November 6, 2019

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DIY Puffy Stickers from Hot Glue - ghost, Jack 'o Lantern,  and candy corn puffy stickers

DIY Puffy Stickers from Hot GlueHot glue has so many craft applications. Learn how to make cute puffy hot glue stickers for Halloween or any occasion.


Spiral Paper Clip Earrings - pair of earrings

Spiral Paper Clip EarringsGet creative with paper clips and make a pair of these pretty spiral earrings. This page contains instructions and photos for this project.


Masking Tape and Shoe Polish Vase - apply a coat of Mod Podge

Creating a Leather Look VaseMasking tape, shoe polish, and either spray sealer or Mod Podge are the main supplies needed to turn a plain vase into one having a leather look. Try your hand at it, using the instructions and photos provided.


Three balls of yarn that are in different containers to avoid tangling.

Crocheting with Three Strands of YarnIf you like or want to try using multiple strands of yarn in your next crochet project we have a craft and helpful tips on this page.


Wooden Barn Star Quilt Pattern - red, white, and blue star with two white stars on blue center squares

Wooden Quilt Patterned Barn StarThis project explains with step by step instructions and images how to make this excellent wooden quilt pattern barn star.



Roasted Chicken and Rice on plate

Roasted Chicken and RiceI just took out a split chicken and went crazy looking at what I had to make something different and this is what happened! And then I even made a leftover dinner for tomorrow or for the freezer! BAM


Butternut Squash Puree in blender

Butternut Squash PureeAny processed butternut squash is expensive, because it is so hard to cut. Let your microwave do the work for you. You can use the puree for baking, cooking, or as I am doing, for soup. Since I grew my own squash, the only cost to me was my labor.


Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet

Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato SkilletThis is a very quick meal to make, perfect if you work during the day. I omitted the cheese and added asparagus, so I made this a one-pan meal. Feel free to add other vegetables and spices to your liking. I partially cooked the sweet potatoes and the asparagus in the microwave to make it even faster.



Budget Friendly Snow Globe - filled globe surrounded by red Christmas ornaments, pine cones, and greenery

Budget Friendly Snow GlobeAll items used for this project came from the dollar store! This idea is great for family fun, gifts, and party favors. It is quite simple and can be done in minutes. Here's how!


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How NOT To Bake Individual PiesAt about ten minutes before the pie should have finished baking, I looked to see how things were progressing. The only thing left on the cooling rack was a couple of cherries and a few bits of crust. All the rest had fallen through the rack into the pan beneath. (I'm still laughing).


Colorful Box of Crayons Costume

Colorful Box of Crayons CostumePhoenix and Gryphon are the green and blue crayons in a giant box of Canineyola Crayons, ready to fill your Halloween with color.


A draft stopper made from recycled towel.

Keeping Out the ColdI live in a senior community and they pay the utilities. I am grateful for it and try to be frugal with the bill. I also like to keep my doors open for light. This can be a problem when the screen doors are older and don't close all the way.


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Reuse Bags Inside Cereal or Cracker BoxesThis is extremely strong and waterproof material with many possible uses. I store leftovers in them. Or open the seam and flatten to use in place of wax paper for wrapping sandwiches or lining piecrust for "blind-baking." Prevent splattering when reheating dishes in the microwave.


Claw Machine with Stuffed Animal Costumes - dogs in costume in the machine

Claw Machine with Stuffed Animal CostumesPhoenix and Gryphon are cuddly stuffed animals inside a giant claw machine, like the ones you see at arcades. Phoenix is a stuffed polar bear and Gryphon is a stuffed lion. We're sure anyone would want to win these adorable stuffed animals!


Witch Doctor and Shrunken Head Costumes - finished witch doctor and shrunken head

Witch Doctor and Shrunken Head CostumesGryphon, the witch doctor, donned his creepy cloak with bands of leather. Gryphon, the witch doctor, wore a headpiece of bones and feathers. Then, Gryphon, the witch doctor, put Phoenix in a cauldron on the table. He told him, Ooo, ee, oo ah ah. Ting tang, walla walla bing bang!. This is what he said. He put a bone with braids through Phoenix's nose. And then he shrunk his head!


A dog dressed as Medusa and another dressed as a soldier being turned to stone.

Medusa Turning a Soldier to Stone CostumesPhoenix and Gryphon are dressed up as a classic Greek myth. Phoenix is Medusa, a terrifying Gorgon monster with living venomous snakes in place of hair, known for her power to turn onlookers to stone. Gryphon is the soldier who attempted to defeat Medusa, but despite his best efforts, was turned to stone by Medusa's deathly gaze.


Makeup packaging with the purchase date noted.

