April 4, 2018

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Humidifier in a bedroom

Removing Vaporub from the Inside of My Humidifier?This is a page about removing Vaporub from the inside of my humidifier. Cleaners such as Dawn or a mix of water and alcohol can be sloshed around the inside of a humidifier to remove the greasy residue of Vicks Vaporub.


Sliced beef brisket

How to Make Beef Brisket for 200 PeopleThis is a page about how to make beef brisket for 200 people. You can prepare the amount of brisket needed based on approximately 1/4 pound per person. Also, some recipe sites allow you to add in the number of servings and then it will calculate the ingredient totals.


Carved antique wooden desk on a white background

Identifying an Antique Desk?This is a page about identifying an antique desk. It can be difficult to identify vintage and antique furniture. Checking the bottom of the desk and of the drawers might reveal a manufacturer's stamp or seal. Scour the internet for similar pieces. Otherwise contact a dealer or appraiser.


Pumpkin cheesecake with cinnamon and small sugar pumpkins on the side

Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake RecipeCanned pumpkin and spices make this a delicious cheesecake to serve during the fall and winter. Even if you are not a fan of pumpkin pie you may love this dessert. This page contains a spiced pumpkin cheesecake recipe.


Baked chicken with sesame sauce and sesame seeds on rice.

Baked Sesame Chicken RecipesThis page contains baked sesame chicken recipes. There are many variations of sesame chicken for you to try. Find your favorite one.


Drinking Straw

Sealing Food Packaging with a Drinking StrawThis is a page about sealing food packaging with a drinking straw. Use plastic drinking straws to help seal plastic food storage bags.


Man holding tickets to sports game

Gift Ideas for a Sports FanThis is a page about gift ideas for a sports fan. Although choosing a gift can often be difficult, if the recipient is a sports fan that helps narrow the choices down. Consider team logo clothing, game tickets, or sporting goods if they play in a sport.


Three ants on a white background

Using Sweet N' Low for AntsThis is a page about using Sweet N' Low for ants. Some homeowners have been very successful getting rid of ants inside their home as well as clearing hills in the yard, using Sweet N' Low or a generic of this artificial sweetener.


Rawhide dog bone on white background

Flavoring Old Dog BonesThis is a page about flavoring old dog bones. Dogs will often lose interest in their rawhide bones after a time. You can try adding peanut butter in the crevices, boiling them in bouillon, or even tossing them into some of the stored food for a couple of days.


A clean Marble Table Top from above

How to Clean a Marble Table TopMarble is a porous surface that requires care when attempting to clean or remove stains. There are recommendations for various stains and the appropriate cleaner to use for each in this page. This is a page about how to clean a marble table top.


Donation box of clothing being held by a  man

Finding Free Clothing After a House Fire?This is a page about finding free clothing after a house fire. The first organization to contact, after a house fire, is the Red Cross. Other options for finding free clothing are craigslist, freecycle, and Nextdoor.com. Your local church might also be helpful.


Many colors of wild flowers in a field

Flowering Weed PhotosThis page contains flowering weed photos. Plants that are often referred to as weeds include a wide variety of wild flowers, many with blooms that could rival a cultivar.


An apple pie with a lattice crust.

Freezing Store Bought Pies?Save pies that you have purchased at the store by freezing them. You can vacuum seal, use a freezer bag, or wrap in plastic wrap and foil. This is a page about freezing store bought pies.


Little boy on carousel

Disneyland Travel TipsThis is a page about Disneyland travel tips. Disneyland and Disney World are fun places to visit, but can be quite expensive. Finding hotels a bit away from the park can save money. You can also, buy food deals, or bring your own snacks and water. Purchase hats and sunscreen before you get there. Look for discounts on-line. Do your research and have a fun time.


Green crocs on a white background

Preventing Stinky Feet from CrocsThis is a page about preventing stinky feet from Crocs. Keeping your feet from sweating is the best way to help prevent foot odor. Try wearing cotton socks with your Crocs, use foot deodorant, or wash your feet a couple of times during the day on hot days.


Stick of gum in wrapper

Saving Money on GumA surprisingly easy way to save money on gum is to tear a stick in half and only chew one half at a time. This is a page about saving money on gum.


Dozen egg carton open on white background

Use an Egg Carton for Painting Bolts and ScrewsThis is a page about using an egg carton for painting bolts and screws. If you have reason to paint bolts or screws, pushing them through a paper egg crate makes spray painting them much easier.


A plate decorated with flowers for a Mother's Day banquet.

Mother's Day Banquet IdeasThis is a page about Mother's Day banquet ideas. Churches and other organizations typically plan banquets to honor mothers on their special day. Planning the food, favors, and perhaps activities centered around moms can be fun and allow you to exercise your creativity.



