Acne Remedies Causing More Acne?

I have really bad acne and acnes scars on my face. My skin is very oily. I have tried many different medicines and herbal treatments, but nothing has worked. If I put coconut oil on my hair, acne forms on my face. My doctor says that I am allergic and have very sensitive skin.


When I try to remove my scars by putting something on my face like turmeric, banana or oats acne forms. I just want to get rid of this horrible situation. Does anyone have any advice or homemade tips that will remove my acne marks without getting more pimples.

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Try Cetaphil! Best stuff ever, my dermatologist recommended it.

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By soldforlife (Guest Post)
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Hi, I had acne just like yours that never went away. My skin was allergic to virtually everything. I even tried that proactive stuff and it dried out my skin so bad and it doesn't do that with normal people. I have combination skin that is at times extremely oily or extremely dry.


I finally found something that is cheap, lasts a super long time and my face is almost completely clear of scars now after using it for a couple months. Bag-balm. You may think its gross after using it the first time but I swear it works. Normally its found in stores in the pet section and its in a green tin can. It looks like slightly yellower vaseline and it has a mild sulfer smell to it but I'm sold for life as my skin is looking better than it has in like 10 years since i had my son.

It has two simple ingredients, 8-hydroxy quinoline sulfate which is mixed in a petrolatum lanolin base. I spent thousands of dollars on the really expensive stuff and never found a cure, even my dr's prescription didn't help that much I am literally throwing everything else away and my confidence has soared. It' s amazing that something so simple could work so well.

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I use Proactiv Solutions. The kit is $39.95. I use it sparingly and it lasts me a good 2 - 3 months. They have a "Sensitive" type, as well.


I also have oily skin and I use apple cider vinegar as a facial toner. It really clears me up without drying me out. You may want to try it, too! Good luck!

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You have been given two really good ideas to try on your skin. Your doctor may be on to something.. what you eat might be coming out in your skin. My youngest child has food allergies that come out in his skin. We joke that his skin tells on him when he eats what he shouldn't. Seriously, though it might be something to look into.

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By waxghost (Guest Post)
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Try a little dab of toothpaste on the worst pimples. Don't cake it on, just put enough that you can feel it but can't see it. It won't make them disappear right away but they will disappear a LOT faster.


Also, be careful about drying out your skin too much, too. That will make your skin overcompensate and it will be even worse. If you can, find a lotion that doesn't make things worse (the only one I've found that works for me is an all-natural, organic lotion made from avocados) and use that on the driest places when you get out of the shower.

Finally, I found this list: a long time ago and have found it to be pretty accurate.

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Wash your face with a cleanser, such as: Dove Cool Moisture Foaming Facial Cleanser, pHisoderm Deep Cleaning Cleanser, for Normal to Oily Skin or Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser, Sensitive Skin.


Then try one of these as a face creams that contain salicylic acid : Either Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-In-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment, or
Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion.

When you get a breakout, use a spot treatment containing benzoyl peroxide, such as:Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 Maximum Strength or Clearasil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream. I would try the .25% solution first, as it can cause irritation. is an excellent website that is worth checking out!

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I have exactly the same problem as you, i took tablets prescribed by my doctor but I'm just as spotty now, and they scar too. It's sickening to get to 37 years of age and suffer this now!


I'm now waiting to see a dermatologist, maybe you might want to go down that route.

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Ok, you will likely not believe me - I didn't when I was told to do this - but do it anyway. I did nearly 45 years ago. We didn't have "pills" then but a lot wive's tales; chocolate was a culprit, etc.

The '60's were the beginning of the natural cure, and I would have DONE ANYTHING to get rid of my acne. I had purple lesions on my jawline and chin - like a purple beard, and I'm female.

Get a bottle of calcium, magnesium and zinc.
Get a bottle of NATURAL vitamin E
Get a bottle of 2% hydrogen peroxide
Get a mild body wash like Dove
Get some oil blotters (toilet seat covers will work for this)
Get a bottle of Milk of Magnesia (mint is best)
Get a tube of triple anti-biotic cream
Get seven( a week's worth) of clean pillow cases
Get a loofa or other exfoliater
Get a blackhead remover (strangely, this is in the manicure section of the drug store- Revlon)
Get a 12X magnification mirror.

You didn't say whether or not you wear make up, but if you do, use Dove or oil of Olay exfoliating make up remover towelettes.



Shower twice a day (every twelve hours) with WARM, not hot water, using body wash, and exfoliating as you go. Shampoo in the evening to remove oil, dirt and pollutants.

Before bed: put on clean pillow case. Clean face with peroxide. Use blackhead remover with X mirror. Don't even THINK of going after a purple one. It's infected and will pit. Use the antibiotic cream. Put on a light coating of Vitamin E. I know, the idea of putting oil on acne seems absurd, but IT WORKS!

Take minerals with food, and halve them if necessary. Don't overdo these; you can build up toxic levels of zinc. Try to eat healthy and get some vitamin D in your food. A little, (ten minutes a day or so) of sun won't hurt.


Give yourself a "facial" with the Milk of magnesia. It will draw out the oil and impurities, and magnesium is good for your skin. Don't do this more than once a week.

One of the other posters said not to overdry your skin,as it cause more oil to be produced, and this is correct. But keep it clean.

It will take about six weeks to begin clearing up, and it may get worse to begin with as the impurities start coming out. But it will work. Don't obsess.

Do something nice for yourself: get your teeth cleaned. Clean out and organize your closet. Get a color analysis. Get a new haircut. Do something positive until your skin clears up, and stick with it. Even thought you don't see immediate results.

And let me know how you do. When I had acne, there was nothing else, and I swear to you, this works.

