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A green houseplant in a pot.

Identify this Houseplant
Thank you for the answer. I do believe you are all right. It does look like my plant. I am not sure whether to plant it outside,or keep as a houseplant. Winters are freezing here. :)


Now Is the Time for a Victory Garden - raised beds with leaf lettuce and other crops

Now Is the Time for a Victory Garden
Your picture of the vegetable Garden is great. Is it your garden? I was wondering about the size of it. We have been talking about doing that this year, because of the what is going on in the world. I have some seeds, and would value your ideas on preparing...


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Hydrangea Tree Not Blooming?
Hello, I just bought a Hydrangea Tree, and the garden center employee said to let it grow during the summer and fall. Dont prune until early spring. I live in Ont. Canada.


Identifying a Houseplant - waxy leafed houseplant with pink flowers

Identifying a Houseplant?
I agree with Catherine, it is a kalanchoe for sure. The leaves give it away. Beautiful plant for sure. :)


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Keeping Rabbits Out of my Flowerbed?
This is helpful. I tried this, but they jump the fence. The cheese cloth idea is a marvel, but it will take away from the look of the garden. Defeats the purpose. I wonder if there is another solution?


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Keeping Rabbits Out of my Flowerbed?
Some good ideas here. Thank you.


Self-Watering Milk Carton - carton waterer in place

Self-Watering Milk Carton
Great idea for new plantings. :)


An orange stuffed bear with flowers on its stomach.

Why Do We Keep Keepsakes?
I love that story. I have many keepsakes from my life. Thank you for the great idea to pass them along. It comes at a good time, as I am decluttering to as basic as I can be. Best wishes.


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Cleaning Weather Stained Patio Stones?
Thank you for everyones help. I will try the power Best wishes.


A soft shammy to use instead of paper towels.

Saving Money on Paper Towels
Another savings is to use cloth napkins instead of serviettes. I find the napkin comes large, so I cut them in half and sew the edges. I put them in a bucket and soak them on washing day with detergent and bleach. Then wash them with my whites. No extra expense...


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Locating the Source of a Bad Smell in the House?
We had a bad odour in our crawl space too. It smelled like mildew, but we didnt have any leaks there. We resolved it by running a dehumidifier. It cleared it up. My idea of a resolution. :)


Identifying a Houseplant - bromeliad looking plant

Identifying a Houseplant?
This is a Bromeliad. To encourage blooming it needs bright light, in a average room temperature of 75F. Water twice a week with soft water or rain water. Mist the leaves with weak liquid fertilizer occasionally in spring and summer. :)



What Is This Houseplant? - small piece of a plant

What Is This Houseplant?
It looks like a Kalanchoe to me. It likes bright light with some direct sun especially in the winter. Water sparely allowing the top of the soil to dry out between watering. It is a succulent. Give it a balanced liquid fertilizer during the growth and flowering...


Identifying a Piece of Metal Relief Art - bronze or copper colored relief of musicians

Identifying a Piece of Metal Relief Art?
Can you tell me more. Type of metal and how they do it?


Identifying a Houseplant - plant with shiny green leaves and many small white flowers

Identifying a Houseplant?
I agree it is a Kalanchoe. A white flower version. You can buy them in pink,and yellow too. The plant is a succulent and only needs water occasionally. It likes a bright light to encourage blooming.


Value of Blue Glass Vase - dark blue glass vase

Value of Blue Glass Vase?
Thank you your feedback. It has been in the family for a while and I was curious.


Value of Blue Glass Vase - dark blue glass vase

Value of Blue Glass Vase?
Nothing on the bottom. I will continue to search. Thank you


A spread out paper towel, drying on the counter.

Reuse Paper Towels and Napkins
Personally I rarely use paper towels now. We use a hand towel to dry hands and cloth napkins for use while eating. They only need to be washed occasionally, plus it is environmentally friendly, and easier on the budget.


A television remote control covered in plastic wrap.

Protecting a Television Remote Control
What did your husband clean the remote with? My stop button on my DVD player will not work.


A television remote control covered in plastic wrap.

Protecting a Television Remote Control
Thank you Jess and your husband. I will give it a try. :)


Organizing Plastic Bags

Organizing Plastic Bags
Good idea thank you for sharing. :)


Hands holding shopping list.

Shopping on a Low-Income Budget
Great ideas . Thank you for sharing. :)


potted plants by window

What Is This House Plant?
The violet just needs the dead flowers removed and a African violet fertilizer applied. Water from the bottom occasionally. Allowing the plant to absorb the water. Place in bright but indirect light. It will bloom again. The other plant I believe is a Jade...


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Toothpick as Temporary Eyeglass Screw
A update. I still use my toothpick and it works great. Occasionally I replace it, a lot cheaper than buying new sunglasses.



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Toothpick as Temporary Eyeglass Screw
Hello again. It is July 2015 and I still have the same toothpick in my sunglasses. I wear them probably about 5 times a week. So much for getting them repaired. :)


Tips for Shopping for a Small Affordable House?
Hello Marilyn, I was just reading your note on looking for a Affordable house. How did you do? I am interested in finding a small affordable house. Sheila


Scenic fall color photo.

