January 24, 2019

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Shinook the Jack Russell Terrier looking at Jett the Crow

Shinook (Jack Russell Terrier)Enjoy watching Shinook as he grows through the years. This page contains multiple pet submissions about Shinook (Jack Russell).


A small black and white dog in a laundry basket.

Rocky (Jack Russell Terrier)Rocky's owner has shared more than one photo of his cute black and white dog. This page contains multiple pet submissions about Rocky (Jack Russell Terrier).


A Jack Russell terrier catching a ball outside.

Jack Russell Terrier PhotosJack Russell Terriers are a cute and spunky breed of small dog. They were originally bred as fox hunters, but are now a popular family pet. This page contains Jack Russell Terrier photos.


A Jack Russell Terrier sitting on grass.

Skippy (Jack Russell Terrier)Enjoy watching Skippy as he grows through the years. This page contains photos and stories about Skippy, a Jack Russell Terrier.


A Jack Russell puppy with a white vignette.

Sproetjies (Jack Russell)Watch Sproetjies grow up through a series of photos. This page contains multiple pet submissions about Sproetjies (Jack Russell).


A Jack Russell Terrier lying on a colorful blanket.

Cookie (Jack Russell Terrier)Meet Cookie in all her moods. This page contains multiple pet submissions about Cookie (Jack Russell Terrier).


A Jack Russell Terrier sitting on a rug.

In Memory of Hayley (Jack Russell Terrier)Hayley's owner shared her story over the course of years, including her passing. This page contains multiple pet submissions about Hatley (Jack Russell Terrier).



Blackberry Ricotta Cake on plate

Blackberry Ricotta CakeA moist, blackberry ricotta cake that you can enjoy for a birthday cake or any occasion.


Fish Fries with bowl of sauce on plate

Fish FriesMy kid wanted fries but then again there's nothing on my fridge but a thousand grams of anchovies. I don't know what its called in some countries, but in mine we call them fish fries. So here's a unique, healthy snack I made for my picky eater kid.


Easy Tuscan Chicken on plate with salad

Easy Tuscan Chicken with Olives and PeppersI made this simple but delicious recipe in my crockpot but you may cook it in a large pot. A nice change of pace from boiled or baked chicken.


Butternut Squash Soup in bowl

Butternut Squash SoupWonderful for the record breaking cold weather we are having. I will wrote the instructions for preparing on the stovetop. I used my Instant Pot on the soup setting. I let it release naturally for about 10 minutes before I added the cream.



Dollar Tree Candle Holders as Succulent Pots - inexpensive candle holders to use as succulent pots

Dollar Tree Candle Holders as Succulent PotsAs you all may know, I love plants, especially succulents. They're actually my go to gift to give to co-workers, family, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc.


Using Your Computer as a Dictionary - article about permafrost up on screen

Using Your Computer as a DictionaryThanks to a comment on my 10-10-2017 posting, "Increase your Vocabulary" I now have a quicker and easier way to look up the definition of a word when I'm reading the news or other articles on the internet. Just a few days ago, I saw the 10-16-2017 comment and I responded to it with my gratitude.


Deboning Chicken Thighs  - deboned thighs

Deboning Chicken ThighsWe love chicken thighs because they are always moist and flavorful. Boneless thighs are at least $1 more a pound than bone-in. I wait until the bone-in thighs are on sale and bone them myself.


Recycled Butter Boxes Used as Pencil Holders - boxes with pens, pencils, scissors, and more inside

Recycled Butter Boxes Used as Pencil HoldersI take the cardboard boxes that hold the 4 sticks of butter and turn them into useful and pretty pencil and graft supply holders.


Henry (Siamese Mix) - pretty part Siamese kitten

Henry (Siamese Mix)His middle name is Skippyjon, based on a childrens' book series (Skippyjon Jones). It is about a naughty but curious, sweet Siamese kitten who pretends to be a great sword fighting Chihuahua. He is mistaken for this dog breed because his ears are too big for his body!


