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Keeping Hair Dye Off Skin

Keeping Hair Dye Off Your SkinThis page is about keeping hair dye off skin. When dyeing hair at home, it's important to take some precautions to avoid getting the color on your skin.


Tattoo on Woman's Back

Protecting a Tattoo When TanningSunscreen and moisturizer are important to apply to any tattooed area that may be exposed while you are tanning. This is a page about protecting a tattoo when tanning.


A woman itching her back.

Sunless Tanning Products Causing ItchingThis is a page about sunless tanning products causing itching. Many consumers are allergic to ingredients in certain topical beauty products including sunless tanning formulas.


young girl with facial blemishes, eyes closed

ProActiv Stopped Working for Me?This is a page about Proactiv has stopped working for me. To keep acne under control you may need to change your diet, reduce the stress in your life and get adequate sleep, as well as using a skin product.


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Getting Rid of Calluses on Elbow?How do I get rid of a callous on my elbow? I probably developed it from propping my elbow on my desk. I went to dermatologist to have it removed. She said if she removed it may hit a nerve. It gets dry and scaly. All lotion or Vaseline does it soften it.


Woman Applying Lotion To her Back.

Applying Lotion To Your BackTrying to apply lotion to your own back can be a challenge. Get creative and also try some of the solutions found in this page. This is a page about applying lotion to your back.


vegetable shortening in a bowl

Using Crisco as a MoisturizerJust about any oil can be used as moisturizer when used in moderation. This is a page about using crisco as a moisturizer.


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Removing Breath Right Adhesive Residue from Nose?How do you remove the sticky from Breathe Right strips off of your nose?


Bottle of white glue like Elmer's Glue.

Using Elmer's Glue as a Face MaskAlthough Elmer's Glue is non-toxic, it is probably not the best ingredient to use as a face mask. Dermatologists generally discourage this beauty treatment and recommend purchasing something formulated for delicate facial skin.


Closeup of Facial Pores and Oily Skin

Remedies for Oily SkinThis is a page about remedies for oily skin. If you have oily skin, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a clear complexion. With daily care and cleansing it is possible to reduce the affect of having oily skin.


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Clothing Causing Pimples?I have a few questions. I get these pimples, or something where the waistband of my jeans are. They are usually just in the front, on my stomach. I have tried to get rid of them by using acne lotions, but it doesn't work that well. I don't know for sure what they are, but I assumed that they were some type of acne. How can I get rid of them?


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Skin Is Darker Under Breasts?I have read the many, many posts regarding a rash under heavy breasts, I have also have that problem. I am in the process of trying some of you guys suggestions, but my skin has darkened under that area. Any suggestions on how I can clear this up. I have a friend who suggested Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a good rest of your week



Large Scar

Reducing Scar DiscolorationThis is a page about reducing scar discoloration. Although you probably can't eliminate a scar inexpensively, you may be able to lighten the scar's discoloration.


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Face Cleanser for a Teenage Boy?I need help for my 13 year old grandson. He is at the age where he is starting to get the dreaded pimples. I would like suggestion on what to use for cleansing his skin.


Woman Applying Witch Hazel to Her face

Witch Hazel as a Facial AstringentWitch hazel can be a very effective natural astringent and facial cleanser. This is a page about witch hazel and tea for facial astringent.


Facial Wart

Facial Wart Remedies?This is a page about facial wart remedies. Filiform warts on the face and neck generally occur because of a weak immune system. Adults who see a sudden large wart appear should consider visiting the dermatologist.


A picture of three eggs.

Egg Whites for WrinklesThis is a page about egg whites for wrinkles. With the high cost of many wrinkle products, many consumers try to find home remedies.


woman with groomed eyebrows

Using a DermaWand?Many people have used the DermaWand system to improve their skin appearance. This is a page about using a DermaWand.


Young girl in sweater dress hugging her knees

Remedies for Dark Circles on Elbows and...This page contains remedies for dark circles on elbows and knees. The skin on these joints can callus and become darkened in color and need some extra care.


A girl with a jar of honey.

How to Use Honey for Skin BlemishesThe antibacterial properties of honey can help some people treat their skin blemishes. This is a page about how to use honey for skin blemishes.


Using Olive Oil
as a Moisturizer

Using Olive Oil as a MoisturizerDry skin is a common ailment that many people experience in the winter. Olive oil is a great natural moisturizer. This is a page about using olive oil as a moisturizer.


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Dry Cracked Bleeding Fingertips?A co-worker has very dry finger tips in the winter time. They split open and bleed and are painful. He always has them wrapped in bandaids and applies lotion to them periodically, but they keep cracking. Any ideas?


