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This page contains tips, recipes and advice about making your own dog food.

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A Yorkshire terrier licking his lips.

Recipes for Yorkshire Terriers?Some dog owners choose to make their own dog food rather that serve commercial brands. This can be tricky as sometimes the ingredient proportions in the recipe may be inaccurate. Do your research, talk to your vet, and create away. This page focuses on homemade food recipes for Yorkshire Terriers.


Dog watching a woman cut meat and Veggies.

Homemade Food for a Dog with Colitis?Colitis is an inflammation of the colon. Special diets high in fiber or that are hypoallergenic are good choices to help alleviate the symptoms. This is a page about homemade food for a dog with colitis.


Homemade Dog Food

Homemade Food for Dog with Kidney DiseaseThis is a page about homemade food for dog with kidney disease. Pets that have been diagnosed with kidney disease generally need a special diet. You can buy the veterinary formula food or make your own.


A white dog waiting for dinner.

Low Protein Dog Food RecipesIf your vet has recommended a low protein diet for your dog, you can either purchase commercial food or make your own. This page contains low protein dog food recipes.


Very Young Puppy

Feeding a Puppy That Can't Eat Dry Food Yet?Young puppies that are no longer nursing, won't or can't always begin eating dry kibbles right away. There are products made especially for this situation, your vet may also have advice on homemade alternatives. There are several ideas offered on this page, as well. This is a page about feeding a puppy that can't eat dry food yet.


An overweight dog.

Homemade Weight Loss Dog Food Recipes?This is a page about homemade weight loss dog food recipes. Specialty dog foods can be hard on your budget.


Cut meat and veggies in a dog food bowl.

Sodium Free Dog Food Recipes?This page contains sodium free dog food recipes. Salt is not good in large quantities for our pets either and sometimes must be eliminated from their food altogether.


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My Dog Will Only Eat Chicken?My dog will only eat chicken. I am looking for other foods to feed her. She is a Westie. Thanks for your help.


A cooling rack of homemade dog biscuits.

Honey Mint Dog BiscuitsThese home-made dog biscuits are easy to make and dogs love them. They are also breath fresheners.


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Homemade Dog Food for Dog with Itchy Skin?My my 14 year old Shih-tzu licks profusely (paws, hind quarters), and scratches his ears. I have had him diagnosed by a vet who advises dry dog food only (skin sensitive that they sell). I would like to exclude the dry food altogether, but need a good recipe that is not too time consuming.


Dog sitting in between two blond girls, all of them eating a small cookie.

Dog Friendly Oatmeal "Raisin" CookiesRaisins and grapes are dangerous to feed to dogs so should always be avoided in all forms. There are great alternatives that your dog is sure to love. This is a page about dog friendly oatmeal "raisin" cookies.


A dog eating food.

Recipes for a Dog With AllergiesUnfortunately many dogs develop allergies to commercial dog foods. Low ingredient foods sometimes help, but if not, pet owners often try to provide homemade food. This is a page about recipes for a dog with allergies.



A spoon full of rolled oats or oatmeal.

Feeding a Dog Oatmeal?Oatmeal is a good source of fiber and can be fed to dogs with issues such as gas, diarrhea, or constipation. It is also beneficial for pets allergic to wheat or corn. This is a page about feeding a dog oatmeal.


A pile of green beans on a light background.

Feeding Dogs Green BeansAdding green beans to your pet's diet, replacing higher calorie foods or snacks, is healthy and can result in weight loss for dogs that are too heavy. This is a page about feeding dogs green beans.


A meatloaf made with ground meat, vegetables and egg.

Meat Loaf for DogsMaking a meatloaf for your pet is a good way to incorporate veggies and grains such as oats or brown rice into their diet. This is a page about meat loaf for dogs.


A dog waiting to be fed with his food dish.

Homemade Liver Cake for DogsIn moderation liver is a good protein source to add to homemade dog food recipes. This is a page about homemade liver cake as dog food.


A dog eating from a dog bowl.

Dry Dog Food RecipeThe best dry dog food is homemade. Ensure that your dog is eating high quality ingredients by learning how to make your own dog food. Check out these healthy dry dog food recipes in this page.


A dog with a raw steak in its bowl.

Feeding Dogs a Raw Diet?This is a page about feeding dogs a raw diet. Some pet owners choose to feed their dogs a raw diet in a effort to replicate the types of food eaten by wolves. It is seen as more healthy than commercial foods.


Puppy with pig ear chews.

Homemade Dog ChewsThis page is about making homemade dog chews. Saving money on pet supplies always helps the budget, and can be fun.


Homemade Dog Biscuits

Homemade Dog BiscuitsThis page is about homemade dog biscuits. Inexpensive and nutritious dog treats can be made at home.


Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Homemade Dog Food RecipesOne way to make sure your best friend is getting the best dog food, is to make it yourself. Homemade dog food is easy, as long as you know what nutrients your dog needs. This is page contains homemade dog food recipes.


Homemade Dog Treat Recipes, Rows of homemade dog biscuits cooling on a rack.

Homemade Dog Treat RecipesThis page contains recipes for homemade dog treats. It is easy to create nutritious dog treats and biscuits from ingredients from your own refrigerator and pantry.


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Making Healthy Dog Biscuits?Do anyone have a good recipe for healthy dog biscuits?


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Banana Mutt Cookies Whew! Cat chasing can be exhausting work! This is truly the paws that refreshes. Use fresh bananas and your dogs will love you a bunch!


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Homemade Puppy Food Recipes?I have an 10 month old Alaskan Malamute. I am looking for recipes I can make him.


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Crunchy Dog Biscuit Recipe?I am looking for a dog biscuit recipe where the biscuits will come out hard like Milkbone biscuits. Something to help breath would be great too and no preservatives. Thanks for any help you can give.


