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A vet giving a cat a vaccination.

ASPCA Pet Vaccination Truck ScheduleIn some places like New York City, the ASPCA has mobile vaccination trucks that service neighborhoods on a set schedule. This page has links and information about the ASPCA's mobile vaccination truck schedules.


Preventing Algae in Pet Water Bowls

Preventing Algae in Pet Water BowlsThis page is about preventing algae in pet water bowls. Keeping your pet's water fresh and their bowl clean is your first defense against algae growth.


Caring for Pet Ladybugs

Feeding and Caring for Pet LadybugsThese insects enjoy aphids, but there are other things they may like. This page is about feeding and caring for pet ladybugs.


Man taking batteries out of a smoke detector.

Smoke Detectors and Family PetsThe batteries in your home smoke detectors should last for quite a long time. However, once they begin to noticeably lose their charge the detector will begin to beep. This annoying reminder can be quite distressing to pets. This is a page about smoke detectors and family pets.


A cat sitting on a window sill.

Protecting Window Sills from Pet ScratchesWhether it's a dog jumping up to see out of the window or a cat sharpening it's claws, if you have pets, your windowsills can get scratched easily. This is a page about protecting window sills from pet scratches.


A baby stroller being used as a dog stroller.

Converting a Baby Stroller Into a Pet StrollerThis is a page about converting a baby stroller into a pet stroller. You can save money by converting a baby stroller that your child has outgrown, or one from a yard sale into a pet stroller.


An orange cat sitting on a window sill.

Leaving a Cat Alone While on Vacation?This page is about leaving a cat while on vacation. There are ways to leave your cat safely and well fed while you are gone for a few days.


A happy veterinarian holding a dog and a cat.

Finding Free or Low Cost Pet Clinics in...This is a page about finding free or low cost pet clinics in New York. Caring for your pet's health can sometimes be quite costly.


Sticky Pet Fur

Removing Sticky Residue From Pet FurThis is a page about removing sticky residue from pet fur. Before you get out the scissors, there are some ways to successfully remove glue or other sticky stuff from your pet's fur.


A kitten sleeping on a colorful blanket.

Adopting a Blind Kitten?This is a page about adopting a blind kitten. Knowing the best way to make a kitty comfortable and safe in its new surroundings, will help it be more confident with its blindness.


A cat with an empty food dish.

Free Pet Food for Low Income FamiliesThis is a page about free pet food for low income pet owners. Low income pet owners may have difficulties paying for their pet's food. There may be local resources to help.


Galls growing on an oak tree.

Oak Tree Galls Poisonous to Dogs?The galls on oak trees are generally caused by the tree's reaction to wasps laying their eggs on the twigs, branches, and leaves. They inject a hormone that causes the abnormal growth. Sometimes galls can be the result of bacteria or fungi. While generally not considered harmful, there are definitely concerns expressed by pet owners regarding pets eating them.



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Name for a Pet Grasshopper?I would like to know a name or some names for my grasshopper. Thanks.


Pet Grasshopper

Caring for Pet GrasshoppersThis is a page about caring for pet grasshoppers. Children love to bring home all sorts of pets, from bugs to frogs.


Dog's Food

Keeping Flies Out Of Dog's Food?This is a page about keeping flies out of dog's food. For dog owners who feed their pets outside, keeping flies off the food can be a challenge.


Dog Scratching Dry Skin

Remedies for Pets' Dry SkinThis page is about remedies for pet's dry skin. It is advised for you to contact your veterinarian concerning your pet's health issues.


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Cat Poops Under The Bed?My cat poops under the bed no matter how clean litter box is. Any ideas?


Spraying cat

Getting a Cat to Stop Spraying InsideMarking their territory is a natural thing for cats to want to do. This page is about getting a cat to stop spraying inside.


Puppy sniffing piddle pad.

