April 17, 2018

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Flourless PB Chocolate Chunk Protein Muffins piled on board

Flourless PB Chocolate Protein MuffinsSubstitute protein powder for flour in these fluffy, delicious peanut butter, banana, and chocolate chunk muffins. This is a page about making flourless PB chocolate protein muffins.


Pulling beets from the ground.

Growing Beets in Georgia?This is a page about growing beets in Georgia. Because beets are a cool weather crop it is best to plant the seeds in early spring or late summer to early fall in Georgia.


finished cake

Cantonese Ginger Orange CakeThis is a page about making a Cantonese ginger orange cake. This scrumptious combination of ginger cake and cheese cake baked in a bundt pan is worth the wait.


Orange paper heart with a red ribbon, on a aqua colored cardstock.

Gluing Fabric to Paper?This is a page about gluing fabric to paper. Finding the best glue for your project helps guarantee a satisfactory outcome. Not all glue products will work well when gluing fabric and paper to each other.


Stack of records on a wooden floor

Finding the Value of Rolling Stones Records?This is a page about finding the value of Rolling Stones records. Vintage albums by popular rock groups may have value to collectors or fans. Just how much will depend on a number of considerations. Finding the value of your collection will require some research.


Halloween Memory and Number Matching Cards  - playing the number matching game

Halloween Memory and Number Matching CardsThis is a page about Halloween memory and number matching cards. Using Halloween stickers and index cards you can make a fun memory and number matching game for the kids to play all year long.


Turkey Meatballs with Pasta in bowl

Turkey Meatballs with PastaThis is a page about preparing turkey meatballs with pasta. For a healthy alternative to regular meatballs start with ground turkey.


DIY Arm Warmers from Socks - check fit

DIY Arm Warmers from SocksThis is a page about DIY arm warmers made from socks. Follow the detailed instructions to make cute arm warmers from any pair of knee socks. This could become addictive so buy lots of socks.



Greek Style Lamb and Potatoes on plate
lamb and potatoes on plate

Greek Style Lamb and PotatoesI never liked lamb much until I learned how to choose the right cuts and prepare it myself. You always want to choose cuts that are pink and rosy in colour; never dark red. This is a complex-tasting, easy to prepare Greek version of lamb chops that my family adores. Skipping the restaurant versions is fine by me, and my wallet!


Beef and Tofu Pad Thai on plate

Beef and Tofu Pad ThaiA meal you can whip up easily and enjoy with a balance of protein and vegetables. You can hold the meat, add more or less vegetables depending on your preference and what you have on hand.


cooked Meat Loaf Patties

Meat Loaf PattiesPlease forgive me for anything I might not have right. This was my first try at this. I must say it's awesome over all.


Moroccan Preserved Lemon in bowl

Moroccan Preserved LemonsMy mother has always cooked fantastic authentic Moroccan dishes all my life. As I learned how to cook, I realized there was one ingredient in these dishes that truly stood out: preserved lemons. It's got an unusual lemony taste that can't be substituted. The flavours really strike all your senses.


Asian Quinoa with Bok Choy

Asian Quinoa with Bok ChoyThis weeks quinoa blend features an Asian inspiration, bok choy. I have been in the mood to make a lot of Asian inspired dishes so having bok choy left over, I decided to mix it with quinoa.



A bee on apple blossoms.

This is What Makes a Happy Spring DayOur Winter was made longer when we had a cold sting in the tail of March and heavy snow too. We feared our busiest friends, the tiny wild bees of the forest would suffer from the cold and lack of forage. This week has truly given meaning to the word 'Spring' with an explosion of blossom.


A Price Accuracy Guarantee sign at a grocery store.

Price Accuracy Guarantee at Vons/SafewayI took a picture of the Vons/Safeway policy while at self check out. They have a Price Accuracy Guarantee, where if you are overcharged and the item is less than $5, it will be free. And, if it was more than $5, you will get a gift card and price adjustment.


A can opener that has rust on the cutting blades.

Aluminum Foil to Clean Off RustA piece of wet aluminum foil rubbed over a rusty item will remove the rust. Try it. I just saved myself from purchasing a new can opener.


Colorful Spring Bird Kids Artwork - closeup of the artwork with more detail added to the bird's body

Colorful Spring Bird Kids ArtworkHere is a cute craft for the kids, just in time for the spring season! Use crepe paper, colored chalk, and felt-tip pens to create a colorful artwork. This project can also be done with a group of children in an art class.


Cut strawberry tops in a plastic container in the sink.

Fast and Easy Strawberry PrepIt's strawberry season and select stores sell a pound of strawberries for .88 -.99 cents! I always stock up to eat and freeze for future use (to make smoothies, pies, desserts) because it's a lot cheaper than buying frozen strawberries!


Junior (Standard Dachshund) - black and tan Dachshund

Junior (Standard Dachshund)He is from a show line from Spain. He likes to play with his girls and be in dog shows.


A small container with packaged butter pats from takeout.

Saving Takeout CondimentsWhen I order take out, I ask for complimentary condiments to go with our meal. These condiments add up and sometimes I don't even have to buy these ingredients.


