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This page contains miscellaneous money saving tips and ideas related to gardening.

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Red Briers

Getting Rid of BriersThis is a page about getting rid of briers. Tackling those thorny areas of the yard can be a real challenge. Wild roses and berries grow fast in the spring and summer.


A community garden.

Ideas To Revitalize a Garden ClubThe enthusiasm among members of a gardening club can wax and wane over time. This page may help you in coming up with new activities and programs to rejuvenate the group and attract new members. This page contains ideas to revitalize a garden club.


Newspaper in the Garden

Using Newspaper in the GardenThis page is about using newspaper in the garden. There are a number of ways that this material can be useful in the garden, and enrich the soil.


Pine Needles

Using Pine Needles in Your GardenThis page is about using pine needles in your garden. There are a number of ways this natural material can be used to help you in the garden.


painter on ladder

Protecting Plants When Painting Your HomeThis is a page about protecting plants when painting your home. Painting your house is a big job. If you have a lot of plants around the foundation, you will want to protect them before you begin.


My Little Zen Garden

Creating a Zen Garden in Your YardA simple, miniature rock garden with a few plants and even a water feature can bring serenity and calming pleasure to an outdoor space. This is a page about creating a zen garden in your yard.


Plants with grow lights.

Making an Indoor GreenhouseThis is a page about making an indoor greenhouse. You can easily and inexpensively build an indoor greenhouse.


Sprouting Garlic

Grocery Store GardeningThis page is about grocery store gardening. There are a number of ways you can grow food and house plants, from fruits and vegetables you buy in the produce department.


Worm Bin

Starting Worm Bin for Fish BaitThis page is about starting a worm bin for fish bail. When you are planning on lots of fishing, it's great to have worms readily available.


Boy in Hammock

Hammock Tips and TricksThis is a page about hammock tips and tricks. Hammocks bring to mind lazy, relaxing afternoons in your backyard or garden. Now that you have decided to get one, or are ready to set one up, there are some tips that might come in handy.


The completed plant trellis.

Upcycle Above Ground Pool Post into Plant TrellisDo you have an old above ground pool you're taking down? Or see someone tossing theirs out? Keep the posts! Here's another idea you could do with them for inexpensive - we made this plant trellis for our dragonfruit.


A Dekay's brown snake.

DeKay's Snake PhotosThese common garden snakes are commonly known as DeKay's or brownsnake but the official name is Storeria dekayi. They can be found all along the Eastern side of the North American continent. They are harmless, eating slugs, snails and earthworms, and being eaten by larger snakes, birds and mammals.



Greenhouse in a garden.

Building a Pole Barn Greenhouse?Building your own greenhouse is a fun project that can be tailored to meet your budget and gardening needs. The pole barn style is an easy one to work with. This is a page about building a pole barn greenhouse.


Bags of Cement

Uses for Bags of CementA bag of cement will get very hard when water is added that can help fill a gap in the fence or yard. This is a page about uses for bags of cement.


Moss on roof tiles.

Getting Rid of MossIn the proper climates, moss has a tendency to grow in lawns, on rockery and even on older wooden structures. This is a page about getting rid of moss.


Garden Tunnel for Kids - distant shot of boy inside the tunnel

Creating a Garden Tunnel Out of PVCThis is a page about creating a garden tunnel out of PVC. Use simple PVC pipe to create this beautiful structure for the summer.


Plants Along a  Driveway

Recommendations for Plants Along a DrivewayThis is a page about recommendations for plants along a driveway. Some plants do better than other along the edge of a driveway.


A photo of Beautiful Butchart Gardens

Beautiful Butchart Gardens (Victoria B.C.)This photo was taken from a cabin at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. It is an absolutely amazing place and I look forward to making a return trip. I only wish my thumb was as green as theirs.


wooden garden bench with tulips

Choosing a Garden BenchThis is a page about choosing a garden bench. Choosing the perfect bench to add to your garden is a fun adventure, as you define the mood and focal points of your garden.


