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This page contains information of coloring your hair, including green coloring products, preventing damage when coloring, and more.

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woman dying hair

Using Leftover Hair Dye?Once the color and activator are mixed they must be used quickly. If you don't need all of the product at one time, as you are touching up or have short hair, you may be able to retain some of each product for later use. This is a page about using leftover hair dye.


Hair Dye With Brush

Dyeing Hair After Bleaching?This is a page about dyeing hair after bleaching. Dyeing your hair too quickly after bleaching it can cause damage to your hair. It also can result in the color being different from what is pictured on the box.


Re-Dyeing Hair

Re-Dyeing Hair After Removing ColorAfter having the color removed from your hair, you may have to wait a little while before getting it dyed again. This is a page about re-dyeing hair after removing color.


Woman in towel combing wet blond hair

Lightening Your Hair With Hydrogen PeroxideThis is a page about lightening your hair with hydrogen peroxide. When you want to lighten your hair without going to the salon, you may consider using a hydrogen peroxide recipe.


A woman having her hair dyed.

How Long Should You Wait Before Re-dyeing Hair?Many times after dyeing your hair you decide you don't like it and want to try a different color. This page has advice about re-dyeing your hair, including how long you should wait before dyeing it again.


Dyed Hair

Toning Down Dyed HairThis page is about toning down dyed hair. If the dyed color of your hair is stronger than you expected, you may want to adjust it.


How to Fix Hair Color That Came Out Pink

How to Fix Hair Color That Came Out Pink?When you do not end up with the hair color you expect, it may mean another trip to the salon. This is a page about how to fix hair color that came out pink.


woman with long gray hair.

Letting Gray Hair Grow Out?Some women, after dying their hair for years decide to go natural. This is a page about letting your gray hair grow out.


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Can Changes in Hormones Affect Hair Dye Results?I had a hysterectomy in October, only have 1 ovary. Now when I dye my brown hair champagne blonde it turns a orange/red yellow shade. Not pretty at all.


A girl with blonde hair.

Getting Hair Color Back to Natural After DyeingWaiting for your hair to grow out to your natural hue can take longer than you want to wait. This page is about getting hair color back to natural after dyeing.


Back of a blonde haired person holding up a cut lemon next to their hair.

Lightening Dyed Hair With Lemon JuiceThis is a page about lightening dyed hair with lemon juice. This method of trying to lighten dyed hair seems to have mixed results. Read the comments below and then make your decision. Trying to change the color of dyed hair can have very unexpected and unhappy results.


Woman with faded green blonde hair standing against a wood wall.  She is looking over her bare shoulder at the camera.

Green Hair After Dyeing?This is a page about green hair after dyeing. Your natural hair color and the type and shade of dye used can create surprising results.



Coloring Gray Hair

Coloring Gray HairThis is a page about coloring gray hair. Although coloring your hair to hide gray is one of the most common reasons for dyeing hair, it can be difficult. Gray hair often resists dye.


An older woman with white hair.

Bleaching Yellow From White HairYellow stains on otherwise silver or white hair can be the result of using the wrong shampoo, side effects from some medications, smoking, or a myriad of other causes. This page has advice for removing yellow stains from white hair.


Woman with short highlighted hair.

Hair Coloring Advice for Highlighted Hair?Once your hair has been highlighted, there is more than one way to do a touchup. This is a page about hair coloring advice for highlighted hair.


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Dyeing Salt and Pepper Hair?Any hair colorists out there? I've been using Natural Instincts on my salt and pepper hair. It always turns out blond with yellowed ends.


Getting Hair Dye Off Skin

Getting Hair Dye Off SkinIt happens, you are dyeing your hair and either didn't wear gloves or accidentally get some on the skin around your hairline. This is a page about getting hair dye off skin.


Lemon Juice

Lightening Hair With Lemon JuiceLemon juice is often recommended as a safe way to help lighten your hair color. This page offers advice about how to use lemon juice to lighten your hair.


dyeing hair

Dyed Hair Turned Yellow?This is a page about dyed hair turned yellow. Before you go spend a lot of money to repair the unacceptable results of your dye job, there are some ways you may be able to fix it yourself.


