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Miley Pumpkin and Butterbean (Mini Schnauzer/Chihuahua Mix) - two small dogs with wiry hair

Miley Pumpkin and Butterbean (Mini Schnauzer/Chihuahua Mix)
They are adorable. Did you know Mini Schauzer and Chihuahua mixes are also called Chizers, considered a desginer breed. I looked it up on the internet when I rescued mine.


Graduation Cap Treats - finished grad cap treats

Graduation Cap Treats
I made these for my Grandsons graduation. They came out great.


A U-Haul moving truck.

What to Expect When Renting a Moving Truck
The UHaul truck we rented had a battery that went dead. UHaul came out hours later to replace battery they also gave us a 1 day credit with some haggling. By that time it was the evening and the 2 guys we were paying by the hour, were paid and were gone, leaving...


Corn Chip Onion Rings

Corn Chip Onion Rings
Wow, this sounds simply yummy. I would love to try it, but after loosing 50 lbs last year to avoid becoming a diabetic, I just cant.


Curtain Color Advice

Curtain Color Advice?
Aqua or turquoise as an accent color include it in accessories and paint one wall that color.


Mason Jar Match Dispenser

Mason Jar Match Dispenser
I love it, lm making myself one.Thanks!


stuffed leaves in sauce

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Galumpkis)
It seems every ethnic group has its own version and name for cabbage rolls. My version called Halupki, (sp.) came from my Slovakian grandmother.


finished snowman

Tea Light Snowman
These are adorable, thanks for sharing


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Cedar Chips For Fleas
Yes! I used to buy this stuff, Cedarcide, at Walmart. But cant find it anymore. It repels a lot of pests. Where do you find it?


painted countertops 1

Painting Formica Countertops
Bravo! You are genius and a true artist. Your post makes me wish I had some ugly formica to deal with. Your finished product is just gorgeous!


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Bathroom Paint Color Advice?
How about painting one wall (with a window) brown, 3 walls green. And who says you cant use a shower curtain if you have glass doors. Put a spring suspension curtain rod above the glass doors & hang a curtain to match the window treatments.


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Finding Lost Items When Shopping
Yes, you are correct-o-mundo, xintexas, thats what I said.


Chihuahua Terrier mix, tan with curly tail.

What Breed is My Dog?
She alot prettier than a plain ole chihuahua. Try googling Chizer. Thats a Chihuahua/Mini Schnauzer mix. Read up on the designer breed and see if any of those doggie faces resemble your little girl. I just want to point out that when her ears are down they...


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Conserving Water During A Drought
Thanks for the informative tip. Ill try to find the time and energy to do all that. I do take GI showers, basicaly get wet, turn off the water. Shampoo, get all soapy, then turn on the water, and rinse off. I would shower with a friend but I dont want to see...


Add Shelves And Hooks To Front Closet

Add Shelves and Hooks to Front Closet
Who needs a husband, I got my own tools, and can do it myself.


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Use Plastic Shopping Bags For Dyeing Hair
Ive been doing that for years and all my friends and family are bag heads, too! Great Idea!


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Housewarming vs. Open House?
If I was invited to a housewarming I would want to bring something for the house. So why not make it a themed house warming. How about Plants and landscape ideas for the flowerbeds welcome. That way guests would know what to bring that would truly be appreciated...


Identifying a Christmas Cactus?
Its a Christmas cactus. Put it in a dark place (a closet) in October, by Christmas it should be full of blooms. In my southern facing atrium window in south Texas, it blooms almost constantly.


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Roach Problem?
Raid Fumigators work for me. I use them twice a year like clock work wheather or not I see any (usually dont) and I live in South Texas.


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How Can I Lose Belly Fat?
Get The Flat Belly Diet book and follow that diet. It works fast. 3 to 4 weeks.


Cubby, a black Pomeranian with a gray muzzle.

Cubby (Pomeranian)
I am a cat person, but Cubby sure is a cutie.


Gidget (Domestic Short Hair)

Gidget (Domestic Short Hair)
What geogeous cat. Very unusual looking. May she long, healthy and happy life.


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Cat Losing Hair on Its Belly?
Sounds like an hormone imbalance. My vet once told me my cat had a hormone imbalance and I said, Great, does that mean she has to be on a hormones for the rest of her life. No, one big pill did the trick. Then she was fine.