Saving Money on Piddle PadsThis page is about saving money on piddle pads. Piddle pads can be great for puppy training and dogs that need to be indoors for long periods of time, although they can be expensive.


hermit crab close up

Caring For a Hermit CrabMany kids would like to have a hermit crab as a pet. It is important to understand how to care for this unique pet. This is a page about caring for a hermit crab.


Black cat in a litter box.

Kitty Litter Tips and TricksThis page contains kitty litter tips and tricks. Keeping the litter contained and the odor under control make a cat box tolerable.


cat in a garden

Garden Plants That Can Be Toxic to PetsThis is a page about garden plants that can be toxic to pets. Many of the tasty veggies in your garden are toxic if ingested by your pets or livestock.


Dog at the vet.

Low Cost Vet Clinics in Michigan?When you pet is in need of medical attention it can be very disturbing to find the cost prohibitive. Check with the local ASPCA for advice and try calling around for a vet that takes payments or offers some low cost options. This is a page about finding low cost vet clinics in Michigan.


Two lovebirds with eggs in their cage.

Understand Lovebird Behavior?This is a page about understand lovebird behavior. Learning what is normal behavior for lovebirds and what may be a sign of problems will help you keep them healthy.


Dog on Homemade Pet Bed

Homemade Pet BedsThis is a page about homemade pet beds. Buying a pet bed can be expensive and sometimes frustrating when looking for a specific size or type.


dog drinking

Weigh Down Pet Water BowlThis is a page about weighing down a pet water bowl. Some pets seem to make a routine game out of dumping over their water dish.


Photo of a pet carrier made from a plastic tub.

Homemade Pet Carrier IdeasThis is a page about homemade pet carrier ideas. Buying one or more pet carriers can get quite expensive.



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Florida Law Regarding Rabies Shots?What is Florida's law for having to register your dog after a rabies shot?


Cat Laying on Blanket

Using a Pillowcase When Transporting CatsThis is a page about using a pillowcase when transporting cats. Carrying a cat in a pillow case allows it to breathe easily, and the animal cannot see where it is going.


Truck Driver and His Dog

Tips for Truck Driver's and Their Pets?This is a page about tips for truck driver's and their pets. Some truck drivers take along their pet to keep them company on long haul trips.


Dog Laying in Grass

Home Remedies for Dog WormsFood grade diatomaceous earth can be an effective home remedy for dog worms. This is a page about home remedies for dog worms.


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Poem from Deceased Cat to Owner?I saw a poem from a deceased cat that told the owner to take in another cat the way she did him and take care of him and give another cat a home. Can someone find this for me?


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My kitten won't stop sucking my hair!Please can someone let me know why my kitten insists on sitting on my hair when I am sleeping and sucking and "kneading" it? I try to get her to stop, I am using a spray bottle, but I was hoping to understand WHY she does it to see if I can discourage it. DebC


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Neighbor Throwing Food Over the Fence?My house has a full wood privacy fence all around. There have been no complaints from anyone about my dogs. For a few weeks I have dealt with my pups barfing one then the other. Last night, after midnight, I let them out and noticed them licking the ground. I saw the two frozen cut up chickens outside my kitchen door.


Blind Cat Sleeping

Caring for a Blind CatThis page is about caring for a blind cat. There are a number of things to keep in mind to help your cat be comfortable with its lack of vision.


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Temperment of Schnoodles?I really need some info on the cross breed of the Snoodle (Schnoodle). the Breeders all say great things but they are of course selling these babies for a living. Please let me know if you have first hand experience with this mix.


Rolly Pollies (Pill Bug)

Caring for Roly Polies (Pill Bugs)Children love roly polies and often what to keep one as a kind of pet. This is a page about caring for roly polies (pill bugs).


A duckling being hatched.

Caring for Duck EggsThis page is about caring for duck eggs. Maintaining the proper temperature and humidity is important when incubating eggs.


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Finding Free Cat Food?Where can I find free cat food or pay at low price. I am on a pension, very low income. Thank you.


A cat eating food from a dish.

