October 24, 2018

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Asparagus in food saver bags.

Buying Vacuum Sealer BagsVacuum sealer bags can sometimes be difficult to find for older model sealers or at a good price. The internet is one possible source as are stores such as Walmart and Target. This page offers suggestions for buying vacuum sealer bags.


Stuffed, breaded chicken breast on a bed of lettuce.

Crab Stuffed Chicken Breasts RecipeBoned and pounded chicken breasts are filled with a delicious crab stuffing, baked or broiled, and served with your choice of sauce. This page contains crab stuffed chicken breasts recipes.


Strawberry Smoothie with fresh strawberries.

Delicious Strawberry SmoothiesThere are many recipes available for making tasty strawberry smoothies. Try one or more of the ones offered here. This is a page about making delicious strawberry smoothies.


Woman making bread in a bread machine.

Using Yeast in a Bread MachineUnless instructed, do not use rapid rising yeast in your bread machine. It can create a fluffy texture or cause the bread to rise too fast and then fall in on itself. This is a page about using yeast in a bread machine.


Slab of vegetable shortening.

Removing Crisco Stains from Clothing?Oily, greasy stains from shortenings such as Crisco need to be treated with products intended to remove such stains. One common solution is to treat the stain with Dawn dish soap and then wash. Air dry and repeat as needed. This is a page about removing Crisco stains from clothing.


Grease stains on white.

Removing a Grease Stain on PolyesterDawn detergent is the hands down recommended winner in the fight against grease stains on clothing and other fabrics. This is a page about removing a grease stain on polyester.


Toilet bolt cover.

Use PVC Caps to Cover Tall Toilet BoltsIf the bolts for your toilet are too long to be covered by the caps that are sold for this purpose, try this solution. This is a page about use PVC caps to cover tall toilet bolts.


Stuffed Bread.

Stuffed Vienna Bread RecipeMake diagonal cuts in the loaf and stuff with cheese, spices, and/or mushrooms, olives, and more. These delicious loaves can be prepared and refrigerated for later use. This page contains stuffed Vienna bread recipes.


Triangle appetizer

Crescent and Feta Cheese Triangle AppetizerHere is another simple appetizer recipe using crescent rolls and feta cheese to make tasty pastry triangles. This is a page about making a crescent and feta cheese triangle appetizer.


Cutting a Toddlers Hair

Cutting a Toddlers HairParents have a few concerns about cutting their toddler's hair. Some have to do with technique and others focus on concerns about changing the texture and level of curliness by cutting. This is a page about cutting a toddler's hair.


Puppy in a flower bed.

Creating Flower Beds Where a Dog Previously Peed and Pooped?The first step in this process is to retrain the dog to use a new spot. Make sure all solids are removed. You can add a bit of dish soap and water to the soil to help remove and dilute urine. Turn the soil to aerate. Time is your friend. This is a page about creating flower beds where a dog previously peed and pooped.


Hand holding a cleaning supplies bucket.

Name Ideas for Cleaning Business Reflecting Military BackgroundSometimes new business owners like to incorporate something personal about themselves into the name for their business. This is a page about name ideas for a cleaning business reflecting a military background.



Almond Crusted Shrimp on plate

Almond Crusted ShrimpGround up almonds create the perfect coating for these shrimp. They are juicy on the inside and super crunchy on the outside. My recipes uses coconut flour and is gluten-free, but you can use regular flour if you prefer.


Italian Sausage Spinach Orzo Soup in bowl

Italian Sausage Spinach Orzo SoupThis is a Fall favorite. It is so warming and delicious with lots spices and flavors. Enjoy making this very easy soup.


Aloe and Mung Bean Coconut Dessert in bowl

Aloe and Mung Bean Coconut DessertThis is an easy dessert you can make with just a few ingredients. This refreshing dessert can be served cold, or right off the stove warm.



Sprucing Up Cheap Greeting Cards - open card with the string of paper Jack 'O Lanterns

Sprucing Up Cheap Greeting CardsMany of the the 3D and pop-up style greeting cards start with a base price of around $7. My mum and I buy budget cards (2 for $1) and spruce them up. Here, we've created paper pumpkins, added them to a thick line of string, then glued it on the inside of the card.


River (Labrador) - upside down yellow Lab

River (Labrador)I got him from a breeder at 6 weeks old. He likes to annoy me, eat, and run around like the clown he is. He's my 110lb Labradork.


Sun Goddess Headdress - Attosa wearing the headdress

Sun Goddess HeaddressThis is an extremely easy and super thrifty way to make a beautiful headdress that will make you look kine you're shining! All you need is a thin headband, some zip ties, and gold paint. I added some glitter for extra pizzazz!



Identifying China - gold rimmed plates

Identifying China?I bought a storage unit and inside were several boxes marked, china, so I have a lot of china that I know nothing about and can't seem to find it anywhere. Some are marked, from Italy 66312 py. The py has a circle around it and Kickard Athenian 1041.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Motto for a Daycare and Kindergarten?I am looking for a good school motto for a daycare and kindergarten. The name of the kindergarten is Mikaela Daycare n Kindergarten. The name Mikaela means God's gift.


New Light Switch and Outlet Not Working - new outlet

New Light Switch and Outlet Not Working?I updated my outlet and a switch. After the new switch and outlet were installed only my outlet worked, but the light switch would not turn on lights. While I was removing wires from the old outlet the lights went out.


Identifying Dining Table Style - decorative metal table base

Identifying Dining Table Base Style?I have a dining table and chairs that I need out of storage. I don't know what style the table base is. Can anyone help me? I just need to know what to call it. The base is metal. (Sorry the picture isn't the greatest.)


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Scaring a Mockingbird?We are staying at this RV park right now and we have this annoying mockingbird that will attack everybody's windows. I'm pretty sure it sees its reflection. Every single day it will go to our window and slam into it and peck it, including our new truck when it's here.


Value of a Chinese Plate - plate with floral design in center and ornate edge design

Value of a Chinese Plate?Can you please tell me if this plate has any value?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Daycare Slogan Ideas?I'm opening up a daycare called, Babes n Tots Daycare. Can someone help me with a slogan?


Value of Encyclopedia Americana Set

Value of Encyclopedia Americana Set?I have a set of 1955 Encyclopedia Americana books. All 30 books are in excellent condition.


Value of Thomas Kinkade Prints - snowy scene

Value of Thomas Kinkade Prints?I have limited edition prints of Autumn Gate, Moonlit Village, and Garden Beyond Spring Gate by Thomas Kinkade. I would like to know how much they're worth.


Hibiscus Blooms Not Opening Completely

Hibiscus Blooms Not Opening Completely?This is as far as it would open. Previous years' blooms were beautiful.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Value of an Ashley Belle Doll?I have an Ashley Belle doll model MG701. Do you know the value? She has a change of clothes and a letter of authenticity.


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