April 14, 2019

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mixed frosting

Colorful Lemon Buttercream FrostingUsing lemon extract in place of vanilla in a buttercream frosting is delicious. Use some festive food colors to decorate your cupcakes. This is a recipe for colorful lemon buttercream frosting.


a finished cup of Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

Vegan Worcestershire Sauce RecipeMake a sauce similar to an old favorite without the escargot for a meatless version. This page contains a vegan Worcestershire sauce recipe.


Pearl Water Falls Centerpiece - add artificial plants and flowers

Making a Pearl and Shell Waterfall CenterpieceUsing rocks, pebbles and sand, along with pearls, artificial plants and transparent tape you can create a fun waterfall scene for inside your home. This is a page about making a pearl and shell waterfall centerpiece.


Popsicle Stick Gazebo and Bench - finished bench and gazebo

How to Make a Popsicle Stick Gazebo and BenchPopsicle sticks are a fun medium to use for making doll house outdoor furnishings. This is a page about how to make a Popsicle stick gazebo and bench.


Chicken with Green Olives in pan

Chicken with Green Olives RecipeSeasoned chicken thighs with green olives makes a delicious main dish to serve with rice. This is a page about chicken with green olives.


A pair of sunglasses used as a cellphone holder.

Using Sunglasses as Cell Phone EaselYou can turn your sunglasses upside down to make a makeshift stand for your cell phone to watch videos. This is a page about using sunglasses as cell phone easel.



Rice Milk in bottle

Rice MilkVery simple and inexpensive to make! It is a good non-dairy base for homemade cocoa.


Making Super Hero Straws - two super hero straw toys

Making Superhero StrawsThe kids are into super hero/super powers lately! They wanted a super hero "toy" so I made these super hero straws they can run around with! These would double as cute decorations for a banner or decoration if you're having a super hero kids' party!


Thrifty Vertical Planter Wall - asymmetrical arrangement

Thrifty Vertical Planter WallI was inspired by the beautiful succulent decor walls at my local malls and stores. I wanted my own mini version in my backyard. However, upon research I found that vertical planters are so expensive!



What Breed Is My Dog? - black puppy with white on chest

What Breed Is My Dog?She is 15 lbs. The vet says she is 6 months old. I don't know a whole lot other than that. She snorts a little, is super sweet, friendly, cuddly, smart, and curious.


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Finding a Replacement Cable for a SCE Electric Blanket?I have lost the electric cord connection to my SCE electric blanket, model number TSK200x155x40cm-2xym. Kindly advise where and how I can replace same or find a company that can re-manufacture the two plugs and cord connection for me.


Name for a Business Selling Makeup

Name for a Business Selling Makeup?I want to start a weave, lashes, makeup palette and edge control business. Any ideas for a business name?


Determining the Value of an Old Reel Mower

Determining the Value of an Old Reel Mower?I recently acquired a reel mower and was curious about its value and if I can find any original parts.


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Getting Dried Blood Stains Out of a Headliner?How do I get old dried blood stains out of my minivan headliner? Its a light grey fabric. Is a Magic Eraser safe?


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Reducing the Smell of Raw Cabbage?I like to hollow out a red cabbage and serve with a dijon dip in the hollow. How can I keep the cabbage/sulphur smell from running off my guests?


Value of Geppeddo Porcelain Dolls

Value of Geppeddo Porcelain Dolls?Someone gave me a bunch of Geppeddo porcelain dolls and I have no clue what they're worth. One is name Leah.


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Removing Paper Stuck to a Wood Table?I have an untreated maple butcher block table that wet paper towels bonded with/ sunk into, and I cannot get it off with anything too strong because it is a food prep surface. I tried salt and vinegar, and they aren't working.


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Treating a Feral Mama Cat and Her Kittens for Fleas?I have a feral mama cat who, along with her "community" mother, "adopted my home, pregnant. For the past few months she took up home in my bedroom where she eats, sleeps, and uses a litter box. She does come out to hang out with other pets, watch TV, and observe us out of curiosity.