Feeding CatsMost cats will definitely let you know when they are hungry, whether you have a purebred princess or a houseful of rescues. This page has tips for feeding housecats and strays and ways to tempt a picky eater.


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Getting a Puppy After Moving From Parvo Infected House?I moved away from my old house that was parvo infected. I have been at my new house for a few months now. Will I be OK to get a puppy?


Two leather belts.

Convert Belt Into A Dog CollarIf you have either a leather punch or an awl and hammer you can easily convert an old belt into a new collar for you dog. It is always fun to find new uses for items that might otherwise be discarded.



A polypropylene bag that has been turned into a dog mattress.

Polypropylene Bag as Dog MattressRecycled polypropylene bags can be stuffed with recycled newspaper or other materials and made into an inexpensive dog bed. This is a page about using a polypropylene bag as a dog mattress.


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Protecting a Cat from Dog Mange and Mites?My mom has 2 dogs with mange and mites. Can I use bleach to wipe my floor down in my bedroom because I keep my cat in my room and I don't want him catching it or get sick?


Dog in the grass scratching its face.

Gnats Biting DogsThere are countless suggestions for home remedies, using a variety of products intended for other purposes, to keep gnats from biting dogs. Take care when trying these; check with your vet for safe solutions. This is a page about gnats biting dogs.


Use Tarp to Keep Snowy Grass Clear

Use a Tarp to Keep Snowy Grass Clear for PetsWhen the snow is coming down you can keep an area of the yard clear for your dog by covering it with a tarp. This is a page about use tarp to keep snowy grass clear for pets.


Petlynx for
Lost Pets

Using Petlynx for Lost PetsThis is a page about using Petlynx for lost pets. This is a lost pet recovery service that doesn't use a microchip. You have the option to do a 7-day free trial, or for a nominal fee there is a 21-day trial subscription and a lifetime subscription. This service allows you to upload a photo and a description that is stored in a database that helps in reuniting pets with their owners. You are able to make a lost pet report, as well as search "found pet" reports. Your pet can wear a tag that directs people to this website if they find your pet.


A frozen water bottle in a pet's water bowl.

Keeping a Pet's Water Bowl CoolMany pet owners and their charges prefer to have the water in the bowl kept at a cool temperature. There are a number of ways to achieve this. This is a page about keeping a pet's water bowl cool.


A Christmas tree stand with water in it.

Pets Drinking the Christmas Tree WaterPreservative chemicals in your Christmas tree water may be harmful to your pet. If you have only put water in your Christmas tree stand, the water is safe for your pet to drink. Pets drinking the Christmas tree water will mean you have to refill it often but the water isn't toxic if there are no chemical additives.


A cute gerbil.

Can Mice and Gerbils Live Together?While it is possible to keep mice and gerbils together, it is usually not recommended as they will become territorial in such a small enclosure. This is a page about can mice and gerbils live together?


A pug peeing in someone's yard.

Keeping My Neighbor's Pets Out of My YardIn neighborhoods without fences, your neighbor's pets may freely wander into your yard and become a nuisance. This is a page about keeping my neighbor's pets out of my yard.


Coffee filter lining a pet dish

Use Coffee Filters as Pet Dish LinersYou can cut down on washing messy pet food dishes by lining them with inexpensive coffee filters. This is a page about coffee filters as pet dish liners.


A dog who is wary at the veterinarian's office.

Helping Your Pet's Vet PhobiaMany pets can become very agitated when they realize that they are heading to the vet's office. This is a page about helping your pet's vet phobia.


plastic container for bird seed

Pest-Free Pet Food StoragePests can be a problem around pet food; moths, beetles, and mice all love to dine on these 'delicacies'. We don't want our precious pet's food to be infested or contaminated.


Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla GlueThis is a page about warning about pets eating Gorilla glue. Pets can't read the label warnings on household products such as glues. Many of these products are toxic and can make your pet quite ill.


