April 21, 2020

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Refilling the Swiffer Bottle

Refilling a Swiffer Wet Jet BottleThe Swiffer Wet Jet is an easy way to clean your floors, with a built-in cleaning solution. The replacement bottle can be expensive so many people refill the original bottle instead.


Mama Mia Meatballs

Making Mama Mia MeatballsHere is a traditional Italian meatball recipe, served with tomatoes, garlic and lots of cheese over pasta. Make and freeze these for a quick weeknight dinner.


A couple looking at a computer screen, showing a healthcare website.

Name Ideas for a Home Healthcare Website?Choosing a name for your health website should evoke your mission to anyone viewing it. Many website names are already taken so creativity in spelling and word choices are usually necessary.


Mixed Media Journal - finished journal

Making a Mixed Media Journal CoverSave your odds and ends to make this mixed media journal cover. This is a great project or gift for a tween or teen.


A cookie sheet of chickpea chip cookies.

Chickpea Chip CookiesMake classic chocolate chip cookies healthier with the addition of a can of chickpeas/garbanzo beans. Your kids will never know the difference.


Vegan Mac and "Cheese" in bowl

Making Vegan Mac and "Cheese"Macaroni and cheese is a classic favorite for many, but is not considered vegan due to the milk and cheese. Use cashews and flavorings to mimic cheese in this dairy free version.


Egg Carton Alligator - finished egg carton gator

Making an Egg Carton AlligatorSave your cardboard egg cartons to make one of these adorable alligators. This is a great recycled craft to do with the kids.


A bunch of dandelion blossoms in a tub.

Dandelion Blossom BreadPick dandelions from your yard and use them to make this delicious bread. Avoid dandelions from areas where chemicals are used for weed or pest control.


Caramel Grapes on plate

Making Caramel GrapesIf you want the flavor of caramel apples without the mess and difficulty, try caramel covered grapes. These sweet little treats are perfect for a party or as an after school snack for kids.



A bowl of Greek salad, ready for serving.

Greek SaladI love to make Greek salad anytime I have extra cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. This summery salad keeps a long time and goes with all sorts of barbecue or outdoor grilling recipes. I would usually sprinkle feta on each serving but I made due with what I had at home.


baked BTC Sandwiches

BTC (Bacon, Tomato Soup, Cheese) SandwichesThese open-faced sandwiches were a favorite during my childhood days. I taught my children at a young age to make them and they have carried on this family recipe to their children. It is kid-friendly meal for the kids not only eat, but help make!



Tame Turtle - turtle on the bank of a pond or lake

Tame TurtleMy 3 yr. old son and I saw this turtle that didn't 'run' or should we say walk away, when we approached it on our morning walk. It seemed to enjoy the attention. Very cute little fella!


Tea Time - Tissue Box Tea Pot - finished pot

Tea Time - Tissue Box Tea PotThis is an original recycled tissue box teapot idea with inspiration from online paper craft teapots. It will be used for my future daughter-in-law's tea party, garden-themed bridal shower. The teapot will hold little plastic packets of citrus tea mix for the shower guests to take home.


A U.S. quarter on a marble countertop.

Always Tip Your Servers/DriversUsually I would say this to people when dining in a restaurant. But because of the current situation the whole world is facing, delivery or curbside pick up is the IN thing at the moment, right? So, my tip is: Always tip your server or driver because they're so worth it! (Especially NOW)


Macaroni and cheese in foil containers.

My Life Since Being "Quarantined"I'm not complaining at all here! One thing I want to focus on is my attitude. That is, my attitude now. Oh, I was not very happy with all of this in the beginning! Oh no!



What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?He is 8 months old and I got him at 2 months. When I got him the previous owners said he was a full bred German Shepherd, but he is a little bit short and has a big jaw. I thought that maybe he's a German Shepherd, Jack Russell, Rotweiler, but maybe I'm wrong.


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Toro Mower Won't Start?I put a new solenoid, starter switch, and the battery was charged. Why won't my Toro start?


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Making Sizzlers at Home?I am just wondering if anyone can help me. I'm looking into making my own sizzlers at home. Does anyone have any idea what I need to buy and how to do them? Google isn't helping me.


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Foot Pedal Not Working on Empisal Serger?Two months ago I bought a an Empisal serger. I have only used it twice. I was using it today when the foot stopped, the light was still on. I tested the foot on my sewing machine and it was working fine, but when I put it on the serger it was not working. Can anybody help me by letting me know how I can fix it or what might be the problem?


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Composting Chicken Feed Used as Cat Litter?I didn't think used cat litter was good compost material especially for food crops. If I use chicken feed, will other animals like squirrels and mice, or birds eat it?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in long dress and hat

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know what this dolls name is or what collection if any she is part of?


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Dog Treat Business Name Ideas?My name is Jake and I'm starting up a dog treat business. I am looking for some good catchy names.


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Removing Super Glue from a Beard?How do you remove super glue from your beard safely?


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Canning Lids Not Sealing Properly?I made salsa using my sister's recipe. She makes huge batches. She boils her jars for an hour in her roaster. I have an old stock pot for canning and I make small batches. I boiled mine for an hour. I saw the lids were stressed when it was done, but once cooled I could press them and they moved. What am I doing wrong?


Value of a Vintage Imperial Furniture Desk - three drawer desk with leather top

Value of a Vintage Imperial Furniture Desk?I got this desk for free and refinished it. I googled the stamp that was inside the drawer and the website indicated that it was from 1956. I'm wondering what the asking price should be. I was thinking of $150.


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Ideas for a Joint Girls' 14th and 11th Birthday Parties?My birthday is October 18th and I will be turning 14. I'm planning on having a slumber party with a lot of my friends. I am sharing my birthday with my sister who turns 11 October 21st who doing the same thing as me. What are some ideas of things we can do? We are OK with ideas for both genders because some of us are tomboys.


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New WetJet Won't Spray?My new WetJet won't spray. I have followed the WetJet instructions and it still won't spray.


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Missing Cat Went Down Mobile Home Air Vent?My daughter brought her cat over to my mobile home and she went down the air vent. It's been over a week and we still can't find her. Could she have gotten out through the skirt around the trailer and gone into the woods? We don't hear anything under the house.


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Beagle Keeps Scratching His Ears?I have a 2 year old Beagle. He scratches his ears as soon as he gets up from a sleep or just generally too. We have checked for an ear infection or ear wax, but couldn't find anything. He does this when he feels very excited or sees us when after long time by shaking the whole body.


Identifying Small Black Bugs - bug on fabric

Identifying Small Black Bugs?What is this guy? I found him on my pillow case and usually other ones physically on me or my shirts.


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Stella Electric Blanket Won't Heat Up?I also have a Stella E/B Model EBKBFL that doesn't heat up. All the lights on the remote are in a flashing formation up and down. It has been disconnected and reconnected, and all connections are secure.


Avocado Trees Loosing Leaves and Dying - dried up leaves on avocado plant

Avocado Trees Loosing Leaves and Dying?I've had two avocado pips go from a glass bottle to a small pot to a large pot, separately, since August 2019. They have been thriving - growing rapidly from the second their roots came out the pip.


Buying a Shuttle for a Jones Serpentine Hand Crank Sewing Machine - antique sewing machine

Buying a Shuttle for a Jones Serpentine Hand Crank Sewing Machine?I have a Jones serpentine hand cranked sewing machine (cat back). Please can someone advise me of the shuttles I need for my sewing machine. It has shuttle reel, but no shuttle. I'm hoping it will then work. It also has 2 needles, but I'm hoping to purchase more.


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