Women using exfoliating glove on legs.

Add Pieces of Soap to Exfoliating GloveThose last tiny slivers of soap are perfect for adding to the inside of your exfoliating glove, using them for one final cleansing task. This is a page about add pieces of soap to exfoliating glove.


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Getting Rid of Clogged Pores?How do I get rid of large, clogged pores? Please help. Thanks.


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Use Purell on Acne BreakoutsI am so excited to share this tip! I had an unwelcome middle aged pimple and wanted to cover it up before I went out. Usually when this happens I use an acne treatment, but it usually dries a little weird and plus I have sensitive skin.


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Alternatives To Baby Oil For Dry Skin?I have dry but smooth skin. What can I use besides baby oil to keep more moisture?


Woman massaging her eyes

Remedies for Bags Under Your EyesThis page contains remedies for bags under you eyes.Dark circles under your eyes can make you look tired. Brightening and reducing the swelling of those dark bags will make you look fresh and young.



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Face Doesn't Seem Clean After Washing?No matter how careful I am, and I am a fanatic about washing my face twice a day. I use Clearasil and have used so many other cleansers; my face is dry on the cheeks and oily at the T zone. But no matter how much I wash and I rinse like crazy, when I use toner the cotton ball comes back brown with dirt. Any suggestions out there?


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How do you remove oil from your face during the day?How do you remove oil from your face during the day? I wear makeup and my face gets oily around the nose and forehead about noontime.


Oats and yogurt on a white background.

Oats and Yogurt Face MaskMixing yogurt and oats to make a facial mask is a natural frugal and effective homemade face mask. This is a page about oats and yogurt face mask.


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Using Lava Soap for Pimples?Has anyone ever used Lava soap on their face to get rid of pimples?


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Washing Your Back?Any advice on the best way to wash your own back while showering? No spouse at this time.


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Kid's Knees Always Look Dirty?How do you get kid's knees to lighten up. No matter how hard you scrub, they still look dirty.


Close up of an armpit with dark marks

Remedies for Dark UnderarmsThis is a page about remedies for dark underarms. There are a variety of reasons that the skin under your arms may be darker than your general skin tone.


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Waxy Buildup on Your Skin From Deodorant?How do you remove the waxy buildup on your skin from stick antiperspirants / deodorants? Need a solvent for the wax and soap doesn't work.


A woman receiving a laser treatment for removing her tattoo.

Removing Permanent TattoosA tattoo is usually a lifetime commitment but it is possible to have them removed or covered up if you no longer wish to have them showing. Multiple laser treatments are the most effective way to have them removed but it can be expensive and painful. There are some topical treatments that profess to removing tattoos but these are generally only work on the surface ink, leaving deeper inkwork untouched.


A man washing his body in the shower.

Recommendations for Body WashIt can be hard to choose from the many different scents and styles of body wash available for purchase. Prices can range from frugal to expensive but often the ingredients are very similar.


A dab of coconut oil to use for dry hands.

Coconut Oil for Dry HandsCoconut oil is a wonderful product to use for dry skin. Rub some onto your hands and then wear a pair of latex or nitrile gloves until it is absorbed.


A tanning bed with a towel and other supplies.

Can You Use a Tanning Bed If You Have a Boil?To take proper care of your skin, you may want to avoid using artificial light and excess tanning. This is about "can you use a tanning bed if you have a boil?"


Woman applying moisturizer.

Anti Aging MoisturizersA good moisturizer can help make your skin soft and young looking. This is a page about anti aging moisturizers.


Woman putting oil on her face while holding a small bottle of oil.

Can You Use Olive Oil on Oily Skin?While olive oil is used for moisturizing dry skin it is not the remedy for oily skin. This page contains many helpful suggested remedies for oily skin that will help reduce the oiliness and beautify your skin, as well.


Cut aloe leaf dripping into glass jar.

Using Aloe Vera on Oily Skin?Unless you have a allergy, you can slice open an aloe vera leaf and apply the gel to your face. This is a page about using aloe vera on oily skin.



Beige pillow cases on a bed with an open book.

Copper Infused Pillowcase ReviewsThese pillowcases are claimed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improve facial skin's overall appearance. This is a page about copper infused pillowcase reviews.


Woman Exfoliating her shoulder with coffee grounds

Exfoliating Tips and TricksUsing a gentle abrasive on your skin is a classic way to exfoliate and many different substances can be used to great effect. This is a page about exfoliating tips and tricks.


Woman looking in the mirror with a towel on her head using a cotton pad on her face.

