June 21, 2018

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Goulash in a bowl, topped with cheese.

Ground Beef Goulash RecipesBeef goulash has a variety of origins, most notably Hungry, and consequently ingredients. It is often seasoned with paprika and may have sour cream added to this hearty meat and vegetable stew. This page contains ground beef goulash recipes.


Power steering fluid cap

How to Fix Power Steering LeaksIf you have a leak in your power steering system, it should be fixed immediately to avoid further damage to your vehicle. This page discusses how to fix power steering leaks.


Handheld vacuum sealer.

Ziplock Vs. Reynolds Vacuum SealersTwo well-known names in food storage have their own version of the Food Saver vacuum sealer. This page has information about Ziplock vs. Reynolds vacuum sealers.


Fried Parmesan Chicken in a bowl

Gluten Free Parmesan Chicken RecipeIt's easy to make many of your favorite dishes while adopting a gluten-free diet. This page contains a recipe for gluten free parmesan chicken.


Yellow Calla Lily with green in the background.

Leaves Dying on a Calla LilyYellowing dying leaves on your calla lily can be the result of a lack of nutrients or root rot. This is a page about leaves dying on a calla lily.


Mussels on spaghetti noodles

Recipes Using MusselsMussels can be prepared in a variety of ways, from the traditional butter and wine sauced steamed version to stir fried dishes, or tomato based sauces with steam mussels served with pasta. The page contains recipes using mussels.


Man repairing a rug.

Repairing Torn Carpet?Depending on the size of the tear and the condition of the carpet there are a couple of common ways to repair it. You can either sew it up or tape from underneath. This is a page about repairing torn carpet.


Honeysuckle flowers on tree

Caring for a Honeysuckle?Honeysuckle plants are available in a variety of colors and configurations, from the traditional vine to plants that have been trained as small trees AKA grown as standards. These plants like sun, generally tolerate most soil types and may need a bit of fertilizer such as green tea if they seem a bit puny or sickly. The vines need support. This is a page about caring for a honeysuckle.


A marking on the bottom of a Japanese vase.

Finding the Value of a Old Japanese Vase?Many beautiful antique china pieces, like vases were manufactured in Japan. This is a page about finding the value of a old Japanese vase.


Large Vacuum Sealer sealing food

Vacuum Sealer ReviewsVacuum sealers, like the popular Food Saver, make it easy to save money in the kitchen by vacuum storing food. This page contains vacuum sealer reviews.


Beef, chicken and salmon in vacuum plastic bag.

Buying Bags for a Decosonic Pak' N Save?These popular vacuum sealers are no longer manufactured but the supplies are sometimes available online. This is a page about buying bags for a Decosonic Pak' N Save.


Man reading recipe book while prepping chicken surrounded by ingredients

Finding RecipesThere are so many sources for recipes, both online and in books and magazines. Be sure to look at the reviews for helpful suggestions or issues. This is a page about finding recipes.


Asparagus in vacuum sealed bags.

Buying Bags for a Rival Vacuum Sealer?Vacuum sealers can save a lot of money but they do need to have a regular supply of storage bags. This is a page about buying bags for a Rival vacuum sealer.


Unrecognizable man at kitchen following recipe book.

Recipe Books for MenCookbooks are created to interest all sorts of people in cooking. This page has information about recipe books for men.


Cheesecake Topped Brownies

Cheesecake Topped BrowniesTop your favorite brownie mix with a blend of cream cheese, butter, corn starch, condensed milk, an egg, and vanilla for an over the top dessert. You can make it more sinful by finishing off with chocolate frosting. This is a page about making cheesecake topped brownies.


Close up of wet laptop keys

Saving a Wet LaptopSpilled liquids can be the death knell for electronics such as laptops and phones. Should a spill occur it is best to take your laptop to a professional if possible. If not you can try the tips noted in this page. In addition is it important to remove the battery and all external hardware and dry the unit thoroughly before booting back up.


