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Remedies for Skin Tags

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Skin tags are benign growths that normally develop where the skin is abraded, such as the neck, or where it creases. This is a guide about remedies for skin tags.


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August 26, 2016

The milk that is inside of the stems of fig branches is a natural and highly effective way to remove warts and skin tags without the dangers of chemical acids. We happen to have a fig bush. Hopefully you can find one in your neighbourhood! Just snap a branch in half and the milk will slowly ooze out. Apply this milk to your wart or skin tag twice daily until it's gone.

Source: My longtime family remedy

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April 15, 2010

I have been reading all the remedies for skin tags and I have to say, I am also a big baby when it comes to pain in some areas. I had a skin tag appear in a private area a few years ago and yesterday I woke up and it was swollen and clear liquid would come from it when I tried to mash it.


I read some of the remedies you all had posted and I tried the thread thing and when I woke up this morning, it was a reddish-purple and super sore. So I removed the thread. I have also tried to cut it off as some of you have suggested, but it was too painful and I can't get it numb enough. I have also been trying the oregano oil and I haven't seen a change. Any more ideas?

By anonymous from TX

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I had a skin tag like that - in the same area - and it would get quite large. I went to the dermotologist & he took care of it. I have to say the removal was not painful - honest.

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Mulberry204, yea, it got the size of a marble and over the next day or so it started going down but will still quite painful. So I went to the doctor and had it removed yesterday with no pain at all except for the stick of the needle which was only like a bee sting and then I felt nothing.


The doctor did say it probably got twisted or something and that's what caused it to get irritated and swell, but its gone now and I am so glad! Thanks!

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February 25, 2012

How can I get rid of skin tags?

By Retha D from Anchorage, AK

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May 12, 20110 found this helpful

How can I remove skin tags at home?

By Darci from Chicago, IL


May 13, 20112 found this helpful
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Dr. Oz says one of two ways.
First, make a loose knot in dental floss, then tie around the skin tag as tight as you can, then do another knot. Trim the ends and leave it there. They will drop off, but as you wear clothes, keep a bandaid over them. Sometimes they bleed.


The other is to use wart remover. He likes the kind that freezes them off, so I hope these help.

Other doc's say to always have them removed by a doctor but of course, they want your money.

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How about using cuticle cutters instead? They have a straight edge. I think I would try the dental floss first though.

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May 16, 20110 found this helpful
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I have removed several from myself and others. You can place an ice cube on it for about three minutes to kind of numb the area but it doesn't hurt very much if you don't numb it. I have used cuticle scissors and a fillet knife and regular scissors. I have not tried the floss, but it will definitely work but you must get the knot against the skin at the base of the tag. I apply antibiotic salve and a Bandaid for a day or two. The thought is worse than the removal!

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June 9, 20110 found this helpful
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Duct tape. Smother them.

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April 17, 2010

Can skin tags be red?

By Jean


April 17, 20100 found this helpful

Make an appointment with a dermatologist, don't gamble with your health.


Please read this:

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June 25, 20090 found this helpful

Does anyone know of a home remedy for skin tags?

George from Roanoke, VA


Removing Skintags

I don't know if it's the best way but my husband's grandma told me to tie a string relatively tight around it (which, btw didn't hurt) and the blood flow will be cut off and the skin tag will shrivel and fall off. Worked for me. (01/10/2006)

By Mazie

Removing Skintags


Removing Skintags

What is the best way to remove skintags?

Mr Nelson from San Diego


(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Post by(/font) (userlink:thr678594)Debbie52(/userlink)

I have had quite a few ugly and annoying skin tags and moles taken off by my doctor. He has this little machine he uses that actually you are being zapped with electricity. So he burns them, then just pulls off with a forceps. Sometimes I guess he uses a scalpal too. I had a few things that he did have to give me something first to deaden the pain. This whole procedure is not too terrible. There is a rancid odor tho from the burning skin...yuck! But I am happy to be rid of the durn things! I've had a few smallish ones that I just fiddled with, sort of pulled and rubbed on until they just came off.


(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Post by(/font) (userlink:thr177610)got2bcristi(/userlink)

Don't know if it works or not but I wouldn't be afraid to try it. Scroll down to reader feedback and be aware of the allergy alert:

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Jill (Guest Post)(/font)

I just went to the doctor's and had mine froze. I get a lot of them on my neck. Everyone tells me to just get some thread and tie it around the tag and pull! Even my doctor told me to do it. But I am a big baby!

