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A woman having her hair dyed.

How Long Should You Wait Before Re-dyeing Hair?Many times after dyeing your hair you decide you don't like it and want to try a different color. This page has advice about re-dyeing your hair, including how long you should wait before dyeing it again.


woman dying hair

Using Leftover Hair Dye?Once the color and activator are mixed they must be used quickly. If you don't need all of the product at one time, as you are touching up or have short hair, you may be able to retain some of each product for later use. This is a page about using leftover hair dye.


A woman getting a perm.

Fixing a Perm That Lost Its Curl?If your perm has lost it's curl, there may be some ways to get it back. This is a page about fixing a perm that lost its curl.


Perm That is Too Curly

Fixing a Perm That is Too Curly?This page is about fixing a perm that is too curly. When your hair has taken more curl from a permanent than you want there may be ways to relax the curl.


A woman in the middle of getting a perm at a salon.

Permed Hair Not Curly Enough?It can be confusing as to what to do to fix a perm that is not as curly as you wanted. This is a page about permed hair not curly enough.


Dyed Hair

Toning Down Dyed HairThis page is about toning down dyed hair. If the dyed color of your hair is stronger than you expected, you may want to adjust it.


Woman with faded green blonde hair standing against a wood wall.  She is looking over her bare shoulder at the camera.

Green Hair After Dyeing?This is a page about green hair after dyeing. Your natural hair color and the type and shade of dye used can create surprising results.


Lemon Juice

Lightening Hair With Lemon JuiceLemon juice is often recommended as a safe way to help lighten your hair color. This page offers advice about how to use lemon juice to lighten your hair.


Woman in towel combing wet blond hair

Lightening Your Hair With Hydrogen PeroxideThis is a page about lightening your hair with hydrogen peroxide. When you want to lighten your hair without going to the salon, you may consider using a hydrogen peroxide recipe.


woman with long gray hair.

Letting Gray Hair Grow Out?Some women, after dying their hair for years decide to go natural. This is a page about letting your gray hair grow out.


Getting Hair Dye Off Skin

Getting Hair Dye Off SkinIt happens, you are dyeing your hair and either didn't wear gloves or accidentally get some on the skin around your hairline. This is a page about getting hair dye off skin.


Colorful hair rollers

Cleaning Hair Rollers?This is a page about cleaning hair rollers. Periodically you need to clean your hair rollers to remove stuck on hair or product.



Curlers in brunette hair for a perm.

How To Do A Perm At HomeThis is a page about how to do a perm at home. Many women want to have curly hair but perms at the beauty salon can be expensive. You can do a quality perm at home for a fraction of the cost.


A woman with a short pixie cut and long sideburns trims her bangs

Advice for Women Removing Sideburns?Some women choose to shave their sideburns off, especially with short hair. This page contains advice for women who wish to remove their sideburns.


A girl with blonde hair.

Getting Hair Color Back to Natural After DyeingWaiting for your hair to grow out to your natural hue can take longer than you want to wait. This page is about getting hair color back to natural after dyeing.


Back of a blonde haired person holding up a cut lemon next to their hair.

Lightening Dyed Hair With Lemon JuiceThis is a page about lightening dyed hair with lemon juice. This method of trying to lighten dyed hair seems to have mixed results. Read the comments below and then make your decision. Trying to change the color of dyed hair can have very unexpected and unhappy results.


Woman with White Hair

Caring for White HairThis is a page about caring for white hair. As we all age our hair begins to gray. Eventually it moves on to white. Keeping your white hair looking its best is easy to do.


Woman Getting a Perm With Curls in Hair

Remedies for Hair Damaged by PermIf you want curly or wavy hair, getting a perm is the best way to do it. However, getting a perm can leave your hair damaged if not done right. This is a page about remedies for hair damaged by perm.


Re-Dyeing Hair

Re-Dyeing Hair After Removing ColorAfter having the color removed from your hair, you may have to wait a little while before getting it dyed again. This is a page about re-dyeing hair after removing color.