Dog messily drinking from a water bowl

Eliminating the Mess From Dog Water BowlsThis is a page about eliminating the mess from dog water bowls. Some pets can get quite sloppy when having a drink, leaving a puddle around their bowl.


dog in back of car with family in background

Caring for Pets When TravelingThis is a page about leave pets at home when traveling. Whether you are boarding your pets, leaving them at home or taking them along, you want to make sure it is a positive experience for all.


Sad dog staring out window

Helping Your Pet Cope with LossThis is a page about helping your pet cope with loss. Pets feel and react to the loss of another pet or their owner.


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Fed a Roly Poly Candy?I found a little role poly in my room, so I put it in a small box with a damp tissue inside, and then I poked airholes in the lid. Without doing any research what so ever, I fed it a little bit of filling from a chocolate truffle. I didn't think that it would hurt him or anything.


Raising Sea Monkeys (Brine Shrimp)

Raising Sea Monkeys (Brine Shrimp)This is a page about raising sea monkeys (brine shrimp). An invented breed of brine shrimp that do not live in the sea, but are marketed to grow in aquariums.


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Service Dog Assistance for Low Income Person?Where in the San Fernando Valley, California can I get free vet, grooming, and food for a dog? I will be going to get a rescue dog to be my service dog. I am very low income and handicapped and need this dog for my health, but have no money for vets, food, etc. that my dog will need.


dog and cat on couch

Protecting Furniture From PetsThis is a page about protecting furniture from pets. Without protection, furnishings can suffer abuse when people and pets are sharing the house.


Spiders as Pet

Keeping Spiders as PetsThis is a page about keeping spiders as pets. Creating the perfect habitat for a spider can be as easy as a terrarium. They easy to care for, quiet and fascinating to watch.


Cat Getting in Washer

Unsafe Household Locations for PetsThis is a page about unsafe household locations for pets. Making sure your pets do not have access to appliances and other places there is potential for them to be hurt, is important to keep them healthy.


Boy with Frog

Amphibians as PetsThis is a page about amphibians as pets. Keeping these cold-blooded vertebrate animals like frogs, toads, and salamanders require a specific environment.


puppy lying down

What Breed Is My Dog?I was told my dog was a mix of Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd. But I keep hearing all different types of assumptions. Does anyone know what she may be?


Bassett Hound lying down and looking up

Pets and Divorce?This is a page about pets and divorce. When a family separates it can be uncomfortable for dogs, cats and other pets to adjust to new living situations.


orange tabby resting its head on a sleeping dog

Raising Cats and Dogs TogetherThis is a page about raising cats and dogs together. When raised together your pets can become good friends. Cats generally live longer than dogs, and can help to comfort you with a loss.


kitten drinking out of a bottle

Weaning a Bottle Fed Kitten?This is a page about weaning a bottle fed kitten. When you have needed to bottle feed a kitten, introducing new food may not be very interesting to it.


Dog with Elderly Man

Pets and the ElderlyThis is a page about pets and the elderly. It is well documented that having a pet is good for your health, both mental and physical. They have an added benefit for an elderly person, especially one living alone, they can be a best friend.


Restless Dog

Tips for Restless PetsThis is a page about tips for restless pets. Restless pets can make themselves more anxious and even keep you awake. Finding ways to help them calm down is good for your pet and you.


food and water dish on wooden bench

Making a Pet Food Dish Stand or HolderThis is a page about making a pet food dish stand or holder. Getting your pet's feeding dishes off the floor can make it more comfortable for them to eat their meal.


Dog at Vet

Spaying or Neutering Your PetsThis is a page about spaying or neutering your pets. It has become a common, responsible pet owner practice to spay and neuter pets. This decision helps to keep down the pet population and can also result in healthier longer lived pets.


Dog Riding in the Car

Getting Pets Used to Riding in the CarThis is a page about getting pets used to riding in the car. Many pets are anxious when taken for a ride in the car. There are some ways you can help them enjoy or at lease tolerate the experience.


young baby with puppy

Pets and The New BabyThis is a page about pets and the new baby. The arrival of a new baby is a fun stressful time for the new parents and the family pets as well.


