March 13, 2018

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Woman drinking water at table with healthy foods

Healthy Living on a BudgetIt can be a struggle to live a healthy lifestyle with little money. This is a page about healthy living on a budget.


Man holding his nose putting smelly socks in the washing machine

How to Clean Smelly SocksSoaking socks in vinegar, dish soap, baking soda or borax are all great ways to clean stinky socks. Get more tips on getting socks clean in this page to cleaning smelly socks.


Easter eggs with a quilted appearance hanging from a chandelier.

How to Make "Quilted" Easter EggsBy pushing fabric into a Styrofoam egg you can make these quilted look Easter egg decorations. This is a page about how to make "quilted" Easter eggs.


A kitten wrapped up in a blanket.

Treating a Kitten with a Cold?You can keep your kitten warm and hydrated, but as kittens are susceptible to viruses and bacterial infections if the condition persists or worsens a trip to the vet may be necessary. This is a page about treating a kitten with a cold.


Bingo cards and a bingo dauber.

How to Make a Bingo CostumeIf you are looking for a creative costume idea for Halloween, how about using old Bingo cards? This page explains how to make a Bingo costume.


Close-up of moss and leaves in garden bed

Home Remedies for Moss Control in Flower Beds?Although moss is lovely to look at when you are walking through the woods or visiting an old stone wall or building, it is less desirable in our garden beds. This is a page about home remedies for moss control in flower beds.


baby bird

How Old Is My Baby Finch?It can be difficult to determine the age of a finch hatchling. They will typically leave the nest between 11 and 19 days. This is a page about, "How old is my baby finch?".


Raw chicken with ingredients on a cutting board

Recipes for 10 Pounds Of ChickenIf you wish to cook a lot of chicken at once, here are some recipes to help you. This is a page about recipes for 10 pounds of chicken.


Brick house with maroon tin roof.

Exterior Paint Color to Coordinate with Maroon Iron Roof?Roof color can benefit from being coordinated with the house paint. This page contains suggestions for exterior paint color to coordinate with maroon iron roof.


100% Polyester clothing label

Cleaning White Polyester Work Shirts?Use non-chlorine bleach and avoid fabric softener to help keep polyester shirts bright and white. This is a page about cleaning white polyester work shirts.


Stuffed Bone Dog Toy.

Repairing Stuffed Dog ToysDogs, especially heavy chewers, can damage their stuffies. Try sewing them back up with upholstery thread as it is stronger than other types and should last longer. This is a page about repairing stuffed dog toys.


Wiping down the front of refrigerator to clean off permanent marker

Cleaning Permanent Marker on a RefrigeratorIf you or your kids have accidentally used a permanent marker on your fridge door, you should be able to remove it. This is a page about cleaning permanent marker on a refrigerator.


Bowl of powdered Agar Agar with a wooded scoop.

Using Agar Agar for Weight Loss?This vegetarian substitution for gelatin is recommended for some as a healthy addition to a weight loss regimen. This is a page about using agar agar for weight loss.


Fencing used to organize a desk

Using Garden Fence to Organize A Craft DeskCreate a unique organizational solution for your crafting area with some short picket style garden fencing. This is a page about using garden fence to organize a craft desk.


Close-up of Pork and Beans Goulash

Pork and Beans Goulash?A hearty weeknight dinner using a can of pork and beans as the base. This page contains a recipe for pork and beans goulash.


Golden Chow Mix puppy licking the floor

Adopting a Golden Chow MixGolden Retriever-Chow Chow mixes can make great pets. Big, fluffy, and devoted, these dogs are adorable. This page has information about adopting a Golden Chow mix.


blue tinted paper towel bow

How to Make a Paper Towel BowYou can easily make this pretty gift bow from an ordinary paper towel and some food coloring. This is a page about how to make a paper towel bow.


Man welding pipes together

Removing Welding Burn Marks on Stainless Steel Pipe Joint?It can be difficult to remove marks on stainless steel pipes. This is a page about removing welding burn marks on stainless steel pipe joint.


Dog Suddenly Does Not Want to Be in the House - mixed terrier type dog on seat of a car

Dog Suddenly Does Not Want to Be in the House?Unexplained behavioral changes in dogs of any age can be confusing for their humans. If there have been no changes at home you might want to have your vet check your pet for medical issues. This is a page about what to do when your dog suddenly does not want to be in the house.


Ham hocks and beans in pot

Cooking Ham Hocks and Dry Beans in a Pressure Cooker?It will be best to soak your beans first before cooking them, and even your ham hock to remove excess salt. This is a page about cooking ham hocks and dry beans in a pressure cooker.


