September 6, 2018

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Woman with dying her hair in front of mirror in her own bathroom.

Emergency Hair Color for Your RootsIf you get caught between appointments or time to retouch your roots and need a temporary fix, try a brow pencil or mascara. This is a page about emergency hair color for your roots.


Craft table full of things to decorate headbands with beads.

Headband Craft IdeasThere are many ways to make your own headband. Some methods may depend on having crafting skills such as crochet or knitting. You may also embellish store bought bands for special occasions and to complete costumes. This page contains headband craft ideas.


Close up of a can of Off! insect repellent.

OFF! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent ReviewsWithout using chemicals on your skin, you may have some relief from mosquitoes using the clip-on version. This page contains OFF! clip-on mosquito repellent reviews.


Dog scowling at camera.

Dog Losing Balance and Not Eating?These symptoms could result from a number of issues and are serious enough to seek the advice of a vet. This is a page about a dog losing its balance and not eating.


Glass milk bottle pouring a glass of milk.

Cleaning a Borden's Milk Bottle?Milk can leave a difficult to remove haze inside a glass bottle. Vinegar or denture tablets are two methods you might try at home. This is a page about cleaning a Borden's milk bottle.


Bridal Shower Wishing Well with a small chalk board.

Making a Bridal Shower Wishing Well?Making a wishing well for guests to share their best wishes for the couple is a fun and easy project. You can begin with a laundry or wastepaper basket and decorate as you like. This is a page about making a bridal shower wishing well.


Slice of white layer cake on a plate.

Pea Pickin' Cake RecipeA batter containing yellow cake mix, pudding, and canned mandarin oranges make for this delicious cake. Top with a Cool Whip and pineapple frosting and it is pea pickin' good. This page contains a pea pickin' cake recipe.


Canning jar full of Meat.

Canning MeatUsing a pressure canner you can preserve chicken, beef, pork, and other meats. This page contains information and recipes about canning meat.


Hand scrubbing hardwood floor.

Removing Double Sided Tape from Wood Floor?The adhesive residue from double sided tape can be difficult to remove. When trying an array of products always test on a small inconspicuous area to make sure they don't mar the finish. This is a page about removing double sided tape from a wood floor.


Cat scratching carpet on the stairs.

Discouraging Cats from Scratching the Carpet?Cats scratch to sharpen their claws, to strengthen their forelegs, and to mark territory. The texture of carpet is quite appealing to many cats. There are several things you can try such, as a carpet scratching post and odor eliminating products if you believe the this is marking behavior. This is a page about discouraging cats from scratching the carpet.


Fresh Tomatoes on a skewer with Dipping Oil

Fresh Tomatoes with Dipping OilWhen there are lots of fresh tomatoes, it's nice to find new recipes to enjoy them as an entree, appetizer or snack. This is a page about fresh tomatoes with dipping oil.



stir fry mixed with noodles

Stir Fry Beef Brisket and VegetablesThis is a quick and easy meal to whip up for your family or when you have guests. Very delicious and flavorful with protein and vegetables!


Spaghetti alle Cockle on plate

Spaghetti alle CockleThis recipe is simple yet very delicious! You can substitute clams, mussels, shrimps or even lobster for cockle.


Frosty in bowl

Low Carb Chocolate FrostyI love smooth, soft chocolate frosties. I used to get them often at diners and burger joints. Now, I make low carb versions of them at home with some kitchen staples. This is a fun and easy recipe that can be ready to serve in about an hour!


Dole Whip in cup with spicy mango

2 Ingredient Dole WhipQuick and easy soft serve dessert to whip up with just 2 ingredients - frozen pineapples and coconut milk!


Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies on tray

Crispy-Edged Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal CookiesMy friends and I were having a discussion about cookies. Everyone agreed oatmeal was better than plain, chocolate chips were better than raisins, but half liked chewy while the other half liked crispy. As this debate was going on, I came up with a cookie combination to make everyone happy. I actually prefer chewy, but when I tried my cookies, I was immediately fond of the crispy edges. What a surprise. Everyone loved these!



June Bug on Watermelon - emerald green bug on watermelon

June Bug on WatermelonMy mother and I put a wedge of ripe watermelon outside as an alternative for the hummingbirds to sip juice from. We went outside to tend to the garden and saw this massive June bug feasting on it, rolling around in its juices. The contrasting colours were so cool.


Folded Paper Star - folded paper star

Folded Paper StarWhen September starts, we start thinking of decorations for Christmas. We usually decorate every September and sometimes we remove them on February or March. It's our one thrifty way to save time and money during the Christmas season, so today I started making a paper star which I might be able to use as decoration.



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Treating a Cat with Fleas?I gave my cat and dog Advantage 11 last week and my cat is still scratching. I know I have to give them 3 more treatments, but does this mean she still has fleas? I bathed her yesterday and I didn't see any.


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Cleaning with Ammonia and Water?I recently just used hot water and ammonia to clean a bunch of stuff in my house. I actually just put it in a bucket and then would dip my rag in it and later thought about how I kept dipping it in and wringing it out with unprotected hands.


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Cleaning Business Slogan Ideas?My company's name is Willis Sisters Cleaning Company and I need some good ideas for a catchy slogan?


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Name Ideas for a Senior in Home Care Business?A business with a similar name to mine that has been around longer than I have is making me give up my business name. I'm looking for a new one and I still want the words 'senior' and 'in-home', or synonyms of them in the name.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in classic hippy attire

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I cannot make out the name. Can someone help me?


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Laptops for Students?I am asking mainly for a friend. She has 4 children at home, is a single parent, and is working at a minimum wage job. The schools have now gone all computerised thus meaning the children have to access their phones to get their homework and try and do it via phones. This now is becoming very hard for them.


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