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Hey guys, I would like your advice. I have a one month old pitbull which was given to us since her mom died. We are currently giving her milk that we bought at the store, the shops were closed down that sell dog milk. We are also potting training her everytime she finishes drinking her milk we take her out.


Everytime we take her out she tends to eat grass, is that a good sign? Also if you know how to remove those little blacks bugs she has.

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By Kathleen K. (Guest Post)
March 26, 20050 found this helpful

I _think_ that eating grass means that her tummy is upset.

Have you taken her to a vet? I think you might want to see if there's a diet she should be following and he could give you something to get rid of the black bugs.

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By Suzanne (Guest Post)
March 26, 20050 found this helpful

I have two westies. Every time they eat grass, their stomachs are upset and they wind up throwing up shortly afterwards.

Agree with Kathleen- you might want to take her to a vet. If it just started when you started giving her "people" milk vs "dog" milk, the milk might just be too rich for her or something. Maybe switch back to the dog milk and if it doesnt stop, see a vet.

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By Catherine (Guest Post)
March 27, 20050 found this helpful

Eating grass is fine. Sometimes its because of an upset stomach, but they just like it.


It's kind of like flintstone vitamins for them.

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March 27, 20050 found this helpful

Feeding them cows milk is not a good idea. They don't tolerate it the way humans do. You get dry puppy food and soak it in hot water until it becomes mush and feed her that. I wouldn't feed her any more milk or you're going to be cleaning up very runny stuff on the other end. Just give her water to drink and the mushed puppy food. I'd stay away from canned food also. It tends to give them the runs.

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March 27, 20050 found this helpful

I am not certain what "black bugs" you are talking about..but for that you definitely need to take your puppy to the vet...also he/she may have worms that need to be taken care of(most puppies have worms) ..I agree with everyone else TAKE YOUR PUPPY OFF COW'S MILK...they do not tolerate it...


Puppy and dogs and cats eat grass to "settle" their stomachs and yes they may throw up afterwards...so keep them outside until this is done or they show no signs of impending upchuck...grass also gives animals needed vitamins...do buy a quality puppy dry food such Science Diet...to get your puppy on the way to good nutrition...

Most of all play with it and enjoy all the love and companionship that you will receive in return..


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By guest (Guest Post)
March 27, 20050 found this helpful

I bathe my terrier in the bath tub in warm (not hot) water with a very mild dog shampoo to get fleas off of him. He likes water and is full grown, so I can have the water deep enough that if I tell him to sit down he is mostly under water. For a puppy, I would give him a little bath in shallow water (like a small wash tub or something so he won't drown) and if they are fleas, they will likely come off in the bath.


This will help until you can get to a vet. Sometimes they don't recommend flea medications for animals that young. I agree about the dog milk instead of cow's milk and mushed dry puppy food. I raised an unweaned kitten that way (kitten food, of course). Also, abrupt changes in diet will upset their stomachs.

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March 28, 20050 found this helpful

Check her gums to see if they are white instead of pink, if so that's a sure sign that she has internal worms. She'll need a worm treatment if that's the case. Cow's milk is not good for puppies. If you can't find dog's milk try using canned goat's milk. It's much milder than cow's milk. Just water it down some. The black bugs are probably fleas. They will bite you and your family too. Buy some flea shampoo for puppies or if not use some mild shampoo and let it stay on the dog for 10 minutes or so then rinse.

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March 28, 20050 found this helpful

eating grass means they need to get rid of something that is bothering them, could be the cow's milk or the pup is lacking some vitamines or nutrition. You have to have the dog vet checked because he will definetly have worms.


Stop giving the pup cow's milk. Those black bugs cold be fleas and you need to control them now. They multiply by the thousands. You will have to fumigate your home if it is fleas. Hope its not ticks. Take your pup to the vet please.

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By deandre davis (Guest Post)
July 16, 20050 found this helpful

i have a pit bull puppy and i would know is it aright to feed it cheap dog food

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By Yooji13 (Guest Post)
August 5, 20050 found this helpful

My Westie is about 1 year and a half, and he's been throwing up lately, almost 4 times a week. I don't know what's wrong, and he just had a check up with the vet. There was nothing wrong with him, but he throws up several times during the week. I only feed him dry dog food, and only a couple treats. Could he be eating something while I'm gone?

