April 22, 2020

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Cheese Filled Potato Fingers

Making Cheese Filled Potato FingersPotatoes and cheese are a great combination for kids. Make these little fried fingers for your next party or get together, or just as an after school snack.


Valentine's Day Hanging Picture Frame - finished hanging frame

Making a Valentine's Day Hanging Picture FrameThis pretty picture frame is perfect as a kids' craft for Valentine's Day. Inexpensive decorations are glued around a red paper plate with a window to display a photo or illustration.


A plate of potstickers.

Potsticker RecipesOriginally created in China, these delicious filled dumplings have local versions in many Asian countries and are popular worldwide. Savory fillings are wrapped inside thin dough wrappings. This appetizer is generally pan fried then steamed and served with a flavorful dipping sauce.


Garlic Parmesan Bread Puffs

Garlic Parmesan Bread PuffsCombine the classic Italian flavors of garlic and Parmesan in these delicious bread puffs. They are the perfect accompaniment to soup or pasta.


cooked Chicken Hearts

Making Chicken HeartsAlthough many people consider chicken hearts to be undesirable, others love these nutritious meaty bits. They work well when used in stir fry, but can also be breaded and fried or added to soups to flavor the stock.


Egg-Stuffed Pomegranate Meatball cut in half

Egg-Stuffed Pomegranate MeatballsIf you are looking for an unusual main dish, try these pomegranate and spice flavored meatballs that contain a hard boiled egg inside. This Persian inspired main dish is severed in its own broth.


Decorating cupcakes with a frosting bag.

Decorating CupcakesCupcakes are cooked in a muffin tin instead of a cake pan, for individual small cakes. They are often used for parties instead of a traditional birthday or wedding cake, and can be decorated in all sorts of different themes for any event.


bowl of Tyre Pudding & family picture

Making Tyre PuddingEnglish pudding recipes are often savory rather than sweet. This version uses salt pork along with minced meat and flour to create a thick and hearty main dish.


blended pineapple and coconut milk

Making a Dole Pineapple WhipThe Dole pineapple whip is a popular treat invented by the Dole Pineapple company for the Disney parks. This delicious soft serve copycat recipe is made with only two ingredients.


Upcycled Cardboard Box to Gift Basket - basket ready to give with a card clothespinned on the front

Making an Upcycled Cardboard Box Gift BasketUpcycle sturdy cardboard boxes to make this pretty display gift basket. This would be perfect as a thoughtful present or as a donation to an auction.



Pizza Dough in plastic bag

Food Processor Pizza DoughThis makes a wonderful dough, and you don't have to knead it.


Notebook from Vinyl Records - spiral notebook with vinyl record cover

Notebook from Vinyl RecordsI made this notebook from 2 vinyl records. The holes were drilled with a fine drill. I also made the spiral to keep the sheets together. I used the sheets from another notebook, but you can also make them yourself.


Protecting and Displaying Your Collection - finished shadow box

Protecting and Displaying Your CollectionI have been collecting hearts in all manner of shapes and sizes for about a year now. Nothing fancy or crazy, but I just began liking the various shapes they come in.


Two Lidless Tubs Become One - one tub inside the other making two storage bins, top filled with yarn balls

Two Lidless Tubs Become OneToday, after working most of the week on crafts, I decided to work on my apt's clutter problem. I was able to clean out two tubs, leaving me with the bottoms, but not the tops. That happens a lot when you are moving around a lot.


An expensive tube of lotion, in the shower.

Cheaper In - Shower CreamI found this cream in the back of my closet. Upon using it, I found it too greasy for my taste. However, we are sheltering in place and I didnt want to make any unnecessary trips to the store to get my usual brand. I discovered that if I apply it right after my shower to wet or damp skin, there is no greasy residue at all.


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Stopping a Cat from Bothering a WoundMy kitten had a bare, sore patch between her shoulder blades. A cone of shame made her hysterical! In desperation, I cut about 15 cm (6 inches) off the bottom leg of a pair of leggings, measured and cut holes for the paws and she wears it like a t-shirt. No more scratching, the wound is healing nicely and she is eating and moving around like normal.


Egg Carton Panda - cute panda

Egg Carton PandaThis is an adorable panda you can make out of an egg carton. It's holding a bamboo stick, which is made from the straw from a kid's drink box. This is a wonderful all-ages craft, and it's virtually free. :)


A small gem marking the proper temperature on the shower faucet.

Marking the Perfect Spot on Bathtub FaucetAs I age, I realize I can't handle as much hot water as I used to. But a hot soak that isn't hot, isn't a hot soak. So, I found the perfect temperature and marked the spot with a pretty gem you can barely see. As I am in a rental, I will be able to take it off when I leave.


