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Keeping your hair from splitting is always desired. This page is about remedies for split ends.


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To maintain your split ends in between hair cuts, twist a section of hair between your fingers. You will notice that the dry and damage hairs stick out from the twisted section. Simply take some scissors and snip these off. As you let your hair unravel, you can see that the split ends diminish greatly. There is very little chance of ruining your hair cut as you're basically just thinning out the ends.

Source: I learned this tip in boarding school when an opportunity for a hair cut was far and few between.

By abrupt_silence from Seattle, WA

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  1. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks.

  2. When you get out of the shower, use a comb not a brush.

  3. Crack an egg in the shower. Wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

  4. Don't put or rub conditioner on your roots.

  5. Lastly, don't play with the ends of your hair. Don't twirl or scratch at it.

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Are there any natural or inexpensive remedies for split ends?

By Greenie


August 4, 20090 found this helpful

The only way to get rid of split ends is to trim them. Hair is basically dead at the ends--split hairs won't grow back together.

Trim them, then you can rub a small amount of olive oil onto the ends to prevent them from reoccuring. Also avoid using rubber bands or brushing your hair while it is wet.


One way to trim them off yourself is to take small strands of hair and twist. Usually the splits will pop out, then trim them off and go on to the next strand.

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August 6, 20090 found this helpful

My hair got horribly damaged from a perm. I had a long braid down my back & decided I needed a change. Now that my hair is fried! I use Queen Helene Hair Conditioner. I use a ton of it & pack in on my hair before almost every shampoo. I try to leave it on for a minimum of 1 hour - then shampoo. It washes right out - no problem. My hair feels soft again & is more manageable. I paid less then $5.00 for a jar that worked through 5 applications (Family Dollar).

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August 6, 20090 found this helpful

Take it from a retired 30 year hairstylist veteran when I tell you that mom-from-missouri's advice is good advice and that hair is indeed a dead appendage just the same as toe and fingernails are.


Being gentle overall with your hair and even a regular light conditioning each time you shampoo is the best way to avoid split ends from happening. Once there is a split end you can't repair it, it needs to be trimmed off. And you really should get them trimmed off because a split can, and more often than not, continue up the hair shaft.

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August 6, 20090 found this helpful

Yep scissors, lol - sorry I couldn't resist that! But actually I have long hair & I cut 1/4 inch off every month to keep it healthy.

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December 1, 2012

What can I use to help my frizz and split ends on my shoulder length hair?

By Mandie B from Empire, AL


December 1, 20120 found this helpful

Hi Mandie: I am not a hair stylist, but for your split ends, I suggest you have your hair trimmed as I believe this hair is already damaged and with trimming your hair, not only will your split ends be gone, but your hair will look more healthy and smooth when you style your hair. I myself have very frizzy hair and depending on the humidity, it can be quite frizzy at times. My hair is almost shoulder length.


This is what I do: I shampoo and use a conditioner in the shower and then comb out my hair with a wide-toothed comb. I apply a leave-in conditioner. I have tried many brands and some work better than others, but it definitely does not have to be an expensive leave-in conditioner. Tresemme, Herbal Essences and Pantene. I do not honestly notice expensive brands working better for me than inexpensive.

However, the amount I use definitely makes a difference. I apply the conditioner in my hands and work through trying to avoid the scalp/roots and focus on the ends and length of my hair. I then use my fingers to just separate my hair and the other thing that helps the most - let your hair air dry.

Don't use a blow dryer; this just frizzes it more. I then periodically check my hair in the mirror. If there are spots that are starting to frizz with the conditioner already applied, I have to apply more. I personally have to reapply several times while my hair is drying, but do this in small amounts. Your hair may not be as stubborn as mine. I also try not to mess with it too much and I definitely do not comb it anymore.


After my hair is completely dry, I just bend over and fluff it up a little as I do not have a ton of hair and like it to be a little curly. You would probably have to play with it a bit to see how you like it. On days my hair is still frizzy or possibly the next day, I might touch it up in some spots with a curling iron, either a large or small barrel one depending on the type of style I am going with.