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small) (Guest Post)(/font)

Probably it's best to see a physician for this, especially if you're diabetic and a slow healer. I wouldn't try this at home. My doctor just snipped them off.

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Post by(/font) (userlink:thr751347)ldyharley(/userlink)

EnglishJudy: I got a good chuckle from reading your post! I would be afraid the parrot would miss the tags and bite my nose!
I have little skin tags that grow mostly under my arms and breasts and the doctor said they are from clogged pores in the skin. I live in Florida and work outdoors every day and I suppose that's why I have them. I get really tired of them being on me especially on my bra line. If they are large enough to remove and I can reach them, I use a little pair of scissors and cut them off. It hurts for a few seconds and they do bleed but I treat them with antibiotic ointment and a small 'dot' band-aid. I guess the few seconds of pain is better than being agitated by them.

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Cathy (Guest Post)(/font)

If they're small (eg only a few millimetres), then I've used toenail clippers. Sterilise them first, and be sure to wash them after! It stings a bit, but there's no scarring (too small, I guess).

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Post by(/font) (userlink:thr313095)Great Granny Vi(/userlink)

Try the string method first! I have had them removed by the doctors and the string works best.

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small) joesgirl (Guest Post)(/font)

I just recently had a few skin tags removed by my doctor as they were in the fold of my groin. He gave me 2 options-liquid nitrogen which he said would burn for a few days & then stop OR he could cut them off. He said he wouldn't give me any novacaine prior to removing them as they would hurt just as much as removing them with the instrument. I said do it. And he snipped them off. I did give out a one second yell but then it was over with & a bandaid applied & I went on my merry way.

My mother in law used to tie the tags with a string an therefore cut off the blood supply. Within a few days the tags would dry up and fall off.

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)brendalu (Guest Post)(/font)

My doctor told me about the string method. But also you can cut it with the scissors after it is tied off.

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Lady Claire (Guest Post)(/font)

The directions given to me were to tie thread around the base of the skin tag cutting off the blood supply. Then it will eventually fall off by itself. I admit I have never tried it because it's hard to tie a thread by yourself if it's on your neck or arm. I've had them both cauterized and snipped but my experience is that they do grow back. I hope someone else has a solution too.

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Robin (Guest Post)(/font)

See your doctor! Don't ever try to do anything like that without consulting a doctor first! I believe the risk of infection would be much less from the doctor's office as well!

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Post by(/font) (userlink:thr205748)maziejean(/userlink)

I don't know if it's the best way but my husband's grandma told me to tie a string relatively tight around it (which, btw didn't hurt) and the blood flow will be cut off and the skin tag will shrivel and fall off. Worked for me.

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Post by(/font) (userlink:thr431576)MZARIE(/userlink)

I went to the Dr. for mine and he gave me 2 options he would remove them with or without giving me a shot to deaden them. I opted for the shot which really hurt, so when he took the second one off he used a pair of cuticle scissors and snipped it off painlessly.

(title)RE: Removing Skintags(/title)
(small)Post by(/font) (userlink:thr958965)ENGLISHJUDY(/userlink)

2 suggestions....go to the doctor and have him/her/it cauterize them off or should they be in an accessible place simply visit your local aviary. The parrots will have those skin tags off in seconds. I know, it's not the most painless method but it works and it's free. NB If your skin tags are in a more 'personal' place, I do not recommend the latter method. You'll be arrested for indecent exposure. (01/10/2006)

By ThriftyFun

Remedy for Skin Tags

I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but for my skin tags I used a hair dryer a few inches from my skin and heated them up until my neck got hot. (just until I started to feel uncomfortable not enough to burn me!) I did this every day for a week or so, and every one of mine dried, shriveled up and fell off.
Another note, if you haven't already checked with your doctor skin tags can be a symptom of PCOS. (02/24/2006)

By Donna

Remedy for Skin Tags

I heard to use clear fingernail polish till they fall off. I haven't tried it though. (02/24/2006)


Remedy for Skin Tags

Well I think going to a dermatologist and having them taken off by the freezing method is best, but you asked for a home remedy. Sometimes covering warts with duct tape for several weeks will remove the wart so maybe it might work with skin tags. Also maybe CompoundW may work. It works well to remove warts. (02/25/2006)


Remedy for Skin Tags

The best remedy is to "tie it off" with a piece of thread. Tight it tightly cutting off the blood supply and after a few days it will fall off. Judy (02/25/2006)

