Carry Stun Gun On Dog Walks

Last May, while I was walking my three Dachshunds, I was attacked by a Pit Bull. It knocked me down and then ripped up one of my dogs on top of me. My dog was unable to survive the attack and the Pit Bull had to be put down. I went into therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder.


I still walk my remaining dogs and carry a stun gun. You have to actually touch the dog to stun it. However, when you aim the gun and push the button, it emits an electric charge which scares dogs. It has subsequently saved me twice. I carry it every time I walk a dog and keep it handy in my hand while I walk. I feel much safer. This is the dog that was killed.

By Maya Lee from Redlands, CA

Carry Stun Gun On Dog Walks - a dog who was killed in a dog attack.

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February 5, 20121 found this helpful
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I am unable to walk my 2 dachshunds in my neighborhood because of several large dogs who are allowed by their owners to run loose and will attack, not just smaller dogs but humans walking alone too, so I am not able to walk even without my dogs.


I had checked into carrying a stun gun or pepper spray or anything to protect us from these dogs, but they are illegal in my town and county.
Before anyone buys one of these, check in your area if it is legal.

I wish everyone luck and that they find they can carry them legally. I dearly wish I could here, because I would sure carry one. This is a great idea, as long as it is legal in your area.

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I find it reprehensible and sickening that we have to ask the government to allow us protect ourselves. Everyone, including people with mental problems, has the right to self-defense. The mental health criteria will be the loophole for the government to seize our personal protection (guns, stun guns, etc.) Who is to say that a depressed person shouldnt be able to defend herself by concealing a handgun in her purse while in an unsafe area (ironically, the very areas where weapons are often banned) or that a bipolar person cant carry a stun gun to protect himself from pit bulls while on his morning jog?


The government, and a specific party within our government, thats who. Very sticky this mental illness preclusion is.

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Hi Lollyg. I'm right there with you. I'm a disabled senior trying to walk his 2 rescued greyhounds. I've had German sheperds jump the fence, Rotweilers dart out of open doors Pitbulls yank loose and come after us...I carried pepper spray but that's useless on windy days. Out of frustration I got a pointed trash stick to at least poke an attacking dog. Guess what? Several neighbors accused me of carrying a deadly weapon and threatened to call the police!! I'm on edge whenever I take my dog buddies for a walk. Maybe I'll just hide in my house and let the BULLIES WIN. RIDICULOUS ,

August 9, 20220 found this helpful

Get a switchblade on your poke stick.....they'll never know and you will be safe. hahaha

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So sorry to hear about your little dog. How horrible it must have been to lose him/her and no wonder you had PTSD. It would happen to most people under those circumstances.


I don't blame you for carrying a stun gun now. Glad you found a solution!

We have wolves in our area which makes me nervous after dark. We always take our little yorkie-poo out to a fenced-in area to do her business, and never let her out alone. I doubt they'd jump the fence, but I keep a spade handy just in case I have to hit one if it ever does.
Keep safe!

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If you live near wolves you probably have owls too. Please be careful with your little dog. A friend let his little dog out in his own backyard one night and an owl swooped down and carried it away. There was nothing he could do. It broke his heart.

February 5, 20121 found this helpful

How awful for you and your dog. I do not trust stray dogs. Had one scare me really bad when I was about 10 years old. But I was lucky and it never attacked me.


Good idea about the stun gun. I am of course a cat lover, they don't have to be walked.


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February 5, 20121 found this helpful

Awww... I am so sorry for the loss of your precious fur baby. When I walk y Corgi & Maltese I carry citronella spray. I have had to use it twice on a stray dog. There are so many people that just let their dogs roam the neighborhood. Take Care.... Tucker & Ollie


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February 5, 20121 found this helpful

I'm looking into getting something similar to use for protection against dogs here in the UK. There are restrictions here on the use of stun guns but there is a product that emits a sound that drives dogs away.


I love dogs but I am sick of off-lead dogs running at me whilst the owner stands there saying the dog just wants to say hello. Dog maulings are on the up here in the UK and the US and irresponsible owners need to either leash their pet in public or give the animal up to a responsible owner who understands off-lead dogs are a problem.

I've enjoyed the companionship of several beautiful Boxer dogs in my lifetime but I NEVER let those dogs run off-lead in public, in the woods, on the beach, or other unfenced areas because it is asking for trouble for the public and the dog.

I thumbs upped this tip, I hate the idea of having to Taze a dog whose owner is the one in need of shock therapy, but I'm tired of not being able to get out of the house because of loose dogs.

LOL, and please don't get me started on those inconsiderate oaf dog owners who refuse to pick up after their dogs, grrrr!

February 5, 20121 found this helpful

First, let me say I'm so very sorry for your loss. It is hard for people to understand that the dog that attacked was the result of a bad owner. Pit bulls that are never taught aggressive behavior are actually less likely to attack than over 100 other breeds. That is accordingly to the number of dog bites reported by medical facilities in 2010. If our laws would go after bad owners we would all be much safer, including the dogs.

October 26, 20162 found this helpful

Carol, a can of wasp spray can spray 20 feet and aim for the face, it will stop the wandering dog in it's tracks. It won't blind the dog and will give you time to get away. Also, a boat air horn is about the same size as a can of soda and is VERY, VERY loud. It may scare your dog too but being scared is better than being dead and you being hurt in the process.

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Its in their genes! These dogs should never be off leash outside fenced areas. I dont care how theyre trained. It amazes me how many irresponsible dog owners are out there.

February 6, 20121 found this helpful

In the UK it is illegal to carry stun guns etc, but why not make your own deterrent, i.e. a spray bottle with vinegar or alcohol or similar nauseous eye watering substance.