Woman with dyed wet hair

Rinsing Hair Dye Out of Your HairThere are a number of ways to rinse the dye out of your hair without splashing it all over the walls and floor. The shower is a popular place to do this step. You might also try the deep sink in your laundry room, if you have one. This is a page about rinsing hair dye out of your hair.


Lightening Hair Naturally

Lightening Hair NaturallyThis page is about lightening hair naturally. There are a few ways to help your hair become somewhat lighter without the use chemical hair bleach.


A box of cherry Jell-O

Dyeing Hair With Jell-OThis is a page about dyeing hair with Jell-O. Jell-O works great as a nonpermanent hair dye.


Dyed hair with lighter roots.

Fixing Roots After Dyeing Hair?Root color correction is a constant challenge when dyeing your hair. Whether it is the need to dye them as they grow out or because their did not take the new color the same way as the rest of your hair, they often need special attention. This is a page about fixing roots after dyeing hair.


A brunette with red highlights.

Getting Rid of Bright Red Highlights?If the red highlights you had put in your hair are too bright, you should speak with your hairstylist about fixing their error. You can also wait for the color to fade over the next few weeks. This is a page about getting rid of bright red highlights.


DIY Ombre Hair Colouring - blue and green hair

DIY Ombre Hair ColouringLooking for bright modern hair but without the expensive salon bill? Check out the step by step instructions for DIY ombre hair colouring.


Woman with long hair smelling coffee beans in her cupped hands

Darkening Your Hair Color With CoffeeThis page is about darkening your hair color with coffee. Finding a natural alternative to enhance your hair color can save you money.


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Hairdresser Turned Hair Rose-gold Instead of Blonde?I went in to have my roots touched up blonde. Roots are blonde. Much of the rest of my hair is not! It turned rose-gold. She said it is impossible to remove. I have to wait until it grows out. So she added highlights! I'm very unhappy!



A woman dyeing her hair at home.

Do All Boxed Hair Dyes Have Metallic Salts in Them?I want to dye my hair with Splat in the color crimson. It says not to if I've dyed my hair with a product with metallic salts in it. What do I do?


A woman with dyed blonde hair.

Fixing a Bad Dye Job?I've have always had really pretty blonde hair. Well 8 years ago a salon messed up my hair. I told them that I just wanted some low lights and a little lighter blonde highlights. Well they turned it red. It looked so bad I changed it to solid brown. Now I wanted go back to blonde so I got a hair stripper a salon lady told me to use and then picked out a pretty blonde color. It turned it yellow.


A manicured hand next to a gloved and duct-taped hand, protected from hair dye.

Keeping Hair Dye Off Polished NailsTo keep hair dye from ruining your polished nails, wear tight fitting latex or nitrile gloves sealed around your wrists with tape. There are also suggestions, on this page, for removing any dye transfer that might still be bleeding from your hair days later.


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Hair Too Dark After Dyeing?I recently got my hair dyed. It was blond and I wanted to go a little darker however it was too dark. The hairdresser put a few highlights in it however the ends of my hair are darker than the top. What's my best bet to get my ends dyed blonder.


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Mixing Permanent Hair Color with Demi Activator?Can you mix permanent hair color (say, Ion Brilliance 3N or Clairol Soy4Plex 4A) with demi-permanent activator (such as Wella Color Charm activator) if you want Demi results?


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Re-dyeing Hair After the Color Has Faded?About a month ago I dyed my hair red from a box. I actually really like the color, but of course it has faded - some areas are faded more than others. Is it OK to re-dye my whole head with the same color I used before? Will it make it all one shade or will I have dark/lighter areas based on how it has faded?


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Using Hair Dye with Powder Instead of Liquid Color?When you use a bleach kit that has color powder instead of the color liquid how do you mix just some of it and save the rest for the next touch up?


Toning Down Hair Dye - bright pinkish purple hair after dyeing

Toning Down Hair Dye?My wife just had her hair dyed burgundy, but it came out with a bright purple look. How can she tone it down asap?