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Plucking Facial Hair Results in Black Spots?I have hairs growing on my cheeks and chin. I usually pluck them. Eventually I have black spots where I have removed the hair. How do I get rid of these marks?


female hand shaving legs

Asking Your Parents to Let You Shave?This is a page about asking your parents to let you shave. Young girls and boys are often hesitant about asking their parents to let them begin shaving.


Hair Dye With Brush

Dyeing Hair After Bleaching?This is a page about dyeing hair after bleaching. Dyeing your hair too quickly after bleaching it can cause damage to your hair. It also can result in the color being different from what is pictured on the box.


gray haired woman

Dyeing My Hair GrayThis is a page about dyeing my hair gray. Looking to finish what nature has started, or seeking a different hair statement; dyeing your hair gray or silver may be the answer.


Beautiful woman with frizzy hair looking at her comb, with a pained expression

Remedies for Frizzy HairJust when you think you have your frizzy hair under control, it rains! Using the right remedy for the right situation can work wonders and give you that sleek hair you've always wanted. This is a page about remedies for frizzy hair.


Woman Getting Perm

The Effects of Medications on a Perm?Certain medications can adversely affect your perm. This is a page about the effects of medications on a perm.


Mature woman turning head, eyes closed, close-up

Going Permanently Gray Gradually?If you have been dyeing your hair to cover the gray you may want to work with a hairdresser to decide on the best approach to showing your natural hair color. A new shorter style or temporary color or highlights may work for you. This is a page about going gray gradually.


Permed Hair

Straightening Permed HairThis is a page about straightening permed hair. Sometimes a perm is used to give your hair body, but you still want to have a more sleek style.



A pile of cut lemons an a dish of lemon juice.

How Do I Lighten My Hair Without the Sun?There are a few methods for lightening your hair that do not require you to use commercial dyes or sun triggered products. This is a page about, "How do I lighten my hair without the sun?".


Hair in Hands and on Hairbrush

Cause of Hair Loss After Perm?Hair permanents can damage hair if not done properly. This is a page about cause of hair loss after perm.


Baking Sod

Using Baking Soda to Remove Hairspray from Your HairAdding baking soda to your shampoo can help remove all of the hairspray residue in your hair. This is a page about using baking soda to remove hairspray from your hair.


Knotted and Tangled Hair

Remedies for Knotted and Tangled HairThis page is about remedies for knotted and tangled hair. Depending on the kind of hair you are dealing with, there are a ways to get it untangled.


A woman rinsing her hair in the shower.

Copycat Tame Creme Rinse RecipeWhen you really like how a product works for you, sometimes you can make a substitute. This page is about making a copycat tame creme rinse recipe.


Remedies for Static Hair

Remedies for Static HairThis is a page about remedies for static hair. If your hair is staticy or flyaway you are probably seeking a remedy to get it back under control and smooth again.


An older woman with white hair.

Bleaching Yellow From White HairYellow stains on otherwise silver or white hair can be the result of using the wrong shampoo, side effects from some medications, smoking, or a myriad of other causes. This page has advice for removing yellow stains from white hair.


A box of cherry Jell-O

Dyeing Hair With Jell-OThis is a page about dyeing hair with Jell-O. Jell-O works great as a nonpermanent hair dye.


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Tired of Shaving My Legs?When do women stop shaving their legs. I have shaved every day for the last 40+ years and I am sick of it. Do you just quit or do you shave every few days?


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Dove Bar Soap Flaky Scalp Remedy?I read a tip, on another site, about using DOVE BAR SOAP [and ONLY DOVE in the bar form] as a remedy to clear up a flaky scalp, instead of shampoo products. Any thoughts or experiences on this out there?


When Should Girls Start Shaving

When Should Girls Start Shaving?This is a page about when should girls start shaving. It is a common question that often begins to be heard in grade or middle school.


Hair Dye Brush and Container

Hair Turned Orange After DyeingThis is a page about hair turned orange after dyeing. When your hair color does not come out the way you want it, there is often a way to fix it.


Lemon juice in a bowl and cutting board with fresh lemons on it.