By Judy

Remedy for Skin Tags

Go with the thread method. Just tie on some thread and within a week they will fall off. They are so annoying, but I don't have insurance, so getting them taken off at the doctor's office would not even be an option for me! (02/25/2006)

By Amanda Carroll

Remedy for Skin Tags

I couldn't do the thread business by myself, so I snip them off. Maybe you could "numb" them a bit with an ice cube, but it barely hurts. (02/25/2006)

By Wendee

Remedy for Skin Tags

If you catch them fairly small, you can just pinch them off yourself with a good pair of tweezers. Not painless but cheap and fast and no time spent agonizing over their growth! (02/25/2006)

By Pigsoouie

Remedy for Skin Tags

I used Nair. It burnt for a few hours, but then fell off within a day or two. (03/20/2006)

By Alan P.

Remedy for Skin Tags

I've had about 30 skin tags around my neck area for about 15 years. I've been thinking of having them removed. Last night I used a cuticle cutter and snipped one off. To my surprise it hardly hurt and didn't bleed at all. Try it. I swear it isn't worse than a mosquito bite. I was so elated that I snipped off all 30 of them in about 15 minutes. I'm so happy! Out of 30, 3 of them bled for about 5 minutes, but it was nothing. (03/27/2006)

By Anne

Remedy for Skin Tags

Well, the only thing that has worked for me is to tie string around it tightly, leave it there for afew hours, then tighten it to the point where it just falls of. If you do it really fast theres no pain at all and it doesnt bleed very much. (06/18/2006)

By Jessica Williams

Remedy for Skin Tags

I have used the string method successfully in the past, however I would reccomend thread instead of string, have someone help by either stretching the tag or tying the thread tightly for you and with proper cleansing with alcohol before and after there should be no problem with infection.

By BoruNorth

Remedy for Skin Tags

I used the the tie remedy and my skin tag fell out within 48 hours. Its easy.
Step 1- get some sewing string.
Step 2- Tie the string into a knot leaving a small space to fit your skin tag through.
Step 3- Look in the mirror and place the knob over the tag and tighting really hard until it pinches good.

With this method, the skin tag I did this for went away for 6 years. It came back, and i used the method recently and it went away. Highly recommended. (06/23/2006)

By Steve

Remedy for Skin Tags

What really works for me is using a piece of thread that is pulled very tightly. You gotta cut off the blood supply, you know and tie the thread with a square knot. Most people tie a granny knot and those things slip, a square knot will not.

I have so many skin tags that are not large enough to tie a string around and someone, long, long ago had told me the name of a powder you can use that will remove them with persistence. I can't remember who told me and I have asked everyone I know, and some I don't know, without success. The only thing I remember besides it being a powder was that it smelled horrible and you couldn't go around other people for about three days.

I have been the doctor route and that was unbearably painful so I will never do that again.

I think I will have to try the chromium piconlonate (or whatever that stuff is). (07/02/2006)

By Marilyn

Remedy for Skin Tags

A doctor told me that they were a type of wart, so I put Compound W on them, let it dry and then covered them with small bandaids. It got rid of all of the little ones in one application. It may take several applications for larger ones. It's been about 4 years and they haven't returned. (07/16/2006)

By Tracy

Remedy for Skin Tags

I read silk thread is best as it tightens naturally over time thus keeping the blood supply cut off entirely. (08/16/2006)

By Indiana Dave

Remedy for Skin Tags

A doctor told me use clear fingernail polish on them 2 times daily till they fall off. (08/31/2006)

By Michelle

Remedy for Skin Tags

Thanks for all the advice. I just read through the post grabbed a cube of ice and boiled some water. Sterilized a pair of super sharp scissors in the water and numbed the tag with the ice, and cut one off. It is still bleeding, but no real pain just a quick pinch. So little pain in fact I did the other two without the ice. Make sure whatever you use is sterile, including yourself. Good Luck (11/15/2006)

By Jerry


Yureeka! - or however you spell it...Anne, 3/27 - It works! I guess you could apply ice to the tag if you are sensitive, but I just cleaned with Q-tip and alcohol (after massaging it to get it to stand out as firmly as possible) and then cut it off with a cuticle scissor. - I reapplyed alcohol to clean, and since there was some quick bleeding, I used my husband's "shaving nick" roll- on thingy to stop the bleed. - Instant results! I had a gnarly thing on my neck area for years and it is gone! Thank you, thank you, thank you! - I'm gonna take care of my husband's tags tomorrow am. Blessings, V. (01/19/2007)

By Victoria

Remedy for Skin Tags

I've only heard of the fingernail polish idea. Why does this subject make me cringe? :) Good luck! (03/02/2007)

By Michelle Miller

Remedy for Skin Tags

Seriously, just snipping them off is the best bet. Im a huge scardy cat for pain, but with a little ice and some clean nail clippers, it came right off and only bled for a minute. I've heard a castor oil and baking soda mix works, but I didn't have the patience to try. Seriously, it's not that bad. (04/26/2007)

By Amanda

Remedy for Skin Tags

Be very careful if you use scissors or nail clippers that they are clean. Clean them with hot soapy water, then wipe down with rubbing alcohol.