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Homemade Hardwood Floor Cleaner?
I have a Bissell Flip It as well. I have been using Murphys Oil Soap in it for years with great results.


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Shelf Life of Canned Foods?
My ex-husband once opened a can of K-ration labled Beef from WWII. It looked good and smelled good so he ate it, like most men would. That was over 40 years ago and the SOB still lives.


Hoop Earring Holder

Hoop Earring Holder
This is a great idea.


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Caring for an Aging Parent?
I dont have your experiences. But a friend of my did. I can only offer ecouragement. You are a wonderful daughter, I know there is a special place in heaven for women like you. God Bless.


Rascal, Colby, and Mr. Cookie (Cats)
I lived with a crazy cat once. He kept me laughing all the time. I can only imagine how lucky you are to have three crazy cats at once. I envy you.


April The Cat
April has the look of love on her face. You are both so lucky you found each other.


Petey (Orange Tabby)

Petey (Orange Tabby)
One can never have too many cats. Some of the best cats I ever had were the ones I took in despite the fact that I thought I already had too many.


Scenery: Sunset (LA)
This is a beautiful sunset anyone can remember with or without a photo. I wish I was there to see it in person.


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Securing Your Home from Burglars Without an Alarm System?
Yes the lock you are referring to is called a police lock, It uses a metal bar as a leverage device. We had one installed in a NYC apartment I lived is as a child. I suggest you Google police locks to get a list of locksmiths in your area who sells and/or installs...


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Keeping a Toilet Seat from Banging When Closed?
Lowering the seat gently instead of letting it drop helps alot. Seriously though a toilet seat cover does help slightly. There are also the self lowering ones you can buy at Home Depot which are completly silent.


Adding Color to a Wall of Windows?
Paint the window moldings in a lighter contrasting color.


Dog With Arthritis?
What a beautiful dog. Listen to fat boy slims mom. shes got it going on.


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Bill Me Later Websites?
ABC Distributing also known as LTD Commodities. Set up your account as a business on line. Ive shopped with them for years. Do a web search for either one.


Dog with Shepherd color but shorter legs.

What Breed is My Dog?
Looks like a Great American Mutt. Great looking dog.


Black puppy with white on chest.

What Breed is My Dog?
Looks to me like shes an American Mutt or a Heinz 57. Shes a good looking dog.


What Breed is My Dog?
What a cute pair. I think they are a couple of Mutts and theres nothing wrong with that.


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Getting Rid of Fleas in Bedding?
Listen to fat boy slims mom, shes got it going on.


Gizmo (Moggie)
Cute, ahh, cat? What is a moggie, looks like a cat to me. (b)Editors Note:(/b) Moggie is a term for a mixed breed cat, similar to mutt for dogs. It is more common in England than in the U.S.


What Breed is My Dog?
What cute little boxer eyes and ears on whats his/her face.


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Training Kittens to Stay Off Kitchen Counters and Table?
When you catch them on the table squirt them with water from a toy squir gun from across the room will do the trick.


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My Dog Will Only Eat Chicken?
I feed the same to my dog as fat boy slims mom Chicken, brown rice and a vegetable, usually peas. I mix it up with beef, pork or chicken.


Muffin (Golden Retriever - Chow Mix)

Muffin (Golden Retriever - Chow Mix)
Thanks for sharing photos of your georgeous chow mix. She reminded me of my late red chow mix Kenou who lived with me in San Antonio Texas. He was also a wonderful dog as is your Muffin.


Paddy (Labrador - Terrier)
What a great expression on his face. He looks like quite a character.


Blinkin (Domestic Shorthair)
Thanks for sharing the story of your little furry terrorist, Blinkin. Im just a sucker for rescued pet stories. I hope she gives you many, many years of joy.


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Use Collected Water to Flush Toilet
Good idea, I would like to expand on it for people who dont have any leaks. Collect the water when running it while waiting for it to get hot enough for bathing or washing dishes, and then use the collected water for the flushing.... or water your plants with...


Old Moley (Dog)
God bless you for rescuing Old Moley and God bless Old Moley for being such a joy to you.