You may not like having to wait until your hair dries, but I just give myself plenty of time or shampoo and style the night before. I even color my hair and my hair is in good shape because I use very little heat. I also do not wash my hair every day. I have dry hair so I can go 3 to 4 days.

I hope you are able to use some of these tips. But for me they work and I have had stylists (I think newer stylists) insist on blow drying my hair dry because they don't realize how frizzy it will get and then end up using a straightening iron and they end up messing with it forever with tons of hairspray trying to get it the way it looked when I walked in. Also you will benefit from possibly not getting split ends from damage done to your hair with overstyling/heat. Just make sure you keep the leave-in conditioner away from your roots and scalp so that your hair will not be weighed down.

Don't worry about brands. I have even seen 'recipes' for leave-in conditioner you might like to try. I also sometimes put a tiny bit of coconut oil that you can buy at The Walmart and it melts quickly and I apply very sparingly for shine and it also tames things a bit, but be very careful not to overdo this either! I sure hope this helps you, Mandie! I actually joined Thrifty Fun to answer your question as I really feel my regimen is what works the best for my hair.

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December 3, 20120 found this helpful

If you have a Sally Beauty supply near you shop there for Beyond The Zone's Protein Cocktail, if you don't have one nearby, go online & take a look. I have naturally dark hair, but 2 years ago bleached it & have since kept it blonde & this stuff is a miracle! I just discovered it few weeks ago but wish I had it over summer because the hard water did a number on my blonde & naturally curly hair. Hope this helps!

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December 4, 20120 found this helpful

My hair is below my waist, finally. First, there is no cure for split ends; that part must be cut. Prevention is the next step. As others are saying, condition, condition, condition. Allow your hair to air dry rather than using any kind of dryer. Don't wash your hair every day, or at least don't use shampoo; a water rinse will be enough in very hot weather if your scalp gets sweaty. Also use gentle shampoos and follow the directions others have posted. I have used most of those and they work.

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April 6, 2011

How can I fix split ends except trimming? Please suggest some alternative solutions. Thank you.

By ananya from Karachi


April 6, 20110 found this helpful

Mix 1/2 cup of protein enriched deep conditioner mix well with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Put into dry hair and wrap in plastic for thirty minutes (I use a plastic grocery bag and twist at front, secured with a clothes pin). Wash and condition as usual. Repeat weekly. I have been doing this for several years. I have not cut my ends in six years and they are well conditioned.

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April 7, 20110 found this helpful

I was a hairstylist for 35 years (as were both of my parents before me) and I can honestly tell you that there is no way to 'repair' split ends other than trimming them off. Anything else is just a smoke and mirror cover up fix because hair is a dead appendage. Spending a bunch of money or time trying to repair it would be like trying to put a piece of scotch tape on a piece of torn paper hoping it will look better and hoping it will not tear any further. Please know that split ends can continue splitting up the hair shaft so your best safe bet is gentle handling of your hair and trims as needed.

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August 4, 2009

I am looking for a moisturizer for dry hair and split end treatment.

Christina from Jacksonville, TX


Moisturizer for Dry Hair and Split Ends

I have very dry hair, since childhood, and I like anything by Abba. The Moisture Sensation works for me, my stylist suggested it. You can always use Infusium Leave in Treatment for a quick fix. Really nice leave in, for this is Sebastian Formula 9. I have really "picky" dry curly, very long hair and I go through a lot of products before I find something that works. Anything that's a moisturizer is worth a try. Reconstructors are good too, but depending on which one, sometimes they just coat your hair with a type of wax, yum. But if you can handle it (and I can't) get them cut off. I guess they can travel up the hair shaft and do more damage. Don't cut them off yourself, though, because if you don't use very sharp sheers you can do more damage.

