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This page contains tips and money saving advice about hair care and styling.



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Perm That is Too Curly

Fixing a Perm That is Too Curly?This page is about fixing a perm that is too curly. When your hair has taken more curl from a permanent than you want there may be ways to relax the curl.


A woman with a short pixie cut and long sideburns trims her bangs

Advice for Women Removing Sideburns?Some women choose to shave their sideburns off, especially with short hair. This page contains advice for women who wish to remove their sideburns.


red putty egg

Removing Silly Putty from HairThis is a page about removing Silly Putty from hair. Getting Silly Putty out of hair can be difficult. Before you cut it out, there are other things to try.


Curlers in brunette hair for a perm.

How To Do A Perm At HomeThis is a page about how to do a perm at home. Many women want to have curly hair but perms at the beauty salon can be expensive. You can do a quality perm at home for a fraction of the cost.


Lemon juice in a bowl and cutting board with fresh lemons on it.

Using Lemon Juice on Gray Hair?The only confirmed advantage to using lemon juice or even vinegar on gray hair is to reduce the yellowing that occurs due to environmental contaminants and pollutants. It will not return your hair to its original color. This is a page about using lemon juice on gray hair.


Home Perm

Perm Tips and TricksThis is a page about perm tips and tricks. When you do permanents at home, you want to make sure you do it correctly to get just the amount of curl you want.


Woman Brushing Fine Hair

Dealing with Fine HairThis is a page about dealing with fine hair. It can be very frustrating to detangle and style delicate fine hair.


A pile of cut lemons an a dish of lemon juice.

How Do I Lighten My Hair Without the Sun?There are a few methods for lightening your hair that do not require you to use commercial dyes or sun triggered products. This is a page about, "How do I lighten my hair without the sun?".


Knotted and Tangled Hair

Remedies for Knotted and Tangled HairThis page is about remedies for knotted and tangled hair. Depending on the kind of hair you are dealing with, there are a ways to get it untangled.



Man With Spiked Mohawk in a Suit and Tie

Spiking a MohawkThis is a page about spiking a mohawk. Mohawks are a unique hairstyle and certainly not for everyone. However, if you have one, you know that spiking it is the best way to wear it.


A woman's hairy legs.

Removing Hair from Your Legs?This is a page about removing hair from your legs. Shaving is the most common way to remove hair on legs, but there are a few other ways that may work better for you.


A piece of gum that is being removed from a child's hair.

Using Coca-Cola for Removing Bubble Gum in HairCoca-Cola can be used for many cleaning tasks around the home, even removing gum from hair. This is a page about using Coca-Cola for removing bubble gum in hair.


Girl with red curly hair.

Managing Curly Hair?This is a page about managing curly hair. Despite the envy many people have of someone with curly hair, it can be a challenge to manage and style.


An updo wrap attached to black hair.

Using Hair Updo WrapsMake your hair look long and luxurious with these easy hair updo wraps. They come in all sorts of tones to match your own hair color. This is a page about using hair updo wraps.


A woman brushing her long brown hair.

Brush Hair Daily to Help it GrowOne of the easiest way to make your hair grow fast is by brushing 100 times a day. Yes, I say 100 times a day; from the scalp to the tip of your hair.


A woman looking at her hair with dismay.

Problems Growing Long Hair?This is a page about problems growing long hair. Many people want to grow their hair long but have trouble.


African American Woman with hands in her long natural hair

Growing Hair NaturallyThis is a page about growing hair naturally. Having hair that is slow to grow or trying to grow back hair after an illness can be frustrating and seem to take forever.


Colored Hair Extensions

Storing Hair ExtensionsThis page is about storing hair extensions. Keeping hair pieces safe from being flattened, styled and ready to use is the goal.


Man with a mohawk.

Sleeping With a Mohawk Haircut?This is a page about sleeping with a mohawk. Keeping your mohawk styled for a time means you will need to sleep with it. This can be done fairly easily.


woman with graying hair

Tips for Graying HairThis page contains tips for graying hair. Many woman choose to maintain their gray hair naturally.