Recycled Gazebo

Making a Recycled GazeboThis is a page about making a recycled gazebo. It doesn't have to cost much to add a gazebo to your garden plan.


Beer in the Garden

Using Beer in the Garden?This is a page about using beer in the garden. Beer can be helpful in the garden to catch slugs, as a fertilizer and for other things.


Garden Weather Station

Creating a Garden Weather StationThis is a page about creating a garden weather station. A garden weather station is a fun and useful tool to add to your garden. The weather plays an important role in your gardening success.


A female gardener wearing a green apron.

Gardening Tips and TricksThis is a page about gardening tips and tricks. Even the most experienced gardener, in addition to being able to offer advice, can be open to new ideas and tips from fellow gardening enthusiasts.


Florida Plumeria

Florida Gardening Tips and PhotosThis page contains Florida gardening tips and photos. There are many plants and trees that will flourish year round in this state.


A raised bed garden in the backyard of a rental house.

Gardening at a Rental HouseThis page is about gardening at a rental house. Knowing your garden maintenance responsibilities and rights are important to keep a healthy relationship with your landlord.


A shovel in dirt with no vegetation.

Getting Rid of All VegetationThis page is about getting rid of all vegetation. It is important to find a safe method for killing what is growing where you don't want it.


Hands holding garden grown strawberries.

Starting a Garden ClubThis page is about starting a garden club. Share your enthusiasm for plants and gardening experiences with others in a group.



Beekeeping Hut

Setting Up a Beekeeping Hut?This is a page about setting up a beekeeping hut. One of the first considerations for the beginning beekeeper is setting up the hut.


Making Sub-irrigated Planters

Making Sub-irrigated PlantersThis is a page about making sub-irrigated planters. Certain plants thrive if watered from the bottom. This is most easily done using a sub-irrigated planter.


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Uses for Scalloped Tree Ring Bricks?I am looking for uses for old red scalloped tree ring bricks. I am living in a park with no lawns (crushed rock "lawns"). What can I do with old scalloped tree ring bricks? There are approximately 30. I have matching flower bed edging and would like to use it somehow to tie together. Any ideas?


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Building a Wall or Raised Garden Bed from Stone?I would like to use all the stones that I am digging out of the ground while preparing for planting. It would be great if I could use them to make the sides for a raised bed and for a wall around the garden that already exists.


Popsicle Stick Plant Marker

Homemade Plant MarkersThis is a page about homemade plant markers. The cost of buying plant markers may be prohibitive, but you can make some unique ones using purchased or household items.


Building a Greenhouse, Greenhouse on the side of a home.

Building a GreenhouseThis is a page about building a greenhouse. Having a greenhouse is a major advantage for any gardener. You can keep plants that would normally not winter well in your area and can grow a much wider variety of flowers.


Backyard Deck

Garden: Backyard DeckThis is my back yard patio. I can view this from my sliding glass door, and love to look at it. It's got such "cute" factor!


My Backyard Path

Scenery: My Backyard (Chesterfield, VA)These pictures were taken in my back yard which just about takes up the whole place for all the plants. I have rose of Sharons - 3 colors, angel trumpets - 4 colors, iris, lilies, bananas, palms and many more.


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How Do I Sell a Sago Palm?How do I sell a sago plant?


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Understanding Butterfly Behavior?Are any of you really familiar with butterflies? We've had several small white butterflies, for a couple of months, and a couple of evenings ago, Sat, Aug. 28, just before 6pm, I thought I saw a couple of them fluttering, and then one flew off.


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What Are the Bugs That Look Like a Fireflies With an Orange Head?What are the black bugs that look like a lighting bug with an orange head? They are everywhere, on my my flowers and humming bird feeders, also. Are they a bad bug or a good bug ?


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Building a Birdbath?I am looking for the easiest way to build a outside bird bath.


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Using Wine Bottles for Building Sidewalk or Retaining Wall?Has anybody used wine bottles as bricks for a sidewalk or to build a retaining wall?