Using Lemon Juice on Gray Hair?The only confirmed advantage to using lemon juice or even vinegar on gray hair is to reduce the yellowing that occurs due to environmental contaminants and pollutants. It will not return your hair to its original color. This is a page about using lemon juice on gray hair.


African American woman with natural hair holding a strand and looking at it with concern

Remedy for Hair Damaged By Relaxer?This is a page about remedy for hair damaged by relaxer. The chemicals in a hair relaxer can sometimes do damage to your hair.


Woman with lightened hair on her arms.

Making Your Arm Hair LighterThis is a page about making your arm hair lighter. Sometimes individuals with dark arm hair, women in particular, often would like to lighten it to diminish its appearance.



red putty egg

Removing Silly Putty from HairThis is a page about removing Silly Putty from hair. Getting Silly Putty out of hair can be difficult. Before you cut it out, there are other things to try.


Woman With Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair After a Hysterectomy?This is a page about thinning hair after hysterectomy. Hormonal changes after a hysterectomy can cause numerous side effects. One of those side effects can be hair thinning.


How to Fix Hair Color That Came Out Pink

How to Fix Hair Color That Came Out Pink?When you do not end up with the hair color you expect, it may mean another trip to the salon. This is a page about how to fix hair color that came out pink.


Washing Your Hair

Washing Your Hair With Hard WaterIf you live in an area with hard water you know how difficult it can be to get your hair really clean. This is a page about washing your hair with hard water.


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Frugal "Malibu Treatment" to Remove Rust and Hard Water Build-up from Hair?Can you use pink lemonade instead of regular lemonade when doing a Malibu treatment at home?


A hairy forearm.

Bleaching the Hair on Your Arms?If you want to reduce the appearance of hair on your arm, lightening them is one solution. This is a page about bleaching hair on arms.


Woman Brushing Fine Hair

Dealing with Fine HairThis is a page about dealing with fine hair. It can be very frustrating to detangle and style delicate fine hair.


Woman with dyed wet hair

Rinsing Hair Dye Out of Your HairThere are a number of ways to rinse the dye out of your hair without splashing it all over the walls and floor. The shower is a popular place to do this step. You might also try the deep sink in your laundry room, if you have one. This is a page about rinsing hair dye out of your hair.


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Using Elmer's Glue To Make Hair Spikes?I'm going to try elmers glue to put my hair in spikes... does it come out easy!? mohawk chick


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Can Changes in Hormones Affect Hair Dye Results?I had a hysterectomy in October, only have 1 ovary. Now when I dye my brown hair champagne blonde it turns a orange/red yellow shade. Not pretty at all.


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Dyeing Salt and Pepper Hair?Any hair colorists out there? I've been using Natural Instincts on my salt and pepper hair. It always turns out blond with yellowed ends.


A woman dying her own hair.

Coloring Hair at HomeThis page is about coloring hair at home. When dyeing hair there are a number of things to keep in mind so you get the results you want.


Coloring Gray Hair

Coloring Gray HairThis is a page about coloring gray hair. Although coloring your hair to hide gray is one of the most common reasons for dyeing hair, it can be difficult. Gray hair often resists dye.


Woman Dyeing Hair

Changing Hair Color from Dark to LightChanging naturally dark hair or hair that has been dyed a dark color to a lighter one, does require additional steps. This is a page about changing hair color from dark to light.


Woman looking at a brush full of hair.

Hair Falling Out After Bleaching, Dyeing, and Perming?Hair can be easily damaged by multiple processing techniques such as coloring and perming. Extreme damage can result in hair loss. The only true remedy for this is time. Your hair will grow back; there are no miracle products that will speed this along. This is a page about hair falling out after bleaching, dyeing, and perming.


Hair Curling Tips

Hair Curling TipsWhether using a curling iron or rollers there are things to learn to get the curl you want. This page contains hair curling tips.


My Hair is Getting Darker in the Sun?I have golden blonde hair naturally, with brown highlights, that are also natural. A year ago I dyed my hair light brown, then medium brown. It took a year to go back to blonde, sort of.