By ThriftyFun

Remedy for Skin Tags

Get it cut off. I tied cotton around mine and it just went purple and swelled. Get a pair of scissors and snip it it doesn't hurt! It took 3 seconds! Gone! Hurray. (05/26/2007)

By pip

Remedy for Skin Tags

I removed several skin tags on my neck that have been bothering me for a couple years. I got them when I was pregnant and I wanted to go to a dermatologist to get them removed. But due to my busy life, I never got around to it. After reading this website, I did as you all have suggested. First I took a shower to make sure that my neck was clean. Then I sterilized my cuticle nail cutter by washing in hot woter & antibacterial soap, followed by soaking and wiping with alcohol. I then had some medicated spray (Bactine) that I normally use for wounds that provided antibacterial protection and slight pain relief. I rubbed some of this on my neck with an alcohol pad then I pulled the neck skin tight and just went for it. It hurts for a moment, esp if you think about it. But if you just go for it, the pain is short and the results are great. Best of Thanks to all for your tips. (05/27/2007)

By mmp

Remedy for Skin Tags

yeahh, Olivia I have exactly the same. I really want to get rid of it before my cruise in August, but I don't know how. I'm thinking the string method. Anyone tried it? (05/30/2007)

By flick

Remedy for Skin Tags

I used a small and sharp pocket knife. Sterilized it with rubbing alchohol grabbed the tag, pulled down, and cut straight through the stem. Bye bye disgusting skin tag! Quick, free, and painless! What a relief. (05/31/2007)

By amy

Remedy for Skin Tags

OK. I got up the courage and just removed the tags. I showered and then did an alcohol prep of the area and used sterile cuticle clippers that I washed and rinsed in alcohol. I took a deep breath and snipped! When I realized that it was less than a pinch of pain, I did the rest of them.

I put Bacitracin on all of the sites and had to place a band-aid on a couple of the larger ones.

Thanks so much! I have had this curse for years!

By Brandist

Remedy for Skin Tags

My friend is a hairstylist, twice she pulled a skin tag on the clients' neck (she pulled quick). The skin tags were pulled off before they noticed, no blood at all. (08/04/2007)

By Nina

Remedy for Skin Tags

Skin tags - my husband has them. Here are some things to think about:
1- tea tree oil is a powerful disinfectant and when used directly as an oil, is very drying. This can be used on warts too.
2- Thuja is supposed to be an ancient cure for skin tags. You can buy it at large, reputable health food stores like Whole Foods. I have seen it in an ointment.
3- If skin tags are caused by a virus, then maybe you might have luck using oil of oregano capsules. Oil of oregano taken internally is very beneficial to combat viruses. I have Epstein Barr (which is a virus) and when I find an episode coming on, I immediately take oregano oil. Antibiotics are only good on bacteria, and there is no cure for a virus, but health food theory says to use oregano oil. I have had huge success. So maybe this taken internally would also help skin tags.

I would also suggest getting on the internet and looking up 'skin tags'. Also, check out Indian Auyrvedic web sites. Auyrvedic medicine has been used for over 5,000 years in India - I think their track record speaks volumes!
Lots of luck and I'd love to hear if any of this helps. (08/27/2007)

By metroplex

Remedy for Skin Tags


I have often had skin tags under my arm and I had one that sounds just like yours recently. I was wearing a lot of tank tops and I think it got irritated. It was sore and looked swollen. I had him cut it off with nail clippers (cleaned with rubbing alcohol). It pinched for a second, bled for a minute and then was all better. I have other ones but have always been too chicken to try this before but this one was really painful so I didn't really have anything to lose. I used Neosporin + pain relief so that might have numbed it a bit. I'll try ice next time.

You might also try painting clear nail polish on it. I have read that it is another option to the string. I'm going to try that too.

