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50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

50th Anniversary Gift Box

A 50th anniversary is a very important occasion, so you will want to choose a special gift. This is a guide about 50th anniversary gift ideas.



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Question: Need 50th Anniversary Ideas

I have 4 siblings and we're trying to decide what to do for our parent's 50th anniversary. We've gone from giving them a cruise, to a trip to Japan, to a party at the local Sheraton hotel, to a measly Chinese restaurant dinner and a gift certificate. We cannot seem to agree and we all have differing budgets, not to mention having to pay for travel, hotel and car rental expenses for some of us - not in lieu of, but in addition to the celebration expenses.

Granted, some of us are "talking" more by email than we ever had, but it's also bringing up hard feelings, having to veto some ideas. We have at least 5 to 6 months to go, but I'm glad we started talking now! Any ideas?

I'm in NV, one sis is in CA, the other sis in NY and 2 brothers in WA state, which is where our parents live. I'd appreciate any ideas! Thanks so much, love this column.


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By Lane (Guest Post) 05/12/2008

My parents 50th anniversary is coming up soon, also. My brother and I (and our families) plan to give them a family portrait for an anniversary gift. It's impossible to think that our families could all go to a studio. Therefore, the photographer plans to come out to our family farm to take the portrait. It will be a casual picture. Everyone dressed in jeans and a white shirt or khakis and white. Just another idea for you.

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Question: 50th Anniversary Gifts

What is an classy, but inexpensive gift for a 50th wedding anniversary for a cousin? Something besides a picture frame.

By Sandra from Coal Creek, CO

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By Cheryl Watkins M. 1 10/26/2013

What we did for my friends parents 50th was get 50 cent pieces from the year they married to their 50th year & put them on a piece of cardboard than we put a number 50 in the middle with the gold dollars. Put it in a picture frame with glass over it. It was heavy but beautiful all the same. Only 1 of the 50 cent piece cost us a few dollars to buy because it had never been in circulation but still didn't look out of place & the gold dollars we got at the bank. If you want you could make it with pennies & dimes but since it was a very special time & we wanted to use the gold dollars & the 50 cent pieces. So hope that gives you another idea & it can mean alot because it's made from the heart. Good Luck on whatever you decide.

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Question: 50th Anniversary Get Away Ideas

We need tips for our 50th wedding anniversary. Perhaps a nice getaway or bed and breakfast, but something that is really special.

By blessedlady from San Bernardino, CA

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By Pamela 4 4 10/19/2009

You don't say if money is an object, so let's just assume you don't want to spend too much. Are you still in touch with the couple who knew you when..? If so, invite them to join you for dinner. You pick up the tab. If you aren't close to them perhaps you can invite other couples who have been married for 5, 10, 20, etc. years and they can join you for dinner. It will make for interesting conversation for sure. Ask people to recall when they first met, bring photo, etc.

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Archive: 50th Anniversary Gifts

My parents will soon celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, any suggestions for a gift?



RE: 50th Anniversary Gifts

I'm Canadian so not sure if this may be applicable to you if you're an American.
I contacted my in-laws federal M.P. and he went to task ensuring that every government head from local to the Queen's representative (Queen herself only sends greetings if over 60 years, I believe) sent them either a letter or a signed certificate congratulating them on their 50 years of marriage.
For the most part, they were tickled pink. Of course some of the congrats were from the "wrong political party". Ha!

After 50 years together what can you buy, they have for most part everything they want/need.
Give them more attention, phone calls, and visits, that's what they'll really appreciation.
Cheers. (09/19/2008)

By Doreen

RE: 50th Anniversary Gifts

I gave my grandparents a photo album that I had everyone sign with a message by their pictures, including friends they winter with and people they attend church with, they seemed to love it as they show everyone that comes to their house. I worked on it for almost a year, but you can send out pages now and have them mail them back directly to your parents if time is short. (09/19/2008)

By Peg

RE: 50th Anniversary Gifts

What about a weekend getaway? If they went on a honey moon maybe send them to wherever they honeymooned! Gift cards to favorite restaurants.

Congratulations to them for staying together! They deserve a tribute for staying committed. (09/19/2008)

By velsgal from MO

RE: 50th Anniversary Gifts

A public show of congratulations is wonderful, if they are that kind of parents. Some are not.
If they are, gather your pennies and see how much it would cost for a "then and now" photo in the paper. There are also some gift places on this site:

It is one where you can have a newspaper made up to display them on the front page and what was happening that day in the world, or write your own stories about your births, etc. If you can, order two so they can display one side and then the other if they choose to frame them.

Family photos are never a mistake. If you know someone who does scrapbooking, have them make a wedding album with scraps of the dress or keepsakes, etc. If someone is a poet, have them write one about your parents, and either include it in the book or have it professionally framed

If you all can't afford a trip to a nice place far off, perhaps a nice dinner cruise close, or a train ride with a dinner theatre, a tour of the local wineries, or a local event that they always wanted to attend.

And yes, time is the most important thing to give them. You have been truly blessed to have parents who loved each other that long, then tell them how much that has meant to you. That is gift enough. (09/19/2008)

By Poor But Proud

RE: 50th Anniversary Gifts

If you can't think of anything else, give them fifty of the gold color one dollar coins, available from any bank. Put them is a gold decorative box. They can use them for anything like dining in a restaurant, or whatever. (09/19/2008)

RE: 50th Anniversary Gifts

For my parents we had a big party, all of us kids chipped in and we rented a local hall. My nephew took a bunch of old pictures and made a slide show of my parents from the time that they went to their high school prom together all the way through today. It had us kids, their grandkids and greatgrandkids and it was set to music. The hall that we rented had a big screen TV in it and we played the CD on it. Everyone ooed an yawed all evening. We also had pictures of them everywhere. Best of all is we kept it all a surprise until they walked in the door. This was over a year ago, I still catch my mom watching that CD and looking at all the pictures they brought home that now cover the walls of their home. (09/20/2008)

By angbeth

RE: 50th Anniversary Gifts

We gave our parents a pendulum wall clock with a name plate on it saying their first names and 50th Wedding Anniversary and the date. They both loved it! They have taken that clock with them, moving to 3 different states, now.

By Lynda

Archive: 50th Anniversary Gifts

I will be going to California in September for a family reunion and at the same time I would like to surprise my in laws with something special for their 50th anniversary.