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Wallpaper Caper

Wallpaper Caper
It looks really good! Sorry you lost out on the money but the outcome is great! Lesson learned. (I would probably still double-check their policies to be sure theyre posted somewhere and theyre fair.)


Black and white puppy.

What Breed is My Puppy?
Dont know the breed, but hes sure cute!


Closeup of Buddy Buddy's face.

Buddy Buddy (Blue Heeler)
Beautiful creature! I have a cat whos interested in plastics as well. Just keep in mind that plastics are full of dangerous chemicals and they should not have access to bottles, etc. Keep him safe!


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Decorating a VFW Hall for Wedding?
Could you just hang sheets or table cloths down the wall?


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Financial Advice for Low Income Senior?
Is there a chance she could find a roommate; someone who would share in the expenses? You need to use the computer the investigate programs offered in your state. Sometimes this help isnt well publicized and you need to look for it. Research all that you can...


Cat hiding out in a hanging spider plant pot.

Fuzzy (Cat)
Shes beautiful!


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Preschool Slogan Ideas?
For your fifthborn or your firstborn ... Hurstborne is here. Hurstborne Preschool ... For all your little ones.


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Giving a Kitty Medication?
Are you coming at him/her from behind? Thats how I have to do it. Also, put on a coat or something that will protect your arms from attack. Hold the front legs with one hand and squirt with the other. If its too much, try putting it in the food. My cat liked...


Dark brown and white puppy

What Breed is My Dog?
Darn cute is what I think! Sorry, I couldnt guess on the breed!


Johnc (Mini Potbelly)

Johnc (Mini Potbelly)
What a sweetheart!


Wild Ponies on Beach

Wild Ponies (Asseteague Island, MD)
Beautiful creatures! God is good!


New Dentures Painful?
I imagine your gums are swollen and soon theyll be back to their normal size. Warm salt water works wonders on all kinds of mouth problems. And ibuprofen should help with inflammation.



Nadia (Calico) sucking her owner's fingers.

Nadia (Calico)
My cat sucks on my earlobe when shes hungry! I guess she thinks its mamas nipple!


A calico cat eating popcorn intended for birds.

Popcorn (Cat)
Just keep putting out food for her and let nature take its course. Shell probably never really take to you but maybe youll have an opportunity with one of her kittens. Youll just have to wait for the chance, after shes weaned them.


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Shopping for Target Curtain Panels?
If its not online, it could still be in the stores.


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Removing Facial Hair?
When there are just a few hairs on my upper lip I use an emery board. Nothing is going to be permanent except maybe electrolysis, so the emery board is a good backup between shaves or depilatories. I dont have a lot of hairs so sometimes I pluck, and sometimes...


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Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner
Yep, that kind of makes knees weak and hearts melt!


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Help With Binge Eating?
For starters, try not having these types of foods around. Pick up some fruits, veggies, pretzels, sherbet, granola bars, juices, and other lower calorie snacks that are easy to get to and ready when you are. If you have a family, or a grocery store is just...


Bentley on ladder.

Bentley (Himalayan)
Cats are so smart!


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Making a Copy on a Printer?
Or maybe you need to scan what you want to print and make a JPEG (.jpg) that you then print. Make sure when you print its at 100% by checking Page scaling - none or size - 100%. This keeps it the same size as what you scanned. Of course, you might want it larger...


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Day Care Business Name Ideas?
Diane D-Lion Daycare


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Name Ideas for My Cleaning Business?
How about Welcome Home with a tagline: We (I) make your home clean, inviting and welcome ... Clean House by Melanie ... she knows how to make a house clean Who you gonna call? ... Dust Busters! Just not Smellie Mellie.


Carry Stun Gun On Dog Walks - a dog who was killed in a dog attack.

Carry Stun Gun On Dog Walks
So sorry for your loss and the way it took place. Whoevers dogs are running wild should definitely be reported. This is a major case of why the law says they have to be on leashes. Continue doing what you can to protect yourself and your precious animals and...


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Removing Stamps from Envelopes?
In the freezer overnight does it.



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Chirping Smoke Detector?
Call your local fire department and see if they know anything. Dont use 911 though, find their direct number.


Rotating Christmas tree Decorated with Ornaments

Christmas Tree and Decorations
Very nice, and great talent!


