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Make Big Showy Flowers from Plastic Tablecloths - pink flower

Make Big Showy Flowers from Plastic Tablecloths
Thank you for making this easy guide. Wonderful idea and lovely flowers :)


Paper Hyacinths - two finished flowers

Paper Hyacinths
So lovely! Thank you for sharing your wonderful crafts with us. 


My First Iris 2018 - copper red iris bloom

My First Iris 2018
What beautiful blooms! Your description quite sufficient. Thanks again for all of the lovely photos and thoughts you share with us.


Wild Turkey Flock

Wild Turkey Flock
These ladies coming through my yard hang around our neighborhood. The tom was a couple doors down :)


Nail Polish Marbled Eggs - two colored eggs

Nail Polish Marbled Eggs
Yep. If you cant eat the dye, dont eat the egg. Shells are porous. You could blow out the egg for this craft!


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Cleaning Melted Candy Out of a Pocket?
Depending on what material your pocket is made with, you could soak it in very hot water until the candy melts off.


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Use Hot Glue On Slippery Shoes
This is a great tip. I wish I had thought of this before I slipped and bounced halfway down a wooden staircase, wearing slippers of all things!


Ketchup and Soda Pop Marinade/Glaze on plate

Ketchup and Soda Pop Marinade/Glaze
This reminds me of one of my favorite childhood dinners - Pepsi chicken! :)


An unpaved dirt road through pine trees.

Goodness Still Exists
Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts with us. I too miss waving at people while driving. Even saying hello seems to get less response these days. However, on my walks in a park in the small city I live in I look forward to acquiring impromptu...


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Freezing Tomatoes?
How do you store them once dehydrated?


mommy daughter flower garden with pink and red flowers.

Mommy Daughter Flower Garden
So nice! Directions on how he made it would be sweet.


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Manual for Janome MC6000?
There are many websites with that manual to download. Heres a link to a site I trust:


Single Senior on a Limited Budget

Single Senior on a Limited Budget
Powdered milk can taste better when you make some up, freeze it, then thaw in the fridge and shake before drinking it. And you can make it in the small amounts you need. Or add a little powered milk to your regular milk that you froze and thawed to make it...


pretty lit tea lights with tubular paper shades

Paper "Tea Light" Shades
Thanks very much for this simple and inexpensive idea! I think I will make some for my sons birthday party.


Upcycled Shampoo Bottle Planter

Upcycled Shampoo Bottle Planter
You could hot glue (or other attachment) a tray made from another bottle bottom for a drip tray! :)


red and green decorated plastic bottle earrings

Glitzy Earrings From a Plastic Bottle
You also could hang a head or two inside the loop! Nice diy project, ShirleyE! 


Hanging Tin Tops and Pretty Boxes

Hanging Tin Tops and Pretty Boxes
We call it poster putty as well. Its that rubbery stretchy stuff used to hang lightweight items. I have also used it to keep picture frames and such from sliding on a shelf, and to keep a corner angel in place on the door frame. Great stuff.


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Removing Moth Ball Smell from Vintage Fabric?
I found this article, I hope it helps!


Putting Away Clutter

Putting Away Clutter
Nice tip! Ive used a sturdy laundry basket or large box to do the same.


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Donating Craft Kits?
You could also try your local elementary school or homeschool group. :) I love the homeless shelter idea the best from Sandi though.


Recycled Jewelry Keepsake Box

Recycled Jewelry Keepsake Box
Well done. Thanks for sharing your creativity! :)


Marking the Dial on a Toaster

Marking the Dial on a Toaster
Thanks! Ive used a dot of light colored nail polish on my USB charger :) to be able to feel (or see in dim light) which side is up.


shoe organizer for medical supplies

Over the Door Medical Supply Holder
Im so sorry Peggy B. and Im sending you deepest condolences from my family. My heart goes out to you.


hemmed jeans

Hemming Jeans Like a Pro
Thanks! Funny coincidence...the jeans I need to them look exactly like yours! Lol


Paper Bead Bracelet

Paper Bead Bracelet
Thanks Shirley! Very nice, clear tutorial. I didnt have any fasteners but I found that two magazine pages worth (1cm strips) was more than enough to make a bracelet big enough to slip on. Also, I used the plastic handle of a paintbrush to wind up the beads...


finished penguin

Coffeemate Container Penguin
So clever! Very nice guide too. Thank you!


A man holding open an empty wallet.

A Fortnight's Lost Income
Thanks for telling your story... I understand that sick feeling you get when you have so very little. Well done and Im so happy you found it too! And the feeling you get from scones? For me its canned green beans. But they kept me from going hungry! :)


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Potato Flakes to Thicken Deviled Eggs?
Why not? Honestly I have not tried this but I dont think it would be bad at all! :)


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Removing Odors from Laundry?
Your clothes stink due to bacteria that has grown in that damp dark environment. Wash them again! :)


Creamer Carton Pull Tab Rings

Creamer Carton Pull Tab Rings
Great ideas! A fake candy peppermint would be a cute Christmas ring.


Efferdent tablets in a small container for the bathroom counter.