Using Vinegar as a Facial Toner?Avoid putting unknown chemicals on your face by using natural products like vinegar. Using vinegar as a facial toner can help clear up your complexion.


Applying Moisturizer

Using Petroleum Jelly as a MoisturizerPetroleum jelly, whether Vaseline or a store brand, can be used as a moisturizer. Dermatologists recommend it for dry skin. Some consumers will not use it because it is in fact petroleum based and choose to use other oils or commercial products. The controversy continues. This is a page about using petroleum jelly as a moisturizer.


Woman Applying Moisturizer

Saving Money on Moisturizer?One way to save money on moisturizers is to use less expensive substitutes such as baby oil or lotion. You can also make your own, tailored to your personal skin needs. This is a page about saving money on moisturizer.


Homemade Plumping Lip Exfoliator - before and after photo

Homemade Plumping Lip ExfoliatorMake your own lip exfoliator, that also plumps up your lips. Making your own homemade plumping lip exfoliator is easier than you might think.


applying Homemade Skin Brightening Microfoliant

Homemade Skin Brightening MicrofoliantMy sister-in-law is a makeup artist to the stars and often gives me wonderful gifts for my face. I have uneven hyper-pigmented skin on my cheekbones so she gave me some amazing microfoliant which worked brilliantly. When I ran out of it, I was bummed to find out it was over $50 for a small container of it. So now I make my own version.


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Lightening Tanned Skin?If I was out in the sun for awhile and I got darker. I want my natural skin tone back which is mixed. How can I get it lighter?


Mixing sunless tanning lotion with regular lotion for even coverage.

Using Sunless Tanning LotionMix your sunless tanning lotion with an equal amount of regular lotion. Your lotion will go on more smoothly, avoiding streaks.


Use Expired Suntan Lotion as Hand Cream

Use Expired Suntan Lotion as Hand CreamIf your suntan lotion has expired, you can still use it as hand lotion or hand cream. Just keep in mind that it is not suitable for sun protection anymore. I use mine before bedtime or after washing my hands.


Girl with gum wrapped around finger

Removing Gum from Skin?If you have gotten gum stuck to your skin, there are several ways to remove it. This is a page about removing gum from skin.


Woman Applying Aspirin Face Mask

Is it Safe to Use an Aspirin Face Mask?Aspirin facial masks can work well to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Do not use if you are allergic to aspirin, taking certain medications, or have any other concerns, without checking with your doctor. This is a page about, "Is it safe to use an aspirin face mask?".


A smiling woman cleaning her face.

Using Vinegar as a Face CleanserVinegar is a light astringent that can be used to cleanse the face. This is a page about using vinegar as a face cleanser.


Cornmeal With scoop

Cornmeal Skin CleanserCornmeal can be used for a variety of things outside the kitchen, even as a facial scrub. This is a page about cornmeal skin cleanser.


Witch Hazel Flowers

Uses for Witch HazelWitch hazel can be used for more than just a facial astringent. This is a page about uses for witch hazel.


Chamomile Herbal Tea With Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile Herbal Tea Facial SteamerChamomile tea is more than just a soothing herbal tea. You can also use this steaming hot brew to cleanse your face. This is a page about chamomile herbal tea facial steamer.


Fingers getting Vaseline from Tin

Use Vaseline for Young Looking SkinVaseline, when used in moderation, can help keep your skin moisturized which will aid in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This is a page about use vaseline for young looking skin.


Woman with Large Pores

Makeup Tips for Large Pores?If you have large pores applying makeup can be a challenge at times. This is a page about makeup for large pores.


Woman Removing Makeup

Removing Makeup and Caring for Your SkinWearing makeup daily can be tough on your skin. To ensure good skin health, removing your makeup thoroughly and regularly is a best practice. This is a page about removing makeup and caring for your skin.


Coconut Oil

Using Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer?This natural oil is healthy for the inside and the outside of our bodies. This is a page about using coconut oil as a moisturizer.


Bottle of ointment.

Using Hemorrhoid Cream for WrinklesPreviously Preparation H type hemorrhoid creams contained a live yeast cell derivative ( LYCD) that apparently aided with reducing wrinkles. The new formulation lacking this ingredient may provide a more temporary result. This is a page about using hemorrhoid cream for wrinkles.


Stitches and a scar on a leg.

Remedies for Scars on LegsRemoving scars from legs can be frustrating. There are different treatments for different kinds of scars. Find remedies for scars on legs in this page.


A bowl of baking soda.