Mark Makeup with Date PurchasedMakeup has a shelf life, even if unopened. I put the date I purchase it on the package. This way I use the oldest ones first. This also works with canned and boxed foods.


Labyrinth Movie Costumes - finished scene

Labyrinth Movie CostumesPhoenix and Gryphon are dressed as characters from the classic Jim Henson movieLabyrinth, in a tribute to the late great David Bowie. Gryphon is dressed as David Bowie's character Jareth, the Goblin King. Phoenix is wearing an illusion costume so that he is taking on the role of two of the characters, both the girl Sarah and the baby Toby.


Ice Phoenix Costumes - two women wearing the costumes

Ice Phoenix CostumesWe dressed up as Ice Phoenixes, which are a twist on the traditional phoenix. The mythical phoenix is typically known to have the power of fire, and be a fiery bird in shades of orange, red, and gold. There is, however, a more rare type of phoenix that has the power of ice, known as the Ice Phoenix.


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Pumpkin Smashing after HalloweenYou can have a fun pumpkin smashing event at your house (or just with your family.) You can experiment and see what methods can smash a pumpkin the best.


An open shelf with a burgundy panel on the end.

Storing Books on Open ShelvesI bought a 72 inch H, 48 inch W, 24 inch D storage shelf. I made a burgundy panel to go on the end to prevent books from falling. Books can be shelved from both sides. Will house double the books from a single book shelf.


A cord wrapped around a tension rod.

Wrapping Electric Cord for Under Cabinet LightsI have plug in LED under cabinet lights in my kitchen. The cord only needs to be about 12 inches, but it's about 30. I just had an idea to use a tension rod. Just wind the cord around the rod and snap into place. It cannot be seen by an average height person.


More State Fair Projects - dandelion framed artwork using tile spacers

More State Fair ProjectsI made three really cool things for the 2019 State Fair, with wonderfully detailed photos of each step; even winning a 3rd place for one of them. Then, while sending the photos from my phone to the computer, I accidentally deleted them before they had a chance to load.


Turkey Pumpkin - hand holding a small turkey pumpkin

Turkey PumpkinDon't store your Halloween pumpkins away just yet! You can use them as decorations for Thanksgiving. Transform your pumpkin into a turkey with some construction paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.



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Repairing a Smith Corona Typewriter?I have a Smith Corona XL 1800 typewriter that will type on its own. It is only ever the number 5. I have unplugged the typewriter for a couple of days, but still no help. I cleaned the pinwheel, but that did not help. Do you have any suggestions what might be the problem?


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Using Vinegar to Remove Urine Odor in Range Oven?Can I use cleaning vinegar vs. white distilled vinegar?


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Finding an Airtight Stopper for Bathtub Overflow Drain?I have a bathtub in my basement that is directly underneath my kitchen. The kitchen and bathtub drainpipes must connect underneath the basement floor, and the bathtub drain regularly (every six months) starts backing up with waste water from the kitchen.


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Cashing an Old Money Order?I have an old Fifth Third Bank personal money order from 2016. I couldn't cash it then and I having a hell of a time trying to get my money. There is no expiration date on it. How I get my money?


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Selling Trees on Your Property for Lumber?I am interested in finding a company to timber trees off my property and we can receive payment for the trees.


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Repairing the Frame on a Pull-out Couch?I was folding my Pottery Barn leather pull-out couch to put it away, and heard a snap. Two metal bars dropped down on each side and are no longer connected, so it won't fold up when I try to fold the couch up. I don't know if this is a welding fix or what. Anyone have any ideas?


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House Trained Dog Urinating on the Carpet?I cleaned my carpet and soon after my house broken dog started peeing on it. He is a Yorkie and he is 8 years old. I don't know what happened to him. He has been checked by a vet and no sugar diabetes, no bladder stones, and no urinary tract infections. He can't go in the living room at all. He doesn't pee anywhere else except on the carpet we cleaned. We thought it was the cleaner we used.


Value of a RCA Console Stereo - open console, turntable, radio, and 8 track player

Value of a RCA Console Stereo?This is a RCA model VST 320S, 1974, Serial 31281 0659. We are looking for a price it would sell for today.


Identifying a Desk/Cabinet - dark wood trapezoidal cabinet

Identifying a Desk/Cabinet?I have a desk/cabinet which is a dark wood. On the swinging front door, to the right, are 4 fleur de lis, one in each corner, and the carving of a woman's profile in the middle. I am wondering its origin. France I suppose.


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Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Getting Water?I have a Frigidaire Gallery fridge. I have changed the water valve, filter, and the ice maker. It made only one round of ice and I can hear it trying to cycle, but no water goes into ice maker. I dont know what else I can do.


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