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Using Hair Dye That Got Too Warm?A new Wella hair dye tube was left for about four to five days on a hot TV sky box. And I realised after opening the tube of hair dye that it has gone a bit hard. Can I use it? It's not expired, just left in hot place for 4 to 5 days.


A woman coloring her hair at home.

Refreshing Color on Previously Dyed Hair?When you use semi permanent hair coloring, it can fade. A colored gloss can refresh the highlights until it is time to apply dye again. This is a page about refreshing color on previously dyed hair.


Dyeing Roots After Bleaching Hair - view of part in very red hair

Dyeing Roots After Bleaching Hair?I recently bleached my natural hair and dyed my hair a bright red afterward. I do not want my roots red. Can I dye my roots a black color or will it interfere with the bleach underneath the semi-permanent red hair dye?


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Lightening Dyed Hair Without Bleach?If it's been 6 months since I colored my hair medium brown, can I dye it blond without having to use bleach?


Woman with blue hair and blue eyes.

Adding Blue Hair Dye to Previously Dyed Hair?Exotic colors like blue and green need to be reapplied often to keep them bright. This is a page about adding blue hair dye to previously dyed hair.


long brown hair on white background.

Going Back to Natural Hair Color After Bleaching?Once your natural hair color has been removed it is not quick and easy to return to your actual hair color. You can try dyeing with permanent, temporary, or herbal products while it grows out or see a professional for their advice. This is a page about going back to your natural hair color after bleaching.


Woman with dying her hair in front of mirror in her own bathroom.

Emergency Hair Color for Your RootsIf you get caught between appointments or time to retouch your roots and need a temporary fix, try a brow pencil or mascara. This is a page about emergency hair color for your roots.



Someone dyeing their own hair.

Didn't Use Enough Hair Dye?If you don't use enough dye when dyeing your hair, it may be necessary to redo the process. This is a page about what to do if you didn't use enough hair dye.


Woman with dark red hair.

How Do I Keep My Hair Color from Fading?Colored hair can require special care and products to keep it looking bright as long as possible. This page contains advice about how do I keep my hair color from fading?


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Dyeing Hair Black?I know that when you're blonde you are supposed to dye your hair a warm tone before dyeing it black, but my hair is like an orange brownish hair color. I was wondering would I have to dye it red before dyeing it black so my hair won't fade to green?


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Can Re-dyeing Your Hair Damage It?So I bleached and dyed my hair blue and pink 5 days ago. I used Ion semi permanent magenta and sky blue. I did not like it, so I faded it, but the blue didn't wanna come out. I really wanted to dye it black so I did today. Will my hair fall off? Or what will happen to my hair?


Blond with a Balayage hair dye job.

Coloring Hair With a Balayage Look?Balayage is a hair coloring technique that paints the dye on for subtle gradiations in the color. This is a page about coloring hair with a balayage look.


Girl with dyed dark blue hair

Dyeing Hair Dark Blue?Fashionable hair color choices like dark blue are becoming mainstream in all walks of life. This is a page about dyeing hair dark blue.


Woman having dye come through her blond hair

Blonde Hair Dye Reviews?Getting a true blonde color can be tricky without a lot of overprocessing and there are many types of blonde dyes available. This is a page about blonde hair dye reviews.


Woman with grey hair wearing sunglasses

Glam up Gray HairGray hair can be especially attractive with added highlights. You can low light your hair yourself or with help at home. This is a page about glam up gray hair.


Clean white bathroom sink.

Protecting Your Bathroom When Dyeing HairIf you are saving money by dyeing your hair at home, be sure to cover your surfaces to avoid difficult stains. This is a page about protecting your bathroom when dyeing hair.


Young woman shows her gray hair roots.

Grey Hair Doesn't Hold Color?This is a page about grey hair that doesn't hold color. Grey hair is know to have a different texture and be more resistant to taking color. Here are some tips to try if you are having trouble coloring your grey hair.


Dying hair with a brush and foil.

Home Hair Highlighting Kits?There are many hair highlighting kits that are designed to be done in the comfort of your own home. This is a page about home hair highlighting kits.