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Removing Vine Tendrils From Brick Walls?I removed vines from the brick of my house. How do I clean the brick now, since I still have the little "fingers" holding onto my brick?


Chloredine for Diseased Date PalmsI would like to present my experience in fighting the fatal disease in my date palm tree. I have three date palm trees in my garden; two of them are same type, the third is different. I noticed the disease on the third.



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Making a Screen for Reclaiming Landscape Stone?Does anyone know how to reclaim landscape rock by building a home made "sifter"? I'd love to see some pictures. We had to dig up a 4' x8' section of 1/2inch rock landscaping and now much of it has dirt and debris in it.


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Processing and Selling Spanish Moss?How do you clean and sanitize Spanish moss? How can I locate a buyer?


plant that looks like flame

What Is The Name Of This Flame Plant?This is a beautiful plant but I don't know what it's called. Doesn't it look like a plant of flames?


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Varnishing Wooden Planters?What type of varnish would I use to weatherproof wooden planters etc for the outdoors?


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Is Store Bought Shredded Mulch Safe In The Garden?Is store bought shredded mulch safe to put down in a veggie garden to help control weeds?


Help Identifying Large Gourd?My friend recently received this very large garden item and doesn't know what it is.


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Removing Moss From Rock?How do I remove moss from rock?


Backyard Before

Backyard MakeoverOur makeover of our backyard, a before and after photo. Were very happy with the results.


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Mushroom Fungus?I have mushrooms growing in my flower bed from a tree stump. Any ideas how to get rid of them?


4 wheeled garden cart

Comparing Wheelbarrows and Garden CartsWhen faced with lugging plants, soil, other materials around the yard, wheelbarrows and garden carts are indispensable tools. Here are some side by side comparisons of their basic features, as well as some shopping tips if you find yourself in the market to buy one.


Tips for Protecting Your Plants When Painting Your Home

Tips for Protecting Your Plants When Painting...A beautifully painted exterior is a great way to increase your home's curb appeal. A little bit of planning is all you need to keep your plants out of harm's way.


My Garden Disaster

My Garden DisasterMy tomatoes, corn, zucchini squash, onions, cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloupes, bell peppers, lettuce, and spinach all came short of the glory, this year. I had not one vegetable worthy of a shutter click.


Man snoozing on garden bench

Garden BenchesBeautiful gardens are filled with colorful plants, meandering paths, and places where you can stop and linger to enjoy the fruits of your labor - that is, providing you have a place to sit down.


man attaching plant to a stake

Staking Garden PlantsStaking garden plants is an important technique for keeping plants healthy and looking their best. There may be a number of different methods to staking plants, but there are really only two rules: stake plants early and try to be discreet.


Garden swing with wire woven between side bars and vine growing up the side

Garden CheapiesAfter perusing your local garden store you'll realize that the summer growing season means big business for these companies. They're counting on you to invest heavily in your seasonal needs. Instead, look for some recycling options that keep your garden and your wallet healthy.


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A rusty piece of farm equipment in a field.

What is This Farm Equipment?Please can you tell me what this is, what is was pulled with, the approximate year, what it was used for? Thank you so much.


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Remaking a Walkway Edging?I have a walkway with cement scalloped edges that have crumbled and I thought this time I would use cobble stones any suggestion?


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Setting Up a Bee Keeping Hut?How do you setup a bee keeping hut?


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Building a Greenhouse Using PVC Pipe?If I can only go 10 feet wide on my greenhouse, can I use the same lenghts of PVC in your 14 foot wide plan and just obtain a higher arc or will the stress on the PVC be too great?


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Suggestions for Building a Pole Barn Greenhouse?I am planning on building a greenhouse this spring/summer. In my mind's eye, I am seeing it built like a small pole barn or lean too, with galvanized barn panels on the bottom 35 inches, and the clear plastic panels from that point on up, with a ceder trim covering the point where those 2 materials come together...


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Building an Inexpensive Garden Fountain?How can I make a water fountain without it costing a lot?


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