Girls giving happy dad father's day gift and card

Father's Day "Dad You Rock" GiftKids and adults both can have fun making this unique Father's Day gift from painted and decorated stones. This is a page about making a Father's Day "Dad You Rock" gift.


A Danna Seizan Japanese china cup.

Finding the Value of Danna Seizan Fine Japanese China?Japan is well known for producing fine china dishes and servingware. This page has information about the value of Danna Seizan fine Japanese china.


Makeup brushes in a roll-up case.

Storing Makeup BrushesMakeup brushes are often stored with the brush end up to prevent damage to the bristles. One option is to repurpose a Mason jar with the ring in place to stand them up in. There are lots of other good storage ideas. This is a page about storing makeup brushes.



Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Artwork  three color fireworks

Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks ArtworkWith a toilet paper roll, you can achieve fireworks or make a dandelion/flower card using the same concept. This is a very fun activity for both adults and kids. You can make a great piece to hang on the fridge afterwards, or to gift as a card.


Happy Penguin Kids' Coloring Page - colored penguin, watercolors perhaps markers

Happy Penguin Kids' Coloring PageThe summer holidays have started and the kids are looking for some activities to do. Here is a free coloring page that will keep those young minds busy. This darling little penguin can be colored with crayons, oil pastels, watercolor paints, or with good old colored pencils. Whichever medium they choose, they are sure to have fun!


Homemade Paint Palette - paint palette made from recycled lids

Homemade Paint PaletteYou can make your own handheld paint palette using a plastic lid and plastic bottle caps. Use one larger bottle cap in the center to mix colours. I used a Cool Whip lid, water bottle caps, and one sports drink cap. Once you cut the hole for them, this can be a great palette for kids to make and use while they paint!



Identifying a Pet Baby Snake - snake in a terrarium

Identifying a Pet Baby Snake?I recently got this snake, but the breeder I got it from isn't sure what kind it is and I can't really tell. I do know that it is not venomous and it is still a baby as well. They said it could be a gray rat snake, chicken snake, a python of some kind that gets really big, or a Mississippi Mud snake.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Slogan for a Children's Nursery Business?I'm starting a nursery called "Tartan Tots" and I'm looking for a catchy slogan.


Naming a Mixed Breed Puppy - mostly white puppy with mottled brown head and ears

Naming a Mixed Breed Puppy?I am getting a new baby girl puppy Friday. I'm driving myself batty trying to think of a name for her! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated The person I'm getting her from, doesn't know anything about her ancestry, which is frustrating. I think she looks like a Dachshund/Beagle mix?


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Finding Free Tires?I need 4 285/45 R15 tires or anything that will work like these tires. I am in dire straights.


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Value of a Maggie Collection Forever Friend Doll?I found a Maggie Collection, Forever Friend doll with a certificate of authenticity, still in its original box in my garage. Is it worth anything?


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Name and Tagline Ideas for a Daycare Business?I am planning to start a daycare and activity center. Kindly suggest if "Teeny-Weeny" is a suitable name for it? Help me with a catchy name and tagline.


Identifying a Tiny Black Bug - bug next to a dime

Identifying a Tiny Black Bug?I found this bug on our bed. My daughter has been given antibiotics for these bites she has. This morning I found 2 more bites on her. I am just wondering if this is the culprit. We co-sleep and none of us have bites, only her.


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Finding Discontinued Laura Ashley Wallpaper?I am looking for 1 roll of Laura Ashley Draper stripe sable wallpaper.


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Identifying Little Black Flying Bugs?I have these little black bugs on my window sills, in my bed, and also in my dresser draws stuck to my clothes. They just sit there until they get bothered then they either fly away or crawl away. They mostly see them when it is hot out. Please help.


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Lilac Not Blooming?I have a lilac that has blossomed once in the 12 years we have been here. It grows well every year and gets about 6ft high, but hasn't bloomed for 10 years. Any reasons or suggestions?


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Name for a Special Birthday?My granddaughter will be 8 on 08/08 (August 8th). What is the name of this type of birthday?


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