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Coloring, perms, and blow drying are a few of the ways you can damage your hair. This page contains tips for treating damaged hair.



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Woman Getting a Perm With Curls in Hair

Remedies for Hair Damaged by PermIf you want curly or wavy hair, getting a perm is the best way to do it. However, getting a perm can leave your hair damaged if not done right. This is a page about remedies for hair damaged by perm.


Hair in Hands and on Hairbrush

Cause of Hair Loss After PermHair permanents can damage hair if not done properly. This is a page about cause of hair loss after perm.


A woman looking at the ends of her damaged hair.

Remedies for Damaged HairThis is a page about remedies for damaged hair. Any time of the year can be hard on your hair. The summer sun and water can dry it out as can the snowy winter. Chemicals and heat from coloring and styling can harm it even more.


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Bangs Are Damaged and Not GrowingI have really curly "ethnic" hair. I used to have side swept bangs that I've been straightening every day for a while. Well, those bangs are now 2 inches short (from the scalp and don't seem to be growing) and are extremely damaged. Anyone know how I can fix the damage and grow them out?


Woman wearing protective gloves applying dye to her hair.

Remedies for Hair Damaged by ColoringThis is a page about remedies for hair damaged by coloring. Coloring your hair is a fun way to enhance your appearance or reflect your current mood. Normally, this is positive experience. However, sometimes the chemicals used to dye your hair can cause damage.


African American woman with natural hair holding a strand and looking at it with concern

Remedy for Hair Damaged By Relaxer?This is a page about remedy for hair damaged by relaxer. The chemicals in a hair relaxer can sometimes do damage to your hair.


Woman looking at a brush full of hair.

Hair Falling Out After Bleaching, Dyeing, and PermingHair can be easily damaged by multiple processing techniques such as coloring and perming. Extreme damage can result in hair loss. The only true remedy for this is time. Your hair will grow back; there are no miracle products that will speed this along. This is a page about hair falling out after bleaching, dyeing, and perming.


A blonde woman with over processed hair.

Solutions for Over Processed HairPerms and coloring can leave your hair dry and brittle if done too often or improperly. Until new hair grows out you will need to treat your hair with safe, gentle products developed for damaged hair. This page offers solutions for over processed hair.


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Protecting Hair from Sun DamageI have been going to the beach every week and my hair has lightened, but I put coconut oil on it. I was wondering if exposure to the sun would damage my dry curly hair and is it a good idea to add camomile tea or lemon juice to my hair and should I do anything before or after?



A jar of coconut oil next to a cracked coconut.

Using Coconut Oil for Damaged HairThis is a page about using coconut oil for damaged hair. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for hair, skin, and nails. A small amount goes a long way.


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Curling Iron Turned Hair RedThe other day I was curling my hair; I am blonde. I accidentally burned my hair and part of it turned red. Is there anything I can do about that?


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Rebonded and Dyed Hair DamagedI just had my hair rebonded and dyed last Sunday. From the hair root to about 4 inches of my hair is smooth and shiny the latter is a little porous (buhaghag) and frizzy at the nape. They keep telling me my hair is resistant that's why the result is not as good as I expected.


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Remedies for Frizzy Hair?I have frizzy hair from the roots. No matter how much conditioner i leave in my hair it is still dry and frizzy. I think my hair is damaged by chemicals. I had it dyed once and permed it quite a lot of times. I think that is what causes it to be dry and frizzy.


Using a flat iron to straighten hair.

Remedies for Hair Damaged by a Flat Iron?This page is about remedies for hair damaged by a flat iron. Regular heat from a styling iron can damage your hair.


Girl With Split Ends

Remedies for Split EndsThis page is about remedies for split ends. Keeping your hair from splitting is always desired.


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Making Your Own Malibu Hair Treatment?What ingredients do I use to make my own Malibu hair treatment?


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Frugal "Malibu Treatment" to Remove Rust and Hard Water Build-up from HairCan you use pink lemonade instead of regular lemonade when doing a Malibu treatment at home?


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Treating Overprocessed Hair Before Highlighting Again?My hair is not the healthiest due to highlighting (overprocessing). I had my hair highlighted yesterday, but ended up with a completely different color than discussed with the hairdresser.


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Suntan Spray Turned Hair Orange?My hair turned orange with the use of my suntan spray. Can anyone help me get it back to its normal color?


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Drugstore Products For Damaged Hair?I have blonde, thin medium length hair that is very damaged. Do you know of any products like shampoo and conditioners for it? I would like products that I can purchase at the drugstore.



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Remedy for Hair Damaged by Relaxer?I bleached my hair brown and lost a lot of hair though it still looked full. I know I lost a lot of hair because of the falling hair when I comb it. Two weeks later I dyed it back to black. Everything seemed fine, but when I relaxed my hair a month later half my hair fell out. I am relegated to a low cut.


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Hair Is Breaking After Using Luster's S-Curl Activator?I have 4c hair dye I believe and I used this in July. It's now October and my hair is falling out like crazy. Not my new growth, but just the texturized parts, literally every time I touch it with my hands or a comb or brush.


Hair Damaged by a Perm - coarse looking permed hair

Hair Damaged by a Perm?After getting a perm my hair is falling out. It looks dull and matted like dog's hair. What can I do?


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Treating Perm Damaged Hair?I want to repair my hair. My mom made me do perms for my whole life (17 years), but I'm old enough now to say no. How do I repair my hair so it's not stuck in a halfway relaxed state?


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Home Perm Causing Hair to Fall Out?So my friend and I got a home perm she put the perm in my hair wrong. She put only the curling lotion in my hair and now my hair is coming out. I've washed it out with shampoo and I am keeping conditioner in it, but honestly I am really scared.


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Rebonded Hair Growing Back Frizzy?I have very frizzy, curly hair and about 3 years ago I rebonded it for the first time. Afterwards I kind of got addicted to it and rebonded my hair like every 5 months.


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