Love North Carolina (near Grandfather Mountain, NC)
A beautiful picture Betty. I am from Canada and visited North Carolina a couple of years ago. We camped there, and we still talk about it today. A lovely state, definitely one to visit again.


Reusing Plastic Easter Eggs

Use Plastic Easter Eggs For Snacks
Sounds like a convenient idea, but I wonder if the plastic container is ideal for storing different snacks. :)


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My Frugal Life: Planning Ahead
Great story Lucy. I, too am trying to make my life simple. My husband and I are seniors, our five children are full grown and independent. We find they are so busy in their lives, that time spent visiting us is very little. So we decided to downsize and go...


Little Girl Dancing in the Yard With Red Shoes

Photo: Dancing Like a Princess
This is a wonderful picture of your daughter that you will treasure forever. It is so nice to see a happy child playing. Thank you for sharing.


View of village skyline and mountains in Slovenia

My Frugal Life: Who Dares Wins!
What a wonderful story of starting a new chapter of your lives. Thank you for sharing. I wonder how old you two are?


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Graduation Gift Ideas?
Great Ideas. Thank you to everyone. Sheila


Ginger the Orange Kitten on a Striped Chair

Ginger (Kitten)
Thank you for your kind words. Ginger is still with us. He has learned to look for treats in different places. Proving that he is a smart little kitten. Today he discovered a cricket, and spent a good half hour, playing with it. I hope someone from the area...


Ginger the Orange Kitten on a Striped Chair

Ginger (Kitten)
Hello I wanted to share with you the picture of Ginger I took when I saw him in the bush. Sheila


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50 - 30 - 20 Spending Plan
Hello, You have a good plan. Do you add the housing cost to the 50 part? You didnt mention it.


A brightly colored oriole at a birdfeeder.

Wildlife: Oriole at the Feeder
We have orioles too. How do you give them the orange?



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Lace Tablecloth As Screen
A great idea, never thought of that. Thank you.


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Where Can I Buy Washing Soda?
I can find washing soda in the detergent aisle of the grocery store. Usually on the very top or very bottom shelf.


Game Rules: 7 Hand Rummy
Thank you for the info. I have always wanted to play some card games, but dont know any. Do you have anymore?


My Frugal Life: Appreciate What You Have
This is so well said. You are a wise mom. I am a senior and as I look around these days, I notice how foolish it is to get all wrapped up in the newest gadgets. Life is a lot simpler, if a person would just enjoy the basics and love life that way. A roof over...


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Use Electricity at Cheapest Times
Great info. I am on the TOU plan too here in Canada. It does create a new change for the day. A couple of ideas is to unplug your computer when not in use. We also use a battery operated radio, during the day. It rarely needs a battery replacement and gives...


What a excellent shot. He/She almost looks like a cartoon character in the second picture. You have a good eye and camera for photography.


Dog with purple outfit.

Maggie (Maltese Mix)
Hi Gypsy Swan, I must say the boots didnt stay on for more than a minute. They were returned to the store. But Maggie still wears the coat on a rainy day. She has adjusted to it. Thank you for your kind words, she is a blessing for us. We just got her groomed...


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Gift Ideas for Mother's 50th Birthday?
I must tell you about my 50th. My children did give me a surprise party and a lot of people were there. But the special gift I got from my children and grandchildren, was a video of my 50 years of life done in 20 minutes. My family play acted my life on video...


Creative Sink Storage Ideas

Creative Sink Storage Ideas
Great idea. I going to look for a pickle tray too. We just moved into a farmhouse and love cute ideas like this.


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Advice for Choosing a Dog Breed?
I have a Maltese X. She is the best pet I have ever had. When she does bark, she is telling me something. So as you get to know your dog you will be able to read her/him. As a rule, she is quiet and keeps me company. So I would say go for a Maltese and teach...


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Removing Lime Buildup in Dishwasher?
Try using vinegar as a rinse. Its probably the same deposit that happens in a electric kettle.


A.J. (Multipoo)
Hi There, Your A J looks like our Maggie. Whom we think is Maltese but has a bit of another breed in her. I couldnt load a picture to show you. Is AJ around 8 lbs? Our Maggie was adopted from the local animal shelter. She is very special to us just like your...


My Frugal Life: Rebuilding Our House
Thank you so much for your wonderful life that you have shared with us. I am curious about your composting toilet. I have never heard of that. Could you elaborate on it. Thank you again.


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Getting an Underweight Dog to Eat?
Hello, This is Sheila from Ont. again. Thank you so much for all the suggestions. My Maltese Maggie has been to a vet. We have found out recently that her teeth are inflamed and they need to be cleaned. She has started to eat dry food with a slight mix of canned...


My Frugal Life: An Epic Tale!
I loved your story. I remember bubble and squeak from when I was a child in England. Can you email me and tell me how to make it. I too am England born now in Canada.


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Suggestions for Healthy Weight Loss?
Hello again , I am so grateful for the advice I am getting. You are all very encouraging. I started walking with my friend and am trying to cut back on sweets. Hopefully you will continue to give me your input, it really helps me to stay motivated. Sincere...