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Tiny Red Dot Bugs?
They also could be from a plant. Do you have any around? May be spider mites. Check with Google and youll probably find answers. Good luck!


Tracey a well loved kitty.

Tracey (Cat)
To Lyonpridej. I would not give more than 2 heaping tablespoons at a time, maybe 3 times a day. Spread it out so he gets the benefits of yogurt but it doesnt give him the runs. Keep an eye on things and youll be able to regulate to suit you and your cat. Tracey...


Nutmeg the Cat by Poinsettia

Nutmeg (Cat)
Be careful with the poinsettia. They are poisonous to cats and dogs! Hes a lovely cat and we wouldnt want him to get sick, or worse.


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Live-in Grandmother No Longer Welcome in Daughter's Home?
Talk to them! Get the facts straight. So far, youre going on speculation and could be wrong about some things. This is your daughter and your grandchildren. You deserve to know the truth, and then act accordingly. I doubt if your daughter is planning to just...


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Stock Up On Candy Canes
Good ideas here. Thanks!


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Cat Peeing on the Furniture?
If hes not neutered, doing so could help.


Flanel pajamas, rain coat, two pairs pants with matching shirts, another shirt, and a pair of shoes in toddler sizes as well as a pair of adult sneakers and a butterfly decoration.

Shop Thrift Stores for Off Season Clothes
I, too, am a big lover and supporter of my local thrift stores. I especially love shopping when they have end of season sales. Its unbelievable what you can save, while helping the environment at the same time. There is too much disposable stuff in our society...


Harvest Moon Through the Trees

Scenery: Harvest Moon
Very cool! Nothing beats nature and the unexpected!


Kat looking at camera.

Kat (Siamese Mix)
Lovely girl! Im glad you found each other.


Kat looking at camera.

Kat (Siamese Mix)
Lovely cat! Im glad you found each other.



Black and tan mini Dachshund.

House Training a 9 Month Old Puppy?
I dont have much experience with dogs (I have cats) but this sounds like a real problem. Have you talked with a vet or any other professional? Try checking things out online too. Have you tried keeping him penned up in a bathroom during the day? My daughter...


Baby Squirrel Being Held in Hand

Peanut (Squirrel)
So sweet! Thank you for being so kind.


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Teaching a Dog to Come When Called?
Does he seem to hear well otherwise? If not, have the vet check his ears.


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Keeping Cats From Scratching and Getting on Couch?
Pretty throws could work on the couch, maybe just draped over one cushion. Or even a cat bed. Youll have to keep putting them in the right spot for awhile and spray them when they go to an unprotected area. Wipe off the furniture with a damp sponge to collect...


Three Dogs and a Cat in the Bathtub

Summer's Pets
Its so surprising to see cats in water. They usually hate it! They must trust you an awful lot. Great picture!


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Cat Incontinence?
I assume youre talking about disposable diapers. Even if he doesnt like it, I would still continue to try putting one on him. After a few times of putting it on and wearing it, hell realize that its not hurting him and he might learn to trust you enough to...


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Decorating a Pink and Red Tiled Bathroom?
I would use towels and accessories in those three colors, solid or print; red, pink, yellow, and black would be the accent color. Seems the easiest thing to do.


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Smooth Facial Skin Ideas?
Im not sure what you mean by smooth but I use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer on my 61-year-old face. It adds a nice warm, golden glow to my face and it looks creamy and smooth. It has a firming lotion in it as well. I have been using it for several...


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Cleaning Black Marks on the Outside of a Refrigerator?
You can try scrubbing with Comet or Ajax. And I do find those Magic Erasers to truly be magic. They get rid of spots on my rugs, left from my cats throwing up, etc. They do crumble pretty quickly, though, so Im going to buy a small piece of similar foam and...


Cat sitting by a window.

Temperament of Female Cats vs. Male Cats?
Duh! Males of all species are different than females. Hormones make a difference even if they are spayed. I have 4 female cats and they are all different from each other, too. Some are more aggressive, others more passive. I dont know if well ever be able to...


Bombay Amos in Planter Box

In Memory of Amos (Bombay)
So sorry you lost Amos. I have a black cat (one of four) who resembles him a lot. It hurts to lose them; just remember the pleasure he brought you and the good lives you had together. Best wishes to you.


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Unsubscribe And Return Junk Mail
So theyre losing money on you two times. Is that really so satisfying? Everybody and every business is trying to make money. They put a lot of money and effort into their appeals; writers, printing, postage, mailing list coordinators, etc. and a lot of people...