Using Baking Soda as a Facial ScrubThis is a page about using baking soda as a facial scrub. Make a simple and effective facial scrub with baking soda.


A woman getting a perm.

Scalp Irritated by Perm?This is a page about scalp irritated by perm. The chemicals in hair perms can irritate your scalp. If the initial irritation continues, a trip to your doctor may be in order.


A bottle of aspirin.

Using an Aspirin Scrub for Softer SkinThis is a page about using an aspirin scrub for softer skin. An inexpensive facial scrub can be a crushed aspirin tablet.


Woman looking in the mirror while touching her skin.

Remedies for Adult AcneThis is a page about remedies for adult acne. Determining the cause and effective treatment for blemishes will help you feel better about yourself.


A person rubbing lotion on their hands.

Solutions for Dry HandsThis is a page about solutions for dry hands. Weather and cleaning products are two things that can cause your hands to get really dry.


A woman looking at her face in a mirror.

Home Remedies for Face WrinklesThis is a page about home remedies for face wrinkles. There are both genetic and environmental reasons we develop wrinkles on our face. There are both genetic and environmental reasons we develop wrinkles on our face. Certain home remedies will help soften them.


Finger pointing at a mole on skin

Remedies for Moles on SkinThis is a page about remedies for moles on skin. Consult your physician with any concerns about skin moles and tags.


Woman washing her face.

Acne Face Wash AdviceThis is a page about acne face wash advice. Choosing an effective acne face wash can be confusing, there are so many and they all claim to be the best.


Doctor examining upper back of torso with acne

Remedies for Back AcneThis is a page about remedies for back acne. Acne is bad enough to deal with when it is on your face, but on your back it is exceeding worse. You can't reach or clearly see the outbreaks to treat them.


Upper half of a woman's face with the word acne written above it

Home Remedies for AcneThis is a page about home remedies for acne. There are many products that can be easily purchased over the counter that can be used to help treat acne.


Jar of honey, two honeycomb, and spilled honey against a white background

Honey Facial MaskThis is a page about making a honey facial mask. Many people recommend using honey to cleanse your face.


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Using Retin A with a DermaWand?I am aware that using the DermaWand and Retin A together might be harsh to the skin. Is it possible to apply Retin A after the use of the DermaWand, say with a 30 minutes interval? Or use the DermaWand in the morning and Retin A in the evening?


A bottle of hand lotion.

Using Hand and Body LotionThis is a page about using hand and body lotion. If you use hand and body lotion you may be looking for tips on using it more effectively.


box of baking soda on kitchen countertop

Tips for Glowing SkinSuffering from dull skin and want to make it glow? This page has tips for acheiving glowing skin.


boy squeezing blemish

Remedies for WhiteheadsThis is a page about remedy for whiteheads. Comedones, also know as whiteheads, are caused by blockages under the surface of the skin. This page has remedies for whiteheads.


Woman Applying Facial Concealer

Recommendations for Facial Concealers?This is a page about recommendations for facial concealers. Choosing the best concealer for your skin can be difficult.


Woman wearing a facial mask.

Tips for Smoother SkinThis is a page about tips for smoother skin. Many of us want smoother skin. There are many commercial and homemade products that can help smooth and soften your skiing.


Woman wearing a beauty mask.

Saving Money on Skin CareThis is a page about saving money on skin care. You don't have to spend a small fortune on skin care products to pamper and protect your skin.


A woman caring for her skin.

Remedies for Sagging SkinThis is a page about remedies for sagging skin. There are many reasons we begin to show signs of sagging skin, including age and weight loss.


Preparing Oatmeal Facial Scrubs

Oatmeal Facial ScrubsThis is a page about oatmeal facial scrubs. A homemade facial can save you money and leave your skin feeling wonderful.


Man Applying Sunscreen to Himself

Sunscreen AdviceThis page contains sunscreen advise. Make sure your sun screen is fresh and effective. It is important for your skin's health to protect it from too much sun exposure.


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Tiny Invisible Bumps on Forehead?I can feel the skin on my forehead having tiny bumps, but I don't see them in the mirror. I assume that they are harmless cysts. When I am reading or watching TV, I would subconsciously try to pick them.


Girl with a pimple on her nose.

Getting Rid of Pimples QuicklyThis page is about getting rid of pimples quickly. Facial blemishes are so irritating and we want them gone as quickly as possible.


A woman looking in a bathroom mirror.

Saving Money on Facial Oil BlottersThis page is about saving money on facial oil blotters. There are less expensive paper products that will help you blot the extra oil on your face.


A woman putting on sunscreen.