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Getting Seeds for Flower Bed Okra?I'm looking for more information on flower bed okra. How do I get some seeds?


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Name Ideas for an After School Program?Can someone please help me find a name for an after school program, using "ray" or "under age"?


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Repairing a Roll Top Desk?I have a child's roll top desk and the slats must have shrunk because they keep coming off the track? Is there any way to fix this? Do I need to buy new ones or what would you suggest?


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When Does Your Period Usually Start?I am 15 years old and still haven't gotten my period. I have pretty much full grown breasts, a face full of pimples, and body hair! All of my friends got their periods in 5th or 6th grade! I know periods suck and all, but I'm so anxious! Is there any way to get my period like super fast?


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Using Sawdust as Base for a Stone Walkway?I had 3 stumps ground down which left a lot of sawdust in the side of my house. My plan was to make a stone walkway and I do not want to grow grass or plant anything. Can I leave the sawdust as a base and put decorative stone and pavers on top of the sawdust?


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Riding Mower Blows the Fuse When Engaging Blades?My riding mower blows the 20 amp fuse when I try to engage the blades. I've replaced the seat switch, blade engagement switch, and electric clutch.


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Tips for Tub to Shower Conversion for a Senior?I'm a senior and planning a conversion. I'm looking to the future and want fixtures placed where I can shower sitting. I'm seeing pictures where the faucet is placed too high to turn the water on and off while sitting. I have a handheld shower now and it is too high and hurts my shoulder reaching for it.


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Value of a New Century Dictionary?I found a 1927 New Century Dictionary. Is it worth anything?


Identifying Household Bugs - bug on fabric

Identifying Household Bugs?What is this bug? I have see multiple ones in my bed and I can't seem to get rid of them, no matter how often I wash my sheets.


What Are These Bugs? - longish brown bugs

What Are These Bugs?I have been finding these bugs in the bathroom. They are always dead, so I haven't found one alive yet. I don't know what they are and how to get rid of them.


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Repairing a Cedar Chest?How do I repair a cedar chest with brittle and dry wood?


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What to Charge for Cleaning Ovens?I am a housekeeper. What do I charge for cleaning ovens?


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Furniture Store Name Ideas?I am planning to start a new furniture store in Jaipur Rajasthan. I want some refreshing and new names. The store will cater to some great designs with good quality and extra ordinary after sales services.


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Finch Is Not Laying Eggs?My finch has laid one egg which they busted, but that was months ago. She hasn't laid anything else since; why? Their nest is complete, they have plenty of food and water and they have this huge cage to themselves.


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Re-dyeing Hair?So I dyed my hair 4 weeks ago a dark chocolate brown, color level 3. After shampooing it this long, it has faded to way too reddish of a shade for me. I want to dye it "darkest brown" level 2 tonight. But do I leave it on the whole 30 mins or less cuz it's a darker shade, but only 4 weeks have passed. It's a permanent dye.


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Asking My Mom About Shaving?I've been going through "puberty" (I'm 15 years old) and am growing some serious armpit hair! It's starting to get extremely hot where I live and many kids at my school are wearing tank tops! I'm also a part of a dance group and the dress code there forces me to show my dark, hairy, full, sweaty, smelly, and gross hair! I've been trying to ask my mom to help me, but that's so awkward.


Mystery Black Insect Eggs or Fungus on Soil in Garden - what appears to be black insect eggs under ivy geraniums

Mystery Black Insect Eggs or Fungus on Soil in Garden?What is this attached to the soil under my ivy geraniums. Is it mold or insect eggs? This is outside, in autumn, Brisbane qld Australia. It has been getting watered regularly.


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Changing Your Mailing Address for Food and Family Magazine?Where on line can I change my mailing address for "Food and Family" magazine?


Identifying an Antique or Vintage Dresser - old mirrored dresser

Identifying an Antique or Vintage Dresser?l was wondering if any one could help me. Is this dresser vintage or antique? What year? Has it a name? And its value ?


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