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Bangs Are Damaged and Not Growing?I have really curly "ethnic" hair. I used to have side swept bangs that I've been straightening every day for a while. Well, those bangs are now 2 inches short (from the scalp and don't seem to be growing) and are extremely damaged. Anyone know how I can fix the damage and grow them out?


A woman applying conditioner to her thin hair.

Remedies for Thin HairThis is a page about remedies for thin, limp hair. There are many reasons for thin limp hair.


Home Perm

Perm Tips and TricksThis is a page about perm tips and tricks. When you do permanents at home, you want to make sure you do it correctly to get just the amount of curl you want.


Scissors cutting a lock of dark hair.

Cutting Your Own Hair at HomeThis is a page about cutting your own hair at home. Going to the barber or salon can be very expensive and time consuming. It is easy to cut hair at home for you and your family.


A jar of coconut oil next to a cracked coconut.

Using Coconut Oil for Damaged HairThis is a page about using coconut oil for damaged hair. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for hair, skin, and nails. A small amount goes a long way.


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Making Your Own Malibu Hair Treatment?What ingredients do I use to make my own Malibu hair treatment?


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Treating Overprocessed Hair Before Highlighting Again?My hair is not the healthiest due to highlighting (overprocessing). I had my hair highlighted yesterday, but ended up with a completely different color than discussed with the hairdresser.


woman with shiny hair

Using Mayonnaise in Your HairThis is a page about using mayonnaise in your hair. For years many people have used mayonnaise to condition their hair and give it a healthy looking shine.


A girl with blue hair and piercings.

Re-dyeing My Hair Blue?This is a page about re-dyeing hair blue. If you have recently dyed your hair blue and are unhappy with how it turned out, here are some tips that may help you achieve the color that you want.


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Conditioner Makes Hair Fall Out?I have a weird problem here. No matter which conditioner I use, a drug store brand or a high end brand, my hair falls a lot when I condition it. Just shampooing my hair makes it a dry and coarse. Please tell me what to do.


Blond woman with hair dye in her hair.

Dyeing Hair After Adding Highlights?Dyeing your hair after having highlights can be done. Keep in mind the areas that have highlights will take the dye differently than the rest of your hair. It will likely be darker, so choose your color accordingly. This is a page about dyeing hair after adding highlights.


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Hair Has No Body After Coloring?I have been coloring my hair since I started getting gray. For about a week or two after coloring, my hair seems to have no body, is way too soft, and won't hold a style or even hold a rubber band for a pony tail. I don't like this flippy-floppy texture when my hair is thick with a nice wave without hair coloring.


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"Just For Men" Not Working For Me?"Just For Men" Not Working For Me. I have used the product 'Just for Men' hair color. The color hasn't taken and my grey hair remains. . .


Close up of a woman getting perm.

Fixing a Bad Perm?This is a page about fixing a bad perm. If your perm does not take well, you can either go back to the stylist or try to fix it at home.


Hair Spray Nozzle

Unclogging Hair Spray NozzleThis is a page about unclogging a hair spray nozzle. Hair spray nozzles can easily get clogged. Then they will either splatter in stead f mist or not spray at all.


Girl with red curly hair.

Managing Curly Hair?This is a page about managing curly hair. Despite the envy many people have of someone with curly hair, it can be a challenge to manage and style.


Bleaching Hair

Bleaching Your HairMuch care must be taken when bleaching your hair not to burn your scalp, and to get just the color you want. This is a page about bleaching your hair.


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Getting Nail Glue Out of Hair?How can I get nail glue out of my hair?


Man with spiked mohawk against brick colored background

Using Glue to Make a Mohawk with SpikesThis is a page about using glue to make a mohawk with spikes. There are many products you can use to style your mohawk with spikes.


Hair sticking up because of egg whites.

Use Egg White for Hair GelIf you are looking for a chemical free hair gel, try egg whites. This is a page about use egg white for hair gel.


girl with curly dyed red hair

Perming Colored Hair?This is a page about perming colored hair. Care needs to be take to prevent damage when perming colored hair.


