June 28, 2017

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Raw Peanuts

Buying Raw Peanuts?Raw peanuts can be used to roast or add flavor to many different types of dishes. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a source for buying them. This is a page about buying raw peanuts.


Canned Venison in Stew pot

Recipes Using Canned Venison?Canned venison can be used for a variety of dishes, especially stews. This page contains recipes using canned venison.


Trailers in Summer Sun

Keeping a Trailer Cool in Summer?Hot summer days can make a trailer unbearably hot very easily. This is a page about keeping a trailer cool in summer.


Garbage Disposal

Sewer Smell Coming from a Garbage Disposal?If you have rotten food in your garbage disposal that won't clear out, it may start to smell very badly. This is a page about sewer smell coming from a garbage disposal.


Diabetic Foot Pain

Home Remedies for Diabetic Foot Pain?Foot pain is common if you suffer from diabetes. Here are some ideas to help relive your pain at home. This is a page about home remedies for diabetic foot pain.


Mason jars of venison.

Canned Venison RecipeIf you have extra venison to store for later use, canning is a great way to accomplish that. This page contains canned venison recipe.


Egg Shells

Using Egg Shells for CutwormsSpreading crushed eggshells around your garden bed in the spring can help kill off cutworms. This is a page about using egg shells for cutworms.


Avocado Yogurt Cucumber

Avocado Yogurt Cucumber Smoothie RecipeA delicious protein rich, green smoothie to enjoy for breakfast or lunch. This page contains avocado yogurt cucumber smoothie recipe.


furniture repair tools

Repairing a Rice Bed?These free standing carved posts bed frames are also known as plantation beds. This is a page about repairing a rice bed with a broken corner post.


Crafting and Sewing Supplies

Craft Ideas For Mission Trip?Sharing craft ideas while on a mission trip can be a good way to share your creativity with others. This is a page about craft ideas for mission trip.


Cake Box Mix Pound Cake

Boxed Cake Mix Pound Cake RecipesPound cake can be made very easily if you use a cake box mix to start with. This page contains cake box mix pound cake recipes.


An old leather purse with usable hardware.

Save Hardware From Old PursesBuckles and other hardware from old purses can be saved for crafts or preparing another purse later on. This is a page about save hardware from old purses.


Scrubbing Cast Iron Skillet

Cleaning a Cast Iron SkilletA nylon brush and quick drying will keep your cast iron in great shape, but sometimes your pans may need some refurbishing. This is a page about cleaning a cast iron skillet.


Sifting flour using a metal strainer.

Flour Sifting Tips and TricksFor baking purposes, it is always best to sift your flour prior measuring. This is a page about flour sifting tips and tricks.


Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream RecipeEnjoy this non-dairy treat with the yummy flavors of chocolate and cherries. This page contains a cherry chocolate ice cream recipe.



Milk Candy Balls (Yema) on plate

Milk Candy Balls (Yema)Talking about frugality, I used to sell these candy balls at school. Straight from high school to college I learned to become a small entrepreneur to support myself financially. I earned good money with these candies. I used my earnings to buy some snacks, fare and even school supplies.


Detox Smoothie in jar

Detox SmoothieThis is the first time I have tried this recipe. I love the taste but I will be doing a couple things different when I make it again.


Lemon Glazed Mango Bundt cake on plate

Lemon Glazed Mango Bundt CakeIt's mango season so I'm really enjoying all the huge mango sales. This is pretty dense mango cake with a lovely, zesty lemon glaze that beautifully punches through it. This recipe calls for mostly basic ingredients and serves 8 to 10.


Curried Cauliflower Rice in bowl

Curried Cauliflower RiceThis yummy dish is called rice but it just resembles rice in many ways. Its main star is cauliflower that has been pulsed until it's rice-like. I've served this to many rice lovers and they've all been absolutely in love with it. It's a delicious way to save yourself from a huge amount of calories and not feel so weighed down.



Mystery Dove In My Back Yard

Mystery Dove In My Back YardWhen I first spotted this bird, I thought it was a Mourning Dove. Then I realized something was rather strange. It must be some type of pheasant. But no, the way it was walking, the way it was feeding, I decided I was right the first time. It was a dove.


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Cleaning Stinky Ice Cube TraysFill them 1/2 way with tap water. Then use an old dish soap container with bleach in the bottle. Squirt bleach into the ice trays that have water. Let set for a half hour. Then empty and rinse 3-4 times, let dry in drainer, then fill with clean water and freeze. Clean again in a month.


Recharge Your Car's Air Conditioning (Freon)

Recharge Your Car's Air Conditioning (Freon)Summer's here and having cold blowing air conditioning is a must have! It isn't the greatest time to refill air conditioning at the auto shops or dealership now because they'll charge a leg and an arm for a 15 minute simple recharge of freon.


Painted Rocks in the Garden - three black painted rocks that combine to make a tree with cherry blooms

Painted Rocks in the GardenMy son had to make painted rocks for a project in his high school art class this year. He chose to do a design that incorporated 3 rocks. I am in love with these cherry blossom rocks and am so glad that he let me display them in the yard!


Garden Snail Friend - snail with dark band spiraling around shell

Garden Snail FriendWhen I was outside weeding recently, my son found this neat snail hiding in the plants. I love the swirly pattern on its shell! Living in the PNW I tend to see more slugs than snails, so this was a fun surprise.


