riding lawn mower. I tried to jump it and when I turn the key nothing happens, but if I jump the solenoid it will crank over. I am guessing it may be a bad ignition, but I am not sure. Is there a way to test ignition switch or could it be something else?


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Value of Dreams and Treasures Dolls?I have a Dreams & Treasures porcelain doll. It is premium edition and is called "He Is Risen Angel". It is numbered and has a certificate of authentication. Do you know what it could be worth?


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Roof Repair for Low Income Homeowners?I'm 80 and have cancer and can no longer work and now I live on SS. I need a new roof and can't afford to pay for one. I live in south Florida and it's summer time which means it rains a lot and my roof has many leaks. Where can I find help?


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Applying for Social Security Survivor Benefits?The mother of my kids died recently in January and we would share custody. I have the kids now and in order to get benefits for the kids they're asking for proof that they live with me. What would or could be considered that they live with me?


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I am going thru a divorce and need to prep my house for sale. I had a big reduction in income. Who can assist me with repairs? I reside in Richmond, Texas.


What Is This Houseplant? - grassy houseplant with green, cream, and pinkish leaves

What Is This Houseplant?I have had this plant for about 6 years. I'm having no luck finding out what it is. I seem to be doing okay taking care of it, but would still like to have information about it.


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?I am trying to find out if my Pit Bull is full blooded and if so what kind?


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POA and Responsibility for Nursing Home Bills?I have P.O.A. for my Dad and I am on all his bank accounts and pay all his bills etc. If he goes into a nursing home can they also come after my own personal bank accounts?


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Frightened Duck Abandoned Eggs?My dog was in my back yard and saw a duck (mallard) nest and scared off the hen will it come back?


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Removing Printer Ink from the Ceiling?I was filling my ink cartridge today and I had this needle thing and I didn't realize that it can squirt out ink. Now I have Inkjet ink on my ceiling. How can I remove the ink without smearing it and removing the paint?


Sewing Machine Wheel Not Turning - closeup of needle and foot

Sewing Machine Wheel Not Turning?My sewing machine's wheel is jammed. I've tried threading it and looking at the bobbin case, but the wheel still won't move.


Dye Transfer Stain on Vinyl Shoe - stains on shoe

Dye Transfer Stain on Vinyl Shoe?I put some shoes in a tote and some color from another shoe has transferred onto my leather shoe - more than one shoe. One also has color transferred onto vinyl. Is there anything I can do to remove the color?


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Squirrels Eating from Suet Feeder?How can I stop squirrels from eating out of my hanging suet bird feeder?


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SS Disability Eligibility for Children of Recipient?A month before my kids' father got approved for SS disability he requested a DNA for both kids. Will they hold my kids' money until the test comes back or will he have to pay from the time his check got started? I also have fill custody of both kids.


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Broken Cactus Leaves or Pads?My cactus fell and 3 leaves broke off. I'm so sad. Can the leaf regrow from the spot it broke off or could I grow the leaf? If I could, how do I do it.


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Keeping Outside Dogs Warm at Night?How can I keep my two dogs warm at night? They're outside dogs, both short haired, and both chew blankets to shreds and pull each others jackets off.


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Dog Scared Duck from Her Nest?I have this duck who has been laying eggs in my aunt's flower bed. I took the dog out and she was sitting in the grass. When my dog saw her he tried going after her. Luckily I have a leash that you can control how far ahead they can go. When he tried going after her, she flew away.


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Value of Ashley Belle Princess Diana Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain Princess Diana doll and was wondering if it's worth anything? It's an Ashley Belle doll and has a number on the back of her neck and I have a card with her that says she's one of only 5000 dolls made.


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Master Bathroom Accessory Color Advice?My bedroom is blue and gold. My master bathroom is beige and brown. Should I use blue or gold accents in the bathroom to coordinate with my bedroom? The two rooms open to each other.


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