Valentine's Day Decorated Gift Bag

Valentine's Day Decorated Gift BagYou can easily redesign a shopping bag into a Valentine's Day themed gift bag. You will need simple supplies that you probably already have at home!


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Cleaning Sliding Door or Window TracksI use a toothbrush, Dow Foaming Bathroom cleaner, a spray bottle of plain water and a shop vac with the small auto detail attachment that narrows the opening down to about the size of your fingertip.



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Finding Free or Inexpensive Furniture?Where can I get sofa set and table to eat dinner on, pots, pans, rugs, and a TV stand?


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Age of an Eldredge Treadle Sewing Machine?I also have an Eldridge treadle with same markings, but mine does not have the National Sewing Machine Company badge and I don't see national anywhere. I am dying to know the age.


Identifying Insects Eggs - eggs on white fabric

Identifying Insects Eggs?Please help to identify these insect eggs. I found them on a shirt on the washing line. I live in Cape Town.


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Painting Closet Doors?A while ago there was an article about how to tape off a closet door so it could be painted inside the taped area. I would appreciate seeing the article.


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Kenmore Washer Sprays Water After Spinning?My Kenmore washer #11029822801 is spinning, but is spraying water after it's done so the clothes are soaking wet again when it stops. I can stand there and lift the lid at the end of the spin cycle and everything is fine, but don't usually have time to do that. How can I reset it so it doesn't spray the water?


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Freezing a Bacon Clanger?Can you freeze a bacon clanger (hand pie)?


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Cat Loses Kitten in College Dorm?I live in a pretty big college dorm where you can easily get lost. A cat had her three kittens in here. At first everyone thought it was cute so they were helping and feeding her and everything. But once the kittens grew a little bit everyone forgot about them. And of course the little ones started exploring the dorm.


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Dyeing Hair After Bleaching?I bleached my hair about 4 days ago, I didn't have any problems other than it turned orange. So I knew I needed to redo it. Today I bleached it again, but my hair fell out. Not completely (thank God!), but enough to where my hair look thinner than normal.


Identifying a Houseplant - tall stalked plant with large green leaves and white along leaf veins

Identifying a Houseplant?I got this plant from work and they don't know what it is. It can grow quite tall and has thick stems.


Identifying a Houseplant - elongated leaves on tallish stemmed plant

Identifying a Houseplant?So I received this plant as a house warming gift and I've searched all over to try and figure out what it is and have had no luck. If anyone recognizes it and could let me know the name I'd be very grateful!


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Replacing the Carbon Brushes on a Pfaff 1171?Can anyone instruct me on how to get to the motor on the Pfaff Tiptronic 1171 sewing machine so I can replace the carbon brushes?


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Removing Dry Erase Marker from a 100% Cotton Quilt?I was studying for exams one day and I was studying on a dry erase board with the marker. I accidentally got the marker on my hundred percent cotton quilt how do I get it out?


Value of Kennx International Porcelain Dolls

Value of Kennx International Porcelain Dolls?I have these porcelain doll, they are twin angels in a green box with the view screen to view them in a heart shape. It is in mint, brand new condition from Kennx Int'l Inc in 1999. I would really love to know the value of the dolls. When it was purchased it was for around 11 - 15$.


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - doll wearing dark blue satin and lace dress

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I have several porcelain dolls and I would like to know what the names are and the value of these please?


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Cause of Strong Odor on Clothes?One day I was going to school and I realized that people were covering their noses and sniffing when I walked past them. Once I went home I took a sniff of my clothes and they smelled horrible. I used vinegar, baking, and borax. I still to this day don't know why my clothes smell even though I put them in the laundry.


Dyeing Roots After Bleaching Hair - view of part in very red hair

Dyeing Roots After Bleaching Hair?I recently bleached my natural hair and dyed my hair a bright red afterward. I do not want my roots red. Can I dye my roots a black color or will it interfere with the bleach underneath the semi-permanent red hair dye?


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Serger Runs at Full Speed When Turned On?My serger only runs at full speed from the on/off switch. I have no control with the foot pedal. Do I need to replace the foot pedal? Has anyone had this problem?


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