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Indoor gardening has its own rewards and challenges. This page contains tips and advice about gardening indoors.

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Upside down wine bottle in flower pot.

Using Wine Bottle to Water PlantsMany types of bottles can filled with water and inverted in a plant to give it a constant supply of water for a while. This can be a very helpful way to ensure your plants have water if you are away on vacation. This is a page about using wine bottle to water plants.


Making a Terrarium, Small Terrarium in Mason Jar

Making a TerrariumThis is a page about making a terrarium. Terrariums are a great way to add some life to your decorating. They can be made from just about any glass or clear plastic container. They are also a perfect way to make use of something that was just taking up space before.


Sweet Potato growing vines

Growing a Sweet Potato VineThis is a page about growing a sweet potato vine. A fun project for indoor greenery is growing a sweet potato tuber.


Rectangular Cactus Terrarium

Converting an Aquarium into a TerrariumThis page is about converting an aquarium into a terrarium. When your fish tank is worn out or you do not need it anymore, recycle it into a controlled environment for plants or reptiles.


florescent light graphic

Do Grow Lights Require a Special Fixture?This is a page about, "Do grow lights require a special fixture?". Grow lights can be used for indoor plants during winter months and for germinating seeds and growing the seedlings.


Indoor Water Garden - Pink Water Lillies

Making an Indoor Water GardenThis is a page about making an indoor water garden. You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoor water garden in your home on a smaller scale.


A collection of tomato seedlings.

12 Steps To Sowing Seeds IndoorsThis page is about 12 steps to sowing seeds indoors. Following these steps you can extend your growing season by as much as two months.


Lemon Tree

Keeping Spider Mites Off a Lemon Tree?This page is about keeping spider mites off a lemon tree. Keep it in good health with proper food, water, and fresh air, trees can last for many years.


growing basil under LED lights

Growing Plants With Artificial LightsThe best light for plants may be natural light, but using artificial lights to sprout seeds and grow plants does have its advantages.


An air plant blooming.

Blooming Air PlantThis is the first time this air plant (Tillandsia) has bloomed. I love the beautiful purple flower. Afterwards, I believe I should be expecting baby pups. Snapped some photos to share with you all!


Inexpensive Grow Light - grow light with bent shade

Inexpensive Grow Light IdeasBuying grow lights for seed starting and other indoor gardening activities can get pricey. This page contains ideas for inexpensive grow lights.


A row of seedlings in divided pots.

What You Need To Start Seeds IndoorsThis is a page about what you need to start seeds indoors. With proper light, indoor space, and growing medium, you can get a jump on the growing season.



Some freshly cut wheat stalks.

Growing Wheat Under Artificial Light?Wheat can be sprouted and grown under artificial light. This is a page about growing wheat under artificial light.


gardenia in pot

Indoor Gardenia CareThis is a page about indoor gardenia care. Gardenias make wonderful houseplants. Proper care for you gardenia will ensure it is healthy enough to flower.


Sprouting Vegetables Inside

Growing Vegetables Inside During the Winter?This is a page about growing vegetables inside during the winter. Whether growing fresh greenss for the table or getting good starts ready for your summer garden, it is wonderful to grow veggies at home.


Bamboo Palm in white pot.

Bamboo Palm Plant Care?Bamboo palm plants are beautiful indoor plants for your home or office. This page is about bamboo palm plants.


Nice office with a large plant.

Office Plant IdeasThis page contains office plant ideas. Not all house plants are suitable for an office environment.


Tomato plants growing under a grow light system.

Setting Up a Grow-Light SystemThis is a page about setting up a grow-light system. Get a head start on gardening by starting your seeds indoor under grow lights.


Gardening Indoors

Gardening IndoorsThis is a page about gardening indoors. If you don't have the outside space for a garden or want to garden through out the winter, consider gardening indoors.


Garden Window Ideas

Garden Window IdeasThis page is about garden window ideas. Creating a window space for an indoor garden can give you flowers, fresh herbs and greens year round.


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Light Requirements for Growing a Gardenia Indoors?I have a little indoor gardenia which I recently bought. I have 2 locations to choose from, but am not sure which is best. I have one room with a south window. The second room is one with 2 windows, one to the south and the other to the west.