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Dog Foods for a Dog With Allergies?
My dog used to scratch and chew herself raw. This is what helps. Throw chicken in a pot boil it up. When cooked, pull the meat off the bones chop it up and add 2 cups of brown rice. If you want you can throw in some cooked peas or carrots (both). Theres nothing...


Wildlife: Moth
Oh my. how beautiful. I think I found he colors to paint my room with. Thank you for submitting this picture.


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Remedies for Age Spots?
Any skin cream that has hydroquinone listed as an active ingredient. Prescription or over the counter, but should be applied often.


Styrofoam Stars

Styrofoam Stars
I love this Im going to make them and expand on the idea. Paint them and glitter them and decorate the Christmas tree. Paint them red, white and blue for 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, picnic decorations. Use them instead of streamers for childrens parties...


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Buy Loose Mushrooms Instead of Pre-Packaged
Ohh I like. Cant wait to try it. Thanks


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Getting Rid of Ground Squirrels?
Forget it, you cant fool mother nature. My brother has 13 acres in Texas full of pecan trees and has never seen a nut from his property because of the squirrels. He went on a shooting rampage one year. He got a bunch of dead squirrels and still no pecans.


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Painting Walls Different Colors in a Bedroom?
Paint the wall with the largest area in the darker color. I did this in two rooms I painted a pale turquoise on 3 walls & painted a darker turquoise on the one wall with no windows or doors. The other was pale orange on 3 walls & orange on the wall with the...


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Painting Walls Different Colors in a Bedroom?
Paint the largest wall (the wall without a window or door or the wall with the most sq feet) the darkest shade of paint color.


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Removing Hair Dye from the Bathroom Wall?
Repaint the spot with the stain on it.


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Removing Lint from Clothing?
A hand held 3M Lint Roller works for me when I leave paper in the pocket of my black pants. Lay out the pants on an ironing board and roll away.


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Overcoming Boredom After Retirement?
Get a part time job in a place that interest you. If your into crafts, take a job at a Michaels. If your handy get a job at Home Depot. Doesnt matter if your a cashier or stocker, youll like it. Or Volunteer to read to kids at the library or local bookstore...


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Female Cat Peeing Everywhere?
If there is no medical reason for the cat to be doing this. she is probably upset with you or someone else in the home including another pets. Some cats prefer to be an only child.


What Breed is My Dog?
Looks just like a miniature pincher puppy.


What Breed is My Dog?
A big percentage of your dog looks like pit bull, by the way, he is quite handsome.


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Covering a Bathroom Window?
Replace the whole window with glass bricks.


Different Ways to Hang Dry Your Clothing
Ive been doing this for years. During the summer months here in South Texas my clothes dry in 15 minutes. As a child living in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY., my mother had a cloths line stretched across her bedroom for the winter months. Wed hung the laundry...


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Can I Still Use a Scorched Stainless Steel Pan?
Yes, I once found a 7 Revere Copper Bottomed Stainless Steel Pan in the trash, it was scorched black. I scrubbed every time I used it and in I go the whole thing to shine, even the copper bottom.


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Use Recipe Box for Addresses and Birthdays
Include in this recipe box of addresses and birthdays passwords and codes for your on line accounts.


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Use Chili Sauce as a Copper Cleanser
Here in Texas we prefer to eat the chili (or ketchup) So for my copper pots I use Barkeeppers Friend. Works great.


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Use Vinegar Instead of Dryer Sheets
You cant add too much vinegar. I throw a cup of vinegar in my final rinse. Then I save money by hanging the laundry out in this hot South Texas heat.


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Store Salad Greens With a Paper Towel
Save the paper towels. As soon as I get the lettuce home, I tear it up into bite size pieces, rinse and spin in a salad spinner, then store it in the fridge in a large plastic bowl with a tight fitting plastic lid. The lettuce will keep for two weeks. Every...


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Make an Extension Cord Keeper
I am totally confused and, yes, a picture would help. Somehow I doubt I will ever see a picture as captario has asked for one on 4/17/09


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Teach Your Children To NOT Open The Door
No one should open the door unless it is an expected guest. I never open my door if I am not expecting someone. I dont care. My door does not open. Leave the deliveries, leave a note, call me. But dont expect my door to open, or me to respond verbally through...



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