Jess (09/14/2007)

By Jess (TF Editor)

Remedy for Skin Tags

My D.O. recommended the tying-off method just before he retired. The outbreaks are incredibly frustrating, especially after you have had a doctor cut several of them off. I'm going to try the nail clippers suggestion, as I'm not a bleeder. It sounds just like what some doctors use anyway. But the larger ones, I think a doctor should do.

Here's is one suggestion for anyone who has a tag get red/swollen/irritated. You're actually lucky in a way. When they are in this condition apply old fashioned iodine immediately. Slather it on for a few days. The tag turns black and falls off in most cases in a few days. I discovered this by accident when I had to do something to "heal" the tag before I could get to the doctor. I wish more of mine would get irritated like this. It appears to me that the abrasion lets the iodine penetrate the tag, and the iodine kills the tag.

The amounts most doctors (not D.O.'s) charge to remove these things is ridiculous.

P.S. Peroxide applied immediately after any cut stops bleeding almost instantly. (10/19/2007)

By mary

Remedy for Skin Tags

I have found that using the canned dusting spray will work to freeze the skin tags. You can find this spray in any office supply area in almost any store that carries office supplies.

Turn the can upside down and use short bursts of spray, the spray will come out as a liquid, do NOT over do it. It is VERY cold and will freeze the tags, and they will fall off in about 3 to 5 days. For big tags, you may have to apply the liquid more than once. Use a Q-tip to hold the liquid where you want it, unless you have excellent aim.

Make sure you use the tube, to concentrate the liquid on the area. This really does work, cost is about $5.00 for a can of spray and it will last a long time for removing tags. Good luck, works for me! (10/24/2007)

By Gayle

Remedy for Skin Tags

I just tried the air duster method 3 days ago and it worked great. It got black the first day and fell off the second day. Thanks for the suggestion. Oh yeah and no pain! (10/29/2007)

By Serge

Remedy for Skin Tags

I wrapped a piece of my long hair around the biggest of 5 skin tags, all of which are located right in the fold of my groin. It was sore for a few days. After about a week, it turned jet black, and is flat as a pancake and I'm waiting for it to fall off! (10/30/2007)

By Charlotte

Remedy for Skin Tags

I have removed several skin tags from under my breasts and a few from my neck.

I use clippers or the tiny sharp cosmetic scissors. Soak them in alcohol first and have hydrogen peroxide handy to clean each snipped area, and toilet paper to hold over the snipped areas for a few minutes to stop any bleeding. Only remove skin tages not moles.

I usually use an ice cube to numb the area (or even orajel or vagisil will numb the skin area and make it easier and less painful) Just use sharp clippers.

The ones under your breast (or any fold area) may need to have a thin layer of toilet paper on them for an hour or so afterwards so you are not immediately exposing the newly snipped area to the same skin rubs again. (Orajel or Vagisil numbs the pain afterwards, too.)

The skin tag on my neck could not just be snipped. I had to use the sharp cosmetic scissors and pull on the skin tag and point the scissors in to get a little deeper, otherwise it kept coming back.

When I first tried to get my doctor to remove the skin tags she would just say oh they are nothing. But they were not nothing to me! Plus the one on my neck was snagging sweaters and getting longer. (11/13/2007)

By Steph

Remedy for Skin Tags

The for sure best way is to get a pair of Cryo tweezers and freeze the tips of them in dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide). I use a Styrofoam cup about half full. Then clamp the tag in the tweezers until it freezes, somewhere around a minute. In the next couple of days it will have turned black and them fall off without bleeding or pain. You have to be very careful with the dry ice, it will instantly frostbite anything it touches like a finger or something, also don't let the tweezers touch the skin around the tag. This process is better than the freezing spray because it does not effect the surrounding skin. Once it falls off you won't even see where it was. (01/04/2008)

By Chuck MD

Remedy for Skin Tags

I had skin tags on my arm when I was younger and my mother took me to the doctor to have them removed. I would love to know how much we were charged because she literally applied topical novacain or a similar topical anastetic, heated and sterilized (with alcohol) a pair of orange-handled Fiskar scissors (no lie), applied iodine to the spots and snipped them off. (Each spot got a piece of cotton and a bandaid and they all scabbed over afterwards and healed nicely.)

Skin tags (not moles) are exclusively superficial and can be removed at home in a similar way. Just make sure your cutting tool is sharp and properly sterilized (use rubbing alcohol!) and the wound is treated properly to disinfect afterwards.