Woman with highlights in her hair.

Growing Out Hair With Highlights?This is a page about growing out hair with highlights. Highlights lend a dramatic effect to your hair. However, when they start to grow out they no longer look that nice.


Woman Hot Waxing (Depilating) Her Legs

Homemade Hot WaxThis is a page about homemade hot wax. Waxing is a popular non-chemical form of depilatory.


Woman bending over to wash hair.

Using Vinegar to Remove Shampoo Build UpThis page offers some advice about treating your hair with vinegar to remove shampoo build up. Vinegar works well to remove hair product buildup. Some people also use it to treat dandruff.


Woman with short highlighted hair.

Hair Coloring Advice for Highlighted Hair?Once your hair has been highlighted, there is more than one way to do a touchup. This is a page about hair coloring advice for highlighted hair.


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Keep Head Scarves from Slipping and Other TipsIf you like to wear head scarves but they tend to slip off your hair, I have two ideas for you.


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How Can I Lighten Natural Red Hair?My son has bright red hair and hates it. Is there any way to lighten it?


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Mayonnaise for Dandruff?I have been using hair relaxers since I once young. However, now I am going natural and getting my hair straightened every two weeks. One question: Does the mayonnaise treatment help with dandruff?


Woman using Hair Dye

Fixing a Hair Dye DisasterThis is a page about fixing a hair dye disaster. Sometimes when you get your hair dyed, it just doesn't come out the way you expected. When this happens, getting your hair back to a color you are happy with is a major priority.


Girl with permed hair.

Coloring Permed Hair?This is a page about coloring permed hair. Coloring and perming your hair both entail treating your hair to a chemical process that has the potential of causing damage if not done properly.


DIY Ombre Hair Colouring - blue and green hair

DIY Ombre Hair ColouringLooking for bright modern hair but without the expensive salon bill? Check out the step by step instructions for DIY ombre hair colouring.


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Medication Turned Hair Green?I am not a blonde and my hair turned green. They say it could be my meds. Has this happened to anyone before?


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Curling Iron Turned Hair Red?The other day I was curling my hair; I am blonde. I accidentally burned my hair and part of it turned red. Is there anything I can do about that?


Man With Spiked Mohawk in a Suit and Tie

Spiking a MohawkThis is a page about spiking a mohawk. Mohawks are a unique hairstyle and certainly not for everyone. However, if you have one, you know that spiking it is the best way to wear it.


Dyed hair with lighter roots.

Fixing Roots After Dyeing Hair?Root color correction is a constant challenge when dyeing your hair. Whether it is the need to dye them as they grow out or because their did not take the new color the same way as the rest of your hair, they often need special attention. This is a page about fixing roots after dyeing hair.


Young woman scratching her head furiously.

Dandruff RemediesThis is a page about dandruff remedies. Dandruff is an inflammatory skin condition that causes itching and flaking on your scalp. Dandruff is not only uncomfortable but can also be unsightly.


long brown hair on white background.

Going Back to Natural Hair Color After Bleaching?Once your natural hair color has been removed it is not quick and easy to return to your actual hair color. You can try dyeing with permanent, temporary, or herbal products while it grows out or see a professional for their advice. This is a page about going back to your natural hair color after bleaching.


Woman Dyeing Her Hair

Gentle Hair Dye Advice?This page contains gentle hair dye advice. For many people, the harsh chemicals in hair dye irritate their skin or make then feel ill. Here are some suggestions for natural and less noxious hair dye options.


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Bantu Perm Query?Hi, I Bantu my hair all the time. I'm wanting to know if I can add perming lotion/process to my Bantu knots to get a permanent Bantu knot look?


A woman taking a picture in a mirror.

Advice About First Perm?Help me please please please! This is my first ever perm, and I am so sad and disappointed. I got my perm yesterday and it started to look like this just a few hours after leaving the salon. I'm thinking about going in today and asking her about it but it's appointment only and I don't think I want her to redo it. Heavily on my mind: washing it out before the 48 hours and getting a refund? What do yall think. Also the first three are the morning after pictures and the blue T-shirt ones are a few hours later.