Recycled Paper Tube Bug Toy - looking down on finished bug toy

Recycled Paper Tube Bug ToyHere is a bug toy I made for my daughter. The kiddos are surprisingly holding up well with the quarantine. It's nice to make some toys with household items and they do enjoy playing with them too.


Moonlight (Siberian Husky) - sitting up

Moonlight (Siberian Husky)I got my puppy from a shelter when he was 2 months old on February 17 2019. My dog loves to play in water. Moonlight know how to blow bubbles under water on command and he loves belly rubs.



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John Deere Mower Won't Start Normally?John deer series 100 does not have enough power to start unless you jump start or disconnect the deck belt. It also has a brand new battery and I just put a brand new deck belt on.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - baby doll wearing a long white christening style dress and cap

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I have purchased my first porcelain doll whilst thrifting which I know nothing about, except that she has a really beautiful face. The only markings on it say LW 9-93 behind the left ear. I'm assuming it was a kit, but would like to know more.


Identifying My Tiny Plush Horse - horse next to a box of colored pencils

Identifying My Tiny Plush Horse?I have had this tiny horse plushie for a really long time now 2004-2020 and I have no idea where it came from. It is very small and I've never seen anything it. Unfortunately there is no tag. :(


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Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I am currently struggling to find a name for my jewelry business. I am looking for something different and fun. I would love to include the word BARN in the name. Any ideas would be great.


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Vaccinating a Puppy Who Has Loose Stool?My 9 week old puppy has been healthy w/o issues. He has had loose stools the last 2 days. He is eating, drinking, and peeing normally. Can I give him his 2nd 5Way vaccine or should I wait until his stool is normal. If I wait, will it screw his vaccine up with it being a few days late?


Bump on Doodle's Chest - dark pink bump on dog's chest

Bump on Doodle's Chest?This bump has been on my Doodle for about 3 days. She doesn't scratch it and it doesn't bleed. I haven't tried to pop it, but from the looks of it what do you think it is?


Is My Dog a Pit Bull? - young white dog with brown head and floppy ears

Is My Dog a Pit Bull?I was hoping to get some opinions as to whether or not my puppy is a pure bred or mix breed Pit Bull. We got him from ladies who said they rescued dogs in their area and found them homes. They had a female from another litter that was mixed. They also had this male they said was pure bred. They claimed to have seen the parents. They said the age was around 3 to 4 months.


Kenmore Keeps Switching from Zig Zag to Straight Stitch - closeup of machine

Kenmore Keeps Switching from Zig Zag to Straight Stitch?I have a Kenmore sewing machine model 835.16221. The first 12-15 stitches on the zigzag setting are perfect and then it switches to a straight stitch. Any ideas on how to correct this?


Finding a Howe Sewing Machine Manual

Finding a Howe Sewing Machine Manual?Does anyone know where I can find a manual for my Howe machine? There is no model number on the machine. But it also says Deluxe Precision, made in Japan.


Identifying a Small Red Lump on My Cocker Spaniel - small round bump

Identifying a Small Red Lump on My Cocker Spaniel?I have just found this red small lump near my dog's eye. We originally thought that it may be a tick, but realised it is not. Does anybody know what this is? I have done some research and have heard that Cocker Spaniels (such as my dog) commonly get lumps like these, but I wanted to know if it was anything to worry about!


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Name Ideas for a Childminding Business?I have a childminding business and I'm wanting to give it a name, but I am struggling to come up with ideas. Can anyone give me suggestions please?


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Hoover CleanJet Volume Carpet Cleaner Leaking Water?My Hoover CleanJet is leaking water as soon as I fill it. Does anyone have advice on fixing it please?


Selling a Cabbage Patch Doll - brown skinned girl Cabbage Patch doll wearing red overalls and a white shirt

Selling a Cabbage Patch Doll?How do I go about selling a 1983 Cabbage Patch doll? She has the original signature, original clothes and diaper. I have the birth certificate and adoption papers, but no box.


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Asking My Mum to Let Me Shave?Okay so I'm Indian so I have super dark long hair everywhere, on my arms, legs, armpits, face and basically just everywhere. I have started trimming my hair slightly using scissors, but its so tedious and I never get an even natural look.


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Replacement Hands for an 85 German Quartz Movement Clock?I have a clock with a 2.5 inch diameter dial. The clock uses an 85 German W085/0065 movement. I am looking for two (minute and hour) black replacement hands - both are push-on.


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Bobbin Won't Wind on a Toyota Sewing Machine?I have a Toyota series SP20 sewing machine. My bobbin is not winding even though I have put a new battery in. The battery seems loose in the holder. Can you suggest how I can fix this problem please?


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