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By Megan (Guest Post)
August 17, 20050 found this helpful

I don't know why people say eating grass is okay for dogs. One of my dogs is at the vet overnight so she can be closely watched and the other one is at home with me(she didn't eat as much) because, after I mowed the lawn we put the clippings in a pile, they decided it would be good to eat. later one of them barfed up an 18 inch tube of grass that was blocking her system. and barfed about 7 times after that. She became really dehydrated, was shaking uncontrollably and depressed.We took her to the vet.


the other one didn't start barfing untell later that night. so I am keeping a close eye on her. We moved the grass pile to where they could not get to it.
The reason they have an upset tummy is because of the grass they eat. I would say if your dog is going out and pull the grass and eating it is because it is bored and found something to chew. Dogs love to chew so always make sure your dog has toys to play with outside. Get a hard bone that they can chew or a kong with treats inside.

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By elchico (Guest Post)
October 28, 20050 found this helpful

I have 2 pitbulls and they bolth eat grass sometimes, it's normal. When dog eat grass I'm pretty sure that they have an upset stomach or they have something in their stomics that is going to make them sick so they eat grass to make them selves through up what ever is not agreing with them.

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By william (Guest Post)
July 31, 20060 found this helpful

i have a red nose pit and he started to lose his hair in little spots on his back and tail and now it seems like its spreading. can anybody help me get my dogs coat back hes only about 3 months

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By Andy (Guest Post)
September 28, 20060 found this helpful

william---About the hair thing, my 11 week old dobie started losing his hair in spots the skin was a little raised and the hair was gone, this could be a number of things, first get a test for ring worm that takes about 2 weeks so start with that, they might want to do a skin scrapeing as well. do you shampoo your dog? thats what we think caused our problem but i went trough tons of tests, a pretty good amount of money and there still was no answer, they put him on antibiotics and it slowly started to clear up. i understand how you feel it can be a major eye sore. sorry for the spelling, i dont like computers-andy emal me if you have any >?s adespo AT iconid.com

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By (Guest Post)
June 10, 20070 found this helpful

pit bull loosing hair on tail pretty big spot on tail, can't figure out why no itching, and not loosing hair anywhere else any suggestions thanks

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By Daman D (Guest Post)
July 8, 20070 found this helpful

We just got a Red Nose American Pit a couple of days ago. It just turned 8 weeks yesterday & we just adore him! He's been chewing on grass & the times that Ive caught him, Ive stopped him & taken out the grass in his mouth. Just tonight he threw up & I noticed strands of grass in the puke.. as I Googled "puppy throw up grass" to find out what it could be! I hope it's nothing serious & I will get it checked out tomorrow & find out what it could be from the vet. Ill log one more time & let you all know what the vet had to say =] Enjoy & goodnight!

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July 8, 20070 found this helpful

Wheatgrass juice has a lot of vitamins and enzymes in it. It is a highly popular health food drink. Processed dog food isnt especially high in any kind of vitamins or anything else despite their commercials.

I know it's a big bone of contention among vets that you should feed only commercially available dog foods but a lot of very healthy dog companions swear by the Bones and Raw Food Diet. BARF for short. Do some intense research if you intend to try it.

Every dog is different. I have never seen my dogs eat grass but they gets lots of fresh raw finely chopped fruits and vegetables. Grass is the only thing Fresh that my cats will eat.

Sometimes they do eat a long chunk and puke it up--not sure if it's because they wanted to puke or not but they still continue to eat grass. Some cat companions buy cat grass which their animals love.

Even wheatgrass juice users know that it is so high in vitamins and chlorophyll that only small amounts are advisable to begin with.

Puppys always end up eating things and amounts that they end up chucking up. Including plastic toys. But animals are more in tune with their instincts that tell them if something is good for them.

If she is a puppy, just restrict her intake of grass. A little is better than none. As she grows and matures she will discover for herself how much is too much.