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Homemade Dog Food Suggestions for Dog Refusing to Eat?I have a small Maltese that is refusing to eat which is causing all sorts of issues over the past couple of days. Does anyone have any suggestions that I could try besides chicken and hamburger? Dog food is out of the question!



Pet Food Recipes?Has anyone got a recipe for making healthy dry food for dogs and cats, something like Lucky Dog and Whiskers? Thank you in advance from Charli, Regina, and Bert.


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Doggie Ice CreamThis is a much cheaper alternative to Frosty Paws for dogs!


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Feeding Vegetables To DogsMy dogs thrive on a similar range of foods that our local bears and foxes eat! They, both beautiful Australian Shepherds (gotten free, I might add, as retirees from a breeder). They love carrots, sweet potato peelings, cabbage cores, etc.


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Homemade Rawhide Bones?I would like directions on how to make homemade rawhide bones for dogs.


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Snacks for a Dog on a Low Sodium Diet?Our family dog has developed kidney disease. It's in the very early stages and was discovered when the vet did some blood tests prior to cleaning his teeth.This may be due to a prolonged bout of heartworm or the side effect of distemper.


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Wheat Germ Dog Cookie Recipe?Can someone give me a wheat germ dog cookie recipe? Thank you.


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Healthy Dog Food Recipes?I'm looking for a healthy diet for my dog. Any suggestions?


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Dog Food Recipes for Dachshund?I would like to find recipes for making food for my Dachshund.


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Dog Food Recipes for a Dog with Liver Problems?Does anyone have a recipe for a dog with high liver #'s?


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Homemade "Busy Bones" Recipe?Does anyone know any homemade recipes for "busy bones"? They have like a biscuit on the outside and they chew to get to the middle? Please let me know if you have a recipe. They are expensive in the store. Thanks!


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Pet Food Canning Recipes?Next spring, our family will be raising a whopping 400 Cornish cross broiler chickens (I know, that's a lot!). Most will be canned, frozen, or shared with family. However, since I'll be busy canning anyways, I would really like to be able to prepare healthy, balanced dog and cat food out of the chicken (with fruits, veggies, etc.) that I can pressure can and store. Any tips?


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Dog Treats Made from Canned Dog Food?Does anyone have any recipes for making and baking doggie treats using canned dog food?


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Recipe for Puppy Biscuits?Does anyone have a great recipe for puppy biscuits? I would love to make my own for my puppy who is 4 months old. Thank you for any advice you might have!


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Feeding Rescue Cats And Dogs CheaplyI have several dogs and cats that I have rescued, to save money on dog food I cook a lot for them. Kidney is cheap and they love it with rice and some veggies. I buy chicken when it is on sale. I save all the bones in the freezer all summer.


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Making Dog Treats Using Cheerios?Dog got into a large box of Cheerios. He opened the wax wrapper, but nothing spilled out. They aren't fit for human consumption now, but it would be a shame to waste the food. How can I prepare it suitably for the dog (bars, cookies, etc.)? He is a big dog, he'll eat anything. Thanks.



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Preserving Doggie Biscuits?What form of vitamin E and vitamin C do I use to preserve doggie biscuits?


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Cheese Multi-Grain Dog BiscuitsIn large bowl, pour hot water over oatmeal and margarine: let stand for 5 minutes.


Peanut Butter Dog Cookies as Gifts

Peanut Butter Dog Cookies as GiftsI wanted to make some tasty and fun dog treats for my daughter's dog and to sell at our upcoming cookie sale at our library; so I created these! They are fun and easy to make and I really like the added colors for the Christmas holiday.


making dog treats

Turkey Dog TreatsI was slicing up the turkey for Thanksgiving and noticed that there was quite a bit of turkey left on the bones. It was just on parts I would not use. With all that extra, I made turkey treats for my dogs and they loved them.


Pots and bowls with ingredients.

Make Dog Food at HomeI just wanted to share a recipe that I use for my five month old Shih Tzu puppies, Cooper and Bentley.


Puppy with pig ear chews.

Make Your Own Dog ChewsMake your own dog chews. Pig ears are often available at Asian, Mexican, or local butcher markets. Clean them under running tap water, scrubbing well. A little soap wouldn't hurt, but rinse well.


Homemade Dog Biscuits

Do It Yourself Dog BiscuitsWith all the problems with dog food lately here is a good way to make dog biscuits and my dog loves them.



Feeding a Dog Chicken and Rice - brown dog

Feeding a Dog Chicken and Rice?I'm thinking of changing my dog's diet to chicken and rice with fruit and veggies. How much should I feed her? She is 30lbs.


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Homemade Food for Dog with Kidney Disease?My dog has stage 4 kidney disease and has to be on a special diet. She does not like the KD diet canned dog food. I want to cook her food and need a good recipe in beef or chicken flavor.


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Dog Biscuit Recipe?I need the easiest recipes for dog biscuits that need to be mailed in the heat of the summer. Last Xmas, I made some that arrived moldy. It is June and I don't want this gift to be ruined.


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Vitamin E fro Preserving Homemade Dog Treats?How much vitamin E would I add to a basic dog biscuit recipe in order to preserve it and extend the shelf life? How do I acquire the vitamin E? The only form of vitamin E I am familiar with is the capsules that you can purchase at health food, grocery stores, or pharmacies.


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Making Satin Balls for Your Dog?Is there another cereal you can substitute for Total it's only available in the states and you need a binder besides oatmeal as well as flavor. I thought rolled Captain Crunch for calories, sugar, and flavor, but what do I know lol.


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Shelf Life of Pig's Ears?With the pigs ear recipe how long will they stay good for and how should you store them?


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