As far as the ligation method (binding or ligature), the same technique is used with baby's umbilical cords and hemorrhoids. Instead of cotton string, buy some fine elastic string at a sewing supply store. It will hold the skin tighter and therefore, will fall off quicker. (01/04/2008)

By Rebecca

Remedy for Skin Tags

My sister is what is referred to as a natural doctor or herbologist in some circles. She has a practice in New Mexico and has had great success with oregano oil and skin tags. Simply get pure oregano oil (it can be purchased at any natural herb store) get a Q-tip remove the cotton and using the stick that is left dab it in the oil until the tip is saturated. Then touch the stick to the skin tag. Be careful to only saturate the skin tag as the oregano will irritate the skin surrounding the skin tag if you rub it in. Repeat these steps daily until the skin tag scabs over. it will then fall off on its own. usually about a week. Oregano is a harmless non toxic substance unless you are allergic. She has also used the same technique to remove warts. (01/17/2008)

By Chris

Remedy for Skin Tags

I tried the dusting spray method suggested by gayle, it worked amazingly, the skin tag was noticeably smaller in 3 days and now its almost gone. there was no pain at all and its much less scary then cutting it. I recommend this method. (01/20/2008)

By Jennifer

Remedy for Skin Tags

I went to the doctor's 10 days ago to have a skin tag removed from my neck. She froze it which didn't hurt. A few hours later it became swollen and seemed to have fluid in it. After a few days the outside turned black, but then the skin fell off and I was still left with the tag. It's smaller and flatter, but still there. My doctor suggested that if freezing didn't work I should go back and she would tie cotton thread around it and after a few days it will fall off. But, I think I will get my partner to tie the thread instead to save my time and money. (01/25/2008)

By LauraJoy

Remedy for Skin Tags

I had a big skin tag in a tricky spot and did the "at home surgery" method with a small, sharp pair of scissors properly sterilized in alcohol. Please do not underestimate the will power it takes to do this, especially other guys who find a skin tag in a -well- sensitive area. Also, for me, there was a good deal of bleeding to stop. I'm glad I did it, but I'm not sure if I would recommend it or not, it worked, it's gone, I'm alive, but there's a little more to it than the postings who claim it was "easy" or "painless." (02/07/2008)

By M

Remedy for Skin Tags

Tying thread around the base of the tag really and truly works. I have done it with like three little ones and they dry up and fall off, and my husband had a big one on his neck. I tied it off at the base it got filled with fluid for like three days he popped it and it filled up again so I took the thread off it and it started to dry up and it did fall off. I think thread at the base is the best way as a matter of fact I'm doing two more that way right now. (03/16/2008)

By mo

Remedy for Skin Tags

PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome. (04/04/2008)

By Ib

Remedy for Skin Tags

I once got the courage to snip a fairly large skin tag off my neck. It worked and it was hard working up the courage to do, but I did it. It's gone and it's never come back. Would I do it again that way? Maybe for very very small ones, but not a big one again.

I first sterilized a pair of clippers and went in to snip it and after a very painful pinch realized the clippers were not even sharp enough and made it bleed and hurt. I then decided to put an ice cube over it for a few minutes, then I took a pair of small scissors and finished the job, after many many minutes of hesitation. After I iced it, I didn't feel the snip. It did take a lot of courage to do and I almost couldn't complete the job after my pinching experience with the dull clippers.

I have a few more, but I am going to try the "tying off" method and see how that works. Less pain is the key for me! (05/10/2008)

By Kris

Remedy for Skin Tags

I used dry ice, purchased at a welding supply store. Took a pair of forceps to hold the tubular ice cubes and held them against the tag until it frosted over. With in a day they turned black, and a week all had fallen off. It did however leave a slight mark where they were, but that went away over 6 months or so.
As for cutting them off, they grew right back.
Also a note as to "sterilized" alcohol does not constitute sterilized. Boiling in water would come closer. (05/24/2008)

By TagsNoMore

Remedy for Skin Tags

I also have skin tags. When I was very good about following a low carb (no processed starches) diet, I noticed that my skin tags went away. They're back again but I think I have the best tool to cut them off. Go to your nearest store that sells beads and look for the beading wire cutters. The cutting edge can go flush to skin level--much better than any other tool mentioned. Sterilize the skin and tool with alcohol before using and DO NOT use the tool to cut any wire or anything else that will dent the cutting surface--or face having a more difficult time the next time you try to use them on skin tags. (05/26/2008)