Efferdent Tablets Ready to Use
Nice idea! I separate any medicine thats in a perforated pack. Much nicer not to mess with wrestling with the package, especially when you or your loved ones are sick!


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Donate to Other Thrift Stores
Ive signed up with Purple Heart. They call about two to four times a year, and pick up from my house. Its convenient since we share one car in my household. Great way to donate the clothes and toys my boys outgrow.


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Removing Pet Urine Stains and Odor?
Hello, Use an ENZYME based pet odor and stain remover. Ive used a few brands, they all have worked. Find it on Amazon or your local stores...any store that sells cleaning product should carry it. Also, you can use a blacklight to find stains on your dark carpet...


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Finding Donated Yarn for Charity Project?
You could also try if its in your area! Good luck. :)


finished pen holder

Soup Can as Pen Holder
Great tip, Sandi! When I was a kid we made pen and pencil holders from soup cans wrapped in yarn. You just encircle the can with yarn, tie a knot and then wrap around the can. Then knot it again when youre done. Obviously you could change colors or wrap with...


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Buying Glass Blocks?
Try a local craft store or home improvement store. I know they had them at Michaels craft store before Christmas a few years back. Hobby Lobby sells them online:


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Organizing Day for Kids in Online School?
Hello Luann, Thank you for your question. I am not homeschooling, my kids do have teachers. My job is to help them schedule their assignments and make sure they do their work. This year my 6th grader will have a teacher for each subject, and my 4th grader will...


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Getting Rid of Gnats and Fruit Flies
Thanks for the tip! Those buggers are indeed annoying. I have used pancake syrup mixed with water and soap. Worked pretty well!


An old fashioned black and white photo of a woman in glasses.

A Tribute To Bertie Jane
Thank you for sharing this lovely tribute and photo with us.


bag with car trip supplies

Emergency Bag for Car Trips
Thanks for that great tip! Ive always kept one of those cheap pencil boxes that go on sale at back to school time in my vehicle with feminine pads, deodorant and other toiletries, as well as an extra hair tie. That type of box is usually short enough to fit...


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Stuck Key on Smith Corona Typewriter?
This is an extra feature that is for crossing out words. One would have paid extra to have the typewriter configured this way.


finished soaps

Felted Gift Soaps
Nice! Just make sure your gift recipient isnt allergic to wool...I am! ;)


finished pin cushion with pins

No Sew Tin Can Pincushion
Great idea! You could dot hot glue or use some rubber shelf liner stuff or something like that on the bottom to keep it from sliding around. :)


A hard boiled egg being peeled.

Peel Hard-boiled Eggs Quickly
Heres a video: Nice tip! 


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Curtains Color Advice?
Sounds pretty! The orange and blue are almost complementary colors (colors opposite each other on the color wheel) which is pleasing to the eyes.


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Curtains Color Advice?
Heres a pretty room using those colors. :)


jeans hem

Learning to Sew Clothing?
You can also check with your local fabric/craft stores, they often have sewing classes. Enjoy your new machine!


A pile of pot scrapers cut from recycled plastic.

Free Pot Scrapers
Suggestion on your design: draw a curve on one side of your circle to make the shape fit in a corner. :)


green plastic box with drawing supplies

Pencil Box Drawing Kit
I keep highlighters, crayons, pens and scrap paper pads (and also a few tiny toys) in a zippered cosmetic pouch in my purse. :)


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Name Ideas for a Design Group?
Not sure what kind of designing you do, but heres my idea: Snappy Scenarios Hope this helps!


Use DVD Shelves for Paperbacks

Use DVD Shelves for Paperbacks
Nice idea, Jess. By the way, from what I see in your collection, we read so many of the same books that could have been my collection! ;)


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Delicious Homemade Flavored Coffee Creamer
Nice tip! You could add things to infuse like a cinnamon stick, orange peel, etc. Also Ive found that nut milks make good creamer in coffee and tea.


canister on fridge

Spice Canister for Saving Box Tops
Cool idea! We also save soda pop tops for school. I peeled off the wrapper from a plastic canister Ice Breaker Gum container (the type that has a flip top) and labeled it. I have one for each type of thing to save: Box tops, Labels for Education, etc. I keep...


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No More Messy Laundry Caps
Thanks for the tip! :)


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Sharing Laundry Facilities With Others
Great tips! I have a clothes line strung in my bedroom to air dry laundry, since I cannot hang anything outside. Nice in the summer for wet clothes and towels, too. I also strung a line in the shared basement in my apartment and have a fan there to line dry...


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Uses for Expired Credit Cards and ATM Cards?
Old plastic cards make good emergency ice scrapers for car windows.


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What's the Cheapest Paper Product?
Ive been in a rough financial situation for a few years. Not a lot of TP. I cut up a very soft old t-shirt into rectangles and folded in fourths. Rinse out and throw in the laundry (I only used them for urination). Really saves me a lot of TP. You could make...


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Homemade Honey and Mustard Dressing
Nice idea! You can also microwave it or pour a hot cup of tea in the bottle and let it sit a while, shake and pour it and youve got sweet tea and most of the honey out!