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Getting Copy of Puppy Papers?My mom lost the papers for my puppy Frankie. I need copies. How do I get those?


Wireless Pet Fence

Using a Wireless Pet Fence?This is a page about using a wireless pet fence. There are a number of decisions to make before considering this type of invisible fence for your dog.


Cat on Bed

Cat Pooping on Bed?This is a page about cat pooping on bed. Even cats that have been house trained may defecate in the wrong place. Determining the cause may be difficult.


possum in a trap

Pick Up Leftover Outside Pet FoodI have a neighbor who was country born and country bred. His cat is never allowed in the house. He feeds the cat outside, near his back door. I don't think he realizes that the food the cat leaves behind attracts flies, mice, rats, and other pests, including possums.


Dog Crate

Using a Dog Crate as FurnitureThis is a page about using a dog crate as furniture. Dog crates can be bulky and take up much need space in small homes and apartments. Try using them as furniture in addition to a safe place for your pet.


A dog sitting on a couch.

Reducing Pet Hair in Your HomeThis is a page about reducing pet hair in your home. While we all love our furry friends, their hair wafting throughout the house and on all of the furniture is a different story.


Cat in wheat grass

Growing Wheat Grass for Your PetsThis is a page about growing wheat grass for your pets. Indoor pets will benefit from their own mini garden of grass to nibble on.


Cat Looking in Flap

Other Cats Using My Cat Flap?This is a page about other cats using my cat flap. Keeping neighborhood cats out of your house can be a challenge when you have an open door.


Dog with Cat

Introducing a Dog to Resident CatsThis is a page about introducing a dog to resident cats. Bringing a dog into a home with a resident cat(s) can go several ways. You can improve the chances of a positive outcome by following a few tips.



Things We Should Never Feed Our PetsThis is a page about things we should never feed our pets. Many of the foods that we enjoy are unhealthy and even dangerous when fed to our pets.


Woman Showing Cricket to Children

Crickets as PetsThis is a page about crickets as pets. Crickets are not any problem to keep. You can buy them cheaply at the local pet store, or catch your own.


Comforting Puppy

Comforting Puppies and KittensThis is a page about comforting puppies and kittens. A new young animal member of your family may miss their mother and the litter.


Mosquito Repellent Coil

Insect Repellents Safe for Use on PetsThis is a page about insect repellents safe for use on pets. Keep bugs from invading your pets using a repellant. Use care when choosing a repellent to use on them.


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Cat Peeing and Pooping on Child's Bed?I have a very finicky cat. She has always assumed it was OK to pee on any paper or plastic left on the floor. But recently, she has taken to peeing and pooping on my daughter's (toddler) bed.


Pet Hedgehog

Do Hedgehogs Make Good Pets?This is a page about do hedgehogs make good pets? Hedgehogs are cute prickly little insectivorous mammals that just like any possible pet, have their advantages was well as their disadvantages.


Buff Colored Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Name Ideas For a Buff Colored Cocker Spaniel?This page contains name ideas for a buff colored cocker spaniel. Choosing the perfect name for your new family pet can be even more fun when you consider their color of their fur.


A cat sitting on the arm of a couch.

Cat Friendly Furniture Ideas?This is a page about cat friendly furniture ideas. Our feline friends can be hard on the furniture but there are ways to accommodate their scratching needs.


A cat sleeping on top of a woman.

Keeping a Cat From Waking You Up?This page is about keeping a cat from waking you up. Breaking your cat's habit of starting your day before you want it to, can be a challenge.


A lost dog standing in a road.

Reintegrating a Previously Lost Pet?This page is about reintegrating a previously lost pet. Sometimes due to being separated from the family, an animal can have trouble being accepted back by all the members of the household.


A pet rat in a cage.