By Aileen

Remedy for Skin Tags

Here's an at home cure that, with little to no discomfort and in only days, worked for me. Soak a paper towel or cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply to skin tags. Hold for 15-25 minutes. You may experience a slight stinging sensation. In the next few days they may become swollen, irritated, discolored and then shrink. After which, they should fall off. That's what happened when I did it and I'm incredibly excited about the results. Little to no pain, no doctors visit, inexpensive and something I can do myself! I love it! Best of luck to ya. (06/23/2008)

By Healinghugs

Remedy for Skin Tags

Oh my gosh! I spent about an hour reading up on home remedies for these miserable little buggers, and after reading forever, I decided to just do it. I prepared for major surgery! boiled, alcohol, ice pack Neosporin, Oragel, Bandaids and toilet paper. I was such a baby! After much prep work, I just simply sniped the tag off with cuticle cutters! Didn't hurt a single bit! I did several large ones on the back of my neck (yes by myself) and several little ones under my breast and arm pit. Wow! Thanks to all of your with all of your great ideas. The only thing I can say is just do it! (06/23/2008)

By suffer no 'mo

Remedy for Skin Tags

I am a big baby so I did the string method and I think it's about to fall off. Here's the trick, most people aren't tying it tight enough, that's why it doesn't fall off. Everyday I tie another piece of thread around the tag even tighter, as tight as I can. It's black a shriveled now. I expect it should be gone any day.

The cutting method make me sick to my stomach. I wish I could do it. But, honestly I think the string is best, safest and long term best thing to do. (09/20/2008)


Remedy for Skin Tags

The string method does work, in fact I used dental floss. My tag was the size of a raisin. You must tie the string tight, check the area daily, and re-tighten the string to ensure the blood supply is cut off. After about 7 days I was able to remove it with scissors. Since the tag was in the groin, I had 2 options, do it myself or do it myself.(Get a mirror and handle your business). You'll be glad your did! (11/01/2008)

By Lexi (Maryland)

Remedy for Skin Tags

There is a genetic propensity in my family for the matriarchs to have skin tags all over their necks. I never wanted to have them, and when they started popping up on MY neck in my mid-20's, I was miserable. I did so not want to look like I had a bunch of mini-turkey-wattles hatching on my neck for the rest of my life. I love wearing necklaces but after the skin tags showed up, they became unbearable to wear, always getting caught in the chain. You also know that they can show up on the groin, under the breast, in the armpit, under love-handles or fat rolls and basically anywhere else they feel like popping up. Just awful, isnt' it?!

There ARE nutritional reasons for skin tags appearing.
Please see what Dr. John R. Christopher had to say about skin tags and potassium deficiency and how to fix it at Please also check out some of the research on iodine. Most Americans are WOEFULLY deficient in this element that is essential for life, and for the thyroid to properly function in it's anti-viral, anti-bacterial job. Check out Lugol's iodine, for sure. Also and and the book or YouTube video called "The Flouride Deception."

I tried an herbal paste I found on the internet. I tried cutting them and the bled and bled. I tried the string, but it gets unsightly on areas where everyone can see the tags, like on your neck. Finally, I went to my doctor and had them frozen... they eventually fell off and I thought they were gone for good... but they weren't. They grew back as baby tags and started to grow again. One day, in desperation, I got out a bottle of oregano oil. I'd heard it was anti-everything (bacteria, virus, etc.) and I just smeared some drops on my neck, in my armpits, and everywhere else where they were driving me crazy. Oregano is a very hot feeling oil and I found that out really quick. But, to my delight, I discovered that it works! Hooray, oregano oil really works! I've had these buggers drying up and falling off left and right, and they don't come back. Different skin tags have different reactions, too, which leads me to believe they are caused by different viruses and/or mineral deficiencies. A few of them have gotten insanely itchy and red while they've been drying up, and have seemed to just dangle on for a while, so these I've just gone ahead and chopped off. When they bleed, just put cayenne pepper right on the wound. It clots the blood immediately and the heat from the cayenne also feels great on the sore. Cover with a bandaid and take it off when you wake up the next morning. (Just be sure to wash the cayenne off your hands before you do something like rub your eyes.)

If you're interested in getting the oregano oil, I am a distributor for Young Living, which makes the best, thereapeutic grade essential oils you can get. Just go to and order under my Independent Distibutor number, which is 941695.

