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Causes of Dry Hands and Feet

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Causes of Dry Hands and Feet

Determining the cause of dryness is the first step in treating your dry hands or feet. This guide is about causes of dry hands and feet.



Here are questions related to Causes of Dry Hands and Feet.

Question: Cause of Dry Hands and Feet

What causes dry hands and feet?

By Cindy from Fort Payne, AL


Most Recent Answer

By Betty [104]08/07/2012

I've never heard of excessive moisture causing dry hands and feet; right the opposite.

Question: Remedy for Itchy Heel and Flaky Skin Around Toes

I tried using hydrocortisone, Vaseline, and baby oil, but withing hours the flakiness and/or itching begins again. What can I use that will work? It is mainly on one foot. No blisters, just a minor itch and lots of flaking especially on the underfoot, the top skin is fine.

By lblobogirl from Philadelphia, PA


Most Recent Answer

By VBartlett [12]06/12/2014

I wonder whether you might have athlete's foot. You can find antifungal cream (Clotrimazole Cream USP 1%, for instance), at the pharmacy, and even the dollar stores, at times. Might be worth a try.

Solutions: Causes of Dry Hands and Feet

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