Ipodin orange notebook pencil holder

Store Small Electronics in Pencil Packs
Great post! I use some heavy plastic zippered packages from bed sheets and blankets and such to store cords and chargers in. Theyre nice for sorting computer parts as well. Nice way to repurpose, and you can write on them or stick on a label.


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Order Prescription Eyeglasses Online
Ive been using Zenni for myself and my family for years, and am very satisfied. We have saved so much money, and get quality frames and lenses. I can get glasses and sunglasses for a fraction of the cost at an optical store. My son has an unusual prescription...


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Cleaning Your House Plants?
I agree 100 percent. Water!


Lots of Purple Chocolate Soldiers With Green Variegated Leaves

Garden: Chocolate Soldiers in August
So sweet. Thank you for sharing your pictures and story!


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Keep Bottles From Leaking in Luggage
Cut a little piece of press and seal wrap and place over the opening before putting the cap on. I did this with lunchbox items, as well as with my childrens medicine when carrying it in my purse. And a side tip - the press and seal wrap with holiday designs...


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Recycle Bubble Wrap And Packing Materials
Ive used bubble envelopes top and bottom and cut strips for the grid to line Christmas bulb boxes that I made from shoeboxes. Easy to tape, staple, or glue on! Ive also used packing paper as wrapping paper or as a dropcloth for crafts.


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Safety Pin Socks Together
Just make sure theyre stainless steel or theyll rust.


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Ordering Books from the Library
If you have a tablet or smartphone you can use Overdrive Media Console to check out ebooks and audiobooks from your library as well! I love it on my Kindle Fire. Their customer support is great too. It is free as well. Heres the link:


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Reuse Pet Food Bags For Household Waste
We do the same! Also salt bags work well (de-icer or water softening). :)


Dining table with window to left.

Christmas Window Decorations
If you like cutting snowflakes, try this website! My family has used it many times, and last year my son used it for making Christmas cards. Have fun!


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Pepper and Onion Sandwich
Sounds delicious! A little salsa instead of mayo and a tortilla or taco shell in place of the bread would be tasty too.


Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags

Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags
Great idea! I do this as well, I learned it from my mom. I also save tissue paper and bows and ribbons... I havent had to buy them in years!


White ice skate ornamant.

Skate Ornament
Great idea, how sweet! Thank you for sharing it. Im thinking of adding initials or a name, or perhaps a small design.


White ice skate ornamant.

Skate Ornament
Heres a link to a BHG page with patterns for a skate and mitten:


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Tried and True Ways To Save
I enjoyed reading this post! Most of it was what I call uncommon sense. I am fortunate I grew up this way. Recently my family has fallen on hard times but we havent had to adjust too much since we already live frugally and sensibly. Heres my two cents: When...


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Bugs in the Pancake Mix?
I dont believe the bugs are actually harmful to ingest, but I do believe it is a cultural perception issue. The high temperatures in cooking/baking will kill off the bugs and eggs.


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Coffee Grounds as Mulch
To Luann: Dried eggshells can be added to tomato soil to add calcium, which helps prevent blossom end rot.


Car Seat

Redecorating a Girl's Car Seat for a Boy
Nice idea! I cant wait for the day that pink is not only for girls though. Such a silly social affectation we have with colors! :)


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Use Christmas Lights Year Round
I placed a string of large cone shaped multi-colored LEDs around the door frame of my boys closet. They have been there for about 4 years and stay all year round. They make a nice soft light for my youngest to get down from the top bunk! When I was a teenager...


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Heath Risks When Reusing Food Cans
Heres an article from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) regarding BPA free labeling:


A container of bath salts with a sunflower button and green ribbon.

Silky Scrub Bath Salts
You could save beet (or other fruit/vegetable juice) in the freezer to color it. Freeze it flat in a zip lock bag and you can break small chips off.


Homemade Deep Litter Box

Homemade Deep Litter Box
Great tip. From my experience, Ive learned to choose bins that are as smooth as possible on the inside to make cleanup a snap!


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Burning Fingers When Using Glue Gun?
You could use a crochet hook to smooth small areas and such.


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Plastic Bottle Caps as Cat Toys
You could throw some bottle caps in a zip lock bag or sealed container with catnip and infuse them!


Girl Hammering Nail into Wall

Daddies Teaching Daughters: Easy Home...
I was fortunate to have two handy parents so I learned these type of things from both of them! And one of the best Christmas presents was from my dad many years ago... jumper cables! Basic car maintenance is a wonderful gift to teach any child.


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Nausea Remedies?
One of my sons has post viral gastropareisis, and my other son just got an h.pylori infection. They both experience nausea throughout the day. Both ginger capsules and oil of peppermint capsules work fabulously, even better than the ondanestron (Zofran) prescribed...


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10 Year Old Wets the Bed?
My 9 year old has been wetting the bed the last couple years off and on. He is healthy and happy and theres no rhyme or reason to it. I never shame him, he feels bad enough about it himself! I put an old shower curtain under his bedding to protect his mattress...


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Keeping Your Floors Clean While Moving In
Just make sure your movers wont be tripping on those cloths. ;)


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Wooden Crates From Clementines For Storage
I have one under my nightstand holding envelopes, stamps and address labels!



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