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Dyeing Hair After Burning Scalp?I used hair dye from Sally's about 10 months ago and it gave me a bad chemical burn on my scalp. I had blisters everywhere, since then my hair has thinned out a lot, but also looks a disaster because I haven't dyed it since. My question is, is it safe to dye it again now?


Woman showing her grey roots in her hair.

My Roots Are Too Light?This is a page about roots are too light. Doing a root touchup between colorings can sometimes have unexpected results.


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Using Older Unopened Hair Color?I have kept my Splat oxide bottle in a cabinet under my sink for about a year. Is it still safe to use?


Closeup of Adding Highlights to Dyed Hair

Adding Highlights to Dyed Hair?Once you have dyed your hair to the color you like, add some highlights to make your new color really pop. Adding highlights to dyed hair will add additional contrast to your hairstyle.


Woman Dyeing Her Hair

Gentle Hair Dye Advice?This page contains gentle hair dye advice. For many people, the harsh chemicals in hair dye irritate their skin or make then feel ill. Here are some suggestions for natural and less noxious hair dye options.


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Lightening Hair That Was Dyed Too Dark?I was wondering if anyone can help with advice? I dyed my hair 3 days ago and it's far too dark for me. So the next day thought I would get a lighter colour; it did nothing. I read that Head and Shoulders helps to rinse colour out, or should I use a colour stripper and then dye it again?


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Using Permanent Hair Color Over Temporary Color?I have recently coloured my hair with Missha 7 day hair colour treatment. But I want to dye it to burgundy. So my question is, if I colour my hair with a long lasting hair dye over this hair treatment colour, will it last? Or will it wash away with the 7 day treatment?


A girl with blue hair and piercings.

Re-dyeing My Hair Blue?This is a page about re-dyeing hair blue. If you have recently dyed your hair blue and are unhappy with how it turned out, here are some tips that may help you achieve the color that you want.


Woman with blue hair covering her face with her hands.

Hair Turned Blue After Dyeing?Dyeing your hair can have unexpected and unacceptable color results. This is a page about hair turned blue after dyeing.


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Hair Dye Left Hair Greenish?I am 52 yrs old. I was born with black hair and over the years I have been using ammonia free blonde to lighten my hair in preparation for grey. There is a nice grey colour, so I was a light colour. I dyed my hair another blonde and then put the grey through it and a green tinge came out.


Bleaching Hair

Bleaching Your HairMuch care must be taken when bleaching your hair not to burn your scalp, and to get just the color you want. This is a page about bleaching your hair.


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Re-dyeing Hair?I want to remove the hair dye out of my hair. How long do I need to wait till I can dye it again? I have grey hair and I want to dye it brown. Currently my hair is black.


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Changing Hair Dyed Dark Brown to Blonde?I had my hair silver and then tried lavender. It failed, I got mint green. I put dark purple on to hide the green, but the dark purple kept fading so I went dark brown. My hair has some light shades of brown because I was letting the darkness fade. Do I have to remove the previous colors in order to go light blonde again?


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Re-dyeing Hair with Semi-permanent Dye?I coloured my hair on Friday with a semi-permanent light brown to my already darker coloured hair. The re-growth is still too light. Is it safe to colour over this with a darker brown of the same brand and also semi permanent? It's Monday. Or will my hair fall out?


DIY Temporary Ombre Hair - finished hair

DIY Temporary Ombre HairI love to change the colour of my hair very often. To keep it super cheap (and fun) I do it myself at home. The trick is to skip on the $10-per-colour temporary hair chalks and use a $5 case of soft pastels from a craft store and have unlimited colors!


Woman Dyeing Hair

Changing Hair Color from Dark to LightChanging naturally dark hair or hair that has been dyed a dark color to a lighter one, does require additional steps. This is a page about changing hair color from dark to light.


Hair Dye Brush and Container

Hair Turned Orange After DyeingThis is a page about hair turned orange after dyeing. When your hair color does not come out the way you want it, there is often a way to fix it.


A dark haired woman getting a foil treatment at a salon.

Lightening Dark Brown Hair?Trying to lighten your naturally dark hair can have some unexpected results. This is a page about lightening dark brown hair.