Fixing Streaks From Sunless TannerThis is a page about fixing streaks from sunless tanner. Sunless tanning lotions can sometimes leave streaks on your skin, not the result you had hoped for.


A woman rubbing her skin.

Caring for Aging SkinThis is a page about caring for aging skin. As our skin ages it can become drier and begin to show fine lines and wrinkles. There are many commercial and homemade products that you can use to help keep your skin looking smoother.


Woman putting on Lotion

Moisturizing Tips and TechniquesThis page contains moisturizing tips and tricks. Added moisture can help your skin stay smooth and supple.


A girl looking in the mirror and using a medicated pad to treat acne.

Preventing Acne Scars?This page is about preventing acne scars. It is not easy to be self confident if you feel your complexion doesn't match your self image.


Acne Scars

Remedies for Acne ScarsThis page is about remedies for acne scars. It is a challenge to be self confident if you feel your complexion doesn't match your self image.


A woman cleaner her face.

Skin Care Tips for Darker Complexions?This page is about skin care tips for darker complexions. Use natural products to maintain healthy skin.


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Skin Lightening TipsThis is a page about skin lightening tips. There are some commercial products as well as homemade solutions that can be used to lighten a dark complexion or dark spots on your skin.


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Getting Rid of a Tan?I'm from a black family background, but my skin is light. After using some bleaching cream my skin becomes red and tan and very dry. I would like to have pale skin. What bleaching cream can I use for the quickest result?


A woman treating a blemish.

Natural Blemish RemoversThis is a page about natural blemish removers. You may have the ingredients needed for a natural blemish treatment in your fridge.


bandaid covering a skin tag

Remedies for Skin TagsThis is a page about remedies for skin tags. Skin tags are benign tumors that normally develop where the skin is abraded, such as the neck, or where it creases.


Screen shot of Village Naturals Therapy website.

Village Naturals Therapy ReviewsThis is a page about Village Naturals Therapy reviews. If you are looking for a relaxing bath product, try Village Naturals Therapy.


A woman covering uneven skin tone with make up.

Remedies for Uneven Skin Tone?This is a page about remedies for uneven skin tone. It can be embarrassing to have dark spots and blotches on your face.


Woman putting on eye cream.

Saving Money on Eye Cream?This page is about saving money on eye cream. Lotions made especially for around the eyes can be expensive.


A tan woman sitting on the beach.

Maintaining Your Tan Longer?This is a page about maintaining your tan longer. You spend a lot of time working on your tan and naturally want to keep it as long as possible.


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Yellow and orange marigolds

Marigold CleanserMarigolds are so much more than the hardy, popular orange and yellow flowers we see in flower beds and boxes during the summer. The petals are a bit spicy and can be used as decoration in salads and are sparingly used in custards to provide a hint of spice.


Tips for Removing Blemishes Naturally

Tips for Removing Blemishes NaturallyMany factors contribute to acne outbreaks and everyone's skin is different, so remember that what works for one person might not work for you.


pump bottles filled with liquid soap

Homemade Liquid Hand SoapMake your own liquid hand soap or foam hand soap from soap scraps that normally go to waste!


Lotion happy face on foot

Remedies for Dry SkinDry skin can be itchy and sometimes painful. Finding ways to rehydrate your skin will bring you great relief. This page contains remedies for dry skin.



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Removing Blackheads?I have a large and easily visible blackhead on my cheek. I have already tried Garnier cream (blackhead eliminating scrub with charcoal), but it didn't work for me. Please guide me to the best cream or treatment to deal with this problem.


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Using Elmer's Glue as a Face Mask?If you use face masks you're still using chemicals, so what's the difference?


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Having Acne Scars Removed with Laser Treatments?There are few marks on my body and I would like to remove them. I have already tried all the (DIY) methods to remove them, but I cant get rid from them. So now I have found that dermatologists can help me to remove these scars and acne. Any idea how much it costs?


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A&D Ointment for Dry Peeling Skin?My skin is really bad. It's red and burns here and there. A section on my cheek peeled and it left that part pink and it's just making me feel so insecure. I've never had my skin this bad. I also tried aloe vera gel and it stained some parts of my dry skin green and the doctor recommend this A&D ointment and I'm just hoping it works well and heals my skin.


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Remedy for Under Eye Dark Circles?I have dark circles under my eyes, dry skin, and fine lines. I am 58 years old. I need help desperately! I can't afford the expensive products. I just wish I would have started a skin regimen back in my twenties.


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Using Left Over Boiled Egg Water to Wash Face?Would there be benefits to washing my face with water I used for boiling eggs?


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