September 18, 2018

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Assorted Sweet 16 frosted cookies on a plate

December Sweet 16 Party Ideas?This page contains December sweet 16 party ideas. Here are some great ideas for incorporating the beauty of the winter season into your sweet 16 party theme.


Full washing machine.

Washing Machine Fills But Won't Wash?This is a page about a washing machine filling with water but not washing. There are numerous things that can go wrong that will prevent your washing machine from advancing in its cycle. Sometimes these repairs can be done yourself or you can call a repair service to do the work.


Group of volunteers in blue shirts with boxes of donations.

Finding Places to VolunteerThere are endless opportunities to volunteer in your community. You can volunteer through your church, the local school system, homeless shelters, or even stores where you live.


Sick white miniature poodle.

Signs That Your Pet May Have Eaten Tainted Pet FoodSeveral years ago there were large scale pet food recalls resulting from tainted food. While this has not occurred again at that level you will find useful information in this page about the symptoms associated with a pet consuming tainted food. If you suspect this has happened seek veterinary advice immediately.


Photo taken from under a tree looking up.

What Kind of Tree is This?It can be difficult to identify trees. Take photos of the tree to your local garden nursery can be really helpful. Make sure to include up close photos of its leaves, flowers, etc.


Zucchini Bars on a plate with almonds.

Zucchini Bar RecipesZucchini bars are a great way to use up all of the zucchini from your garden. You can even freeze some for later. This page contains zucchini bar recipes.


A green box of Bag Balm medicated ointment.

Uses for Bag BalmThis is a page about uses for Bag Balm. While Bag Balm was created to relieve skin irritation on cow udders, it works really well on human skin too. It can relieve everything from dry, scaly, or chaffed skin to diaper rash. It's a great item to keep on hand.


Person in an apron holding a bucket of cleaning supplies.

House Cleaning Vs Housekeeping Rates?House cleaning typically involves deep cleaning, bathrooms, kitchen, as well as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc. The cleaner is there with their supplies for a fixed amount of time whereas the housekeeper is more of a light duty cleaner with organizing thrown in. This is a page about house cleaning vs housekeeping rates.


Red vintage refrigerator.

Refinishing an Old RefrigeratorThis is a page about refinishing an old refrigerator. There are numerous ways to make an old fridge look good again. You can wallpaper it with a fun design or just painting it a new color.


crochet tablecloth

Finding a Crochet Tablecloth Pattern?Whether you are looking for a previously used older pattern or want a source for a variety of pattern choices, there are a good many places to search. This is a page about finding a crochet tablecloth pattern.


Goat in a field.

Treating a Goat With Diarrhea?Persistent diarrhea in a goat can be very serious. There are a couple of possibilities discussed in this page with an accompanying suggestion. If it continues get in contact with your vet quickly.


Grey Haired Couple ready to fight dust, man playing on mop like guitar, woman holding spray like gun and ready for shooting

Cleaning JokesHumor can be found in life's mundane tasks. This page contains cleaning jokes.



How to Make "Sweet Sixteen" CorsagesOne popular corsage for celebrating a Sweet Sixteen birthday is made using sugar cubes attached to hanging ribbons. This is a page about how to make "sweet sixteen" corsages.


Close up of machine.

Trouble With Sewing Machine After Bending NeedleSometimes when you accidentally bend a sewing machine needle you can throw the timing out of adjustment. This will probably require a trip to a repair shop to have it corrected. This is a page about trouble with a sewing machine after bending the needle.


A stack of colorful fabric.

Testing Fabric for ColorfastnessPrior to using a new cut of fabric in a project it is a good idea to check for colorfastness. This particularly important with reds. This page offers a great process for testing and also some thoughts on setting fabric dye.



filled pita bread

Pachadi (Yogurt Salad) Pita PocketsA light yet satisfying lunch, that is delicious, healthy and unusual.


Ham and Pasta Salad in bowl

Ham and Pasta SaladThis salad is great for bag lunches. It's also a good salad to include in a picnic basket. You can double the recipe and take it as a potluck side dish.



I Love Chairs As Planters In My Garden - round chair planted flowers in the garden

I Love Chairs As Planters In My GardenI love the look of chairs transformed into lovely garden pieces. My favorite type of chair is metal. They are so easy to transform, by removing the seat or just using the full chair. You can see how using chairs as planters while only spending a little money makes a real conversational piece in your outdoor space!


Salvaging Hardware from Junk - lace up boots

Salvaging Hardware from JunkMost things eventually fall apart, but not all at the same time. Here, two pairs of my boots became so worn out, they were too dangerous for wear. They were not suitable for donation, however, the silver hardware and laces were still like new. I removed them to use in crafts and sewing projects.


Ecobag Turned into a Coloring Apron - young boy wearing the apron

Ecobag Turned into a Coloring ApronThis craft is made from a white ecobag from the grocery. My brother made it himself as a gift to my son. The picture was printed into the bag first and then he transformed it into an apron which my kid enjoyed coloring and at the same time he can use it as he helps me in the kitchen.