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By Carol in PA (Guest Post)
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When a person first starts to use an acne product, it usually causes the blackheads and whiteheads that are already in the skin to form pustules. So it will appear to make the condition worse, but in effect it is actually making the condition better.

I do not recognize any of the treatments you've described in your question. We dont use any of those products for acne in the United States. I recommend retin A, a prescription, and benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide dries up pustules quickly. You will be very pleased.

Dont over wash or rub your skin as it causes the oil glands to produce more oil. Keep your skin clean and keep your hands away from your face.

Good luck

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By Kathy (Guest Post)
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I too have had acne all my life and I am scarred from it too! I found out I was allergic to benzoyl peroxide, which is in most acne "cures" like Oxy, Proactiv and other things. The only thing that cleared up mine was going to the derm and back then, they prescribed Tetracycline, an oral antibiotic. I took that for about a year and of course I got a little older too, so I stopped taking it and my face has stayed okay, but I do still get break outs, even at 42. Nothing works, not toothpaste, or milk of magnesia or anything. I think the only thing to get rid of the scarring is the dermabrasion where they laser off the first couple layers of skin and I am not adventurous enough for that! Good luck!

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Have you tried stopping drinking milk and eating dairy products? Worked for me. Vicki, 42

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By KJ (Guest Post)
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I too have adult acne. It sucks. I've done most of what was recommended above.

I was on high dose of antibiotics, prescribed by my dermatologist. However, after 6+ months, I had such bad diarrhea, from killing off all the good bacteria in my intestines, I had to stop. I took Acidophiles to restore balance in my intestines.

Believe it or not - on occasion - I use Bactine on my 'spots'. Squirt some on a q-tip and dab it over the pimple. It is rather drying, so don't over use it.

I've also used antibacterial soap from a pump container. Totally unconventional, but I read somewhere that bacteria on the skin is part of the problem. Made sense to me to use the antibacterial soap and Bactine.

The kind of soap I use is from Target - their brand of antibacterial hand soap. BE CAREFUL!!! You DO NOT want to get it in your eyes! And, DO not use it every night. I only use it 1 or 2x per week - when I have bad flare-ups.

Mainly, I use Cetaphil too - also recommended by my dr. Wal-Mart has a generic Cetaphil - cheaper - works fine.
Good luck - don't give up!

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By Dede (Guest Post)
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Years ago there was a story in Dear Abby, it said to use egg yolk on acne. I think I would use daily for a couple of weeks and evaluate your progress. I use salicylic acid products, they keep my acne under control.

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Try a vegan diet! Or phisoderm. I have heard that Monavie has helped some with their complexion. Mainly, just don't overdo trying to rid the acne. That only aggravates your skin. Take B vitamins.

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By BN (Guest Post)
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I've had acne all my life. The best thing that has helped me is birth control. It's cleared my skin right up.

I also use natural products for my face wash and lotion. I tend to be dry on my cheeks and oily in my T-zone, jaw line, and chin. I use PCA Skin facial wash phaze 1, and Yogurt Face Cream from Sephora. The products are a little spendy, but they really help my skin. I only get a few pimples instead of tons.

If you use make up...use Bare Minerals. It's all natural and it's good for the skin especially acne.

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By linz (Guest Post)
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As kathy recommended, tetracycline is the greatest. i had a thing called perry oral dermatitis. try a months supply 1000mg a day for first 2 weeks then reduce the dose to 250 over to the last week. all this and try juicing using greens such as spinach and ginger to cleanse the body and start a fresh. good luck
Editor's note: Be sure to check with your doctor regarding proper dosages of any medications.

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December 26, 20080 found this helpful

I tried everything starting at age 15. I did most all of the above. At 40 I finally went on accutane for the second time, (first was 16 ). Some people with acne need their oil glands sucked dry and accutane is the only thing that does it. I haven't had pimples for 6 years.

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By A -from San diego (Guest Post)
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My skin care steps.(I posted on acne.Org )
1- wake up, wash face with my "equate"brand (like nutrogena) salicylic acid face soap with warm water & a face scrub pad- lightly scrub- not harshly. Rinse. Dry with clean tissue-not used towel! (Believe it or not,i used to use any towel..It used to not matter,tho..)

2. Then I uses my face astringent, with about 45 % alcohol, (like sea breeze- read ingredients- alch. Denat lightens & heals scars for me!) Use on a clean cotton. Let absorb & dry in skin.

3 I write my goals for day, as this is working on skin...Unless tingling or irritating. Then I go rinse face. Dry with clean tissue. Does not leave irritated skin for me.

4 and this is where I put my "baking soda & water" (already mixed & sitting in a little pump. Put in hands, apply all over face & neck-where ever break outs especially. I don't get in eyes area.

***Let dry- only takes a min or two! Then may start to tingle- burn...Now, just rinse. Dab face with clean tissue. And apply your sunblock/face lotion. I hope this works 4 u!

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By A -from San diego (Guest Post)
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I forgot to add. I also take prenatal vitamins, vit c, coq10, msm and glucosamin (removes & heals scars faster). What ever we eat, it is never enough vitamins. You may need to read up on how much of these you need. I still take prenatal, as it helps me to reverse my aging, too.

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Hi. I had really bad acne as a teenager and tried everything for my very oily, sensitive skin. Then a doctor recommended (probably as a last resort) to go to the pharmacy and get 1% sulphur mixed in calamine lotion. I used to dab it on my spots and boils every night after washing my face with soap (whatever you normally find the best for you) and unbelievably, they DID dry up without scarring my face, and because I worked as an airline representative, I had to look good and wear make up for work every day. My skin became smooth, fine, and is unscarred. Hope this helps.

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