Garden Salad in bowl

Garden SaladThis is one of many salads that I like to make. Generally I like to add fruit, vegetables, nuts and cheese in salads.


cooked fish on dinner plate

Ginger Soy Snapper FishThis is a simple way to put together a delicious high protein fish with an Asian twist. You can skip the pan frying method here and insert the dredged fish into an oven preheated at 425F for 15 minutes.


Chicken Fajitas with Green Verde Salsa

Chicken Fajitas with Green Verde SalsaThis is an easy to prepare lunch or dinner. Ingredients to make this can be really inexpensive when purchased on sale at Sprouts. The green verde salsa is store bought from Trader Joes.



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Keeping Ants Away from Pet Food BowlsI was getting ants around their food dishes. I read somewhere to put vinegar on cotton balls and place them around the food bowls (under food mat edges, etc.). Bingo no ants and pet safe!



Curtain Color Advice - monochromatic room

Curtain Color Advice?My lounge walls are an almond white, sofa is cream, and I have a light brown carpet. I need some colour in the room. I need help on a colour for the curtains.


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Dog Pees in the House When Left Alone?I have 9yr old Jack Russell who wees in our home when left alone! It can be from 10 mins to 2 hours, we've crated him in a smaller crate in which he stopped cocking his leg, but while not in the crate he is still peeing on the kitchen corner units. Why does he do this?


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Name Ideas for a Mother/Daughter Real Estate Team?So my mom and I are trying to create our own real estate business, but cannot come up with any good team names. Our names are Kayla & Kelly. We want to keep the mother/daughter I guess you could say "family" aesthetic to our company. Any suggestions?


Value of Heritage Porcelain Dolls - doll wearing a pink satin and lace dress

Value of Heritage Porcelain Dolls?I have 4 Heritage porcelain dolls. Can you give me an estimate what they are worth?


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Growing a Forsythia Hedge from Cuttings?I have a forsythia hedge in the back of the yard and I'd like to start one in the side yard. I plan on growing them from cuttings off my existing plant. How long will it take to establish a hedge row?


Value of China Bowls  - red Asian scene on plate

Value of China Bowls?I am trying to figure out the value or background information on any of these styles. I wouldn't even know where to begin. Any information would be appreciated.


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13th Birthday Game Ideas?I'm turning 13 on May 5th and I'm not sure what kind of games I should do! I really want to have a fun birthday and I don't know what games to play! I want it a little grown up, but not like spin the bottle or anything, but I don't want it to be babyish.


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Feeding Orphaned Bengalese Chicks?I would like to know what I can feed baby chicks as my Bengalese girl died whilst laying her eggs. And although I tried to purchase another female to take over care of them I have ended up with 2 males.


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Dental Work Without Insurance?I need dental work. I'm on Social Security and can not afford losing my teeth. I have 5 broken/missing and some cavity pain.


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Cleaning a Stainless Steel Slicer After a Fire?I am looking for tips on cleaning and restoring a Hobart stainless steel slicer that was in a severe commercial kitchen fire. It still works and the motor still runs. How do I clean stainless steel in general after a fire?


History and Value of an Antique  Chair - dark wood chair with tall wedge shaped back

History and Value of an Antique Chair?I just acquired this chair. I find it very interesting. Anyone know anything about it or its value?


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Missing Female Zebra Finch?I went to feed my zebra finches today and noticed 2 were missing. I found the male inside a small gap between timbers with what looks like a nest. Is the female in there or did she escape do you think? I don't see her anywhere.


Value of a Seeberg Jukebox - juke

Value of a Seeberg Jukebox?I am trying to determine the value of a 1958 Seeberg 201 Selectomatic. It is in beautiful condition. I believe it needs calibration.


Replacement Parts for a Vidalia Chopping Wizard - closeup of cracked corner of plastic tray

Replacement Parts for a Vidalia Chopping Wizard?I want the bottom part of a Vidalia chopping wizard. Where would one be available? And what will be the price?


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Manual and Bobbin Case for Vogue Stitch Sewing Machine?Where can I find a manual and a bobbin case for a vintage Vogue Stitch sewing machine model # 752-149?


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Yorkie Has Oily Smelly Fur Soon After Bathing?Even after changes in diet and no skin problems, my Yorkie smells bad and has oily hair only 3 or 4 days after a bath. Why? We have also tried 3 or 4 different groomers.


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Removing a Picture from Broken Tempered Glass?How do I remove a picture from broken tempered glass? The picture is stuck on the glass. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Replacement Head for a Swiffer Wet Mop - broken mop

Replacement Head for a Swiffer Wet Mop?The head on our Swiffer broke off. I cannot find a place to ask Swiffer about this, too busy with sales pitches.


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