You can also read some of my other true experiences with essential oils at

God bless you, and good luck blasting them buggers off the map! :-D (01/07/2009)

By Katharine Moore

Remedy for Skin Tags


I had one in my bikini area. I tied it off yesterday with dental floss and it become big, shiny and full of fluid. I think maybe I didn't tie it tight enough but I am such a wimp I didn't want it to hurt all day with a tight string around it. I started to get worried about it so I sterilized some small cosmetic scissors and got an ice cube. Then I numbed it completely, grabbed the string it was tied off with, pulled it taut, and snip! It bled immediately quite a little bit. I cleaned it and put antibacterial and a bandaid on it. It is sore now, but no more than if I received the same type cut elsewhere for a different reason.

I recommend also shaving first (if in the same area) so the band-aid can lay flush against the skin (something I forgot!) I was a total wimp when it came to cutting this thing off and finally I just did it - gone! (01/17/2009)

By Rae

Remedy for Skin Tags

People, if you don't want to spend any money and don't want to bother with oils and don't want any pain at all, just put clear nail polish on it! I put it on twice a day (making sure it was completely covered) for one week. After a week I peeled it all off. It was still there but within a few days it seriously turned black, shriveled and fell off. Now there is just a small red dot which I hope will go away. I don't know if it will grow back or not but for now it works for me! (01/18/2009)

By Jess

Remedy for Skin Tags

Wow I just read all the comments on here and decided just to go ahead with the "surgery". I went to the doctor a few days ago and she put some freezing stuff on it.. still didn't fall off, so 2 days ago I tied string around it and today it was shriveled up and black. I went and soaked some clips in hot water, rubbed an ice cube around it for 30 seconds and clipped it off. I didn't even feel a thing and it didn't even bleed. I wish I had more to do this to, lol. (01/26/2009)

By Ashley

Remedy for Skin Tags

It worked. I have had it for 3 years now and I hated it. I numbed it with ice and cut it off. No pain. I am not lying. No pain. Just a little blood. Thanks you everyone. I am a writer and have a photo shoot for a new book soon and I thought it needs to go away and it's gone now. Gone. Thank you! (01/29/2009)

By Former skin tag owner

Remedy for Skin Tags

I just went to the doc about mine and she said there are no nerve endings in them. She said she could freeze them off or cut them off and then said she cuts hers off at home. So I tried that and it worked with little pain. No string, no ice. I also put apple cider vinegar on them after i cut them off because it removes warts, moles, and skin tags. Now i have a little pink dot where it was I am so pleased! (02/05/2009)

By Melinda

Remedy for Skin Tags

I was so pleased to see so many others here with suggestions Thanks. I have done the thread method on a thigh one and a larger one on my chest. It must be tight! It is a tad uncomfortable for a day or so but does turn black and flatten, if blood supply is cut off. It took about 10 days to just fall off after tying them. The thigh one never came back at all and the chest one has a little bump but hasn't grown large again. Has anyone tried the wart solutions on them (salasylic Acid) some OTC remedies have a flexible colodian membrane aspect in them which suffocates the wort surface while the salasylic acid kils the root. I however just tried it on a wort and never on a tag..anyone have experience here?(b)(/b) (03/29/2009)

By Richard A Salvaggio

Remedy for Skin Tags

I had quite a few annoying skin tags that seemed to be caused in areas where clothing or jewelry rubbed my skin. On my neck, under wire bra line, and armpit where bra rubbed against it. One of them was so big it needed its own zip code! I tried everything, when I finally tried to snip it off it reacted like rubber - no way it was going to give in that easy & hurt like mad for 2 weeks. I finally found a product that works - I do not sell it or am in no way affiliated with the company that does. It is called SunSpot ES Gel and can be found with a google search and only costs about $20 - $25. You have to be diligent and slather it on the tags 2 - 3 times a day for at least a week ( took 3 weeks for the monster ). They just turn blueish black and fall off! (04/01/2009)

By Heather

Remedy for Skin Tags

I've had a skin tag on my neck for over 30 yrs. I had no idea what it was until my fiance told me. My doctor said to use the string method to get rid of them.

I ended up kinda pulling on them. Some of them (have a LOT now that I'm older) I cut off with toe nail clippers, and after reading this forum today. I cut off a few with quick snip (yes it doesn't hurt!) Regarding the bleeding, I tried the hydrogen peroxide and tried the pressure and neither stopped it. What worked ... lol ... I 'licked' a tissue and stuck it on there, and yes, it did stop it almost immediately.

I have a couple on my inner thigh that is making it unbelievably painful to walk. I tried pulling and twisting (because I can't reach them) and may now ask my fella to freeze and then snip them. (06/03/2009)

By Debi

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