Beads in a recycled lid.

Lids, Lids, Glorious Lids!If your jar is melted or broken, don't recycle that lid. I have found more uses for them than I can remember. Here are just a few.


Egg Carton Rose Brooch - brooch on the front of a yellow cardigan

Egg Carton Rose BroochDon't throw away your empty egg cartons. You can make beautiful roses out of them, then glue them onto an old pin. When painted, the cartons make a beautiful almost canvas-like material. This is one gorgeous upcycled brooch that I think you should try!



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Childcare Business Slogan Ideas?Our childcare learning center is called World Around Us Childcare and we are looking for a catchy slogan. Can anyone help us?


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Best Glue for Sticking Shells to a Canvas?I have a picture I want to make by gluing decorative sand and shells to a canvas. What glue is best to use?


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Ideas for Conserving Household Water?How are people finding new ways to conserve water in the home?


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Using Bleaching Cream?I used several bleaching creams for about two months to remove dark spots and sun damage. How long will it take for my normal skin tone to come back after using those creams?


Identifying a Houseplant - tall plant with long serrated leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?This quickly growing plant was given to me by a patient and I have no idea what it is. It now has what look like little babies at the end of some of its leaves. The leaves are thick like a succulent.


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Training a Dog to Poop on a Piddle Pad?My dog is one year old. He pees on the pad, but won't poo on it. How can I train him to poo on the pad?


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Getting Bitten in New Home?I think I'm becoming paranoid. We moved to our previous house and I had been there two years before I started having itchy problems. Eventually I started salting my carpets and bleach spraying them and my couch and beds. It went away. We just moved to a new house where I'm now being bitten again.


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Removing a Spoiled Meat Smell in the Freezer?I'm trying to get rid of a smell in my freezer from spoiled meat. I have charcoal and newspaper in it. Do I run the freezer while doing this? Next I'm going to put some coffee and kitty litter in it, but again, wasn't sure if I should run the freezer with these in it or are you just supposed to leave it for a couple days?


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Value of 1897 Set of The American Educator?I have a complete four volume set of, "The American Educator" in good condtion. Copyright 1897. Can you tell me, what is the approximate value of these books? Also, would it be better to sell them at auction, online (eBay), or just keep them?


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ASPCA Vaccination Truck Staten Island Schedule?Is there an ASPCA truck for vaccines on Staten Island, NY?


Improving the Appearance of a Pair of Boots

Improving the Appearance of a Pair of Boots?How can I redesign a pair of leather boots that have folded waves of leather like a cavalier type boot?


Whitening a 50 Year Old Peau de Soie Wedding Dress - woman wearing the dress

Whitening a 50 Year Old Peau de Soie Wedding Dress?I'd like to have my mom's wedding dress redesigned for my upcoming wedding, but after sitting in a box for 50 years, the peau de soie has completely yellowed. It's a sturdy fabric and aside from the yellowing, has no other stains on it. Is there a way I can safely whiten it?


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Client Believes that Carpet Cleaned with Ammonia Smells Like Cat Urine?I steam cleaned someone's carpet using a mixture of lemon ammonia and Lemon Pine Sol. No water as I rinse the carpet after cleaning. I sprayed stains with the straight ammonia. The stains came out, but this person says the apartment smells like cat urine and thinks I transferred this smell using my steam cleaner.


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Re-Dyeing Hair?A few days ago I tried to dye my hair a lighter shade of blonde by myself and it turned orange. The next day I went to a salon and asked for light brown hair which is my natural color, but instead got a really dark brown which I hate. I'm planning to get it dyed a dark blondish color in a week or two.


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Keeping Lint Off of Black Clothes in the Wash?How do I keep lint off my black polo shirt when I wash a small load of clothes?


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Dog Not Eating After Having Puppies?How long will the bitch refuse to eat after giving birth to four puppies?


Value of Glass Topped Oval End Tables

Value of Glass Topped Oval End Tables?I'm thinking about purchasing a couple of end tables that I saw today. I was wondering if you could tell me what I should offer. The tops lift off and they have beveled glass all the way around.


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Getting Rid of Mouse Pee Smell Under Kitchen Cabinet?I get mice once in a while and now I have a pee smell under my kitchen counter. How do I make the smell go away in a hard to reach place?


Information on a Mersman Table - oval 4 legged table

Information on a Mersman Table?I have a small table from my mother-in-law (born 1909) that was her mother's table. It is a Mersman with the number 4685 on the underside. Is it one of many or more rare?


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Moving Duck Eggs to an Incubator?I have 2 female Muscovy ducks who are "free" in our barn (with other chickens). I would like to move some eggs the next time they lay and transfer them to an incubator. The incubator is at a school which is 30 minutes from my farm. How can I successfully move them? Keep them wrapped in a warm towel?


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Thread Stuck and Won't Come Up Through The Plate?I've taken the plate off my Janome MC6600 machine, removed the bobbin and bobbin case, gotten the thread unstuck, gotten all the lint out and put it back together. I've rethreaded the machine and replaced the bobbin. When I push the needle down/needle up, the bobbin thread comes up a bit, but the top thread gets stuck.


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