A decorative picture frame made with wrapping paper.

How to Decorate a Picture Frame With Wrapping PaperAn old or inexpensive photo frame can get a facelift and be made to coordinate with your decor by covering it with pretty wrapping paper. This is a page about how to decorate a picture frame with wrapping paper.


Yorkshire Terrier puppy playing grass

Is My Puppy Purebred?This is a question some new pet owners ask, especially if they are unsure of the breeder's reputation or if they got the puppy from a backyard breeder. Physical traits help to answer this question, but the only sure way to know is papers (and assurance of breeding practices) or a DNA test. This is a page about, "Is my puppy purebred?".


Ginger Syrup in bottles with piece of ginger.

Ginger Syrup RecipeGinger is a popular flavoring for sodas, teas and other drinks. It would also be great to use in recipes instead of powdered ginger. This page contains a recipe for ginger syrup.


Potato and Beet Juice in a mason jar on w wooden cutting board

Potato and Beet JuiceIf prepared correctly potato juice has a lot of health benefits but is not delicious on its own. Add beets and apples to improve the flavor of the potatoes. This page contains recipes for potato and beet juice.


Flower seeds wedding favor in a beige napkin.

Flower Seeds Wedding FavorReplace rice with flower seeds for a cute tulle bag wedding favor. Or you can make plantable paper for a more lasting gift for your guests. This is a page about making a flower seeds wedding favor.



Fluffy Raisin Bread slice

Fluffy Raisin BreadThis is my favourite raisin bread as it's super fluffy and chewy. I'm not really keen on the heavier ones that are spiked with cinnamon to have in the morning, so this is a nice alternative. It also makes an awesome sandwich bread. The raisins go amazingly well with meats and veggies!


Shepherd's Pie baking dish and serving on plate

Shepherd's PieI made this using ground turkey and it came out wonderful. Lots of healthy veggies inside to make a complete meal!



Clothes hanging from chains in the closet.

Closet Space SaverIf you've ever been frustrated by small closets, here's a very simple, very economical solution for any and every room.


Felt Ear Bud Pod - tuck into the other half

Felt Ear Bud PodYou know how those wires get tangled with each other and with other things and get lost in the bottom of your handbag. Make this handy earbud pouch and you will always have them to hand.


Easter Egg Collage Decoration - canvas on an easel

Easter Egg Collage DecorationDo you want to make sure that the Easter Bunny knows where to deliver the Easter eggs? Use some left-over pieces of cardstock, rhinestones, and sugar strands, and make an Easter egg collage to help the bunny to find your home.



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Foot Pedal for a John Lewis Sewing Machine?I've lost the foot pedal and lead to my sewing machine in a house move. It was bought from John Lewis. Where can I buy a replacement.


Value of a Webster's Alphabet Chart

Value of a Webster's Alphabet Chart?I have a Webster chart from 1953 with the alphabet and names of animals and numbers. What is its value?


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Slogan for Child Care Business?I have a child care center with the name Talentkids. Please suggest some good slogans.


Graham & Brown Discontinued Wallpaper  - arches

Graham & Brown Discontinued Wallpaper?Does anyone know were I can get one roll of the arches super fresco plain wallpaper please? I have tried everywhere I can possibly think of.


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Free Laptop for a Disabled College Student?I am in desperate need of help and any assistance available. I have been living at a battered womens shelter with my three children. I have a very old laptop and have been using it for the past month with this new job. The only problem is that it's missing 3 keys and is extremely slow.


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Getting Rid of Fleas on a Kitten?How do I get rid of fleas on my 2 month old kitten?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a plaid dress and green long fur trimmed coat

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I got this doll and it did not come in a box or anything, but I looked all over her and I don't see a name or anything. Could someone please help me?


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Equivalent of Dawn Dish Soap in the UK?It's been suggested mix this Dawn washing up liquid with a little rubbing alcohol and water to make your own spectacle cleaner. The thing is I live in the UK and you can't buy it here so what's the equivalent? Does anyone know?


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?I will be launching my interior design business soon and am lost on what name I should give it. I want a catchy and creative name. Any name which has I and K would be excellent.


Value of a Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Doll - doll upside down in the box

Value of a Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Doll?I have the Lolita porcelain doll, boxed with a certificate of authenticity. I have had it since my childhood in the early 90s. How much is it worth?


Separating a Molly and Her Babies

Separating a Molly and Her Babies?I have a red Molly. The babies hatched a couple of days ago. When do you know when to separate mom from the babies?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Creating Calendar Page Wall Art?Can I transfer thick, textured calendar pictures onto canvas? If so, do I do a magazine picture transfer with gel medium or modge podge?


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