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Lightening Hair After Dyeing?Recently I wanted to dye my hair darker so I used a store bought box and the color turned out way too dark. Because of this I wanted to start over and go back to my normal color so I used a Color Oops and then used a box that was the color my normal hair was. It turned out being way too dark again.


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Coloring Your Hair at Home?What is the best home hair colour to use after normally going to a salon (it has become too expensive)?


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Unhappy with Highlight Hair Color?I highlighted my hair about 4 months back and I really don't like the colour. I had black hair and now I have dirty blonde highlights. What should I do?


Woman having her eyebrows dyed

Re-Dyeing Your Eyebrows?This page is about re-dyeing your eyebrows. When your eyebrows are not the color you want, there are safe ways to change the color.


Hair being dyed a bright red color.

Fixing Hair Coloring MistakesThis is a page about fixing hair coloring mistakes. It can be a challenge to get the hair color you want and even harder to fix a mistake.


Back view of a woman's sudsy hair as she washes it.

Washing Your Hair After Dyeing It?This is a page about washing your hair after dyeing it. Many people wonder if they can wash their hair soon after dyeing it or how long they must wait.


Woman Dyeing Her Hair

Removing Black Dye from Hair?This is a page about removing black dye from hair. Changing hair color can be a challenge when you are not happy with the way it is.


Woman Fixing Hair Color

Fixing Hair Color?This is a page about fixing hair color. It is common to dye your hair only to find that the result is not at all what you had expected.


Dark Hair

Dyeing Hair Dark Naturally?This is a page about dyeing hair dark naturally. There are a number of ways you can dye your dark hair naturally, without the use of harsh chemical dyes.


Using Kool-Aid to Color Hair

Using Kool-Aid to Color HairThis is a page about using Kool-aid to color hair. Using Kool-Aid is a cheap way to temporarily dye your hair with bright colors.


Dyeing Red Hair

Dyeing Hair Red?This is a page about dyeing hair red. Whether using commercial hair dye or natural henna, you may want your hair a shade of red.


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Brightening Bleached Blond Hair?I am a bleached blond African American. Can I use Clairol Shimmer Lights conditioning shampoo to take the dull yellow out?


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Hair Dye Too Orange?I dyed a bit of my hair red a few months ago and now it's like a orange/pink color and I hate it. I don't really want to dye it as my natural hair color. I just want to bring it back to red.


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Dyeing Hair a Lighter Color?I was blonde as a child and grew into a dark blonde/brown. I want to go lighter, subtly. I am looking for the best hair color for dark brown eyes. Do I use a frost and glow and go over that with a neutral light blonde?


A dark haired woman dying her hair.

A Green Guide to Hair DyesThis is a page about a green guide to hair dyes. Many commercial hair dyes contain various chemicals and dyes. If you are looking for something a bit more ecofriendly and safer for you to use, there are other options.


Woman with highlights in her hair.

Growing Out Hair With Highlights?This is a page about growing out hair with highlights. Highlights lend a dramatic effect to your hair. However, when they start to grow out they no longer look that nice.


girl with highlights

Highlighting Your HairThis is a page about highlighting your hair. Adding highlights to your hair is a process that you can do at home by following a few simple steps.


A woman coloring her hair.

Choosing a Hair Color to Complement Skin Tone...This is a page about choosing a hair color to complement skin tone and eye color. Choosing the best color to dye your hair will depend on your intent.


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Colouring Hair Makes Scalp Itch?I colour my hair once a month, when it turns to grey hair. I have loads of grey. When I colour it gets itchy. Is this normal?


dyed hair

Using Temporary Hair DyeThis page is about using temporary hair dye. Sometimes a change in hair color can be fun when it's not permanent.


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Toning Brassy Orange Hair?I recently tried dyeing my hair ombre with the Loreal kit for dark brown hair (that's the color of my natural hair and the kit was pretty cheap). At first I didn't leave the bleach in long enough so I added some more and left it in for a longer time.


Girl with permed hair.

Coloring Permed Hair?This is a page about coloring permed hair. Coloring and perming your hair both entail treating your hair to a chemical process that has the potential of causing damage if not done properly.