Choosing a Small PetThis page is about choosing a small pet. When you want a pet smaller than a cat or dog, you want to choose the best small animal for your situation.


cat food dish

Keeping Your Pet's Food and Water Bowls CleanThis page is about keeping your pet's food and water bowls clean. Keeping your pet's bowls clean is good for their health, as bacteria can grow in both food and water dishes.


Stainless steel pet food dishes.

Pet Food Dish IdeasThis is a page about pet food dish ideas. Choosing the best dish for your pet's food and water depends on the kind of pet and their own special behaviors.


pet mantis religiosa

Keeping Insects as PetsThis is a page about keeping insects as pets. Kids and adults alike enjoy catching and keeping a variety of insects as pets.


A girl talking to a pug.

Talking to Your PetsThis page is about talking to your pets. It seems that pets really enjoy humans sharing their pleasant vocal skills.


Young woman holding puppies.

Finding a Reputable BreederThis is a page about finding a reputable breeder. With all of the bad press about puppy and kitten mills, finding a reputable breeder is important.


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Tips for Leaving Pets in the CarThis page contains tips for leaving pets in the car. If you must leave your pet in the car for a short time, be certain that they stay cool and comfortable.


A hamster in it's cage.

Saving Money on Litter for Small AnimalsThis is a page about saving money on litter for small animals. Keeping the litter for your small animals clean and fresh normally involves regular changing, which can be expensive.


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cats sleeping together

How to Help Pets Cope with LossMy husband and I had a beautiful cat named Muffin for 16 years. We were devastated when we had to put her down. He refused to get another pet for years. Then he had a stroke. My daughter got two kittens while he was in the hospital and after he returned from rehab he had an instant companion.


cat and dog together in pet bed

Pets for Less: Save on Your Best FriendIt's that time of year again. Time to take our old friend, a mutt whom we adopted at the pound twelve years ago, to the vet. He'll be excited until he gets there, but when it's over he'll happily leave with a treat and new vaccination tag.


cat on a kitchen counter

Keeping Cats Off CountersThis page is about keeping cats off counters. A cat's ability to jump high can be a problem in the home.


boy hugging a dog

Pets and Young ChildrenLet's face it: some pets are better with young children than others are. Whether it is a pet you are familiar with, or a pet you are meeting for the first time, the best way to keep things under control is to keep yourself and your children calm.


Lost Pets

What Do You Do If Your Pet Gets Lost?It is a horrible thing to think about: your pet slips out the door and seems to disappear. How do you get your pet back safe and sound? This timeline can help you out.


Chihuahua wearing an orange flower headdress.

Go Orange for Animals In AprilThis April, the ASPCA will kick-off Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month on April 7th for it's "Go Orange for Animals" Campaign. This is to bring attention to animals that are being abused and neglected all across the country.


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Temporary Wire Dog Crate Liner?What can I use to line a wire dog crate temporarily? The flimsy plastic tray that came with it is broken, and I need to replace it. However, I am housing a dog in it that has a medical problem where she has some urinary incontinence. Any ideas until I can buy a replacement tray? Thank you in advance for any ideas!


What Breed Is My Dog? - closeup of a tan or cream colored dog

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed is my dog?


Pomeranian Puppies' Hair Seems Too Short  Hair - tri-colored Pom on the carpet

Pomeranian Puppies' Hair Seems Too Short?I have a 5 month the old Pomeranian and a 6 month old Pomeranian and both have short hair. I have seen poms around the same age as mine and they have the long beautiful fur. They are both healthy.


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My Dog Just Passed Away?What would cause my 1 year old pup to die in 3 days when just Sunday he was running around and playing? He started pooping blood on Thursday and passed this morning. The vet give him some medicine but I guess it was too late. I miss my pup so much


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ASPCA Spay and Neuter Truck Schedule?When will the spay and neuter truck be in 11385 zip code area?


Caring for a Roly Poly - roly poly next to a rock

Caring for a Roly Poly?My roly poly is staying in one place and not moving it has been like that for a few hours. Is my roly poly, Carrot, dead or is it dying. Please let me know I'm kind of freaking out! I did put some water on it.


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