Indoor Lava Plant is Dying?I have an indoor lava plant. I have had it for 8 month. It began to die soon after I got it home from an IKEA store. It use to have a beautiful bloom, but it has slowly died off.


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Growing a Tabletop Pine Tree?I am not interested in growing a pine tree from seed it takes too long. However, does anyone have any knowledge of tending to a live table top pine?


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Stevia Plant Seems to Be Dying?I have a problem with my indoor Stevia plant. Mine Looks like it is dying, woody stems, the leaves are dry, etc. I have kept it going just fine for the whole summer and all of a sudden, within days, it went downhill.


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Suggestions for Indoor Plants?I was hoping for a tall indoor plant like Forsythia and Curly Willow. I'm not set on flowering or not, but I am aiming for easily manageable, thin twigs, and decorative. I usually transfer plants outdoors for the summer to get some light.


Yellow Sticky Traps for Flying Insects - insects stuck to yellow sticky paper

Yellow Sticky Traps for Flying InsectsI have many household plants throughout my home. I used indoor soil for these plants and didn't think there would be any flying insects. My friend introduced me to these yellow sticky traps (she actually gave me a handful). They are rather large double sided sticky traps so I cut them down in smaller pieces and placed them into my potted plants. A few hours later, the traps are already working!


Indoor Water Gardens

Making Indoor Water GardensAnyone know how to make indoor water gardens? It's like the ones for outdoors, but smaller containers for around the house. I read about them in a Martha Stewart "Living" magazines a couple of years ago. Grateful for any info on indoor water gardens.


Plants growing under grow lights

Tips for Setting Up a Grow-Light SystemStarting seedlings under fluorescent light is one of the best ways for gardeners to get a jump on spring. Because seedlings grown under lights receive the same amount of light day after day, regardless of the weather outside, you won't have to worry about leggy, unhealthy plants during a dark and gloomy spring.



Starting Seeds Under Fluorescent LightsLight can be a limiting factor to starting seeds indoors. Fortunately, a couple of 40-watt fluorescent lights can usually make up for a lack of daylight. Here are some tips for setting up and getting the most out of a growing space using fluorescent lights.



Converting Aquarium into Terrarium?Here's a photo of my completed terrarium. The miniature violets cost about $4 to $5 each. I found the shefflera and a cute small palm at Walmart for $3 each. The small juniper was pricy, about $15.


Using Bird Feeders for Houseplants

Using Bird Feeders for HouseplantsI picked up two inexpensive wooden bird feeders that were actually a little broken in a local department store for $1 each. I decided to use them inside my house to hold some hanging plants. I bring in a number of herbs for the winter and so window and plant space becomes an issue for me in the winter.


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Growing Vegetables Indoors Under Grow Light

Growing Vegetables Indoors Under Grow...I have planted radish and carrot seeds in a trough planter. I am growing them indoors using a grow light. I have use homemade compost and Miracle Grow Moisture Control potting mix. The seedlings have sprouted, but there is a white substance growing on the soil.


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Using Artificial Light for Indoor Plants?I'm using a lamp stand with a 100 watt bulb atop my plants for several hours a day when there's no sun. Do you think this is helping my plants? It seems to work.


Identifying an Insect Egg - egg?

Identifying an Insect Egg?Any idea what this is? When I went to pick it up it started rolling around by itself.



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Indoor Gardening?I would love to grow a gardenia and a lavender plant inside. I know a certain amount of humidity is needed especially for the gardenia. Also I'd love to grow some basil inside too since my son loves pesto. Does anyone have any tips for a brown thumb?


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Growing Raspberries Under Artificial Lights?I wanted to ask about the evolution stages of a raspberry plant under artificial light, the light cycle from germination till harvest, and how can I maximize my outcomes of fruits, and what is the best strain to plant indoors?


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Caring for a Gardenia Plant Indoors?I have a 5 ft gardenia tree I would like to bring indoors, we live in the northeast and it would never survive 0 temps. Any information on keeping this beautiful tree alive would be greatly appreciated


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