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Sticky Primer on Shed Floor?
Most likely humidity from the rain outside has something to do with it. Give it a bit more time.


Roiling Storm Clouds

Scenery: Storm Clouds
Wow! It looks like a Van Gogh ... spectacular!


Inviting Family to a Surprise 30th Birthday Party?
Keep the party casual, no time frames on anything, and after the initial surprise! people can leave when they like.


Buddy Napping on Chair

Buddy (Dog)
Spoiled? ... You bet; just as he should be!


Orange tabby laying on grass

Gunter (Orange Tabby)
Gunter looks like a beautiful big cat whos meant to be outdoors. You are very kind to help him out.


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A Simple Way To Conserve Water
Great tip! Imagine the savings if we all did it!


A woman at the the beach in Oregon.

My Frugal Life: Healing on the Oregon Coast
Wonderful story! I listened to some of your songs; theyre beautiful, just like you! May you continue your journey with peace and love.


Toddler Cries Excessively?
Sometimes there are things we cant fix on our own. I would start with her pediatrician and take it from there. And always remember that consistency is very important.


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Water Not Getting to Icemaker?
Go online to the manufacturers website. They should have some troubleshooting information.


Closeup of grey and black tabby cat sitting on a desk

Using Yogurt for Yeast Infections in Pets' Ears?
I feed vanilla yogurt to my cat all the time. Not a lot at a time but fairly frequently. She was really sick a few months ago, close to dying, and she licked yogurt and olive oil. Thats all she would eat and it kept her alive until the steroids kicked in. Shes...


A orange tabby cat looking at a water bowl.

Weigh Down Water Bowl
They do make bowls with the rubber bottoms which prevent them from easily being moved. But your idea sounds great and I know that cats wouldnt try to put one in their mouth. They are much smarter than dogs in that respect ... actually in most respects! Whenever...


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Summer Activities or Games for Children?
Scavenger/treasure hunts are always fun. Or find something a certain color or shape from each room in the house.


A white ferret and a brown ferret in a cage.

"Where's the Weasel" and Tinker (Ferrets)
These guys are so cute! I hope things continue to work out for all of you.


Tinkerbell Calico Cat

Tinkerbell (Calico Cat)
A wonderful story, but one thing is confusing ... how did you get a 6 year old cat, 7 years ago?! :) One of my cats loves yogurt too. It helped to bring her back once, when she was very close to dying. I got her to lick a little vanilla yogurt and also olive...


closeup of long haired Dachshund

House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping in the House?
The potty pads are a good idea. As well as newspapers, just like when youre first training a puppy. Or you could try a container (something similar to the tray made to put under a washing machine to collect any leaks, or even a boot tray, depending on her size...


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Remedy for Tooth Pain With Bleeding Gums?
Swishing with warm salt water can really help ease pain and promote healing. Do it 3-4 times a day.


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Dishpan as Litter Box
Yes, and you can get them at the Dollar store for only $1.00. I used to use them until the cats just got too big. They are much easier to dump and clean. If they continue to work for you, thats great.


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Class Reunion Party Favors?
Ive seen packs of Beemans, Clove and Black Jack gum recently. Anything like that which was around back in the day would be fun. Research on line to see where they can be found.


A dog with a card and present.

In Memory Of Hayley Girl (Jack Russell Terrier)
I know how you feel and my heart goes out to you. I lost several and no one ever takes their place. But opening your heart to another shows your love for all Gods creatures which should make Haley very proud. Theres always another who needs you and Haley would...


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Caring for a Dog and Her Puppies?
God prepares everyone for everything, but in this case 9 are pushing things. In general, let mama do her thing; unless you see that one of them is in some type of danger, mom can handle it. Just be sure shes eating well and lots. and occasionally give her a...


Madame, Spot, and Pugsley (Cats)
I think its hard for a lot of men to resist a black cat. Even if theyre female, they exude such a strong, masculine aura. I have a black female but she always seems like a dude to me. Yours are beautiful and daddys cute too!


Joey (Papillon Mix)
Ah, but a cat wouldnt go everywhere with you! I love my cats and often wish I could take them places with me but theyre just not into traveling like dogs are. It would be so cool to walk them on a leash and take them in the car, but thats not a cats nature...