My 8 year old Pom was losing hair at an alarming rate. After several hundred dollars worth of shampoos, pills and sprays which she feared and detested I discovered that she was diving in to the pulp from my juicer like it was food of the gods. I also shared some of my freshly squeezed juice with her. Some fruits and vegetable she likes, some she doesnt. Slowly her hair grew back.

The same thing happened again and I realized that I had stopped juicing.

I try to give my dogs as wide a variety as possible, cooked and raw. They do get kibble for breakfast.

So your dog may have something like ringworm--or it may be as simple as a nutrition deficiency.

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By Nicol Van Brunt (Guest Post)
November 5, 20070 found this helpful

Hey I wanted to share some tips about pitbulls losing their hair on back and tail. I have a 4 month old chocolate blue apbt. Everybody knows that pitbulls with a blue bloodline will have some health problems. What I did was a lot of research and found out that they could have airborn allergies and lose hair to having food allergies so this is what I came up with. First I switched food, second I wash his blankets in just plain hot water, third I found out that if a dog has sensitive skin to use baby shampoo, fourth I found a home made dog treats that are really easy to make. I feed my pit 2 cups of food in the morning and then I feed him these all natural dogs treats throughout the day. Also try to use hydrocortizone cream on the spots which is good for the itching. His hair has grown back incredibly thick and fast. Here is the recipe for those treats.

2 cups whole wheat flour
1 tbls baking powder
1 cup uncooked meat ( example: ground turkey, beef, chicken do not use pork because it will give your dog worms).
1 cup of water

Liquify the meat with the water and add only 1 cup of meat to the whole wheat flour and baking powder.

375 degrees for 20 minutes or until browned

You can also throw in some wheat rice, beets, vegetables ( no corn), garlic which is also good to keep fleas and ticks off your dogs but not too much. To much of anything is bad for your dogs health

Make sure you put in equal parts of veg, meat, and water to add up to one cup.

These healthy treats are great for your dog and it has done wonders for my dog so give it a try and let me know how it works.

kanespits AT bigstring.com

For a list of vegetables and fruits your pitbull can eat search on google and you will be amazed what your dog can actually eat besides same old boring kibble.

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By (Guest Post)
December 19, 20070 found this helpful

The reason the dog is eating grass is because it is ready for food. Never give a dog or cat milk unless you want them to get sick. That is why the eat grass.

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By Christine (Guest Post)
January 6, 20080 found this helpful

Pit bulls are naturally meat AND vegetable eaters! It is natural for them to want to eat grass, and it's fine for them. The only grass you should not let them eat are ones that may have pesticides or other chemicals used on them. Add a little bit of vegetables to your dogs diet. Dogs do best on raw meat, raw bones, no grains, and some raw vegetables. And absolutely no CORN! They are allergic to corn. Don't use wheat flour or any other filler grains. And don't cook it, it's not natural for them. They can have raw eggs too. Adjusting to a raw diet will take getting used to, but they will be healthier for it. Fish oil, raw meat and vegetables, raw bones (especially good with marrow), raw eggs, fish, mashed pumpkin, and yogurt are good for pit bulls. The pumpkin and yogurt help settle an upset stomach.

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By tweety (Guest Post)
February 16, 20080 found this helpful

I have gone thru 3 litters of red nose pits with my bf and when they were at my home away from their mother they wouldn't drink the formula. So I gave them room temp 2% milk and they just drank it down. there were no changes in their poop. Of course that was only for a day with me. When they went back their mom of course they would feed from them. On a regular basis I have read that canned goats milk is similar to the mothers milk.

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By Renay (Guest Post)
May 26, 20080 found this helpful

You never should feed your dog regular milk. It turns their stomache and makes them sick. Dogs obviously eat grass when they are feeling sick. It is what helps them puke.It acts as a medicine. How old is the puppy? You need to change its diet before it becomes to dehydrated. Just go buy dog food and soak it untill it becomes soft. Then you are good to go. I have a lot of dogs and a lot of experience. If you have any questions email me at renayrob87 @ yahoo.com

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November 11, 20190 found this helpful


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