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Carnation Instant Breakfast Recipes

Carnation Instant Breakfast Recipes

Making your own instant breakfast mix can save you money. This page contains Carnation instant breakfast recipes.



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Question: Carnation Instant Breakfast Recipe

A while back I saw a recipe for homemade Carnation Instant Breakfast, of course I didn't write it down, and now I wish I had. Can someone please send me that recipe?

Thank you,
Jamish from Ransom, KS

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By Mary (Guest Post) 10/06/2008

Blue Corn Atole (Breakfast Drink)

1 cup nonfat milk (or 1/3 cup instant nonfat dry milk + 1 cup water)
2 teaspoons sugar (or to taste)
4 teaspoons roasted blue or yellow cornmeal
cinnamon and/or other spices can be added to taste

1. Add ingredients to milk; stir until combined.
2. Heat in a saucepan, continually stirring; serve steaming hot.

Helpful Hints:
This is a good substitute for morning coffee or tea.

Recipe provided by
This recipe has not been tested or standardized by the USDA

Instant Breakfast Drink Mix
1 - 3 oz box instant vanilla, or chocolate or butterscotch pudding
1/3 cup sugar
12 scoops protein powder
6 cups instant dry milk powder
2 tsp vanilla powder

Combine all, blend well.

Blend 1 c. Ice Water & 1/3 c. mix, blend well. Add fresh fruit for a change of pace.

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Question: Copy Cat Recipe for Carnation Instant Breakfast

When making mock Carnation Instant Breakfast recipe, using 12 scoops of protein powder, what is the brand name of the protein powder is used?

Thank you.

By Virginia N.

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Any brand is fine but a vanilla flavored one works the best even if making chocolate instant breakfast. My favorite brand for 35 years is Lindberg Nutrition (I grew up in L.A. and order it online now since no longer live there). If you don't live in the Los Angeles area you can purchase it online at this link: ... +blend+natural+vanilla+2+pounds.aspx

You do get a much better deal if you buy a 5 pound instead of 2 pounds. You'll see on the page where you can change it to the 5 pounder.

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Question: Measuring Protein Powder for Copycat Instant Breakfast

I live in Ireland and bought a bag of soy protein powder that had no scoop inside. I would appreciate knowing how much is in the "scoop" referred to in the mock Carnation Instant Breakfast recipes in this thread. Please provide in U.S. equivalent if possible, as I am an expat living in Cork (and still use U.S. measuring cups). Thanks!

By Willow C.

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Archive: Carnation Instant Breakfast Recipe

Does anyone have a recipe for Carnation Instant Breakfast? Just seems like it would be fairly easy to put together. Thanks!

Terhaze from Oregon


RE: Carnation Instant Breakfast Recipe

The basis of most of the diet and supplemental drinks is reconstituted dry milk at double strength. Then you can add sweetener, flavoring, fiber, vitamins, etc whatever else you care for.

As an RN for 45 years, some of them in homecare for folks with limited income, we taught this formula often. (06/28/2006)

By Camilla

RE: Carnation Instant Breakfast Recipe

Found this on the internet

Recipe(tried): Carnation Instant Breakfast

I make a chocolate version for myself. Carnation has changed their formula recently, and the product now gives less product, less protein and slightly fewer calories than when I worked the numbers. However, the following is still close. I do it by grams, so I used the USDA nutrient database to convert to teaspoons.

For straight chocolate, 1 serving

7 tsp. cocoa (6 grams)
4 tsp. sugar (17 grams)
8 tsp instant skim milk powder (17 grams)

For mocha, I would use the same sugar and skim milk powder, and start with 50/50 cocoa and coffee by weight, which would be 3-1/2 tsp cocoa and 2 tsp instant coffee, then adjust to match the taste you're after.

I prefer mine with the chill off, so I nuke the milk for a few seconds first, which helps the cocoa dissolve (with vigourous stirring). Sifting the cocoa into the milk helps a lot. If you make it in bulk, use a blender to reduce the particle size of all the ingredients, and it will blend more easily into cold milk.



Instant Breakfast Drink Mix

1 (3 oz.) box of instant vanilla, chocolate or butterscotch pudding
1/3 cup sugar
12 scoups protein powder
6 cups instant dry milk powder
2 tsp vanilla

Combine all, blend well.

To use:
Blend 1 cup ice water and 1/3 cup mix, blend well.
Add fresh fruit for a change of pace.


To make instant breakfast:
Put 1 cup ice cold water in shaker and 1/12 of the dry mix. Shake to mix well and drink.

I'm sure you can use the vanilla mix and maybe add some strawberry flavoring, or actual strawberries if you want when you mix it.

I like to use these with my home-made smoothie recipe:

orange juice concentrate
frozen strawberries
peach slices
1/3 cup vanilla yogurt
crushed pineapple
orange juice can of water

Whip it through the blender. When using an instant breakfast I substitute that mix for the yogurt and water. I often have it on hand throughout the morning and just drink some when I think of it. I can have enough for myself and give my 5 kids a small drink of their own. It's pretty filling on its own, but making it with an instant breakfast there's no way to drink it all in the course of one morning.

Source: Dawn Vezina

By mef1957