Dog Peeing Inside After New Dog Arrived?
My daughter has a Maltese, Max, and he sometimes pees inside too. Theres no apparent reason for it. In your case, you have to definitely show her all the attention you can, especially in front of the other dog. Good luck. I know its quite frustrating.


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How Do I Treat a Cut on My Dog?
Try to be sure you rub in the ointment well so the dog cant lick it off (if he/she can reach it), which could cause even more problems. And dont use the harness as is. Readjust it or use something else. You know what its like if our shoes dont fit right and...


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Protecting a Tattoo When Tanning?
Stay away from tanning salons and tanning beds. That should take care of the problem. They are seriously dangerous!


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Why Would a 10 Month Old Cat Go In and Out of Heat Repeatedly?
I had 2 sister cats and before they were fixed someone was always in heat. It was relentless. Its not uncommon that it happens frequently; I always thought there was more time in between each bout, but thats not necessarily the case. Dont be concerned that...


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Resident Cat Aggressive Towards New Cats?
KansasCindy is right ... they may never become friends. I have four spayed females and one in particular is always the outsider. Its taken almost two years for her to be tolerated (just every once in awhile) by two of the others. If they get into a scrap, spraying...


Keeping Cats Off Counters

Keeping Cats Off Counter Tops?
Cats dont like aluminum foil either. Try taping some to the counters where they usually jump and they should get the heck out of there in a hurry, and hopefully, never go back. Worth a try ...


Keeping Cats Off Counters

Keeping Cats Off Counter Tops?
Also, be tenacious. Just keep pushing them down, with some force, chanting in a gruff voice Get down, get down, down, down, and eventually they might get the point. It works with mine. As soon as I see them someplace they shouldnt be I just start the chanting...


Keeping Cats Off Counters

Keeping Cats Off Counter Tops?
I wouldnt try mousetraps!


A blind man walking a path with a white cane.

Ten Lessons from the Blind Side
You always seem to have a marvelous approach to things. Best wishes to you always.


Intense Sunset and My Cat
Positively exquisite! Great catch. Show us more ...


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Using Leftover Candle Wax?
I have one of those ceramic containers that are made for putting wax in the top and a tea light or votive underneath. The wax melts in its compartment and the scent goes through the room. There are special wax pieces made just for this but I use chunks of wax...


Missy Stitch (Cat)

Missy Stitch (Cat)
Pretty girl!


Garfield (Cat)
Good for all of you, mom, you and Garfield! I hope you share much more together!


Sissy (Long Haired Domestic)

In Memory of Sissy (Long Haired Domestic)
So sorry for your loss. I know how bad this can hurt. Ive lost several cats and one of mine now is pretty sick. Im going away for the weekend and will worry about her the whole time. My condolences to you. I know you gave her a good life.


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Name Ideas for a Construction and Real Estate?
Motwani Construction Building dreams ...


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Blessing for a Family Gathering?
Thank you Father for all youve given To keep this Murphy family livin. Bless us all, both near and far. Hearts together no matter where we are.


Two baby chicks.

Phoenix and Fluffy (Chicks)
What a nice little story! I hope they live long and happy lives.


Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkeys
Ive never understood how someone could raise a living creature and then kill it. Im not a vegetarian and I understand this is all Gods plan of the food chain. I know we all have to make a living and farms are very important, but damn if this doesnt blow my...


Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkeys
Please! to wacky camper! Lots of things have been done for years but it doesnt make them appropriate or acceptable. Raising an animal, feeding them and taking care of them with the ultimate goal of sending them to slaughter for your consumption does not sound...


Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkeys
Ok everybody. I want to publicly apologize for any flare-ups I may have caused. The turkey situation is something that is done and acceptable in many parts of the world -- just not in mine. I was really taken aback by this and didnt mean to start a blog or...


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Oatmeal Bags for Itchy Skin
Dabbing on vinegar (white seems to be the best, but others work too) helps relieve itching and the burn from a sting. Sometimes just one application does the trick. Always worked for my kids and me. Dilute it for sunburn and spray it on. It balances the pH...


A vintage photo of a man before and after restoration.

Restoring Old Photos
Photoshop works wonders as well. Its expensive, too, but these are wonderful tools to have and use. Good job!


Tan and cream Cocker

Lily (American Cocker Spaniel)
Shes really gorgeous! I hope you get to spend a long time together!


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