Crocheted Seat Belt Adjuster - in place on seat belt

Crocheted Seat Belt AdjusterMy van has tan seats and a light gray exterior. I look like a dusty highway! So I wanted a splash of color and made a seat belt adjuster for when I am driving.


Reusing Cardboard Boxes as Outdoor Blocks - stack of Amazon shipping boxes

Reusing Cardboard Boxes as Outdoor BlocksNow that it is summer vacation, my toddler (3 years old) enjoys box building blocks made with packages we receive from online shopping. As more orders come home, he will have more boxes to play with.


A sinkful of freshly picked cherries

Harvesting CherriesOur Stella cherry tree is loaded this year. We purchased it as a seedling in 2003, on sale at a grocery store for about $5. Most years, we get some cherries but this is a bumper crop, even the birds can't keep up. The heat wave of last weekend has quickly ripened the fruit and they need to be picked NOW!


Expect The Unexpected When Gardening - Blooming Wisteria - closeup of flower ready to bloom

Expect The Unexpected When Gardening - Blooming WisteriaA lot of unusual things happen in the garden. I would wager most go unnoticed by most gardeners. I find these odd happenings interesting and I like to share them on ThriftyFun. Well, here's one that has left me flabbergasted. I even sent pictures to my ag agent and am awaiting his reply.


Cut Salad Greens with Scissors - cutting greens with scissors

Cut Salad Greens with ScissorsWhen cooking or making a salad, I have recently discovered that using scissors to cut greens or fresh herbs saves me a lot of time and bother. I have even used them with peppers and mushrooms.


A scenic shot of the San Juan Islands

The Little Things (Orcas Island)This picture to me is trying to say "look at the all the tiny things in the world." I tried to make the dandelion the focus of photo with the Puget Sound as the background. Hope you like it :)


Hang Plastic Food Containers on Fridge Shelf

Hang Plastic Food Containers on Fridge ShelfI love these Sara Lee lunch meat containers. I use them for craft and office supplies. Hanging them up saves me space where space is already limited.


Colorful Summer Bleached Greeting Card - finished card with ribbon bow added to upper left of card

Colorful Summer Bleached Greeting CardI recently learned that thick bleach can be a wonderful addition to a crafter's treasure trove. At first, working with bleach is not as easy as it sounds, but with some practice it becomes a great technique to use on cards and other designs.


Ballet Dress Brooch - cute ballet dress pin

Ballet Dress BroochThis delightful little brooch will please any little girl (and some adults too!) and takes just a few little scraps of ribbon and cloth to make.


Using the back of a spoon to crush garlic.

Use a Spoon to Peel GarlicPeeling a garlic clove is very easy. No need to use a knife anymore or scrape it. Just smash it with your spoon and it's all done. It all peels off. Safe and easy.


Clouds that reflect each other at sunset.

Reflections in SunsetThis amazing sunset shot was taken one dusk heading home from a challenging day working. Some days, in spite of our best efforts to maintain equanimity and a state of inner peace, the state of the world and of other people's minds make everything a challenge.



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Canna Lily Leaves Are Ripped?Why do my canna leaves have rips in the leaves?


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Buying Liquid Starch in Alberta Canada?All the starch info is for American addresses - does anyone in Calgary, Alberta Canada sell liquid starch?


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Re-dyeing Hair After Coloring With Semi Permanent Dye?I had my stylist give me an oil slick using five semi-permanent colors. She had to lighten my hair first. It is naturally something between blonde, brown, and red. It turned out great, but also a bit much. What would be the best approach for regaining a more natural look?


What Breed Is My Puppy?  - black puppy with white on chest and feet

What Breed Is My Puppy?I have no information on my puppy. What breed do you think she is?


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Replacement Beautyrest Electric Blanket Controller?My Basset Hound, 4 months old, just ate the plug off the blanket. I need help :)


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Curtain Color Advice?I am doing up my daughter's bedroom with pink and cream sequined wallpaper from Lipsy with a pink, cream, and grey bed duvet. What colour curtains would match best?


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Finding My Aunts Who Were Given Up for Adoption?My father's 2 younger sisters were given up for adoption at St. Anthony's orphanage, Jeppu, Mangalore, India, in the 1930s. Family stories indicate that the name of one of them is Catherine (aged 4 at the time of adoption) and the other was aged 2. They were probably adopted by a family in Goa.


Keeping Squirrels from Eating Homemade Suet - woodpecker on suet feeder

Keeping Squirrels from Eating Homemade Suet?I plan to make my own suet for the birds. What can I also include to keep the squirrels from eating it? I have a pair of woodpeckers that come daily, and now I have baby ones coming, but the squirrels keep eating most of the suet. Can I mix cayenne pepper in and how much or chopped up regular hot peppers?


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Lt 2000 18.5 HP Craftsman rider lawn mower. The previous owner said it ran great and the only problem was it needed the gas lines repaired. I repaired all of the gas lines, but it will not start. I turn the key and it cranks or spins, but then stops. I put a new spark plug in and the same thing happens.


Catchy Slogan Ideas for a Daycare

Catchy Slogan Ideas for a Daycare?My daycare, playschool, and activity center's name is Blooming Blossoms. The tag line is Bloom, Grow, Blossom. I need a catchy slogan.


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