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Keeping Bugs Away When Sitting Outdoors?
If a gnat is a mosquito, I use Skin So Soft. A product of Avon. This smooths the skin and for some reason, the bugs dont like it. I am not sure if Avon is in the states it is in Canada.


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Share Your Family Memories
Great memory. I still double bow now. Habits are hard to change.


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Easy to Digest Meals for Someone with Stomach Problems?
Look in the library for a book on Food Combining. They teach not to combine protein and starch in the same meal. This creates digestion problems. Lots of info in this book.


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Lasagna Casserole for a Crowd
Can this recipe be frozen. Also are the meat and cheese measurements accurate, as the previous feedback. Would this feed more than 10 people. Please answer my questions as we are expecting company in June and I want to make no mistakes.


Victorian House Restoration
What a wonderful plan you have. I hope your renters appreciate all your hard work. Three cheers to you. :)


several blankets one with a dog sitting on it

Fleece Pet Blankets
Your idea is great. Can you tell me the sizes you make and do you double the material. I will be making one for my dog when I get one and know a few friends with dogs. Sheila


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Freezing Cooked Pasta
Great idea:)


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House Is Humid and Musty?
Hello Laura, Air circulation is important. Get a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air. In the summer, keep a fan running. Check outside and see if water is draining towards the house when it rains. If so try to redirect the moisture. Hope this helps...


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Tips for Organizing Recipes?
I have my own method of saving favorite recipes. I bought a scrapbook, and when I try a new recipe, once it passes the taste test with the family, I cut and paste it into my book. If it is from a recipe book, I just copy it into my personal scrap book. Each...


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How Do I Soften Hard Table Salt?
I have no suggestion for already hard salt. But when you fill your salt shake add some rice grains in it. This will prevent the salt going hard. Happy Holidays


30 Tops - TOPS!

Keep No More Than 30 Tops
Personally, I only have about 5 seasonal tops. I am retired and dont have the budget to shop often. I envy those that can shop often.


Yellow Lab

In Memory of Taffy (Yellow Lab)
I am overwhelmed by the responses I have received by the readers. Thank you so very much from everyone. Taffy was truly a member of our family that gave us a lot of joy. Best wishes to all from Sheila


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Saving Electricity When Using Your Dishwasher
I have another idea. Go back to handwashing the dishes and get the family involved. Its great quality time spent and you can have some great conversations. Plus you will save on soap, hot water and electricity.


In Memory of Suma and Mamiya (Tabby Cats)
I am sorry to hear of your loss. Do you suspect the tainted pet food? I lost my dog almost 2 years now from pancreas problem. She was a wonderful pet and I still miss her. Penny was 13 years. I hope to one day get another dog, but when I am ready. You will...


Tent Caterpillars
I have in the past cut of the branch that has the tent on it and burned it. Usually you will get most of the caterpillars if they are still in larvae stage and in the tents.


Make Your Own Garden Paths
Is this crushed stone you are talking about?


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Ideas For Saving Old Greeting Cards?
I have made coasters with my greeting cards. I used a wide-mouth glass as a circle and drew around it in the center of the picture. I then did the same where the signature is. Then I stuck them together with two-way tape just to hold them. The front will show...


Medium sized tree.

What to Plant Under Black Walnut Trees
I have a huge black walnut and I find my irises are doing well in a raised garden underneath its branches. They get filtered light.


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Games For Large Group Of People?
Taboo ... is a great group game. You play in teams Its fun to watch everyone playing it. You can buy it at most dept stores. Probably will work best with 6 to 14 people.


Black and white dog sitting on couch.

Buddy (Boston Terrier)
Hi JoAnn, I really enjoyed your story of your Dog. Thank you for sharing it with us all. Sheila from Canada


Sasha (Yorkie)

Sasha (Yorkie)
Hi Kathy, This is my Yorkie Penny. She was with me for 13 years and just passed away 18 months ago. She was a great companion and kept a eye always on me. I miss her to this day. Enjoy your pets, they are precious. I might look into a rescue here in Canada...


cat portrait

In Memory of Boots
I can understand how you feel. I lost my dog Penny 1 1/2 years ago. She was 13 when she passed away. She was a loyal companion. I buried her on our property with a funeral that involved the whole family. I put a cement ornament of a dog on her gravesite, added...


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How to Avoid Pilling on Clothes and Sheets?
Thank you for all your suggestions. Sheila


Sunflowers in a vase on a table.

Country Sunflower Table
I would use a pale yellow tablecloth wirh your placemats. Then put some matching cushions on the bench to lean against.


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Keep Track Of Guest's Beverage Choices
Good Idea. Another idea to add to this. Recently I had 35 people in my house for a wedding reception. Keeping track of their glasses, when they put them down was easy with the sticker system. We gave each guest a sticker on their glass, some had a initial or...


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Getting a Dog to Use Dog House?
I can tell you what we did for our cat. My husband built a house for her in the garage. He put in a lightbulb that comes on for a length of time with a timer. This winter to introduce the cat to the warm house. He just put her in and barricaded the door so...


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