Woman with dyed auburn hair.

Changing Your Hair ColorThis is a page about changing your hair color. Changing the color of dyed hair can be tricky.


gray haired woman

Dyeing My Hair GrayThis is a page about dyeing my hair gray. Looking to finish what nature has started, or seeking a different hair statement; dyeing your hair gray or silver may be the answer.


girl with dyed hair

Removing Dye from Hair?This page is about removing dye from hair. When you don't like the color your hair has been dyed, you may need to remove it.


A woman dying her own hair.

Coloring Hair at HomeThis page is about coloring hair at home. When dyeing hair there are a number of things to keep in mind so you get the results you want.


My Hair is Getting Darker in the Sun?I have golden blonde hair naturally, with brown highlights, that are also natural. A year ago I dyed my hair light brown, then medium brown. It took a year to go back to blonde, sort of.


A person coloring their hair.

Saving Money on Coloring Your HairThis is a page about saving money on coloring your hair. Many of us like to color our hair. This pampering can be very expensive though.


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Lightening Dark Brown Hair?My hair is dark brown with color build up. I want to go light brown but not too light. What is the best thing for me to do?


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Dyeing a Mohawk with Koolaid?How do you dye a mohawk with Koolaid?


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jello in hair

Jello Didn't Dye HairMy daughter recently asked to color the ends of her hair. A friend of hers had used Jello successfully so we decided to give it a try. I researched it online and found a method that combined Jello and conditioner, making it into a paste.


A woman dying her hair

A Green Guide to Hair DyesMost commercial hair dyes contain ridiculously toxic chemicals. Many contain additives (often unregulated) that have been linked to cancer, birth defects, and a host of other serious health problems. So why are people willing assume the risk?


Glam up Gray Hair

Glam up Gray HairI like my gray hair but I did want to glam it up, so I got creative. I low lighted my hair myself, inexpensively! Of course I have shorter hair which simplifies the process but I get quite a few compliments and I really like the look.


red ombre hair color

Dyeing Hair With Kool-AidMy daughter wanted to color the ends of her hair for the last week of school. The Kool-aid created a very pretty ombre look!


Dirty Blonde Hair Highlights

Dirty Blonde Hair HighlightsThis is what your dirty blonde hair will end up looking like. Looks like a pro did it, don't you think?


Hair being dyed red at the roots.

Re-Dyeing Your HairTake a look down any aisle devoted to hair care products. More than likely, you will find a section displaying hair coloring products. You may see a myriad of different brands, colors,and degrees of permanence. What you won't see, is the word 'dye'.



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Lightening Dyed Hair?Last night, I dyed my hair pink and blue. Well, the blue is ok but the pink is fuchsia. How can I make it more of a pastel pink without losing the colors?


Toning Down Hair That Is Too Pink?

Toning Down Hair That Is Too Pink?So I went to the hairdresser yesterday. I actually wanted to go for a slightly dark rose gold color, but ended up with quite a bright shade of pink. Although I don't think the color looks bad, it's a little too far out of my comfort zone. I am kind of out of my hairsalon-spending budget so wonder if there is a way to DIY tone the color more to a rose gold?


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Remedy for Brassy Hair Color When Dyed?Every time I dye my hair, whether salon or box, it turns a brass color. I've tried home remedies and shampoo for colored hair. I do have well water, but this is horrible. My hair color is medium to dark brown. It is just a few shades different than my roots. There is just too much brass.


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Coloring Hair After Lightening?I just lightened my hair, it's white, light blonde, a touch of yellow with a small amount of orange. I want to put pastel blue on it now. I've already put a toner in. How long do I have to wait?


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Re-Dying Hair After Removing Color?I just used baking soda and clarifying shampoo to remove Splat hair color. When can I color it again?


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Removing Sharpie from Hair?I used a purple Sharpie to dye the ends of my hair. My hair is a natural blonde and the Sharpie has stained my hair. I've tried the hairspray trick, washing-up liquid, and a hair colour remover, none have worked. My hair is very fine so I don't want to use anything too harmful to prevent breakage. If anybody could help? My hair is short so I can't cut it until it grows more.


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