Woman with Itchy Scalp

Remedies for an Itchy ScalpThis is a page has remedies for an itchy scalp. Dandruff shampoos are not necessarily helpful for itchy scalp without flaking.


A woman using a flat iron on her brown hair.

Straightening Your Hair?This is a page about straightening your hair. Many people want their hair to be less frizzy and more controlled. Here are tips and techniques for getting that perfect straight hairstyle.


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Making Your Hair Grow Faster?I need to know how to grow hair faster. Thank you.


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Using Vinegar for Shiny Hair?I know that using a lemon juice/vinegar water rinse gives hair a great shine. I don't know if I use it after or before using conditioner. Or do I not use conditioner? Thanks for your input.



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Deep Conditioning Treatment at HomeIf you want to super condition your hair, try this. After you put the conditioner in your hair, tie your hair back with a hair tie, wait about 5 minutes, and rinse your hair with the tie still in your hair. Of course, this only works if you have long hair .


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Removing Hairband from Wet HairIf you have trouble taking a hair ponytail band out of your hair after swimming, try this. Rub some hair conditioner on it. It will come out easy and not pull out your hair.


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Keep Hair Style Nice While SleepingIf you styled your hair, and you want to keep it nice overnight, in order to help it not get messed up during the night, put a slip over your pillow.


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How To Get Your Hair To Grow Faster?I want to grow my hair. What can I do?


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Deep Condition Your Hair While At The BeachTo have beautiful and undamaged hair this summer, simply comb through a high quality "leave in" conditioner or "hot oil" treatment when you get to the beach and the sun will "bake" the conditioner into your hair!


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Food for Hair Growth?Does anyone know what foods I could eat to grow my hair faster?


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Saving Money at the SalonWhen getting a haircut I never have my hair blown dry at the salon. You can save a considerable amount of money and I would rather style my hair myself.


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Brush Your Hair Bottom UpThis is a hair combing or brushing tip for medium to long hair to avoid snarling. Start combing or brushing your hair from the bottom working your way up to the scalp.


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How To Keep Hair From Tangling?I am always getting knots and tangles in my hair after a shower. I have tried to brush my hair when I apply shampoo and conditioner but that doesn't really help. Does anyone know anything to help me on this?


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Frugal Ideas For Women's SalonsI have a very simple hairstyle and try to avoid going to salons, which around here can cost from $40-$75 and up for a simple cut. When I can, I go to the Vidal Sassoon Academy, a beauty school, but I have also found a back to basics hairdresser in a country town which I visit regularly.


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When Can I Straighten My Perm?When Can I Straighten My Perm? I just got a perm about a week ago, is it OK to straighten it (with a store bought straightener) now?


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Growing Long Hair?How can I make short hair long and healthy, Please give me some homemade tips.


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Removing Glitter From Hair?Does anyone know how to remove glitter from a small child's hair?


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Brush Your Hair Before WashingYou should always brush your hair before you wash it. If you don't, it will be almost impossible to get the tangles out and it will also cause lots of breakage. You can also remember this tip when it comes to bathing long and medium haired dogs and cats.



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How Soon Can I Perm My Hair Again?I permed my hair like a month ago. It was a home perm where my mom helped me perm it. She did something wrong, but my hair had a little bit of wave. I'm planning to get it repermed, but I'm not sure if my hair will be okay with it.


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Remedy for Tangled Matted Hair?Remedy for tangled hair.


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Remedies for Child's Tangled Hair?Please need help. I have a 5year old mixed race daughter (she has more of African hair). Her hair is stressing me out and don't know what to do. I am thinking of using texturiser, but really don't want to because of the chemicals.


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Giving Yourself a Spiral Perm?How do I roll my hair for a spiral perm?


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Giving Yourself a Perm?How do I give myself a home perm?


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Growing Hair Faster?I was wondering if there was a fast and easy way to get my hair to grow longer and faster. Also, is there a way to curl my hair without heat and special products?


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