February 6, 20121 found this helpful

So sorry for your loss and the way it took place. Whoever's dogs are running wild should definitely be reported. This is a major case of why the law says they have to be on leashes. Continue doing what you can to protect yourself and your precious animals and get the other ones out of the way. It's not fair and it's against the law ... a very good law that should be enforced. If you help make this happen your dog's death, in some way, would have a positive effect on others. Good luck to you and yours.

June 7, 20142 found this helpful

The poor little darling. I am so sorry for your loss of your sweet dog. That makes me so mad!

July 2, 20141 found this helpful

I am so sorry to hear of the horrific circumstances you lost one of your loved Dogs that never should have happened if the offending Dogs owner had shown responsibility and contained their animal where the local council regulations clearly state where it should be in a public place. On a secure lead with a competent person in control. If we live in a wildlife area that is different because we choose to reside in their area. But domestic animals allowed to roam rampant to harm people and injure other animals is totally acceptable. If you can't take responsibility don't have one.

July 2, 20141 found this helpful

I am so sorry to hear what happened to you and your little dog. I know your dog was like a family member, and that is hard to deal with. I hope you are doing better and I know your little friend is your guardian angel now. Take care of your self, from another dog lover.

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I too walk three little dogs and I always have my stun baton with me. I have had to use it but never touching the dog with it because the sound alone scares the dog. Dogs hate the sound of electricity. I do not recommend any sprays. Sprays only work if you get the dog's eyes or nose. On a windy day it will fall back on you. The one and only time I used pepper spray was useless cause the dog rubbed some of the pepper on one of my girls.

Stun guns comes in different sizes and price tags. I have two stun walking canes and one baton. The stun guns come in lipsticks, cell phones, different baton sizes just to name a few. I highly recommend getting very familiar with your stun gun because you will be lucky if you have three seconds to react to a charging dog. Do an engine search for stun guns. There are many good companies. Not sure if they are legal in your area. Just call your local police and ask. Companies will not sell you one if they are not legal in your state. Stay safe and enjoy your walks.

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In America you can get bear spray, which is pepper spray.

December 2, 20170 found this helpful

Carrying a spray bottle of Windex (or ammonia) will solve all those problems- it's not illegal to carry cleaning solutions, it's not dangerous plus it's cheap and easy and you don't have to hit the eyes or nose- just a whiff of those chemicals and the attacking animal will be GONE. It has worked for me many times and I never go for a walk (alone or w/pet) without my handy spray bottle. It's also a good way to get intruding animals out of your yard and they will never come back!

December 2, 20170 found this helpful

I'm so sorry for your loss x
Carrying a stun gun in uk is illegal unfortunately. My alsatian never went off lead due to health issues. He was also a 'yellow dog' which meant he wore yellow ribbons on his lead because he needed space. I've lost count of the owners I've told or even shouted at when their off lead dog came charging up at him
My big dog was ill- he needed space


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March 26, 20180 found this helpful

poor little thing, and poor you too..

April 10, 20180 found this helpful

Yes I too discovered this recently when I assembled my own home made stun gun.
The loud crackle noises upon discharge somehow is able to totally mess with a dogs focus and intent and they run off terrified, it also seems to work on cats too.
I'm a lot less terrified of aggressive dogs (and their owners too ;) ) just from knowing this and carrying it on walks.

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So sorry for your loss and your PTSD. I hear you loud and clear. My shiba inu has been attacked 4x by the same german shepherd, who gets loose from its owner or escapes the house. She is a huge female shepherd. Three of the attacks have resulted in trips to the vet. The only thing saving my dog was his very thick double coat. I now carry pepper spray and am getting my CWP soon, so I can carry my 380. The sad thing is that neither the dog officer or the HOA where I live will do anything because my dog was not killed in the attack. I think the owner got fined by the police. He also paid my vet bills and paid to replace 2 screens on my back porch when his dog broke through them to get at my dog (yes folks, you can't make this up!) People with aggressive dogs need to be educated as to how to train and handle them. And really, a german shepherd is one of the more trainable. But the human needs training first.

December 6, 20200 found this helpful

I have a stun gun. However I walk my mother's rat dogs with my .38. I take no chances with coyotes or larger dogs. So far so good.

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I live in the country and when I would go walking along the dirt roads a few dogs would threaten me and my friend. I'm pretty good with a slingshot called a wrist rocket. I've played with them for years. Shooting sticks in the river. It's a powerful slingshot easy to use and sold at sporting goods stores fairly cheap. Anyway when I pass those houses that have agressive dogs I have my slingshot ready. So far I haven't had to fire it but I will if needed! And it's legal! If you can't carry a taiser or spray you can legally carry a slingshot.

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Oh no Maya Lee. I just saw your post even though it's like 10 yrs later! I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful dog. I too carry a stun gun as well as a self-defense siren which emits an ear piercing super loud sound when I walk my little senior Chihuahua. We furmommies will do whatever we have to do in order to protect our furbabies as best we can. Have a blessed day.

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We used to have a rottweiler and often when we'd walk him, pitt bulls would run out to attack him. Because of this, we routinely wore a lead collar on him--one of those collars that had metal links with spikes that were supposed to restrain him while training. We'd turn the spikes toward the outside rather than the inside, so whenever the pitt bulls would lunge at his neck (the first place they'd attack), they'd get a mouth full of metal spikes. The spikes weren't sharp enough to hurt them, but they did stop them from attacking him. Sometimes the dogs would attempt to bite his neck 3-4 times before they realized they couldn't rip his neck open.


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