Sunset in Charleston, South Carolina - sunset over a lake

Sunset in Charleston, South CarolinaMy husband and I love Charleston, South Carolina! From our home it's about 3 hours away. It's the one place that you can go to for almost every kind of adventure. Charleston has lakes, beaches, wonderful tours, golfing, history and let's not forget award winning cuisine!


A Euro Cuisine Greek yogurt maker after straining

Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker ReviewI have been making my own yogurt for about 2 years, which saves me a good chunk of change. I like to make organic Greek yogurt which costs a pretty penny at the grocery store.


Keep Animals from Eating Your Grapes - bowl of grapes

Keep Animals from Eating Your GrapesFor the past several years we didn't get to enjoy our Scuppernong grapes, except the ones we found as they were beginning to get ripe. Starting in August, before the grapes were fully ripe, the raccoons came at night and had a family reunion in our grapevine. They didn't even clean up after themselves.


Upcycle Giftcard to Keychain with a Fob - bird shaped fob on a key ring

Upcycle Giftcard to Keychain with a FobDo you have any expired cards, empty gift cards, or coupon cards? Do not toss them out, you can upcycle them into a nice keychain fob.


Peacock At The Petting Zoo - peacock near a car

Peacock At The Petting ZooThis lovely gracious bird that walked among the tourists unafraid and with confidence, really took my eye with his beautiful array of colors! A peacock!


DIY Shirt Folding Board - folded t-shirt

DIY Shirt Folding BoardMy mum was recently poking at me because as I was folding laundry, all the shirts had slightly different widths and fold variations. What can I say? I did not inherit her folding perfectionist gene (jokes aside, she is an origami professional).



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Value of an Antique Push Mower?I have a circa 1890s Charter Oak push lawn mower in good condition. What might it be worth?


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Getting Rid of Tiny Black Biting Bugs?I have tiny black bugs that are hard to see. You can feel them on you. It's turned my life upside down. Nothing I try works. I have done all I know to do.


Name for a Natural Skincare  -Business - locking ring glass jar with beauty product inside

Name for a Natural Skincare Business?I would like a simple, catchy name for my business. We are a new skincare business focusing on essential oils and other natural ingredients. We are looking to launch bath bombs, body scrubs, body butters, hand scrubs, toners, face masks, lip scrubs, and lip balms.


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Buying Fox Urine to Keep Squirrels Away?How can I prevent squirrels from chewing my car gas line/tube? You're suggesting using fox urine! But where doe one buy that? (We don't own a fox.)


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Paying for a Funeral?My brother was killed and it was supposed to get paid for by an organization. But now they don't wanna pay and I signed the papers because my mom wasn't doing well. Am I stuck with the cost? Or can my mother assume responsibility?


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Determining Cleaning Fees?How much should I charge to clean a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment twice a month in Fargo, ND?


Weeping Cherry Tree Has Two Different Size Leaves - both leaf sizes

Weeping Cherry Tree Has Two Different Size Leaves?My weeping cherry tree has 2 completely different kinds of leaves on it. The larger leaf is coming from 1 branch out of the lower trunk area which is connected. The smaller leaves make up the entire tree. The leaves are totally different as if from 2 different trees, but not.


Identifying a Figurine - girl sitting with a boy standing behind her, both in period dress

Identifying a Figurine?I have this old figurine that was given to me by my late grandma. It is of 2 children in fancy clothes and it has a maker's mark of a crown with a "G" underneath. Does anybody know where and when this was made?


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Recycling Dentures?My husband passed away over 5 years ago. I still have the full set of dentures that he wore. Any ideas about where to get rid of them? The dentist didn't want them back.


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Making Red Devil Costume Horns White?I need to dye a pair of cloth red devil horns white for a Halloween costume. Does anyone know how I can do this?


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Transitioning from Brown to Silver Gray or White Hair?I'm a young 70, and though my hair has some amount of gray, I feel better with a chocolate (Redkin) hair color with gray lowlights. I'd like to sample how my complexion would look with total silver gray or white. After all, it might be really nice! Can anyone suggest a way I can do this?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing deep pink long dress and fancy hat

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can someone please tell me any information about this doll that I have? The only information it has is (limited edition) on the back of her head, no numbers, no symbols or signature, the dress is about 28" long.


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Flooring Replacement Programs for Low Income Seniors?We need help replacing the flooring in our condo, we live in southern Nevada. I've talked to several agencies Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, and more. None of them knew where to refer us to, but they said the did know there was help here.


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Finding Free Furniture?How can I get help with getting a mattress and sofas?


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Planning a Salad Bar for 120 People?I'm making a tossed salad for 120 people. How many grape tomatoes, avocados, strawberries, cucumbers, croutons, and dressing will I need?


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Replacement Knob for a Window AC?I have a window AC unit whose function knob has broken. How can I get a replacement? It's a Maytag (now Fedders?): service #M3X05F2A-C; serial #LP 241277316Y.


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