My sister was working towards her license, and she had a great technique if you can't handle cutting them all off. Take small sections of hair, twist them tight. The little ends that stick out of the twist, are usually dead, clip just those off. But don't cut chunks off, re-twist smaller sections, and what I'm talking about are single hairs that randomly stick out, there may be a lot of them, but they're one or two hairs not chunks of hair. The smaller and tighter the twist, the more of them will pop up. Dry hair, of course. You wouldn't believe how much hair I have, and for me this can be time consuming. If you do this with very sharp sheers, you'll see improvement. Then, moisturize the rest to prevent more. Hope that helps.(05/23/2007)

By Mary Anne

Moisturizer for Dry Hair and Split Ends

Apply Mayonnaise to entire head of hair and cover with plastic wrap leave on head for about an hour, wash and rinse well. This moisturizes well and gives your hair a nice shine. Mayo has natural proteins and fat that nourishes your hair. You can do this as often as needed. Olive oil is also great. (05/25/2007)

By Lisa

Moisturizer for Dry Hair and Split Ends

I have had that problem for years until I started using an organic shampoo and conditioner. I like Nourish Spa from Trader Joe's, but you would have to find what works best for your hair. Shampoo has a lot of chemicals in it and a lot of them are meant to dry out your hair so you spend money on deep conditioners and treatments and such. There is even a chemical that has been linked to thinning hair and baldness. I would even though it might sound painful, (I don't know how long your hair is) cut off everything that's ugly and start fresh with a good organic shampoo and conditioner and see if that helps. (05/26/2007)

By bambi2003

Moisturizer for Dry Hair and Split Ends

Being a frugal person, still have hairdresser's license, I'd use egg, Mayo, and olive oil. Just on the ends of the hair, applied with a 2 inch paint brush and let it sit about 3 hours, if you have the time. Check the harshness of your shampoo, and try to improve it with something that is PH balanced, even if cheap.
If coloring, use Herbal Essences Shampoo. If bleaching, use above treatment all over, then carefully wash out for a long time. Also, check to see if your hair brush has rounded tips. If not, try to invest in a brush that does. At one time Stanley brushes had one. Give them a call. It will last a lifetime.

Also, after swimming, rinse your hair in a weak Apple Cider Vinegar solution, 1 tablespoon per
16 oz. of water to "neutralize" the chlorine residue as often and quickly as possible. Don't sit in the sun when by the pool. Wear a fun hat, if possible. Don't swim at all if you bleach or frost/highlight heavily, or risk losing all hair. Conditioners don't work too well, only "coat" the hair, so try the above natural treatment. I believe you'll like the results. Trim off whatever split ends that you can and really analyze exactly what your hair is exposed to.

If you ride in a convertible, beware of sun damage. Wear a hat. If you use strong hair spray, search for
something in a pump that is alcohol free. Rave use to make one, I believe and it is cheap, but may no longer. Go to beauty supply and search for one brand. Alcohol truly damages the hair and scalp.
Avoid it and Chlorine. Good luck and God bless. (05/27/2007)

By Lynda

Moisturizer for Dry Hair and Split Ends

I had a Sri lankan friend who swore by coconut oil. She would comb it gently into her hair at bed time, wrap a scarf around her head and wash it with normal shampoo in the morning. Her hair was long black and like silk. It could be just genes, but worth a try. (05/29/2007)

By cettina

Moisturizer for Dry Hair and Split Ends

I have really dry hair (I use a flat iron every-day) I just get a conditioner that is for dry-damaged hair, put it on my head for twenty minutes before I shower and wrap it in a plastic bag. This way I can do other things. Then in the shower I rinse it out. I also use shampoo for "sensitive scalps", I find it has the most moisturizer. (05/30/2007)

Moisturizer for Dry Hair and Split Ends

I had really dry and bad hair with split ends, but I started sleeping with the conditioner. I would put some at night, tie it in a bun and when I would wake up I would wash my hair with shampoo and it would be very silky and beautiful. (11/06/2007)

By cuca

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