A woman doing a perm at home.

Using Old Home Perm ProductsDoes the thioglycolic acid curl activator in home perms expire or go bad? I have had it for quite a while and it's turned brown. Can I still use it?


A trash bag being used as a cape for cutting hair.

Trash Bag as Cape for Cutting HairBeing homebound with the Covid-19 virus for over 2 months and needing haircuts before the virus, I think our hair grew faster than ever. My husband was getting desperate for a haircut and it will be another two weeks before his hair appointment. He decided he would let me cut his hair.


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red ombre hair color

Dyeing Hair With Kool-AidMy daughter wanted to color the ends of her hair for the last week of school. The Kool-aid created a very pretty ombre look!


Create Bouncy Curls with Cardboard Tubes - long curly hair

Create Bouncy Curls with Cardboard TubesI flew up to visit my parents recently and realized I'd left my curling iron at home. Before I got the chance to even contemplate buying a cheap curling iron at one of the local shops, my thrifty mum suggested I make use of a big bag of toilet paper tubes and wrapping paper centers she had put aside for crafting.


Dirty Blonde Hair Highlights

Dirty Blonde Hair HighlightsThis is what your dirty blonde hair will end up looking like. Looks like a pro did it, don't you think?


jello in hair

Jello Didn't Dye HairMy daughter recently asked to color the ends of her hair. A friend of hers had used Jello successfully so we decided to give it a try. I researched it online and found a method that combined Jello and conditioner, making it into a paste.


Hair being dyed red at the roots.

Re-Dyeing Your HairTake a look down any aisle devoted to hair care products. More than likely, you will find a section displaying hair coloring products. You may see a myriad of different brands, colors,and degrees of permanence. What you won't see, is the word 'dye'.


A woman noticing dandruff in her dark hair.

Using White Vinegar for DandruffThis is a page about using white vinegar for dandruff. Instead of trying expensive medicated shampoos, try using vinegar instead.


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Hair Fix for Brassy Color Instead of Pink?I had my hair demi permanent colored yesterday and instead of the pastel pink I wanted, the color came out brassy. I called my hair stylist and she told it could be the toner and she will fix it in three days when she is back at work. Can my hair be recolored a darker pink and not damage my hair? I do have a dark color healthy set of hair.


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How Long Will Perm Solution Last?Does perm solution go bad if it sat in my car for 2 months and it was cold outside?


Toning Down Hair That Is Too Pink?

Toning Down Hair That Is Too Pink?So I went to the hairdresser yesterday. I actually wanted to go for a slightly dark rose gold color, but ended up with quite a bright shade of pink. Although I don't think the color looks bad, it's a little too far out of my comfort zone. I am kind of out of my hairsalon-spending budget so wonder if there is a way to DIY tone the color more to a rose gold?


A woman hair with lighter roots.

Dyeing Hair Back To Natural Color?Nearly 3 months ago, I had blonde hair and got it dyed brunette. My natural hair is dirty/dark blonde and I went and got it dyed really light blonde, hoping for a good balayage but it turned out yellow and was not blended well. So 6 weeks later, I made the impulsive decision of dying my hair 3 shades darker than my natural colour to what is supposed to be light brown but is actually a dark brown. I hate it and the regrowth is so obvious and annoying because I have very white/light baby hairs around the sides of my face.


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Straight Perm Frizz?During covid, I decided to do a perm for the mussy look. It would be a nice change. No! It turned out horrible, a half permed frizzed mess! I suffered through, waited weeks before trying to fix with a straight perm to reverse the effects. I have straight permed before and never had any issues. This time it took out the horrible half curled mess but left a lot of areasstraight frizzed?


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Newly Permed Hair Is Losing Curls?So yesterday I just got my first hair permed. I just want to permed half below part of my hair as she recommended it as my hair length is a bit passed shoulder, I could say medium. It's big curls. Its looks good after she permed and washed it. Then she blow dried it. I was satisfied with it. It took me two and a half hours.


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